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Influential Writing Retreat
Chicagoland, IL
Oct 5, 2022 - Oct 7, 2022
9am - 6pm US Central
Perry Marshall: Live in London
Greater London Area
Nov 2, 2022
9am - 5pm Local Time
Perry Marshall: Live in Houston
Houston, TX
Nov 11, 2022
9am - 5pm US Central

Perry Marshall's Products

Google Ads Mastery

Google Ads has executed major changes in the past months. Each of them can either become your offensive weapon – or else a bullet in the chamber in another round of Russian Roulette.

Google is still THE anvil on which you perfect your marketing message. Google separates the men from the boys.

But Google’s grown exponentially more competitive in the last 2 years.

2% of the advertisers get 50% of the traffic. If you want to survive and THRIVE in this new world, you need battle-tested strategies from the front lines.

My Google Ads Mastery Performance Guarantee: If you do the homework and document your progress... You’ll see a 25%+ AdWords improvement.

Get More Details Here.


Adwords Copywriting Express

Even in the most ferociously competitive PPC dojos where clicks cost 100 bucks, where rivals sling hand grenades and tote semi-automatic weapons, you can STILL find a crack in the sidewalk.

Now you can look over my shoulder as I write without advanced notice or preparation, for four students.

  • You’ll see and hear the questions I ask them
  • How I probe their market and situation
  • Watch the persuasion magic happen.
  • Witness all the tools and techniques I use along the way
  • See how I turn an ugly gray hunk of play-doh into a finely sculptured work of art

Having dominated markets with AdWords for 11 years, I can assure you… the ability to hijack any AdWords niche with a NEW approach, a NEW hook, and a NEW strategy – to bust out of whatever rut you’ve been in, at will – is one of the most powerful assets you can ever own. Period.

Only $69.

The catch is: Everyone who signs up, also signs up for New Renaissance. New Renaissance is my $99 per month membership that gets you the Renaissance newsletter, with $600 of bonuses shipped to you via snail mail, and my legendary New Renaissance Private Forum.

Start Watching The Magic Now!


The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads

Every second of every day, 70,000 people search for something on Google.

What that means is that even though social media is a growing force to be reckoned with and there are all kinds of ways to get traffic to your website, Google Ads are, by far, the number one source of paid advertising on the internet. And if you don’t show up on Google when people search for what you’re selling, you may as well not exist at all.

Google Ads can be an incredible source of 365, 24/7, year-after-year traffic…if you know what you’re doing.

But there’s a problem. The problem is that the very best advertisers on Google are sharp. They really know what they’re doing. The competition is tough. In some industries, it’s downright bloody.

You need to chisel your way in.

Find Out How Here.


Can You Make a Fortune with Facebook?

The answer is yes. And The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising shows you how.

Facebook expert Bob Regnerus, internet strategist Thomas Meloche, and I lift the curtain to the 1 billion potential customers on Facebook and show you how to reach them, convert them, and keep them as your fan, friend, and customer for life.

By introducing game-changing strategies, tools, and reports, we break down the magic of Facebook Paid Advertising and show you how to gain dramatically on your investment–in clicks, customers, and profits.

  • How to probe their market and situation
  • Watch the persuasion magic happen
  • Witness all the tools and techniques we use along the way
  • See how to turn an ugly gray hunk of play-doh into a finely sculptured work of art

Having dominated markets with AdWords for 11 years, I can assure you… the ability to hijack any AdWords niche with a NEW approach, a NEW hook, and a NEW strategy – to bust out of whatever rut you’ve been in, at will – is one of the most powerful assets you can ever own. Period.

Click Here to Buy the Book on Amazon.


If you’re an Advertiser OR PPC Consultant who handles $1,000+ in monthly ad spend, you MUST read this now:

We are witnessing the decimation of the Middle Class. Wealthy are getting wealthier, and the hamsters are running faster, faster, faster on the hamster wheel. For less money and less cheese. If you've been a business owner for any length of time, you've already seen the signs.

I'm the author of 80/20 Sales & Marketing, but implementing 80/20 and getting 80/20 results, has NEVER been harder than it is today.

Here's the good news: I've simplified 80/20 marketing—I made it easier for you to get 80/20 RESULTS. I 80/20'd the 80/20 and stripped it down to an irreducible, inviolable 5%.

That 5% delivers the absolute most you can accomplish for the least amount of effort, WITHOUT a hired gun.

