Introducing a “Back Pocket” Tool for Getting UNSTUCK, Finding More Clients, Making More Money from Each Client, and Keeping Every Client Longer

Implement Just One Blade of the Swiss Army Knife for Consultants and You Could Double Your Fees in 2016

Announcing: Swiss Army Knife for Consultants

Dear Consultant:

In 2001 I stood at a crossroads. The company I had helped build was sold. And I was offered two choices, parachute out of the Dilbert Cube with a nice buyout…or stick around and work for the new owners.

I hemmed and hawed and pondered and analyzed.

My wife, Laura, did not. “Take the money and run, Perry! You’ve always wanted to do your own thing, now’s your shot!”

But did I have the chops to make it as a freelance consultant?

I thought I did. But all my big successes had come while I was working “for the man” within the safety of the warm and fuzzy company cocoon …not out on my own.

In fact, the Amway stuff I’d done on my own had yielded a big fat goose egg of nothingness. Gut-punching rejection to the umpteenth power.

So, I wouldn’t exactly say I was Mr. Swaggering Bravado when it came to hanging out my own consulting shingle.

But I took Laura’s advice and made the leap.

And those first few months were…exhilarating, sure…but also anxiety-ridden.

How One Scrap of Paper Kept Me from Freaking Out about My Consulting Biz

But one little scrap of paper kept me sane through those first few nail-biting months.

On a 3×5 index card I had scribbled twelve things I knew I could do to make money.

If I couldn’t get a client to let me do those 12 for them…I could do them for myself!

So, when I’d walk down the stairs each morning and sit staring at my monitor wondering when the money was going to start showing up…every time my chest started to tighten when I realized I need to make $9,000 this month but only had $3000 on the books…every time my pits started to wreak from the flop sweat…I’d pull out that card and remind myself of all the things I could do to make dollars show up.

It was my little Swiss Army Knife for Anxiety Reduction.

When I’d look at my options, my pulse would abate…my breathing would get deeper and more regular…I’d be able to focus…and get to work.

And whenever I’d get stuck…whenever I needed to pull a rabbit out of the hat…I’d whip out that card and look at it.

And I’d always come with a new idea for making cash appear.

That little Swiss Army Knife card saved my hide more than a few times.

Because when you’re a freelance consultant, there is no worse feeling than “trapped animal” syndrome. You know you need to make money show up, but because your panicking and hyperventilating, all you can see is a few feet in front of your darting eyes. All you can see is the path straight in front of you…and it’s barred up and blocked off!

But the best feeling is when you know you have options. When you know you have 9 different ways to solve one problem…

7 different ways to make clients show up
15 different ways to make money from every client
13 ways to negotiate for higher fees

Options. Alternate paths. New ways forward.

A Swiss Army Knife of consulting.

Swiss Army Knife for Consultants – $497


You’re no longer stuck in the cage wondering, “How am I going to make my nut when I’m locked in this cell?”

Consulting Success is All about Breadth X Width

Breadth: How many things can you do for a client (to get a client, to earn higher fees from a client)?

Multiplied by…

Width: How many clients can you do those things for?

The more you expand your breadth and your width, the more options you have…and the more power you have to write your own ticket.

Are You Stuck Plowing the Same Old Info-Marketing Row?

The width and breadth of the info-marketing biz have narrowed severely in recent years.
Information marketing is overrated. I know. I’ve been there, done that, still do it.

Info-marketing is no longer the make-money-while-you-sleep dream job that it used to be…never was, really. It takes way more hustle and way more sweat and blood than the gurus want to let on. And with digital products a dime-a-dozen…or less…these days, it’s a losing game unless you’re willing to scrape your knuckles bloody to win.

Consulting, when done at the highest levels, is a much better gig. Why? Well, one BIG reason is…Because you can’t get equity or leverage in a star business by owning an info-marketing biz.

But you can through consulting…

Because of that hard truth, good old consulting is becoming a bigger and bigger piece of the Planet Perry puzzle. And I see it happening with my old info-marketing pals as well.

