Diamond Tipped Saw Blade is the Instant Income, Rapid Results 2021 Action Plan for online entrepreneurs who demand Sales, Cash Flow and Profits in 1 hour to 90 days

We're going LIVE in...

As the world emerges from COVID hibernation… and with stacks of “stimulus” money sloshing around… we are in an unprecedented time… from which there will be no “rewind” or “reset”...

These Conditions Will
...And if you miss this opportunity,
it’s gone forever...

Dear Marketing Professional:

Every time the world receives a hammerblow, there is a shockwave, then a hangover, then a rebound. In my entrepreneurial career I’ve lived through three of these. The pattern is now burned into my muscle memory.

It is therefore of supreme urgency that you also synchronize with this pattern. Because how you navigate these next 6-12 months coming out of COVID-19 is absolutely PARAMOUNT if you are to...

  1. Ride the economic wave that is already underway
  2. Prosper greatly in the next 3-4 years so that
  3. You are fully equipped to weather the massive economic c-r-a-s-h that will inevitably, inexorably come ~2025-2026 when it is payback time for today’s stimulus checks that have most people zoned out on Netflix

My first passage through this cycle began in the spring of 2002. It was one year after the Dot Com Crash; six months after 9/11. Today I know how critical that season of time was, and today I wish to communicate this to you. Please stick with me very closely because I am going to tell you a story most haven’t heard, then explain to you how this plays into much larger, relatively predictable economic cycles and evolutionary patterns.

3 months after I introduced the very first version of my Google ads book, The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords, I found myself in the fight of my career – and I knew it. Google ads were as hot then as TikTok ads are about to be now. Affiliates and opportunity-seekers were piling on for the gold rush. A new “Make money with Google” book was coming out literally every three days.

I had a Google Ads account, a sales letter and an affiliate program. The race was on. Which author, expert, guru would stand victorious atop the pile once the smoke cleared? I ran my sales funnel past the world’s best copywriters. I collected case studies, testimonials and proof as fast as I could. I split tested like there was no tomorrow.

I said to myself: 20% of the winners will rake in 80% of the rewards. You had better win this contest, boy.

What I didn’t know was that 5% of the winners would get 95% of the rewards… because this was the internet, and on the web, the winner takes all.

The other thing I didn’t know at the time was that Google was destined to become the 800-pound gorilla of the internet. Nobody knew that in 2003. For all any of us knew, this was a fad and 12 months later the world would be on to something new… like MySpace or something.

In the midst of all this, my webmaster Vivek emailed me from India:

“Perry, I just registered the domain googladwords.com - Google AdWords with no “e.” You want it?

I thought, how stupid. Why would anyone want a mis-spelled word in their domain name?

But I was testing anything and everything we could think of. Why not give it a whirl???

“Sure, Vivek, go ahead. Set up the redirect and I’ll test it out.”

Now I was split testing two ads not one:

Beat the AdWords System
Access 100 million people in 10 min
The Definitive Fast-Start Guide

Beat the AdWords System
Access 100 million people in 10 min
The Definitive Fast-Start Guide

The only difference: Domain name. Guess what… “googladwords.com” with no “e” beat perrymarshall.com 4:1.

The cost of clicks plummeted. Ads shot up to the top of the page. #1 position. I wish I had a screen shot, because my ads were even beating GOOGLE’S OWN ADS promoting their own advertising system!!! Solo entrepreneur working from his basement on IKEA furniture takes on Silicon Valley juggernaut... and wins!

Clicks skyrocketed, sales tripled, profits rolled in, and I found myself on a magic carpet ride. Google itself offered built-in proof of victory: If you searched Google for “Google AdWords” one guy’s ads consistently landed on top. Mine.

It didn’t take a genius to conclude: This Perry dude surely must know a thing or two. I should probably buy his ebook.

I was astounded at how much traffic and business come to your doorstep when YOU are the #1 player in a growing market. Most people have no idea. (Especially when they’re accustomed to scrapping and hustling as contender #4 or #5 or #119 in a mosh pit of thugs and “me-too” sales messages.)

