Perry Marshall Unfiltered:
Offense - Defense - Hacks
for Serial Entrepreneurs

Gritty truths about entrepreneurship, defending your turf and building wealth —

Based on 16 businesses started, countless others consulted across 300 industries,

a handful of big wins & many dire mistakes

Perry goes live in...

Grab your favorite caffeine blast or cocktail because this IS “the seminar after the seminar”

Dear Marketing Professional,

Imagine that you come to my seminar on a Very Specific Topic. People have flown in from a dozen countries, the hallways conversations are amazing. You’re provided with notes, handouts, slides, videos and speakers. The first day is every bit as awesome as promised.

Everyone has finished dinner and now it’s 9:45pm. A bunch of us are in the bar and I’m holding court. We’re jamming, as entrepreneurs always love to do together at events. I’m riffing and I say, “Hey I could explain this a lot better with a whiteboard. You guys wanna head over to the seminar room?”

Which is when fourteen guys and gals - the ones who didn’t abdicate to Netflix in their hotel room – pick up their drinks and notebooks and return to the seminar room. Everyone pulls up a chair and turns on their voice recorder and the seminar after the seminar runs ’til I finally run out of gas at 12:45.

That is precisely what this is. It’s the seminar after the seminar, the meeting after the meeting - except this time we’ve made it the main event.

The first time I met my dear friend Tom Hoobyar was in the bar at a Gary Halbert seminar. Tom was 30 years older than me, a Silicon Valley CEO. We were sitting in the lobby of a large Florida hotel. We talked (more like jammed) from happy hour until 1am. At the time I didn’t realize a bunch of those guys would become lifelong colleagues and collaborators.

I instantly won Tom’s admiration because I had managed to do what he was planning to do: Exit a company with a modest bag of gold. My victory had occurred eight months before. I’d parachuted out of my Dilbert Cube job with stock options.

I explained to him how precarious our company’s path had been, especially in the months leading up to the sale of the company. I told him how I had poured my heart and soul into that job. I’d treated that job like it was my own business, and it paid off. Now here I was attending a seminar and growing my freelance practice - without having to ask anyone’s permission.

Tom said, “Perry, there was no guarantee it would turn out that way. Good on you for coming out smelling good. A lot of guys pour their heart and soul into a venture and it doesn’t work out. It  breaks their heart, rips them to shreds. Sometimes they’re never the same.”

The instant he said this, I knew he was right. I remembered how much I had obsessed over that job. I also knew that, had it gone sideways (let’s say I’d gotten fired or screwed or otherwise jacked around) I could have been financially ruined and personally embittered.

I’m not sure I realized it at the time, but everything we were discussing was stuff that’s never discussed in the seminar. It’s the stuff you get after the seminar. The Meeting After The Meeting.

Some of the most valuable lessons you encounter in life come from those totally unfiltered conversations. Like when you’re talking to someone in a bar, after-hours, at a conference.

A year later Tom and I joined a mastermind group. We would always bunk in the same hotel room so we could talk until 2:30am. Everyone in our group thought Tom should show off his serial entrepreneur chops and diversify into other businesses.

But Tom, who ran a biotech company in Mountain View California (just down the street from Google) was fiercely loyal to his firm and his employees, and felt he would be dividing his energy if he pursued a side hustle. He refused.

Tom’s company continued to grow and pick up market share. A sure recipe for wealth. An entrepreneur’s dream. They had an outrageous guarantee that I still brag about today: If their $4000 valve failed they’d spend $40,000 to replace it with a competitor’s valve.

One Saturday morning I got a message from Tom: “Perry I need to talk to you urgently.” I called him back.

“Perry, the Chairman of the Board, who has always been a touch paranoid, just fired me. Threw me out. Changed the locks and the passwords, served me a notice and screwed me out of my retirement.”

At this point Tom was 65. He’d had 40 careers from real estate to political campaign manager to recording studio engineer to NLP trainer to policeman to martial arts instructor.