How Jeff, Josh and John Harnessed the Power
of the Consulting Slipstream

One friend of mine, let’s call him Jeff, cast about for years trying to work several different info-marketing angles. He sold some info products for a bit. After that he was a leads guru for a while. Then he sold a book-writing service.

He did well. But it was HARD work. None of this work-2-hours-a-day-sipping-Mai-Thais-on-the-beach nonsense! He put in the hours, trust me.

And then his health started to go south.

Fatigue, exhaustion. Could only work 5 hours a day…and he felt DESTROYED at the end of the day. Bombed out.

He attended my Star Principle Seminar a couple of years ago and the proverbial light bulb went on in Jeff’s head.

“I should be consulting ONLY with Star clients and I should be getting equity in their businesses.”

No more of this info guru stuff.

So now, Jeff works with only 4 clients. He can do everything he needs to do in about 4 hours a day. He’s simplified, economized and focused. He’s sailing in the slipstream of his fast-growing clients. He no longer feels like a wrung-out dishcloth at the end of every day. He’s pumped go to work every morning. And he’s raking in the fees, profit-sharing, and bonuses.

What does this have to do with the Swiss Army Knife for Consultants?

Well, used properly, the Swiss Army Knife will lead you to great clients, show you how to recognize STAR clients, show you how to make higher fees…and even get equity plays in STAR client’s businesses.

It’s a Swiss Army Knife that’s also a Compass for finding Fast-Growing, High-Paying Stars.

Swiss Army Knife for Consultants – $497

How to Find a Great “Boss” with The Swiss Army Knife

Richard Koch wrote an excellent blog post a few days ago called “What Matters is the Boss”…

To gain momentum is hard, but to use momentum is easy.

The 80/20 solution – that is, the easy way that takes you furthest – is to observe momentum and latch onto it by whatever means you can. That means, for example, only working for organizations that are small but growing really fast. And it means working for a boss who is “growing” – gaining ground in whatever the important objective is – really fast too.

It is far easier to rise in the slipstream of a man or woman who is going places fast than it is to create your own head of steam. That comes later, when you are already moving fast.

“But Perry (and Richard), I became a consultant to be my own boss, not find a boss.”

I politely but firmly disagree. You became a consultant so you could CHOOSE who your boss is…sometimes that’s you…but when you’re working for a client, the client is boss.

You must choose great bosses.

Jeff has 4 great bosses now and he’s loving life.

Copywriter Josh Earl who’s been using some of the strategies on the Swiss Army Knife recently told me he talked with a client who was willing to give him 49% of the company in exchange for Josh’s help ramping up his business!

If you use the tools in Swiss Army Knife to get that kind of leverage, you’re no longer “just a consultant” or “just a copywriter.” You can easily be the second or third highest paid person in the company.

My copywriter, John Fancher, followed a similar strategy. A few years ago John was working for 30 or 40 clients a year doing little projects for $500 to $1000 each.

Three years later, he works for 3 clients, all of whom pay him close to 6 figures. He is either the second or third highest paid person in my company. 90% of the work he does every week is for 3 STAR clients. 3 great bosses (if I do say so myself) who are going places.

Jeff and Josh and John have very manageable workloads. High-leverage positions in growing businesses.

And when you’re in a position like they are, you’re no longer an “Oliver Twist” consultant, begging “Please Sir, can I have some more?” John told me he had a problem with the Accounts Payable department at one of his STAR client’s businesses. Invoices all of a sudden not getting paid. Delays. Emails not returned.

So he told the CEO, for whom he works directly.

5 minutes after he Skyped the CEO, John sees his emails to AP are being opened (he’s got one of those email “spy” programs that tell you when someone opens an email you sent). Less than 24 hours later, 100% of the money is in John’s bank account.

That’s leverage. That’s access.

Use the Swiss Army Knife and get it for yourself!