The visibility in itself was also becoming a moat around this tiny castle, a barrier to competition, because no other Google ads training, course, consultancy or book was close. The more proof I accumulated, the more clients came my way. That’s how it works.

Thus the magic carpet ride began in earnest.

So here’s the funny thing:

Three months later, the inevitable cease and desist letter arrived from Google headquarters. They ordered me to immediately stop the use of the domain name and surrender it to them. I dutifully complied. I might be beating them on a search engine, but I could never beat them in court.

Magic carpet ride OVER.


The magic carpet ride was NOT over! Because even though this was a 26-mile marathon, I now had a 7-mile head start over everyone else.

If you’re well trained and you know how to run… a 7-mile head start in any marathon is almost a guaranteed trophy.

This, my friend, is exhibit “A” of a temporary yet C-R-U-C-I-A-L life-changing, career-altering HACK.

There’s a strong chance that if Vivek had not snagged that crazy domain name - and if I had not also gone ahead and tried it - I would not be here talking to you right now. I might just be another obscure internet marketing guy buying clicks or managing Wordpress for people.

There is a vastly larger picture, though.
Hearken unto me and listen very carefully.

During the Dot Com bubble, everyone knew that the internet was the biggest thing since fire. Everyone at least vaguely grasped that some people were going to become unfathomably wealthy. And everyone with any brains knew that a whole new civilization was unfolding and that this was epic, historical and unprecedented.

What we didn’t know was how it would play out or what the new rules would be.

People flung billions at dot coms and idiots raked in fortunes with talking socks. Some fools supposed the magic carpet ride would never stop.

But it did. The clunk was heard ‘round the world.

So now in the aftermath, it looked hopeless. Bodies of maimed soldiers strewn over battlefields. Melancholy mist. Curls of smoke. Hasty burials with rusty shovels. Everyone wondered if the internet really was as big a deal as the pundits had promised. Only a small number of transactions were actually being conducted online (people selling junk on eBay). The sting of wealth lost from the excess hype smarted badly.

But this “hangover” was precisely the time that the real growth was INVISIBLY occurring in earnest.

So… even as most people were licking their wounds and tossing their talking socks in the garbage, the guys and gals at Google were deciding how to auction off the entire English language.

Nobody knew what victories would accrue to Google. This transpired because while most people were still recovering from their drunken stupor, THEY were busy asking the right questions and solving the web’s most fundamental problems. Google was taming the wild west.

In the aftermath of 9/11, I myself had plunged head first into the chaos, believing that uncertainty = opportunity. The domain name story I just told you was just one tiny example of CARPE DEIM - SEIZE THE DAY during a very short window of opportunity.

It is NO coincidence that the ascent of Google Ads (and me riding their coattails) came immediately after 9/11 and the Dot Com crash.

It is NO coincidence that the MASSIVE ascent of Facebook started AFTER the 2008 crash. As did Bitcoin, Uber, Instagram, iPad, Snapchat, Apple Maps, Angry Birds, Kickstarter, GoFundMe, WhatsApp, Apple Watch, Facebook Messenger, Candy Crush, Pinterest, Alexa, Venmo, WeWork, WeChat, Tinder, Twitch, Siri, Square, Stripe and Slack. All followed the devastation of the Lehman brothers meltdown.

Not to mention all of the “little people” who prospered within those ecosystems. The Instagrammers and Crypto millionaires and everyone else.

This was not only THE crucial ACTION PHASE for entrepreneurs everywhere, it was also a time when the landscape was so fluid, moving so fast, that...

Even temporary advantages proved permanent.

2002 was hangover time for most. But many who were wide awake experienced a MAGIC CARPET RIDE from 2004-2007 like they could not have fathomed.

2010 was hangover time again. But history repeats itself and many who were wide awake experienced prosperity from 2015-2019 they likewise could not have fathomed.

