Google “Canceled” His Traffic by 99% Overnight

Here’s What He’s Doing to Fight Back
And What YOU Can Do BEFORE They Come for You

From Crowd Sourcing to Crowd Control
How Google’s Latest Algorithm and Rating Methods
Are Making Them Eviler by the Minute

Free Presentation
Perry Marshall and Dr. Joseph Mercola
Friday, September 6 at 3PM US Eastern

Dear Human,

Dr. Joseph Mercola’s Google traffic has dropped 99% since Google’s June Broad Core Algorithm update.


He’s dead to Google.

This event has passed, but you can watch the replay here.

Why did Google “cancel” Dr. Mercola?

And more importantly, what will you do when will they come for YOU?

Notice I said when not if.

Because if you say, sell, or promote anything that does not align with Google’s world domination strategy (no, I’m not exaggerating, look who they’re aligning with) then they WILL come for you.

On our presentation, Dr. Mercola will reveal…

  • How government and business monopolies, including Big Tech like Google, have formed a global alliance hell-bent on protecting and concentrating member profits
  • How major industries including banking, military, agriculture, pharma, media and Big Tech are colluding to take over the government and government agencies
  • How Big Tech has joined the movement, bringing in a global concentration of wealth to eliminate competition and critical voices
  • Why Google is now manually lowering the ranking of “undesirable” content, largely based on Wikipedia’s assessment of the author or site
  • Why Google-funded Wikipedia is little more than the purring, hairless lap kitty to Google’s Dr. Evil
  • Why Google no longer cares what people are looking for…they’re more interested in TELLING people what they are looking for
  • Why Google’s new quality rater guidelines are a death knell for experts whose views threaten industry profits
  • Why Google now buries expert views if they’re deemed “harmful” to the public…and the dubious process they use to determine “harmful”
  • Why even board-certified experts like Dr. Mercola, (whose articles are fully referenced, most containing dozens of references to studies published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature) get canceled when their views contradict the industries cozy with Google
  • How Google’s previously “democratic system” has now morphed into “let’s grab all the power we can by forcing our partners’ beliefs on the manipulated masses”
  • How Google began by giving you everything you want…so it can now take everything you have
  • Why and how Google is turning you into a host for its virus to help them carry out their Big Brother agenda
  • Why they’re partnering with the military to ensure that…should you rebel against them…you will be defeated (they can predict your behavior…they’ll see it coming)
  • How the latest algorithm update just happened to bury Vimeo as well. Vimeo is a direct competitor of Google-owned YouTube. Funny how that happens, huh?
  • How to boycott Google…What decentralized platforms can you use to fight back?
  • What a savvy marketer like Dr. Mercola is doing to keep his business alive…steps you can take WHEN it happens to you
  • How powerful players like Sony, the CIA, the Vatican, and the campaigns for Barack Obama and John McCain all reportedly have been caught secretly editing their own Wikipedia pages to their advantage
  • Why Big Tech like Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon have DOUBLED their lobbying expenditures since 2016…to protect their monopolies.

And more. This will be 90 minutes of information that could quite literally save your business…and maybe even your freedom.

Register now.

Google ‘Canceled’ His Traffic by 99% Overnight

Friday, September 6th @ 3PM US Eastern
(2PM Central | Noon Pacific | 8PM London BST | Sat 7 Sep @ 5AM Sydney AEST)