How to Shatter “Audience Apathy”, Rehab Your “Old” Fatigued Product in 90 Minutes, and Get Hot Salivating Customers by Noon on Friday

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“I Need a New Idea – NOW!”

How Get Fast Cash by Rehabbing Your Existing Offer – WITHOUT Developing a New Product

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Dear Marketing Professional:

If coming up with a brilliant original idea… one that makes customers drool, makes them open their wallets and BUY… if you find that’s pretty hard to pull off more than once every couple of years, then…


But I have good news for you today. You do NOT need to invent something new. You just need a reliable method for re-invention. I have a new method, right now. It’s called


It takes 90 minutes. And without creating anything new, PIVOT allows you to systematically, predictably and reliably re-arrange your existing puzzle pieces, generating something fresh and innovative that your customers will happily pay money for.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

  • A new promotion falls significantly short of expectations (after weeks or months of hard labor!) and you have to Pivot NOW – hopefully quickly and easily – otherwise it will FAIL
  • You need to consistently craft enticing offers and promotions but instead you feel like you’re flogging a dead horse
  • You find yourself hunched in front of a blank Word doc praying for inspiration to fall
  • You churn out warmed-over versions of the same old thing, using slight variation on the same old copy, hoping your audience won’t notice it’s really just the same old offer
  • You grind your teeth at the prices you have to pay to drive new traffic to get eyeballs that have never seen your tired old offer before
  • You need to generate verve and excitement even when you don’t “feel” like it
  • You feel like Sisyphus shouldering that boulder up the hill when you need a new angle but you just HAVE to get it done

If you resonated with any of those, this will be worth your $29 hundreds of times over.

Because you must create killer offers to survive…


Because this is the age of the killer offer…

The sad story of Bryce

Bryce is a good friend of mine, and razor sharp. Absolutely as smart as me, or you or any of us. A few years ago he generated more than $1.7 million dollars in a Jeff Walker style product launch with a brand new product. He generated waves of rapt attention and his product was superb. He was a Product Launch Rock Star.

He was at the top of his game. People all over his corner of the world were pursuing him for JVs, advice and expertise.

The following year he did another product launch. But this time it was a bust.

Someone screwed up a few details in the launch, and suddenly his numbers were off by 50-60 percent. He tried desperately to recover but suddenly….

After he covered his hard costs, he owed his affiliates over $200,000. And he had NO WAY to pay them.

The last day after the launch was like the day after a Florida hurricane.

He was in a hole. A multi-dimensional, financial, relational, credibility and momentum hole.

Suddenly friends and amigos who previously hung on every word were bitter, cynical and angry. Some would no longer speak to him. “Bryce, I paid YOU when you mailed for ME, and now I mailed for you and you’re not paying me…”

The quid pro quo cycle is BROKEN.

Bryce is a deeply moral and conscientious man. He’s as honest as the day is long, and this failure eats under his skin like acid. The guilt. The self-condemnation. He’s trapped in psychic debt to dozens of people, and….

…the downward spiral has begun.

And this is only the beginning. Because the minutes tick by, the days tick by, and the problem doesn’t leave. It just sets in. And hardens like concrete. And then the concrete cracks like a basement floor built on sludge. Water leaks through the cracks and mold grows.

His audience shrinks (as it naturally does when you don’t have new JVs feeding you with new traffic and there’s no new customers and there’s no more NEW NEW NEW, there’s no more HOT HOT HOT)… the business is getting stale and moldy, the universe and the audience and the customers are all asking:

“What have you done for me lately?”

And under that kind of pressure, your creativity wilts because the sense of obligation and the demands to deliver mount.

Financial forces multiply, and catering to that shrinking tribe of existing customers becomes like the Sioux Indians in 1888 doing the Ghost Dance, praying for the Happy Hunting Grounds to come back.

He finds himself saying, “I wish it was 2005 all over again.”

But it’s not 2005 and 2005 is not coming back and living in 2005 makes you a has-been.

The happy hunting grounds are not coming back.

This $29 training is for Bryce, and everyone who sometimes feels the way Bryce feels.

PIVOT is very affordable because Bryce needs an affordable solution NOW. He doesn’t need to throw another $2000 at this problem.

You can’t throw money at THIS problem and solve it.

(Hint: This problem is the reason why interest rates are only 4% all ‘round the world. It’s because hardly anyone can solve problems just by having capital. The world is driven by IDEAS – not just any ideas, but GREAT ideas and in 2019 you have to generate ideas ON DEMAND, ON COMMAND, whenever you need to.) Capital is not the secret anymore.