“Perry I’m hiring a lawyer who will hopefully straighten out the equity the Chairman just screwed me out of. Meanwhile, my CEO goose is cooked. There’s no way this guy will ever bring me back in. So… is it OK if you and I talk for an hour every week? You’re ahead of me in the solo entrepreneur game.”

An hour a week? I hesitated. That’s a LOT.

But I agreed. We began talking every Friday.

Those Friday conversations continued for six years. Prior to this, we had been seminar and mastermind buddies. But now through our weekly phone calls, we grew very close and Tom became the closest thing I had on earth to a dad.

Tom was versatile, so between business consulting, NLP coaching and creative financing (using his Silicon Valley condo as collateral), he managed to do OK.

Then one day I got another phone call on a hot August night. “Perry I have pancreatic cancer. The doctor says I’ve got 3-4 months.”

Tom’s cancer saga is a story for another day. But the bottom line is, Tom was gone less than three months later. Age 71.

His lawsuit to recover the equity had never borne fruit, and he didn’t have adequate health insurance to cover his $20,000/day Intensive Care bills. He departed planet earth with his wife in a tough financial position. 

Had cancer not happened, maybe one of those projects would have paid off handsomely. But life happened, as they say, and his plans were cut short.

Once I had a client, let’s call him Greg, who was not only a Google Ads genius, he was a brilliant marketing strategist. He picked up a client who ran an addiction recovery program.

Greg’s client didn’t really know what he was doing… but Greg did. They began cranking away on sales funnels and within a year they had become the leading company in their niche.

The client was so thrilled with their performance that he pledged Greg an equity position in the company.

Greg convinced his client to purchase a membership in my Roundtable group. This became a fantastic petri dish for Greg’s creativity and our ingenuity. Greg began redesigning their programs, which grew in appeal and profitability. Greg was making an enviable income and pretty much had the run of the place.

In Roundtable we devised plans for world domination which Greg began putting in place.

Greg got called into a meeting one day. “ACME corporation is buying us out, so… well, I guess as of October 1 their marketing team will be taking over. I’m sorry, but I’m going to be out of the picture myself. The new firm says they won’t be needing you anymore.”

“Hey wait a minute,” Greg shot back. “You said I was going to get ownership in the company. You promised me stock options!”

“Well Greg, things have moved really quickly, and at this point there’s no clean way to make that happen. I’m really sorry, man. The acquisition is already underway.”

Greg got TOTALLY screwed out of his stock options. And lost his income. And to add insult to injury, the new company, who thought they were way smarter than Greg (acquiring companies almost always think that) - started “fixing” the ad campaigns and sales funnels that Greg had so meticulously built.

Within months the whole thing was in a death spiral.

And Greg was OUT.

Growth opportunities that good don’t grow on every tree. Clients that strong are not an easy find.

Investment people will tell you: The #1 key to making a fortune is not buying stocks that plummet. That’s because if your portfolio drops 50%, you have to earn 100% interest just to get back to zero!

Parallel advice for a serial entrepreneur is:

The first key to building wealth is not getting screwed… not falling for some Jack and the Beanstalk story that makes it past your BS filters.

An IMAX movie called “Flight of the Butterflies” captures migrations from Canada to Mexico and back. Only a tiny percentage of butterflies ever make it, and the movie shows what happens to the rest of ‘em - like a guy on a tractor mowing down milkweed plants in a field. POOF – 10.000 caterpillars are taken out before they’ve had a chance to stretch their wings.

We entrepreneurs likewise make enough mistakes on our own without having people stealing our stash and making a run for the Cayman Islands.

In my life I’ve started at least sixteen businesses. Three or four were a total bust; most managed to do OK, and a handful have been very successful. (These do not include clients I’ve taken equity in, or legal entities formed for asset protection or tax purposes.)

One morning this past winter I awakened at 4 am. In the dark, a barrel-full of “topics I’ve never properly covered” came bubbling to the surface.

I captured them in my notebook. Two dozen bits of “serial entrepreneur defense shields” and “offensive moves” - bullets that don’t neatly fit into a handy tidy category or curriculum, but still need to get delivered.

This is not:

  • Google or Facebook traffic
  • High level business strategy
  • How to build landing pages
  • How to create a sales-crushing webinar

…or any of the standard “off the shelf stuff.”