Swiss Army Knife for Consultants – $497

Your Most Powerful and Simple Tool for “Unstucking” Your Consulting Business

If you’ve been stuck in your row for a while…making the same money…fishing in the same pond…swimming with the same small fry clients…scraping your knees and knuckles doing grunt work for “industry average” fees…or less…or for nothing.

I think I know your problem.

You’re stuck.

  • You’ve got one way of finding new prospects.
  • You’ve got one way of qualifying prospects.
  • You’ve got one way of closing clients.
  • You’ve got one way of negotiating with clients.
  • You’ve got one way of charging clients.
  • You’ve got one way you get paid by your clients.
  • You’ve got one way

Well, you get the point.

You’re stuck in your row. You’re a plow horse with blinders on. You only see one way forward.

But what if you had a simple tool you could put in your pocket. And every time you got stuck, you could pull out that tool and find 3-5 NEW ways, 3-5 BETTER ways to do whatever you need to do…?

  • 5 NEW ways to find fresh, eager, smoking-hot leads
  • 9 NEW ways to qualify and disqualify prospects
  • 7 NEW ways of closing clients for higher fees
  • 11 NEW ways to collect from your clients so your practice is more profitable!
  • 9 NEW ways to get better results for your clients…with less work…so you can charge more

That’s Swiss Army Knife for Consultants!

Here’s some of the “Blades” you get…

  1. The Acquiring New Clients Blade…
    • Eliminate “head case” clients before you sign them up
    • Determine their “reachability” before you go chasing them
    • Weed out the “nickel and dimers” before they chisel into your profitability
    • Upgrade your stable of clients from doddering old mares to galloping thoroughbreds in 6 months
    • The 5 Power Disqualifiers
    • Do less work per-client
    • Methods for making more money per client
    • 3 different ways to reach them with direct mail
    • 23 ways to find clients
    • 7 things to include in case studies to attract great clients
    • 2 strategies to close them before you close them
    • How to repel tire-kickers
    • 4 ways to establish and maintain authority
    • Ways to negotiate for higher fees
  2. The Keeping Good Clients Blade
    • 11 Ways to Get Quick-Hit Results for clients
    • 3 Ways to improve their data and analytics
    • 9 Places to focus to improve their traffic
    • 9 Ways to identify their most profitable customers and target them more accurately
    • 5 Questions to ask to help them repel their most money-sucking, headache-inducing customers
    • 2 Ways to grab low-hanging fruit in email marketing
    • 4 Insights to make their emails more compelling
    • 3 ways to eliminate wasteful ad spend
    • 3 ways to sharpen their USP fast
    • 3 places to find the money in their list
    • 3 80/20 strategies to implement right away
    • 5 strategies to increase their revenue quickly
    • 4 secrets to help them reduce refunds
    • 2 ways to monetize “wasted leads”

And that’s just 2 of the 5 blades!

You’ll also get…

  1. The Getting Paid Blade
    With 8 different fee collection strategies
  2. The Getting Paid MORE Blade
    5 Strategies for boosting your fees even further
  3. The Scaling Your Business Blade
    6 Methods for growing your business quickly

Will 2016 Be Your Best Consulting Year Ever?

What would just one additional STAR client be worth to you this year?

What would it mean to double your fees from your highest-paying client this year?

What would it mean to keep your clients twice as long as you keep them now?

How much more money would you make this year?

I believe, that if you fully implemented just ONE of the blades on ALL your clients…or if you fully implement ALL the blades on ONE good client…you could easily double your fees in 2016.
And with the Swiss Army Knife in your back pocket, you’ll never be stuck again.

  • Get more clients
  • Make more money for you clients
  • Make more money from your clients
  • Keep your clients longer
  • Grow your business faster

If you don’t agree that Swiss Army Knife for Consulting will help you do all this and more, just let us know within 30 days of purchase, show us that you implemented the methods of at least 2 of the 5 blades in your consulting, and we’ll refund every penny.

Carpe Diem,

Perry Marshall

Swiss Army Knife for Consultants – $497