You MUST have killer offers…
And you must generate them fast

  • Churning out bland, paint-by-numbers sequels like some cynical Hollywood executive ain’t gonna get it done.
  • Hiring a six-or seven-figure copywriter to polish the turds is not the way to get it done
  • Spending months or years (and thousands or millions) developing new products is NOT going to solve your problem this week, this month or even this year
  • Taking out a second mortgage to buy new traffic and drive those unassuming eyeballs to your old offer is not the way to get it done.

Fresh, Hot Offers Delivered Straight to Your Brain in 90 Minutes or Less

The PIVOT method is inspired by my new book Evolution 2.0: Breaking The Deadlock Between Darwin and Design. After researching the innovative toolbox of cells for ten years, I discovered a groundbreaking layer of deep innovation principles that Mother Nature herself uses to adapt. Every single day. Just as she has done for millennia – generating new forms, new innovations, new adaptations ON DEMAND

  • YOU can use the very same principles Mother Nature employed to generate EBOLA (an utterly deadly pathogen that hijacks your immune system and turns your body against itself!) and now YOU can mutate quickly, silently, stealthily.
  • Ebola didn’t exist before… then suddenly it DID. This did NOT happen by accident! Not on your life. This was a deliberate adaptation, in response to threats, by the pathogen itself. It happened in real time – it did not take millions of years. It might have taken as little as three hours! How did this happen? In the book, you’ll find out. In PIVOT, you’ll see how to mimic nature’s clever designs.
  • You can harness existing elements to generate NEW offers, advantages and customers – by seeing everything you’ve ever done through an entirely new lens.
  • The study guide for this course is my book Evolution 2.0 (which you need to buy separately, $18.94 for hardcover, $16.99 for Kindle). The book outlines Mother Nature’s universal Swiss Army Knife of constant innovation. The book also gives you access to online video bonuses worth over $500.

By the End of This 90-Minute PIVOT Presentation You’ll Possess What it Takes to…

  1. Get people who completely ignored you – entire tribes of apathy – to suddenly harken unto you, pay attention and buy
  2. Turn the “Clicks On A Dial” – how to twist dials just like this bike lock – whenever you need to – to continuously generate new “faces” for your product, service, offering, idea, book, information, expertise or agenda
  3. “Clicks On A Dial, Part 2” – how to twist dials whenever you need to to attract new audiences, new niches, new tribes, new languages

(Note: Buyers receive access to the replay of this training in my Members’ Area.)

If you need to wow your audience with compelling offers on a consistent basis, and you need to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible…this is the best $29 you’ll ever spend.

Perry Marshall

PIVOT is based on the natural engineering principles I explore in my brand new book Evolution 2.0.

Most people think that new ideas and inspirations are “bolts from the blue” or “lightning strikes” or “visitations from The Muse” … and while yes, I do believe in the Muse, I don’t believe in lightning strikes. Nature doesn’t either.

I teach systematic creativity (yeah I know that sounds like an oxymoron!) but I can prove to you that this works, based on the Natural Genetic Engineering of the Creator’s Magnum Opus: The Cell.

Every business and technological problem you can imagine has already been solved in the cell. The solutions are literally right under your nose.

You will need to purchase this book as it is the companion course guide for PIVOT. It costs $18.94 for Hardcover and $16.99 for Kindle, bringing your total cost to $47.94 or $45.99, depending on which version you prefer.

Inside Evolution 2.0 you’ll find links to online bonus material legitimately valued at $500:

After you buy the book (at Borders, Amazon etc.) you’ll get instant video access to my Keynote Speech at the Maui Elite Master’s Summit (which cost $3500 to attend live, $1500 via video feed). It’s called “Fibonacci Funnels” and it turns 100 years of advertising assumptions upside down and proves them wrong. We have never sold the DVDs for less than $1000 before now, and it was far and away the most raved-about presentation in Maui.

After you buy the book you’ll get instant video access to my Evolution 2.0 speech at Brian Kurt’s TITANS 2013 event (which cost $2000 to attend live). In this video, I explain the evolutionary Swiss Army Knife and how to apply it to real-world business problems.

I admit this is a brazen appeal for you to purchase my new book, yes even for people who normally would not be interested in origins, biology, cells, science, religion or evolution.

However you will find that even for those who have ZERO direct interest in these topics, the business applications of Evolution 2.0 are robust and powerful. You will discover a LOT of things you never knew about business from chapters 11-16 of this important book.

There has never been a stronger thirst for instant, on-demand, “Systematic Creativity” like there is in 2015… and the situation is getting worse, not better:

  • Everything is commoditized.
  • Everyone is an “expert.”
  • Everyone has case studies.
  • Everyone has testimonials.
  • Everyone has a “book”
  • Everyone has a White Paper
  • Everyone has a cheaper competitor.

And if you can’t PIVOT – easily – effortlessly – you’re dead in the water. You’re like Bryce, listening for the death toll numbers. Not a happy situation.

Sign up for PIVOT and pick up your copy of Evolution 2.0 right now.

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