Nor is it even advice to “get it in writing.” (That should be plenty obvious already.)

No, this is more like “How to read the tea leaves of the world - and people - and business deals. How to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.”

It’s not “writing better headlines;” not traffic; not “high level business strategy.” Rather it is a lot of “SHOULD BE WORLD vs. IS WORLD” that you absolutely need to know.

You’re going to get a lot of rants and “hey folks this is how it REALLY works.”

Should-Be world vs. IS world.

No one element of this by itself warrants a course (nor would any of those conversations with Tom Hoobyar at that Florida hotel), but collectively they comprise a powerful set of tools for making super-accurate snap judgments about people, business partners, opportunities.

You’ll get LOTS of stuff about avoiding landmines. (If you’ve had a leg blown off before, you know how invaluable landmine prevention is.) I told you about two landmines - Tom and Greg - but there are many other kinds of “landmine detectors” I’m going to deliver to you.

One of the major focuses for one of the four sessions will be how to clearly tell the difference between flash-in-the-pan fads and long-term trends. And how to engineer PERMANENCE into every product you build and every business you build.

Please notice something:

Every major thing I do has significant longevity.

Ultimate Guide to Google Ads, 6th edition. First edition hit the streets in late 2006. Its predecessor came out in 2003. 18 years and counting. If all you had was my very first Google book, which is woefully out of date, you might still be better off than today’s “help menus” provided by Google. Why? Because the principles are sound.

Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads, 4th edition. First edition hit the streets in 2011. 10 years and counting.

“Guerilla Marketing for Hi-Tech Sales People” the lead generating booklet and CD I started mailing out in 2002. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s hot, fresh and new anymore… but it’s not the least bit obsolete, and still a great read. 

80/20 Sales & Marketing. No editions. Hit the streets in 2013. Evergreen classic. It will still be a great book 50 years from now.

Star Seminar with Richard Koch, 2014. We still sell it and the advice there is still gold.

Evolution 2.0. Five years old and not the slightest bit out of date. (Actually it’s still 5 years ahead of college textbooks) 

“Definitive Selling Proposition” remains the most thorough treatment of USP in the industry.

“Swiss Army Knife” method for ad writing. I presented it at the Google AdWords Master’s conference in Maui Hawaii in 2010. It is the ONLY presentation in that entire event that is not obsolete. We still teach it. Not only that… it’s more relevant NOW than it was THEN! 

Emails I wrote 15 years ago are still going out in autoresponders, cultivating and cementing relationships.

  • UNFILTERED is no different, as these uncensored notes I’m going to share with you will continue to pay off for YOU 15 or more years into the future…
  • We are delivering this in 4 rapid-fire online sessions starting April 8.
  • Price: $499 for non-members; $299 for monthly Renaissance Club members; $199 for members of Renaissance 12
  • This is certainly the first time ever to do anything like this — unique accumulation of wisdom from 24 years + a willingness to go unfiltered. It may also be the last. (This exact event will absolutely NEVER be repeated - I can promise you that.)
  • You can participate in all 4 sessions live. (Yes, they’ll be recorded but we haven’t made any decisions as to whether we will offer the recordings for sale, other than those who attend live.)

In the first session I’m going to spend a great deal of the time revealing to you a “longevity crystal ball” so that you can peer far into the future and successfully predict which ingredients will stay and which ones will blow away like leaves in the winter wind.

This will rescue you from years of sweat and toil and save you from having to “re-do” and “re-engineer” and “re-build” (which gets REALLY old after you hit a certain level of maturity. You tired of hustling yet?)

This alone is worth 100X the price of admission (which, if you’re a member of New Renaissance 12, is only $199–an EXTRAORDINARY value).

Honestly, it’ll be sort of “all over the place” but I guarantee you this: there’s no such thing as a person who could walk away from this course and not get something super valuable.