80/20 Mastery

More Traffic NOW

40 Day Sprint

I’m offering you a traffic game-changer. It’s 0% theory and 100% action. 80/20 Marketing Mastery is a 40-day sprint that harnesses invisible but immediately productive and profitable levers.

  • You see positive results within 7 days or your money back
  • You double your tuition in the form of increased revenues and 80/20 cost savings by day 40, or your money back – plus $500 for your trouble

All you have to do is keep a diary and keep a record that you did at least 25% of the daily assignments.

Most assignments take an hour. You must do at least 25% of them to get the results.

Plus I’m asking you to allow for some surprises. A few hours here and there. Fixing broken stuff you know was broken. (Stuff you otherwise might have remained ignorant about for years.)

You will get daily instructions. Baby steps. Some steps will be so simple, you will say “Can that really work?” For example, several times we’re going to take an ad that you already wrote and re-write it again and again, completely different each time, according to very specific rules which I dictate to you in detail.

Few people realize how profitable this can be when applied in the right context. But these little steps accumulate. The levers multiply. And this really is the irreducible 5%.

I’m also going to ask you to do 500% MORE of an activity which might seem like a waste of time – and yes 80% of the time it will be a “waste” of time – but I’ll make it so E-A-S-Y you can do it in your sleep.

You will also get interactive online support personally from me.

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MAZE 2.0: Stealth Autoresponder Machine

Mobile, Social & Video are Strangling Your “1.0” Sales Funnel. You’re 2 Years Behind. 2 Weeks from Now You Can be 2 Years AHEAD – with Minimal Work.

The beloved Pay Per Click Ad / Squeeze Page / Autoresponder Sequence / Sales Page is nearly obsolete.


The smartphone.

The smartphone has swallowed your watch, CD player, turntable, alarm clock, camera, taxi, map, guitar tuner, metronome, scanner, tape recorder, video camera, calculator, notepad, flashlight, kitchen timer, thermometer, barometer and Bible.

That phone is going to swallow your sales machine too if you’re not wary. Markets are slippery and you could lose traction fast.

Email is STILL critical. You still have to do the blocking and tackling like you used to…but if you don’t build trust before you get the email address, you’re in danger of never getting that address at all!?

Maze 2.0 is my under-the-radar method that build Trust & Authority BEFORE and after opt-in. It's where I show you...

  • How to leverage the “Hidden Autoresponder” systems of social media
  • How to implement Virtual Auto-Responders before they land on your site, then Virtual Auto-Responders when they land on your site
  • The Swiss Army KnifeSM approach to social media Pre-Autoresponders
  • ...and so much more!

I'll show you how to install a comprehensive Maze 2.0 strategy, the 2023-and-beyond sales funnel, that covers 80-85%. Beautifully, elegantly, and with as little work as humanly possible. Buying you much needed time so you can catch up with the new web.

Install YOUR Maze 2.0 Now!



Look Over Perry's Shoulder Email Writing Course

I’m famous for my Google books, 80/20, B2B marketing techniques, my autoresponder “Maze” strategy, and all-around geekiness.

But anyone who’s been around Planet Perry for any length of time well knows… email is the real secret sauce.

In a webinar, live, in front of hundreds of attendees. I wrote emails without advanced notice or preparation for three attendees. You can see and hear the questions I ask them, then watch the persuasion magic happen. You get access to all three session, both audio and video. (No transcripts however. You have to SEE this.)

You’ll see all the tools and techniques I use along the way, and witness how an ugly gray hunk of play-doh becomes a finely sculptured work of art. Each session runs about an hour and a half.

I did this at Dan Kennedy's $26,000 per year Titanium Mastermind Group and it brought the house down.

So what am I charging you?


The catch is: Everyone who signs up, also signs up for New Renaissance. New Renaissance is my $99 per month membership that gets you Renaissance newsletter, with $600 of bonuses shipped to you via snail mail, and my legendary New Renaissance Private Forum.

Start Watching The Magic Now!


Autoresponder Conversion Bootcamp

Does it seem like the performance of your promotions is declining in effectiveness no matter how great the sales copy is, and how great your promotion?

You’re not alone. The economy is in the tank, trust is at an all-time low, and people are hanging on to their wallets like never before. If you’re going to prosper in this economy, it’s going to take more than a great sales letter or promotion. It demands a strategy where, no matter how bad things are, your customers gladly look forward to receiving your emails every single day.

Those emails now need to work like a tractor beam, tirelessly and irresistibly drawing them towards you. Consider the power of a well-engineered Autoresponder system.

