Trey and Mikaela: Married Couple Moving Out of the 7-figure Desert

Leads Doubled. Prices Tripled. Conversions up 10%

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Trey & Mikaela Rivera

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Dear Business Builder: 

Mikaela & Trey Rivera help veterinarians recruit and hire staff. 

And prior to 2022, they had grown that business to $2 million. 

But they were running out of lead flow…and the leads they were getting were lower and lower quality. The inevitable law of diminishing returns. 

So they joined Advanced Mastery Network and we helped them hone their offer and pivot their business and attract more and better prospects. 

The results? Trey says…

  • “We have seen our interest double with the change in our offer and the inclusion of our guarantee.

  • “Our close rate has gone up. I've been doing sales for a long time, but our sales advisor’s close rate has gone up over 10 additional points with the new offer, which is awesome. The quality of clients that we're attracting is a whole ‘nother level. 

  • “We've increased our prices by 300%.”


If you could triple your prices, while doubling your leads and increasing your sales conversions by 10%…how many problems would that solve for you?

Trey and Mikaela will be my guest on a free, live webinar to talk about how they did it! I think you’ll find it fascinating and instructive.

"Are You Like Trey and Mikaela?

  • Did your business have over $1 million in revenue in 2021? 

  • Do you want to make it to the crucial $10 million mark before the next crash?

  • Do you know you need to leverage 21st Century business strategies like Star Principle, Simplify, Network Effect, and the Tactical Triangle Takeover to achieve your goals?  

Then you might be ready to leverage the strategies, networks, and advice that can keep you alive…and even growing…when the NEXT crash happens. 

See how Mikaela and Trey are doing it on the next webinar… 

Free Live Webinar
Tuesday, August 9th @ 11AM ET
(10am US Central | 8am US Pacific | 4pm London BST | Wed 10 Aug @ 1am Sydney AEST)

Plus, Advanced Mastery Network member Scott Alberts will join us to talk about…

  • How to grow Cash Cow business while taking a “$100 million Moonshot”
  • How to focus yourself and your team while still cultivating an environment of creativity and big ideas

Don’t miss it!

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Carpe diem,

Perry Marshall

Webinar FAQ

Question: How long will the webinar run?
Answer: About 60 minutes.

Question: Will there be a replay?
Answer: Yes, register and we'll notify you as soon as the replay is ready.