Marketing Secrets of RUSH

Rush has been playing sold-out shows worldwide for 35+ years and by any measure is one of the most successful acts in history.

Anyone who’s gone to one of their concerts has experienced the musicianship, chops and technical excellence Rush is famous for.

Neil Peart, Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee are musicians’ musicians, considered among the very best in their respective categories.

But that’s just the ‘obvious’ stuff. There’s a deeper meaning, and a whole set of business lessons, especially for those of us in marketing and advertising. Like Rock music, marketing can be just so many notes and so much noise. Or it can be high art.

It can be churned out with mediocrity – or it can be executed with inspiration, passion and excellence.

Hi, I’m Perry Marshall and I’m an author, speaker and marketing consultant. I’m inviting you on a journey to peek beneath the hood and tinker with the engine of Rush. What makes that engine hum? What are the secrets of their success?

  • Why Rush’s fans are loyal for years and most other bands’ fans aren’t – what’s different about both them and the fans they’ve chosen to pursue, and how you apply the same phenomenon in *your* industry
  • If you’re a musician, what can you do to garner a bigger audience?
  • In 1974, Rush sounded less like Rush and more like Led Zeppelin. What does that have to do with YOU, right now?
  • Neil Peart is Over-Rated – True or False?

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