What you’ll get:

Session 1: The Longevity Crystal Ball - Successfully Predict the Future

  • I’ll show you how to peer far into the future and successfully predict which ingredients will stay and which ones will blow away like leaves in the winter wind.
  • The “Too Much Light” principle of extreme human behavior (hint: the reason why you can get someone somewhere to do almost anything and why this means even the most extreme projects are not doomed to failure)
  • How to harness natural forces in business and marketing (did you notice that when the Suez Canal ship broke free, it was because the tugboats COOPERATED with the sea instead of fighting it?) — everything in your life could be easier when you get these natural forces on your side
  • ASSUMPTIONS make an ASS out of U and ME. How to convert ASSUMPTIONS to FACTS
  • A baseline bedrock go-to orientation that makes you immune to at least 85% of “Jack and the Beanstalk” stories

Session 2: Persuasion, Storytelling & Hard Core Selling (90 minutes)

Most marketers and copywriters persuade with TECHNIQUES and verbal jiu jitsu. I do not. I persuade in a dance of rhythm and vulnerability. There is a cadence that I’m not sure I’ve properly described anywhere (except possibly at the Influential Writing seminar I held in 2013, 11 people in attendance) that is a huge key to hypnotic persuasion and breaking down resistance and engendering well-deserved TRUST.

  • The logic formula that respects the architecture of the human psyche
  • A persuasion method that flips your reader into a curious, receptive state
  • What you MUST know about selling complex nuanced products and services to “sophisticated” people

Session 3: Delivered in tandem with John Paul Mendocha, AKA “Dr. Speedselling”

John, now 61, is the 17-year-old gambling kid in the 80/20 book “Rack the Shotgun” scene. John has engineered huge corporate deals in defense and aerospace and has worked in more industries than just about anybody. He was even a professional gambler for 4 years. HUGE street smarts.

John’s encountered more shysters and con men than just about anybody and he’s going to give you both offense and defense.

We’re going to describe an identifiable signature of hot, responsive markets that almost nobody ever talks about - because it’s original to John. There is an “invisible factor” that divides markets where people buy stuff / take action / get off their ass / get into motion / march vs. markets where people have a bias towards inactivity / bureaucracy / institutional haze / ego / won’t listen to anybody / are not profitable and I’ve seen this peg profitable markets time after time after time. It’s right up there with the 5 Power Disqualifiers.

I cannot count how many people have undertaken projects at considerable expense and shoe leather only to find that people who “should” buy and who allegedly want to solve a problem, simply will not do it. Like the guy I know who spent $120,000 promoting a seminar and only got 3 people to sign up. He unwittingly violated this rule.

And we’re going to discuss tips for getting equity - because as you can see, both Tom and Greg got shipwrecked in their efforts. Cuz it’s not what you make today… it’s what you own after the music stops.

Session 4: Some really clever ways to hack el mundo ("the world")

The final session may be the most “grab bag” of all, including:

  • Economic outlook for 2021-2025 - this is absolutely critical because most people will surely miss this (I just had a convo with my sister about this yesterday)
  • As soon as everyone knows the rules, they change. How to circumvent this ahead of time.
  • The “black box” principle of equity and value: this reliably tells you what will increase in value and what will decline. (You absolutely need to know this. And it’s so “simple”)
  • The hidden virtue of “dumb” and “backward” industries and how to make the absolute most of those
  • The hidden virtue of “zero glamor” industries and what type of entrepreneur should be seeking those out

What People Are Saying About Perry...

Dan Kennedy

“If you don’t know who Perry Marshall is—unforgivable. Perry’s an honest man in a field rife with charlatans.”

- Dan Kennedy, Author, The Ultimate Marketing Plan

Frank Kern
"It pays to study Perry Marshall."

- Frank Kern

“Perry Marshall has something original and extremely useful to say, because he has thought profoundly about the 80/20 Principle. He has come up with some original insights that are literally priceless.”

- Richard Koch, Author, The 80/20 Principle

Lance Wallnau

“Perry Marshall’s teaching on 80/20 was so riveting. It is a gold mine in insight and depth. I am still processing it!”

- Lance Wallnau, President, Lance Learning Group

Brian Kurtz

“Perry Marshall is the Gene Schwartz of the 21st century. Schwartz’s book, Breakthrough Advertising, is every bit as current as the first day it rolled off the press in 1966. Perry’s work is like that.