We are in the same exact spot AGAIN.

2002-2003 = 2009-2010 = 2020-2021

Furthermore, 2022-2025 are going to deliver MASSIVE GAINS for you if you get your head on straight. Especially because most people won’t emerge from their hangover for another year at least.

(The crash after this current run - circa 2026-2028 - is gonna be dreadful. Perhaps even unprecedented. I advise you to store up wealth during the fat years so you have grain for the lean years that follow. I admonish you to put yourself in a position where you can buy massively undervalued assets then, like real estate and companies and whatever burdens people are trying to escape from at that time. This will be the beginning of “ordinary” Planet Perry members running the whole world.)

He who has ears, let him hear.

This is why our 2021 Tactical Triangle event, spanning May 10-June 1, focuses heavily on SHORT TERM HACKS and SHORTCUTS to propel you waaaay past your competitors to get you a solid toe-hold that you can turn into a foothold, then stranglehold. Because I understand that you have to fund your innovations and make your progress even while most people are sleepwalking. You have to pay your electric bill THIS month. Not in 2024.

I have always elevated principles over techniques. Everybody knows you’re not going to build a lasting empire from a mis-spelled domain name that’s ripping off someone else - but there are days when you need all the edge you can get. Sometimes those immediate advantages allow you to live another day.

Tactical Triangle is the master roadmap to every single thing that matters in marketing, based on Traffic - Conversion - Economics - 80/20. Diamond Tipped Saw Blade focuses on immediate, 1-hour to 90-days implementation tactics within the Triangle that deliver the most forward motion in fluid, uncertain times such as we are in right now.

Tactical Triangle is the master roadmap to every single thing that matters in marketing, based on Traffic - Conversion - Economics - 80/20. Diamond Tipped Saw Blade focuses on immediate, 1-hour to 90-days implementation tactics within the Triangle that deliver the most forward motion in fluid, uncertain times such as we are in right now.

In 2018 I introduced Tactical Triangle in its full depth; Rosetta Stone was the now-legendary “build a Network Effect moat around your castle” event. In 2019, the Truth Seminar focused on the “Simplify” elements of Tactical Triangle. And in 2020 the Traffic Seminar delivered Traffic - Traffic - and more Traffic.

In 2021 we are delivering “Execute in 1 day to 90 days” action plans for spiking your traffic, your cash flow, accelerating sales, converting skeptical visitors to passionate buyers, and taking advantage of HOT HOT HOT traffic sources. It is called Diamond Tipped Saw Blade. It is the fourth installment of my yearly Tactical Triangle series, the one that began with Rosetta Stone.

I am holding this event because mid-2021 to mid-2022 will be a very fluid time full of opportunities... yet murky and uncertain. This, more than ever, is a season to be focusing on IMMEDIATE OPPORTUNITIES integrated with DEEP PRINCIPLES like the Tactical Triangle itself, which is a map to the totality of marketing - especially in a time when the world is awash with insane drivel and jerking your chain with hourly distractions and pure insanity. The insanity itself is a “head trash detector,” a canary in the coal mine, an indication of what you should be doing right now!

May 2021 is THE time to be availing yourself of this training because the true leaders are thinking 6-18 months PAST the pandemic. And I don’t know anyone else who is leading the charge this way. It is not possible to “go back to 2003” or “go back to 2010” and seize those opportunities. There is only NOW.

Will you grab hold?

What will it feel like to participate? It will feel like knowing the future 12-36 months sooner than everyone figures it out… like being “IN” on the secret.

TikTok is in the same spot today that Facebook was in 2011: Super cheap clicks, wild west, untamed, shimmering with potential - yet it’s perilous for those who are oblivious to the land mines and deceptive games these platforms play with their advertisers. Picture a swimming pool stocked with piranhas, but you can’t see them because of the sun reflecting on shimmering water.

