The Minute Everyone Knows The Rules…
They Change

How To Rewrite the Rules BEFORE “They” Do – and OWN Your Market, Instead of Following the Herd

Dear Marketing Professional:

In the last 24 months…

  • One of my clients switched up the rules of small business loans. Sold his firm to PayPal for many many millions of dollars.
  • An indie film producer uprooted the rules of the movie biz. He was a NOBODY two years ago. Now he’s sitting on a billion dollars of capital, playing in the same league as Disney and Universal Studios.
  • Another guy, in the last three months has gone from driving a dented GMC van with 364,000 miles to trying to figure out how to receive $30 million wire transfers from international clients. He changed the rules of manufacturing an extremely common item. (He also gave ‘em free shipping… but that was just the cherry on the sundae.)

Hi, my name is Perry Marshall. I wrote the book on Google & Facebook advertising and created two mass movements in marketing. I’m endorsed in FORBES and INC Magazine, and am one of the most expensive business consultants in the world.

This time next year, YOUR products, services, offerings must be better, faster, cheaper, more impressive, more efficient, more effective… everything must get better all the time…

And you also know that once every three or five or ten years, a little better is not enough. Cuz someone is going to totally disrupt, and all clocks get reset to zero.

Enter your email address and I’m gonna show you how YOU can reset the clocks to zero. (Before someone resets them on you.)

You will discover:

  • How to disrupt industries, reinvent categories, shift paradigms, trigger a cultural landslide…
  • Wrench loose entrenched dogmas, shift the atmosphere, disrupt the status quo; stand a profession on its head
  • Shatter conventions, Defy norms, and not just be a crazed arsonist

11-12 November I’m holding a seminar in Sydney called Rosetta Stone Down Under. Leading up to that seminar, I’m delivering a series of reports, videos and emails.

In this series of lessons I’ll explain how to DE-CONSTRUCT the rules of your market, your business, your industry – and RE-INVENT the world the way you know it should be.

Join me as we surprise and delight customers, tilt playing fields, steal victories from entrenched incumbents, thwart evil and do good:

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