Here's what you get:

  • Three Autoresponder training modules, where I de-construct my entire autoresponder strategy
  • 10 email persuasion templates
  • A swipe file of 175 emails from my own Autoresponder system, with permission to modify them for use in your own maze
  • A one-hour consultation with my email copywriter, John Fancher. John will send you a survey to complete, he’ll look over your current autoresponder message (if any), and he’ll help you formulate a plan to maximize your ‘backend” revenue. Don’t be surprised if you get way more than email marketing help as John spends more time in my head than just about anybody else! $399 Value
  • Bonus course - Invisible Streams: How to Segment Your List for Greater Profit

Guarantee:If you use the 10 templates to create 10 autoresponders and your existing sales funnel doesn’t convert at least 30% higher within 90 days of implementing the new messages, then send us your results, and we’ll issue a refund for the entire cost of the Boot Camp package.

Click Here to Learn More.


Beat Your Best Ad No Matter How Good with the Swiss Army KnifeSM

How To Re-Invent Your Business And Your Advertising Without Major Surgery

My Swiss Army KnifeSM System is one of my favorite marketing secret weapons.

And in Austin Texas, we broke out the knife and unleashed…

Bionic Google Ads

Unique Selling Propositions

Mind-Reading Emails

Irresistible Offers

Fist-Punch Guarantees

Innovative Upsells and Cross-sells

Margin Expanding Price Strategies

…for a few very lucky students.

And you can watch it all happen…and do the same for you business this year.

Admission was $2000.

These videos are $500. You get to watch nine businesses get re-invented, one hour at a time.

Big Ballsy Guarantee

The Swiss Army KnifeSM has 16 blades. Try 8 and send in your results.

If you beat the best ad you’ve ever written, I’ll send you a $100 check and a congratulations letter.

If you can’t beat your best ad, I’ll send you a $100 check and an apology, plus a full refund of your $500 purchase price.

That's right. If it works, I pay you. If it doesn't work, I pay you.

That's how powerful this thing is!

Get Your Knife Today!


80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More

If you're a sales and marketing professional, you can save 80 percent of your time and money by zeroing in on the right 20 percent of your market. By page 5 you'll be applying 80/20² and 80/20³ to gain 10X, even 100X the success. With powerful 80/20 software (online, included with the book), you'll apply the Pareto Principle to:

  • Slash time-wasters (page 117)
  • Locate invisible profit centers in your business (page 31)
  • Advertise to hyper-responsive buyers and avoid tire-kickers (page 93)
  • Gain coveted positions on search engines (page 70)
  • Differentiate yourself from rivals (page 67)
  • Gain esteem in your marketplace (page 154)

Get Your Book Now!


80/20 Productivity Express

Double Your Productivity and Your Business This Year

For most entrepreneurs, there are three kinds of tasks:

  • $10 per hour work
  • $100 per hour work
  • $1000 per hour work

The fastest way to increase your income is to do more $1000 per hour work…dumping the $10 per hour jobs and $100 per hour jobs.

If you were somehow able to manage to get rid of all your “$10 per hour” tasks and only do “$100 per hour” tasks all year, 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, you’d earn $200,000 in 2022.

And if you shifted just 5% of that time to $1000 per hour work, you’d make $290,000. A 5% change boosts you by almost 50%. Because tiny hinges swing big doors.

Using the techniques in 80/20 Productivity Express, you will instantly shave 1-2 hours of wasted time off of your day, every day. It will laser-focus your personal development, your skills, and your team-building efforts for maximum traction. …So you can identify and spend MORE time on the $1000 per hour work.

Get Started Now.


80/20 Seminar for Direct Marketing

Instant streaming video of Perry's landmark "80/20 Seminar for Direct Marketing." People paid $3,000 to join in on this world-class event, flying to Chicago from the UK, Brazil and Australia. You also get MP3s so you can listen while you exercise or in your car.

Your today for just $499!

Click Here to Learn More.