Every single session of Diamond Tipped Saw Blade will deliver an action item you can execute within 2-4 HOURS and get immediate measurable results. Much like that domain name in 2003 which, even though it only lasted 3-4 months, cemented my position in a perilous and terrifying contest for my career.

That is what I want for you. Which is why I have reached deep into my best contacts and experts to deliver immediate-action, fast-profit hacks and shortcuts to propel you to speedy success:

Dennis Yu
TikTok Spreading Like A House Afire

Facebook went public in 2012, opening at $42 a share. Three months later they were sitting at $18. Today: over $300 a share, rivaling mighty Google in power and profits. Below, a screen shot courtesy of Yahoo Finance:

What happened? (This is very important because understanding this is key to knowing, in advance, what’s going to unfold with TikTok over the next three years.)

House afire = event that occurs with a significant and unexpected amount of force. A dramatic reaction to an action.

Facebook was still “wild west” in 2012. Investors figured this out real fast, and share prices plummeted more than 50%. In fact, when my Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads came out in 2011 we built an “is Facebook for me” quiz mostly to warn people away who weren’t a fit. Many people doubted whether Facebook would ever “pull the rabbit out of the hat.”

Clicks were extremely cheap, and if you were oriented to paying for traffic, “likes” and “shares” were cheap too. For a very long time, everyone thought Facebook was a bonanza for free everything. Free announcements for concerts - bands - churches - sporting events - artists - politicians - ice cream shops - restaurants - personalities. Meanwhile it was a “dog” for many advertisers.

But as you can see, a year later Facebook cracked the code. And what had been only great for some people became great for a LOT of advertisers. Most, in fact.

TikTok right now is roughly where Facebook was in 2011 - before this chart. But it is very clear to me already that TikTok is the next tsunami in paid traffic. There are numerous reasons for this:

  1. Crazy insane levels of engagement. It’s one of the most addictive platforms in the history of the internet.
  2. Gen Z barely knows what Facebook is anymore! TikTok is where 20-somethings hang out. Maybe you don’t “like” TikTok because it’s too emotive - too loud - too “woke” - too busy - too distracting. Regardless... whatever you think of it, that’s where the young buyers are.
  3. Older adults dig it too. My wife is 52 and looooooves TikTok.
  4. A generation of content creators is already earning their street cred there. My son Caden is 20 and has a theater review channel called @TheMusicalDealer with 18,000 followers and 206,000 likes. A TikTokker is not a YouTuber which is not a Facebook star which is not an Instagramer which is not a Twitter rock star. It’s a NEW animal.
  5. This generation has zero concept of “buying yourself an audience” but they will in three years. YOU get to grasp this and profit from it NOW.
  6. The 60-second limit on video length generates an unimaginable amount of D-A-T-A which is barely in its infancy in terms of being harnessed. 24 months from now the ad targeting for TikTok will be insanely accurate. It’s fast and fun and action-filled.
  7. It’s not going to take TikTok years to ‘get their act together.’ That will happen sooner not later so you must develop your chops ahead of the pack.

Meanwhile, you need to get on this NOW, especially if you deal with entertainment, politics, fashion, music, phobias, fears, relationships, dysfunctions, personalities, education, finance or people under 30.

Dennis Yu was approached by TikTok headquarters who asked him to develop new coursework. This was due to his outstanding training resources for Facebook. Dennis is going to show you how to generate ads, traffic, fans, leads and sales using the TikTok platform, with all of the “conditioning” you need to weather the nascend “Wild West” phase of this hot new medium. The advent of a platform this influential only comes about once every 3-5 years and this is big. This is important. And you need to be here.

Perry Marshall and Josh Long

How To Build A Devastatingly Persuasive Arsenal Of Persuasion In 90 Minutes Or Less

In one power-packed session, I’m going to show you a method and toolkit that will make your sales story 50% to 200% more persuasive than it is right now. All is based on resources you already have. Odds are 10:1 that by the time this session is over, you will have discovered a bevy of brand new assets that you neither knew you had, nor realized were profit centers like tiny oil wells generating revenue 24/7/365, even while you sleep.

