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“Once I started the 30 ­Day Reboot, I made a commitment to give it all I had. I’m glad I did. I am more focused than I’ve ever been, more organized, more calm, less stressed, happier, not wasting any time in the “matrix” with social media or the news, grateful, mindful of the people I associate with, mindful of where I’m going in life, thinking more about my dreams and putting some action behind them, more conscious of my strengths and weaknesses, more productive, and more forgiving.

My company’s revenue went up during the reboot, as well.

We were averaging $15­20k/mo prior to the Reboot.

In August, we did close to $40k in sales. Our sales more than doubled.

The best part is the higher revenue was achieved with LESS time in the office, LESS stress,

MORE time with family, MORE time to myself, and MORE happiness.”

— Chris Belote
Belote Investment Group LLC Rockwall, TX

“Reboot helped me de-barnacle, and get back on track. Removing the Facebook app from my phone got me at least 45 minutes of extra work time each day.

I even purchased internet blocking software to force myself to confront and solve challenging problems instead of avoiding them for hours while reading “news” on Yahoo!

Reboot put me back on track to getting my workload under control.

It also helped clear up mental bandwidth so I could work on recognizing the bigger, less obvious, problems that I can solve for my clients, which should lead to a big jump in taxplanning revenue in November/December.

Spending time focused on gratitude, reading the Bible, and praying has made me aware of a feeling of discontent with how I spend my time and energy in my business, even when I’m being productive.

I’m not sure how that will get resolved, but I’m looking forward to finding out.”

— Joshua Jordan, CPA
Bend, TX

Hi, Perry! Your 30-day reboot last year was hugely transformational. It caused 100s of micro and macro changes in my life. The biggest one of the all — I’m receiving memos from head office. They are pouring in and they are transforming everything in their way propelling me forward with an ultrasonic speed. As a result, I have achieved more in the last 3 months than in the last 3 years. What a ride so far!

— Vladik Solovetski
Quebec, Canada