"Perry has consulted with the best marketers on the planet for over a decade. He combines the attributes of the most calculated engineer with the artistry of a poet. He delivers the deepest dive into the “80/20 Principle” you’ve ever taken, as it applies to copywriting, buying traffic, scaling traffic, dominating markets, and sales conversion.

"80/20 is not a rule of thumb; it’s a law of nature and a way of life. If you are not following Perry’s formula, you are leaving millions on the table.” *

- Brian Kurtz, Executive Vice President, Boardroom Inc.

“Of all the coaches/mentors I’ve had over the last decade+, you’re one of just two who delivered actual results-changing information & workshops. I went from 6-figure to multiple 7-figure results as a result.”

- Jim Rivas
Inertia Income Systems, LLC
Metairie, LA

"This was the kind of information that nobody else in our world is talking about.

"It’s exponential. It’s all about really positioning yourself and making your life easier, while at the same time, having a bigger impact in the world…

I highly encourage you to invest in this, because this’ll totally change your paradigm in ways that nothing else in our market will.”

- Teddy Garcia, Raleigh, North Carolina


Perry’s Uncensored, Unfiltered Secret Stash of Rants, Street Wisdom and Crazy-Accurate Snap Judgments

The four sessions will be delivered at 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific / 4pm London, with “mood altering beverages” encouraged. If you’re in Europe, log on to the livestream with a lager, IPA or glass of wine. If you’re in the States, bring your latte or triple espresso and we’ll get right down to “the seminar after the seminar.”

Offense, Defense & Hacks for Serial Entrepreneurs

Easily two dozen specific hacks & wisdom bullets that don’t neatly fit into “traffic” or “80/20” or other usual categories. No one by itself warrants a course, but collectively they comprise a powerful set of tools for making super-accurate snap judgments about people, business partners, opportunities; lots of material about avoiding landmines of MANY varieties.

Nobody else is going to talk to you about this…if you trust me, we’re going to have a good time. the latent stuff that’s not been articulated.

All these are potential germs of a Perry Marshall book. They’re not there yet; I don’t know if they’ll ever get into a book; but they’re that profound.

This reminds me of the 80/20 Sales & Marketing book. I’ve applied 80/20 nonstop since 2003. We began using it in Planet Perry, and the topic was so popular, I thought “Maybe this is a book and other people will benefit.” All of the things I’m going to share in Offense, Defense and Hacks are like that. You’re getting a sneak preview of what might become a book someday. A Perry Marshall book when it’s only notes and scribbles in Google Drive.

  • You get four live, story-heavy, formality-light, unfiltered raw opinions, rants, cautionary tales… heuristics, tools, hacks complete with live Q&A. Session 3 is co-hosted with John Paul Mendocha, the kid in the “rack the shotgun” story in 80/20 Sales & Marketing.
  • All kinds of miscellaneous tools that don’t fit standard “internet marketing” categories but arm you with the ability and insight to judge and penetrate the murky haze
  • You’ll get videos and transcripts of all the sessions, and free access to the Marketing DNA test

Only $499; $299 for monthly members of New Renaissance; $199 for members of New Renaissance 12.


IF you attend the sessions, take notes, and implement FIVE PERCENT of the advice (and document what you did), THEN:

  1. You will interpret minute-by-minute and day-by-day situations in fundamentally new and different ways, like having X-Ray vision glasses… with a companion risk calculator inside your head
  2. In the next 90 days you will consciously recognize a business arrangement that you either sidestep or press the EJECT button on, that would have cost you 1-2 years of spinning your wheels
  3. You’ll pick up 80/20 hacks you’ve never seen before, even if you’ve scoured every PM newsletter and bought every course for the last 10 years
  4. You’ll have a definitive perspective on how to navigate the Post-COVID-19 economy - and a crystal ball on the next crisis well before it happens.

OR ELSE send us a picture of your action notebook and your reason for dropping and we will issue an immediate and courteous refund any time in the next 180 days.