Not only will you have a new set of persuasion tools at your disposal, you will know how to deploy and present them. Literally within three hours you will be profiting more from every media you use: phone, Zoom, Skype, Google, Facebook, YouTube, sales copy, landing pages, sales pages.

Rich Schefren

State Of The Art, Up-To-This-Very-Minute Traffic & List Building Hacks

15 years ago I barely knew Rich. I’d met him at a seminar a year before and then he’d taken the internet by storm with a massive affiliate product launch that permanently put him on the map of great marketers. We swapped consulting days and the day he was consulting me, he and I walked around the park up the street from my home.

Rich explained to me that “mature” marketers build “back end funnels” - sales after the sale. Which of course is true. But he further explained that true marketing Samurais focus on the FRONT end. Why? Because back-end is easy. Adding an upsell… an espresso machine… a membership… a new product your old buyers will buy… not hard. You know what’s hard?

COLD TRAFFIC. New customers. Fresh blood. Virgin territory. People who’ve never heard of you. Selling to complete strangers. New hit songs on the radio. That’s hard. Case in point: one of my fave bands is Dream Theater. They had ONE hit over two decades ago and it barely showed up on the pop charts. Yet their last concert in the Chicago Theater had over 3000 in attendance. That’s a sterling example of quietly building a fan base!

But you know what’s more impressive than that?

Scoring a pop chart hit every year, or every few years, for DECADES. That’s impressive. Like Madonna: First trip up the pop charts - 1984 (“Like a Virgin”). Most recent trip up the pop charts - 2015. “B**** I'm Madonna” with Nick Minaj. Spanning the pop charts for 30+ years - impressive.

Both acts have long, successful careers. Both make a nice living. But who commands authority? The one who commands airtime now. I love Dream Theater. I’m not so much into Madonna. But if you’re an artist of any flavor, which would you rather be?

The ability to buy cold traffic is the online marketing equivalent of hit songs. New customers, new leads, new blood - even in the most ferociously competitive, dogfight markets. “Timid salesmen have skinny kids,” as Zig Ziglar always said. That is precisely what Rich is going to talk to you about - hacks that get hits and fans NOW NOW NOW.

Tom Breeze

YouTube Shortcuts

In last year’s Traffic Summit, Tom Breeze was an undisputed fave-rave presenter. Tom’s going to show you what you need to do to give yourself the BEST chance to be profitable starting TODAY on YouTube. And he'll show you all the tools he uses day in, day out to create profitable campaigns in his agency.

You've never run ads like this before. YouTube ads are unique and your approach needs to be different. Simple, but different.

If you’re only starting YouTube ads now (or you've crashed and burned before), don't worry, Tom's method will put you "streets ahead" of the competition.

Learn the weird, sorta backwards 'secret math' that allows you to maintain stability as you grow, scale and profit.

Dennis Yu


Clubhouse is possibly the biggest innovation in social media in 5 years because on Clubhouse it’s not possible to post snarky remarks. You can say snarky things, perhaps, and people may say snarky things to you, but you must say them with your real voice in real time. No hiding behind photos or personas or screen names. You can only be who you are.

Dennis is going to show you live, real-time, street-proven methods in live experiment mode so you can see exactly how he does his craft. (I’ve told you about Dennis above in the segment on TikTok.)

Don Crowther

Incredibly Effective Sales Funnel Hacks

Don is one of the most principled people in this business. Not only in terms of being an ethical straight-shooting Truth Serum guy, but also in the structure and texture of his thinking. He is clear - black and white - unambiguous - definitive - incisive. He is also highly competent. Remember the story above, about my first Google book in 2003? If I hadn’t made it to the top of the heap, Don Crowther in all probability would have. And deservedly so. Don never fails to impress, and you will lap up his presentation and apply his tactics with ease.

