Some of my Speaker Design Projects

I started designing stereo equipment when I was 13. At 17 I started selling my speakers at a local dealer alongside brands like Denon, KEF, B&W and PS Audio. After getting my degree, I spent three years at Jensen designing car speakers for the Honda Civic, Acura Vigor, Ford Probe, Jeep Cherokee and Chrysler Cirrus. I worked on a servo subwoofer (reducing distortion with accelerometer and feedback loop) that never saw the light of day. Since then audio has been a hobby – at times a pretty serious one.

For example my Live Edge Dipoles” are pictured above and on the cover of January 2021’s AudioXpress magazine:

The Ultimate 2-Way System Bohlender-Graebner Ribbons

The Faital Italian Dipoles – Open Baffle design based on a Faital’s 12″ Coaxial driver

The Aegean Wave Dipoles – Open Baffle design using a Tang Band bending wave driver

The Crimson Bass Monsters (Transmission Lines) using Morel and SB Acoustics drivers

The Beryllium Live Edge Cottonwood Dipoles

The Bitches Brew Open Baffle Live Edge Speakers made from book matched Spalted Sycamore.


My article “The DSP Assisted Reflex” in AudioXpress Magazine – shows how you can squeeze an extra octave of bass or 6-12 dB additional output out of a ported design, using Digital Signal Processing.

My 1990 derivation of the Mathematics of the Transmission Line speaker enclosure, for my acoustics class in Electrical Engineering school.


My interview about the Bitches Brew design at the Parts Express international speaker design competition:

Below: The Flanagangsters, a Heretical Bass Reflex+Open Baffle Hybrid. See photos and detailed description on the diyAudio discussion board.

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