How to Get High Quality Leads and Subscribers on YouTube for Dollars per Day

  • Without ad fatigue
  • Without having to hire an expensive video team
  • Without having to worry about account bans and shut downs

YouTube Ads Workshop with Tom Breeze

Tom Breeze

Attention Frustrated Online Advertiser:

Facebook’s conflagration with Apple has left many online business owners gasping for traffic and customers. And there is no reason to think the days of cheap, voluminous Facebook traffic are coming back any time soon.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that…

If you have a strong offer
If you have good margins
If you’ve had some success on Facebook (or just about anywhere online) in the past…

YouTube can be an excellent source of VERY high-quality, inexpensive leads and customers.

And Tom Breeze can show you how to get started for around $5 per day.

But it’s NOT for everyone...

If you’re in B2B or eCommerce this won’t work
If you do not have a good offer this won’t work
If you have never had any success anywhere…well, you can’t steer a parked car!

But if you’re in lead gen, skills instruction, education of any kind, hobbies, health and fitness you need to listen to Tom.

Why Should You Listen to Tom Breeze?

Tom’s training is not based on 1 or 2 successful campaigns or ‘theory’. His agency (Viewability) exclusively run YouTube ads for their clients and Tom’s team have run 1000’s of successful campaigns for international clients in many different industries.

On top of that, his agency is results based.

They fund their clients’ advertising and they pay Tom on a cost per lead or sale model.

Therefore, Tom would be out of business if he didn’t know what he was doing. He knows what he’s doing.


How Long Until You See Results?

There are 9 hours of video content in the training and if you include the work it takes to create the videos, you’ll probably be live within 10 working days.

Some people have been through the course and are up live with their ads within 48 hours.

What Tom’s YouTube Clients Say…

“With YouTube ads it's so reliable and regular.”

— Tony Polecastro and Levi Kujala
Tony's Acoustic Challenge

“This is the perfect time to advertise on YouTube and Tom (CEO of Viewability) is THE YouTube ads guy.”

— Frank Kern

“Their methods and strategies simply work. I'm always recommending Tom and his team to my closest contacts.”

— Neil Patel

“Companies are only now waking up to the incredible power of YouTube ads. Listen to Tom & his team, because it works.”

— Ryan Deiss

“Tom & his team are the world's best when it comes to YouTube ads to drive sales at a huge profit.  Work with these guys.”

— James Schramko

“This is the best return I've ever had on advertising!”

— Anthony Van Dort
Flexifoil Kites

What You Get in YouTube Ads Workshop

  1. 4 live training and Q&A sessions with Tom beginning May 24, 2022
  2. YouTube Account Audit (by Tom) of Your YouTube channel. You can take up to ONE YEAR to redeem!
  3. 9 Hours of educational videos, supported by customized tools. 
  4. Access to an exclusive Facebook group. This is to ensure you have everything you need to get the very best from your YouTube advertising campaigns.
Course Overview
  1. Introduction: In this section of the training, it’s all about understanding the foundations of highly profitable YouTube ad campaigns. When you know why your customers are going to YouTube and what they are looking for, you can be far more effective in your video and campaign creation.

    YouTube is a very different platform to all other ad networks and when you are clear with the strategy, results follow.
  2. Research: Once you have gained clarity on your strategy, it’s time to find your customers. You’ll find out where your customers are going, what they’re looking for and how to get in front of them. Now, this is normally tedious, soul destroying work but Tom’s giving you access to the tools he developed for his agency to speed this whole process up and make your life so much easier. 
  3. Video: By this point, you’ll have a clear strategy, know where your customers are going and what they want. This makes effective video creation far easier to get right. Tom will break down every single step, from scripting to editing, so you know how to create high converting YouTube ads without having to be a video production expert.

    Tom will also be giving you access to a ton of video examples to give you inspiration. 
  4. Setting Up: This is the geeky part. Building your YouTube, Google ad, Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts and then linking them together. If that last sentence filled you with absolute dread, I totally get it - Tom will go through these steps nice and slow. It’s important you know how and why you take every single step so you can track what’s happening when you’re running your ads.
  5. Campaign Blueprints: This is the point where you start building out your profit driving campaigns. You’re clear on strategy, you know who you’re getting in front of, you’ve crafted the perfect video ads and everything is set up for success. There are so many ways of building out campaigns and a lot of mistakes can be made, so Tom will guide you through where to get started, how to optimize and then scale. Just think, very soon you’ll be driving traffic, leads, sales and profit.
  6. Bonus: Tom has worked with, consulted for and interviewed some of the best marketing minds in the business. You will be able to see how people such as Frank Kern, Russell Brunson, Gideon Shalwick, Oli Billson and many more are using ads to grow their businesses as well as watch keynote presentations Tom has given all over the world.
  7. Tools: There are some essential tasks that can be mind-numbing and repetitive. So Tom has developed tools that speed up the whole process. These tools do not exist anywhere else but we’ve made them available to you as part of the YouTube Ads Workshop. 
Live Session Schedule
  • Tuesday, May 24 @ 11am US Eastern (10am US Central | 8am US Pacific | 4pm London BST | Wed May 25 @ 1am Sydney AEST)

  • Tuesday, June 7 @ 11am US Eastern (10am US Central | 8am US Pacific | 4pm London BST | Wed June 8 @ 1am Sydney AEST)

  • Tuesday, June 21 @ 11am US Eastern (10am US Central | 8am US Pacific | 4pm London BST | Wed June 22 @ 1am Sydney AEST)

  • Tuesday, June 28 @ 11am US Eastern (10am US Central | 8am US Pacific | 4pm London BST | Wed June 29 @ 1am Sydney AEST)

How Much Is It?

  • Early Bird Special! $999 until 11:59PM ET on Tuesday, May 17, 2022

  • $1499 until Tuesday, June 7, 2022

  • $1999 after June 7, 2022

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If for any reason you’re not happy with the training, then please just let us know and we’ll refund your full refund within 30 days of purchase.

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