Jordan Schumacher

Big Revenues From High-Ticket Sales Funnels

Pair this with Rich Schefren’s session on instant-traffic hacks and you’ve got a recipe for generating hits at will. I’m busy hiring Jordan Schumacher to build out a sales funnel for me as we speak. In many markets the only way to score a hit, get new traffic, get new customers at will (instead of waiting / hoping / praying to the search engine gods / begging referral sources or affiliates / going back to your tired old list over and over & trying to squeeze more juice out of it) is to build a high-end product or service offering and pitch it to cold traffic.

This goes hand in hand with Rich Schefren’s session on cold traffic hacks and will put you in charge of your destiny once again.

Perry Marshall and Mark Ingles

How To Devastate Your Competition In PPC Ads With The World’s Most Advanced Split Testing Strategy (+why This Is Mandatory In 2022 And Beyond)

What would happen to your Quality Scores - Cost per Lead - Cost per Sale - if you boosted your Click Thru Rates by 10-50% in the next six weeks? If you moved from position #4 to position #2 and traffic increased by 50-100%, how would that change your cash flow and deal flow?

Google bots still don’t know how to write copy or “generate creative” - and they won’t anytime soon. But Google and Facebook do know how to test combinations. In this session we will unveil a strategy for finding message and copy combinations for Google, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, sales copy, landing pages, sales pages.

Mark Ingles, Bob Regnerus and Alex Makarski

Slaying The Beasts That Conspire To Make Sales Tracking Impossible In iOS14

Facebook and Apple are in a war and small business advertisers are caught in the crossfire. Alex Makarski has an agency that has designed custom, permanent workarounds for this situation and these gents are delivering exactly what you need to know to track sales in the byzantine conspiracies of Apple and Facebook.

If you don’t nail this, it’s like in movies where one of the hero’s friends gets caught in a swamp, gets sucked under, and unfortunately is never seen again (and they wistfully recall those good days with him near the end of the movie as the hero rakes in the spoils of battle).

If you can conquer this - and get on the positive side of the curve - you will reap the benefits, relative to your competitors, for months and years. In fact this could be your equivalent of “having that crazy domain name for 3 months” like the story I told here at the beginning.

Perry Marshall

Espresso Machine Strategies For Instant Profit And Fast Execution

You can spike your revenues by 30% and profits by 60% with the right laser-targeted “espresso machine.” But when do you do it - why do you do it - and how? In this fast-paced session with live Q&A and numerous case studies you’ll get the inspiration you need to make as much as 2X the take-home income without acquiring any new customers.

  • How to price your espresso machine
  • How to gather intelligence before you build the product
  • How to get paid before you build the product
  • How to harmonize it with your busy schedule and conflicting demands

David Nadler, Mark Ingles and Bob Regnerus

Superfast Lessons From Diving Into 100+ Ad Accounts And Sales Funnels

David and his partners at The Ad Coaches (Bob Regnerus and Mark Ingles) have spent the last two years DEEP inside over 100 Planet Perry ad accounts.

They’ve discovered that many (if not most) Planet Perry folks are making a major “80/20” error… They are tweaking parts of their funnel that will get them 1% improvement while ignoring or neglecting parts that will give them major improvements fast.

This slice of the event alone will probably pay for your admission in days. I can almost guarantee you something mysterious… but 100% profit-practical… will also happen. In minutes or at most hours. These will be tweaks you can implement and accomplish FAST.

Robert Skrob

How To Retain 10% More Clients And 20% More Profit Overnight

There aren’t a lot of people who “make the cut” being a co-author with me, but Rob was the real genius behind Detox Declutter Dominate. Even though most of the concepts were mine, most of the presentation was his. Now you might ask, what does the unique formatting of a 36-page book on business strategy have to do with client retention?

It’s because Rob’s genius in simplifying sales messages is THE key to retaining customers over time - whether they’re members of a club or “merely” repeat customers in a more traditional business. Rob will deliver killer simplifications that turn a very very powerful lever because when you work the numbers, you discover that a 1% improvement in client retention translates to a 3-10% boost in profitability. I guarantee you, money is falling through the cracks and Rob will show you how to catch it and put it on a conveyor belt to your bank account.