Star Principle Collection

In October of 2014, elite entrepreneurs from around the globe gathered in Chicago to collect the pearls of wisdom that dripped from the lips of the “80/20 Hermit of Portugal” Richard Koch, a fractional billionaire, who works but a single hour a day…

Here’s just some of what they discovered…

  • A state of the art treatment of Richard’s absolutely killer STAR PRINCIPLE. This is the strategy he uses to hit homeruns 50% of the time where most Venture Capitalists are lucky to hit singles 10% of the time.
  • Richard’s concept of Disruptive Simplification, Disruptive Sophistication, and Disruptive Optimization. When you do this properly, you jolt your market out of its stupor and leave competitors reeling.
  • Why most attempts at “outsourcing” and “reducing hours” never seem to work. You read 4-Hour Work Week what, three years ago? And you’re still not working four hours a week. Why? Richard tells you.
  • Four types of money and how each is radically different from the other. Especially in terms of… simplicity.
  • When you should ruthlessly simplify and when you should bomb your competitors with a bucket of sophistication bricks.
  • Goliath’s Challenge – How you maintain and extend market leadership. Steve Jobs said, “If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will.” Very few entrepreneurs practice creative destruction within their own organizations. They’re too busy fixing stuff that’s broken for it to even occur to them. Richard shares eleven warning signals the number one firm in a market MUST be wary of.
  • David’s Opportunity – When you’re the bottom player on the heap, what chance do you have? Richard will show you how to disrupt and exploit the weaknesses that all #1 players have.

Many attendees left with a clear-cut plan for transforming their businesses into super STARS.

Find out much much more here...


30 Day Reboot

Do you want to:

  • Slash your time by 5 hours/week?
  • Possess the ability to remain calm while blood is running in the streets...so you can find the opportunities?
  • Get a 6:1 Return On Time (“RIT”)
  • Eradicate the viruses that consume precious real estate and CPU time in your brain?
  • Be the one who controls the machine, instead of being controlled BY the machine?

There's a problem though...

You can’t think anymore.

This is not because you’re dumb or any such thing. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Planet Perry people are sharp.

You can’t think because planet earth is now designed to slice you into thin little ribbons, spread you thin, tear you apart, and torture you with more inner conflicts than you could possibly sort with ten therapists.

Some years ago I offered a course called “80/20 Productivity Express.” It’s hugely popular and it has propelled many people from five figures to six; and many six figure earners to nearly seven.

But I realized even that is not enough. What savvy entrepreneurs need is a TOTAL RESET.

It’s time to napalm your life.

Time to unplug, simplify, and jettison the accumulated debris and mind-numbing coping mechanisms that syphon your strength and bleed you dry.

It's time to accomplish MORE with LESS.

Think that's just not possible?

My students have discovered how. I can show you too.

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Definitive Selling Proposition

“Fresh Hot Pizza Delivered in 30 Minutes or Less, Guaranteed” was a fantastic USP in 1975. In 2022, going to market with that is like pedaling a broken bicycle across 6 lanes of traffic on the Los Angeles 405 expressway. If Last Year’s Hot Double Espresso is this year’s Sleeping Pill for Your Customers, YOU need to Wake Up. NOW. A new Sea Change in marketing has come.

You ask: “Why is selling to my customers like trying to revive a drunk with black coffee and a cold shower?” You puzzle. “Why are customers slouching with MORE apathy and indifference and boredom?”

You reassure yourself: “I have USP. My team went over that again four months ago.”

Right. And you know what? You’re still sliding backwards.

Great traffic cannot save a typical, ordinary ‘good enough’ USP. You MUST create a DEFINITIVE Selling Proposition. The locusts quietly chomp away at your USP and your identity, 24/7/365. There’s less left than you thought.

If you own a DEFINITIVE Selling Proposition, you stand a RESPECTABLE FIGHTING chance, a new lease on life. Because once again that “Unique” Selling Proposition is no longer enough.

INTRODUCING: Definitive Sales Proposition (DSP), the USP for the Age of Lethal Offers. What’s a DSP?

  • A DSP is a multi-dimensional USP.
  • A DSP is a USP uncovered using a 9-layered matrix.
  • A DSP is USP with a “magic ingredient” that adds a defensibility component to your USP that cannot be constructed using fill-in-the-blank USP templates.
  • A DSP is USP revealed through turning over every stone in your business to find competitive advantages that you didn’t know you had…or could have…before.
  • A DSP is a thorough, systematic expansion of your USP, with tentacles that grow into deep roots…it requires work, but it’s the most vital work you’ll do this year…probably even this decade.
  • A DSP not only TELLS your story but REDEFINES it to its core.
  • A DSP makes your product fundamentally more alluring.
  • A DSP never elicits a “SO WHAT?” response from your marketplace. No one can be indifferent to a true DSP. They either love you or hate you. (I got hate mail when I created my event with Richard Koch. Millionaires who were NOT fractional billionaires accused me of lying. Good. I dragged egos through the mud until I garnered their attention.)
  • A DSP sharpens your message to a point of SPECIFICITY and SIMPLICITY that it pierces right through noise.
  • A DSP is the ONLY thing your customer will rave about.