Bob Regnerus

Deep Funnels

There’s a good reason why I picked Bob Regnerus to write Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising 4th edition (there were numerous contenders). A MAJOR factor was his mastery of “deep funnels” which are: social media campaigns that not only follow customers across multiple channels, but morph and evolve over time as the client matures through the sales process. Deep Funnels separate the men from the boys, the women from the girls.

This is down and dirty, actionable, fast methods for making yourself 100-300% more noticeable, relevant and interesting, and getting much more “bang for your buck” and traction-per-impression than you ever got before, without spending more money or wearing clients out with your presence. This keeps you fresh, interesting, intriguing.

If you are a Facebook, Instagram, Google or other agency / service provider, Deep Funnels are a huge key to you getting more clients and differentiating yourself in an industry where it’s increasingly difficult for customers to tell you apart from “also-rans” who are out to simply take money from small businesses and “make an easy living on the beach.”

Perry Marshall’s

80/20 Wizardry For Traffic, Conversion And Cash Flow

This exciting session will reveal 12 80/20 angles specifically for:

  • Generating more leads
  • Accelerating deal flow
  • Identifying trends and levers in a split second
  • “Back of the napkin” math and “shoot from the hip” estimates that are scary accurate
  • New ways to find hidden gold in conversion and sales data
  • Spotting profit-killing products / vendors / employees / toxic customers
  • These sessions will be delivered via ZOOM and sessions will be highly interactive with breakout sessions and ready access to the expertise of every speaker. We will battle Zoom fatigue with regular breaks, live Q&A, humor, fun tangents and generous spacing between sessions. (No Zoom marathons, as this is spaced out across two weeks!) Your most important questions will get answered and other participants will stimulate your thinking and growth.

Option: Join me in my Home Office!

This is being offered with optional 4-Man Intensive workshops at my home office in Chicago June 10-11 and August 12-13, 2021, open for the first time since the pandemic struck in March 2020. (In fact I was holding a 4-Man the day the pandemic “hit” the state of Illinois.) Open for business once again: Immersive experiences, in the same room with other brilliant people, are far more powerful and transformative than sitting in your home or office… and receiving the exact same info or advice.

When you leave your home, travel to an unfamiliar place, sit in an unfamiliar room and rub shoulders with new, brilliant people, your attention is at a much higher mode of operation. The advice sinks into your being. You soak in it. You get it down in your bones.

And that’s one of the things COVID really crushed.

In fact, our inability to get together live, in-person for consultations, masterminds, seminars, trade shows… might be the single biggest blow COVID inflicted on the entrepreneurial world.

And I’m bringing it back. Apply for a 4-Man Intensive after you save your spot for Diamond Tipped Saw Blade.


  1. Every single session and speaker will deliver at least one nugget that you can deploy in 30 minutes to 24 hours that delivers an IMMEDIATE gain - and that even if you only attend three out of the 15 sessions, you’ll be able to recoup your investment in 30-60 days.
  2. Every single session will deliver state-of-the-art, immediately applicable information that you have not seen or heard anywhere else.
  3. Even the “this is for right now” tactics that may not work the same way 6 or 12 months from now will propel you forward - and that the overall approach and strategy will enable you to smoothly roll with the punches and build a SUSTAINED foundation for long-term success.

If you do not feel that we have delivered on ALL THREE levels of this pledge, you can request a courteous refund any time in the next 180 days.

In our private Renaissance Club forum, a thread of “advice for beginning entrepreneurs” came up. The question was: “What mistakes did you avoid?” Long-time club member Alyce Adams, who just crossed the six-figure mark, replied: “Bad gurus and low-end methodologies.”

Who even knows... how many budding entrepreneurs have been TAKEN OUT by well-intentioned advice from “sophomore level” gurus who have no business holding themselves out as experts?

One bad piece of advice can derail you for 6-12 months EASY. Sometimes years.