My “Pick 5” Definitive Sales Proposition Guarantee: Pick 5 of These 10…

  • Boost your click-thru-rate by 20%
  • Slash your cost-per-action by 20%
  • Cut your cost-per-click by 10%
  • Raise your prices by 10%
  • Increase your sales by 10%
  • Raise your sales team’s close rate by 10%
  • Notice a distinct change in the quality of questions you get from your customers
  • Earn a position of honor in your marketplace
  • Wrestle control of the transaction from the customer…you are in charge!
  • Wake your customers up from their apathetic slumber.

Here’s How You Get the “Pick 5” Guarantee… Just send us a “Before and After” screenshot of your USP on your sales pages within 60 days from your date of purchase. And if I didn’t get you 5 out of those 10, I’ll give you your money back.

$1497.00 (Or $999 with New Renaissance 12 Yearly membership.)

Start Crafting Your DSP Now!


New Renaissance

If you're an experienced web marketer who wants to take your knowledge of Google & online direct marketing to an even higher level of technical skill and organic expertise, this is for you.

• The Perry Marshall Marketing Letter – The full 16-page bi-monthly newsletter, and a featured exclusive CD audio interview on alternate months.

• Topical Live New Renaissance webinars with Perry, his fellow gurus & top online marketing students.

• New Renaissance Discussion Forum. A private, paying-customers-only discussion forum where you get instant live access to over 200 AdWords practitioners. Get an answer to your toughest business problems in minutes!

• Open Call-In Days 2 times per year, with special time slots just for New Renaissance members.

• Plus over $200 in Bonuses (click here for details)

All for Just $99 per month.

Get Access Now.



Currently taking applications for 2023.

Roundtable USA is a live mastermind group that gathers for an intensive 2-3 day private meeting, 3 times a year. In this group, avid entrepreneurs privately discuss their challenges, take situations apart and put them back together, solve tough problems in real time, share the results of their latest innovations and experiments. We support, encourage and challenge each other, swapping strategies, techniques, vendors, technologies and resources.

You get a generous time slot to present your marketing and business challenges to the group, with about a dozen sharp minds working together to solve your problems and see advantages and opportunities that you didn’t see.

Learn more about Roundtable (USA).

Or reach out to Tiffany Jimenez to find out if Roundtable is right for you ( or +1 312 437-8433).


Private Client Group

By Application Only

Only for Entrepreneurs with Annual Revenues of Well Over $1 Million.

Intimate, exclusive access to me in order to access direct and immediate impact to your revenues, your personal income and the effectiveness of your time.

1. One full day with me at my home office for you and your team members. Doing nothing but identifying and selecting the most advantageous leverage points to grow your business fast.

2. One 30-minute strategy session with me on the phone every month. You and I will agree on 2-5 action items for you to achieve each month.

3. Exclusive access to my executive assistant’s “Private Client Group” hotline. Just call you'll be scheduled with me within 48 hours.

4. A special surprise gift to commemorate your Membership in The Perry Marshall Private Client Group.

5. Red carpet access to my live events and training programs: Any course we offer is $100 for you and your staff.

I will take only 12 members at a time. Probably fewer. For questions, contact Tiffany at .

Complete the Application Here.


Advanced Mastery Network

The titans of the 21st century won’t be the YouTubers or Celebs or entrepreneurs or CEOs. The titans of the 21st century will be those who own networks. If you own a network, the YouTubers, Celebs, entrepreneurs and CEOs will be working for you.

Because the 80/20 world is now 95/5, in every niche there is ONE winner.

Most people think that if they get good enough at marketing, they’ll possess a permanent meal ticket. That’s like saying “If I get good enough at cooking, I’ll own a restaurant.”

Being the chef and owning the establishment are two different things.

The rudiments of marketing were an absolutely fantastic thing to obsess about 15 years ago, maybe even 10.

But the world has moved on. Today you must become a Master Strategist.

Advanced Mastery Network is a lab exclusively for Network Effect-compatible businesses, teaching you how to engineer an impenetrable competitive fortress.

Those who master this skill set TODAY will be similarly in-demand for the next 20 years, as people who mastered Direct Marketing in the 1990s and early 2000’s have been in demand over the last 10-20 years.

Click here for more details.


Marketing DNA Test

Learn How Your Marketing and Selling Can Become Easier, Less Tedious, Less Frustrating and More Rewarding. Take this short, PERSONALIZED test and I'll deliver a 1 in 10,000 Customized Training Course & Profile Report based on YOUR Unique Marketing DNA.

  • See if you're doing what you're truly gifted to do, based on your natural persuasion profile.
  • Get customized guidance to navigate the confusing maze of outsourcing, finding employees, finding employment and freelancing.
  • Find the exact combination of selling skills that works for YOU (only one person in 1,000 has a profile that closely resembles yours!)
  • Accelerate achievement of your business goals with an exquisitely customized report delivered just minutes after you're done - followed by a personally tailored, training course over the next few weeks to help you do what you love and outsource the rest.

Take the Marketing DNA Test for Only $37.


Rosetta Stone Seminar Recordings

New Road Map for Voyagers Beyond the Post-Marketing Apocalypse

For 25 years, “Marketing Professional” was the highest paid position in any company. That was during the golden age of marketing – from 1992 to 2017.

Marketing is no longer the edge.

People can bandy about all kinds of theories and models and strategies for keeping clients. But if you’ve read the book Winning Through Intimidation by Robert Ringer, you know that in all transactions, one party has the upper hand and one party does not.

This is Network Effect.

Network Effect is when Ebay has buyers, which attracts more sellers, who attract more buyers. Ebay might seem stodgy in 2022, but it’s more immune to attack than the presidential palace in North Korea. You could spend $100 billion and you’d still never get Ebay’s buyers and sellers to switch to a new auction site. And that’s the kind of moat you need. The problem is, nobody has worked out a formula for regular businesses to attain Network Effect. Before now.

Are you going to own the Network? Or is the Network going to own you?

That is your choice.

And that is what Rosetta Stone is all about.

So what’s NEW in Rosetta Stone?

  • The ability to walk into any business and instantly see how to add a zero. Maybe two or three zeros.
  • Immediate ability to rule out businesses where adding zeros is impossible.
  • A method for revealing the exact bottleneck standing in the way of more zeros.
  • A road map to the exact tools, processes and strategies that add the zeros. (Half have never been seen by most Planet Perry members, and at no time have I ever explained how to put them all together.)
  • If you’re a CEO, a model for locating key consultants and employees and giving them “golden handcuffs”.
  • If you’re a consultant, a model for qualifying clients and taking equity in companies.
  • A structure for ending consultant or client relationships that aren’t working.
  • A model for sharing equity that’s fair to all and ensures you get paid.
  • The master formula for Self-Sustaining Network, which is the strongest moat you can build around any castle.

With Rosetta Stone, you get a detailed strategy based on real-time, real-world, right-now case studies of small players who are turning stale industries into small fortunes.

If you're a member of New Renaissance, you also get tools. Incredibly powerful tools. Tools that will pay for themselves within days or weeks of your purchase by delivering precision insights.

Overview of tools included in Rosetta Stone for New Renaissance members:

  • Scalability Scorecard – What is the ceiling of your business? How big can it grow? Is there some fundamental limitation that will prevent your business from going beyond a certain point? One of the most futile things you can do is attempt to scale a business that refuses to scale. The Scalability Scorecard will, in minutes, tell you whether it’s possible to add one zero… two zeros… three zeros… or none at all.
  • Network Effect Scorecard – How hospitable is your business for Network Effect? Some companies don’t support Network Effect at all. Others are fertile ground. Still others are ripe but only IF you engage specific, non-obvious channels that most people leave dormant. This tool will give you the magnifying glass you need to assess any business.
  • Perry Marshall Media Map – This is one of the most fascinating and revealing tools ever. It equips you to do 80/20 on the ONSLAUGHT of media choices that you have. (Nobody can do Google and Facebook and YouTube and Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat and EBay and Amazon and Radio and TV and newspaper and Periscope and blogs and XM Radio and banner ads and affiliates and text messages…
  • The ‘Martini Glass’ Unlimited Traffic Calculator – How much will it cost you to scale your traffic UP? How much will a boost in conversions increase your market share? This tool tells you.
  • Star Principle Scorecard – You can systematically ratchet your business up the scale of dominance by incrementing key levers one at a time – until you are capable of transcending your competitors on a variety of fronts. Not by brute force but by finesse and elegance.
  • The Espresso Machine Tool – X-Ray vision for optimizing your pricing to maximize profitability and market share.
  • Simplify Scorecard – Gauges not only your product line but your company culture for navigating what most people find to be an impossible maze of subtleties. You can’t afford to get this wrong because most people only get ONE shot their entire life. You better make it right.