You will suffer NO questionable sources of information here. Everyone here is a rock-solid, proven great communicator with an ace track record.

It takes only ONE nugget from ONE session for this online event to easily pay for itself. A very long time ago I made a decision which I have continued to make to this day:

When I know I need education, I get it. How much it costs is secondary. Just in the last 45 days I myself have committed to over $45,000 of self improvement over the next year. Why? Because opportunities presented themselves, I knew I needed them, and I seized the opportunities. (I usually get objections from my CFO. I plow through anyway.)

The question you should be asking is NOT “Can I afford this?”

The question you should ask yourself is: “What improvement to my business will EASILY pay for the investment I make in this training?”

I am investing heavily in my own education and infrastructure right now because NOW is precisely the kind of season where you do precisely that, with zero hesitation.

I’ll never forget the first marketing seminar I ever paid “big bucks” to attend. It was in 2000, a full price Dan Kennedy seminar and I was still in the Dilbert Cube. I mentioned to my wife Laura that I wanted to go to this thing. Laura said, “Do you think it will help you?”

“Yes, actually I do.”

“Then go,” she replied.

“Really? It’s a lot of money.”

“But Dan Kennedy’s stuff works, so you should get more of it,” she reasoned.

“I thought you didn’t like Dan Kennedy.”

“I don’t like him personally. Most alpha male peacocks rub me the wrong way,” she said. “But I’m not stupid, Perry. This isn’t like Amway where you threw good money after bad for years. Don’t worry about it. If you go to that seminar, you’ll make your money back.”

That event (which was in Phoenix in mid-July - Dan has great taste in locations) laid the foundations for much of what I do now. Similarly, Diamond Tipped Saw Blade will lay the foundations for the next 10-20 years of YOUR career, even while delivering the “execute in 1 hour” “execute in one day” and “execute in one week” jam-packed benefits of action central.

Yeah… I know you’re ‘too busy.’ And I know that there are some sessions that you think (or are even sure) don’t apply to you. I’m sure there are sessions that don’t apply to you… but I also promise you’ll be surprised. I encourage you to attend every single session, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and alert. But even if you only make a third and catch a couple others via video, you are only five minutes or five hours from a career trajectory transformation.

Today in 2021, with the burning intensity and density of media, and the polarization, doubt, conflict and cynicism, you’re NOT sawing pine or soft plywood. You’re cutting stainless steel. Regular saw blades grow dull in minutes. They dangerously and unpredictably break.

You need a Diamond Tipped Saw Blade. This is IT.

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Join me May 10-June 1, and if you like, June 10-11 in Chicago.

Perry Marshall

P.S.: Yes, a version of “Normal” is slowly returning… but it will never fall together the way it was. My 10-year old daughter is back in local theater again. My wife is in charge of costumes again. But it’s a different theater chapter, because the old chapter is closed. The drive is longer. With a different director, different building, different stage manager, new rules. There is a fragile fluidity because seemingly insignificant moves - whether you place a puzzle piece over here or over there, permanently alter the world of the future. Our tiny little theater shows in suburban Chicago are a harbinger of all the world.

If you’ve been sleepwalking… it’s time to wake up. NOW.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this an in-person or virtual event?
A: This is 100% virtural.

Q: Will the sessions be recorded?
A: Yes, barring tech issues, and the replays will be available in the Members Area. (typically within 24-48 hours, barring technical difficulties).

Q: What do I actually get?
A: You get...

  • Over 15+ live presentations (delivered as Zoom meetings, not webinars) from world-class traffic experts
  • Videos & MP3s of all sessions available in the member’s (recordings will typically be posted with 48 hours of each session, barring technical difficulties)
  • 1 Year Membership to “New Renaissance 12” which includes our 24/7 private member’s forum, office hours call-in days, special member-only events, my famous print newsletter and steep discounts on most Planet Perry offerings (automatically renews at $999/yr after 1 year introductory period; cancel any time)