Price: $2499 (or $1999 with New Renaissance 12...New Renaissance members also get access to the Rosetta Stone tools!)

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Truth Seminar Recordings

What Do You Get in Truth Seminar?

  1. The ability to Axis Shift your engine + Axis Shift your story.
  2. The ability to Axis Shift any business in ways that nobody else would think of or discover – so you change the rules before someone else changes the rules on you. (This is especially useful for consultants who constantly deal with what have you done lately and must pull rabbits out of hats.)
  3. The fractal formula I have used to transform the marketing industry time and time again, and offer radical innovations to dozens of now-famous clients – from FanDuel to InfusionSoft to Loan Builder.
  4. The exact tools, processes and strategies that create strategic shifts.
  5. A way to manage your own resistance and anxiety about the pace of change – because transformation IS scary!
  6. A formula for telling your story that EXPLICITLY OVERTURNS much of what you’ve been taught (yes, even if you are an extremely advanced marketer and been to every seminar in the last 10 years, you still have not heard this before).
  7. A new form of marketing collateral that defies categorization – and earns trust more powerfully than anything I’ve ever used.
  8. A completely new way to resolve the conflict between your inner business builder who needs predictability, rules, systems, numbers and structures vs. your inner artist who loves to create, explore, discover new territory and experience new things.
  9. The truest, grittiest stories you’ve ever heard at any marketing seminar – from ‘drug on a chain behind a pickup truck down a gravel road’ to a $1.8 billion dollar smash success.

Price: $1999 (or $1799 with New Renaissance 12...New Renaissance members also get access to the Rosetta Stone tools!)

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Perry's Lead Generation Workshop Events

Meet Me In Person, Leave with a Satchel Full of Golden Leads!

I’ve been “on tour” since last year. Been to Houston, Austin, New Jersey, Nashville, Denver. Dublin last February. Singapore in April. And most of these little “concerts” have been free jazz improv. I show up. I do a hotseat or two. Deliver the latest business insights that’ve been buzzing in my head. And then I play the room.

I know what you want. You want leads. You want deal flow. You want more customers to walk up and say, “take my money, please.” It’s the biggest bleeding neck in Planet Perry. Heck, as the online world evolves from 80/20 to 95/5 it’s the biggest bleeding neck everywhere. If you’re in the “5” you’ve got a waiting list. You can say no to most prospects. You can cherry pick the juiciest, most profitable plumbs. And you get to toss the rest onto the dung heap. Fat and sassy.

So, I’m going to show you how be the lion king and not the jackal in the 95/5 world… Live and in person:

  • How to use my “Million-Dollar Cheat Sheet” to find pockets of high-quality leads that have been eluding you.
  • How I slashed the cost of our Facebook leads by 50%…in some cases 75%!
  • How I found a way to double our lead flow at will. At the same low cost.
  • How to use a “boring” old marketing formula in brand new ways to ratchet up your lead flow.
  • How to perfectly match the delivery of your message to your prospect’s ability to consume! This is huge. This might be worth the trip all by itself.

Usual Price: $999 (Observe/Attend) | $2500 (Hotseat)
Location: Across the United States and Beyond (see event page for current locations)

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80/20 Cash Crunch Navigator with Tim Francis & Perry Marshall

Mandated COVID-19 lockdown: THE make-or-break issue is cashflow. Most owners are flying blind. Income sagging. Bills stacking up. Most will panic… then make a series of very bad moves.

That's why I’ve organized a two-session crash-course called 80/20 Cash Crunch Navigator with Tim Francis. This is the Cashflow crash course for Entrepreneurs who hate accounting but must prep their finances for a tough-sledding summer-fall 2020.

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Slingshot Recovery: 80/20 Chaos, Crisis and Convergence

RIGHT NOW is when things are breaking – cracks in the ground – more surface area – making room for new growth.

This is why I am introducing a new training called Slingshot Recovery: 80/20 Chaos, Crisis and Convergence. It commences Friday March 20 at 11am US Eastern. It contains four high-density training videos complete with mp3s, slides & transcripts.

This is not a drive-by shooting of dirty hacks and shallow techniques. Or publicly traded stocks you’re supposed to buy or short in the next 30 days. And it’s not gonna be “obvious” stuff like “switch all your conferences from hotel ballrooms to Zoom.” (There. I already told you that one. Now we can move on.)

This is deeper. It’s more fundamental. Life altering. You will be employing these strategies next week, one month from now, one year from now, five years from now and 20 years from now.

How many online trainings can make that promise with a straight face?

This leads me to my Guarantee:

IF you are an entrepreneur with revenues between $50,000 and $10 million, and

IF you attend the sessions, take notes, actively incorporate the regimen into your schedule five days a week and ask yourself “the core questions” each day (documenting the actions you take in your notebook) for the next 45 days, THEN:

  1. Slingshot Recovery will be the most substance laden course you have ever taken on practical minute-by-minute risk-aversion and gauging opportunities of all types, from “serial entrepreneur” to investments to laying your personal reputation capital on the line
  2. By Session 2 of Slingshot Recovery, you will possess a daily game plan for how to “chaos proof” your schedule and how to protect your vulnerable psyche from fear; and how to calibrate your “truth detector” and avoid people who would easily take you out
  3. You will receive tools (online calculators and opportunity detectors) for judging many different kinds of systems and assessing risks, downside, upside, and susceptibility to disruption… so you can decide TODAY what projects to pursue, what drowning swimmers to rescue… and which you leave behind
  4. You will interpret minute-by-minute and day-by-day situations in fundamentally new and different ways, like having X-Ray vision glasses… with a companion risk calculator inside your head

OR ELSE send us a picture of your action notebook and your reason for dropping and we will issue an immediate and courteous refund any time in the next 180 days.

The investment: $499 for non-members, $199 for New Renaissance monthly members and $99 for members of New Renaissance who own the 12 months subscription. (You can upgrade your membership and get the discount immediately.)

This course is fully available in our members' area.

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Detox, Declutter, Dominate: How to Excel by Elimination Book

The biggest little book you’ll ever read? My book Detox, Declutter, Dominate: How to Excel by Elimination is the SHORTEST book I’ve ever written. But don’t let that fool you.

Even though it won’t take you long to read…you could very well be referring to…and benefitting from…the words inside for the next 20 years or more!

Yes, this book delivers in concise fashion, nothing less than what I consider the 7 Steps to Entrepreneurial Success.

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Perry Marshall 1-hour Consultation

ONE Idea, Properly Implemented and Executed, Is all You Need to Take Your Business to the Next Level

A problem is re-defined and the solution becomes obvious. A little bit of outside perspective breaks you “out of the box” and accelerates your growth. Perry Marshall provides an array of marketing and publicity services and can provide fresh insight and new angles to solving your marketing problems. Quotations and analysis are provided in a Tactical Review, which is a no- holds-barred, 60 minute phone consultation.

Here’s how this works:

Preparation: Fill out the application form we’ll email you after your payment is processed and fax or email it in. You may also mail marketing materials and documents that you feel will be helpful in defining the discussion.

Scheduling: We will advise you of the next available consultation day.

Qualification: Mr. Marshall has a demanding schedule and new clients are accepted on a limited basis. If Mr. Marshall feels that your business is outside of his expertise, he will decline the application and recommend other resources to you.

Focus: This will be a full-tilt consulting session with nothing held back. You will not be “strung along” in a thinly disguised sales pitch for consulting services.

Recording: The call will be recorded for you and you will receive a copy, so you don’t have to worry about taking notes – just concentrate on the discussion.

Satisfaction: If at any point in the first 15 minutes, you do not feel you are getting your money’s worth, you can say “stop” and you’re off the hook – the consultation is free. After minute 15, you’re in for the whole ride.

(Note: We do not do consultations for online businesses associated with adult content or products, gambling sites, or any other markets that we’re personally uncomfortable with.)

The call is digitally recorded and sent to you in MP3 afterward

To purchase a 1-hour consultation with Perry, please call Tiffany at +1 (773) 999-3329.


Financial Sozo

Purging Your Inner Head Trash, Personal Demons
and Financial Self-Sabotage

“Head Trash” is THE #1 reason why people fail in business. Even though they know, in theory, how to succeed, and spend tens of thousands of dollars on education. Even though they invest hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars starting businesses. Because financial demons are really no different from anorexia or compulsive eating or alcoholism.

I've tried everything to purge my head trash and this is the most effective

method I've found for finally breaking through.


However, if you watch/listen to the sessions and don’t feel that your belief system is being renewed by this content, just ask for your money back within 90 days and you’ll get a cheerful refund.


Let’s Dump Your Head Trash!