Who We Are & What We Do

Perry Marshall is one of the most expensive business consultants in the world. He authored the world’s best selling books on Google and Facebook advertising. His 80/20 Sales and Marketing is the definitive text of its kind.

The first click is only the beginning. We help our members and clients develop “Marketing On Autopilot” – quality traffic comes to their websites 24/7/365. They generate leads and sales through high performance landing pages, testing & tracking systems, autoresponders, upsells, cross-sells and superior economics.

We help Business-to-Business companies who sell sophisticated products & services quickly and predictably acquire new customers – without the humiliation of competing only on the basis of price.

A surprising number of our customers don’t even use paid online advertising on Google or Facebook, and some do most of their marketing offline not online, through catalogs, direct mail, telephone and face-to-face selling. But they still seek out Perry’s common sense and wisdom about direct marketing, business, and customer relationship building.

Five of our clients have sold their companies for $10 million to $150 million in the last three years.

  • We publish information on state-of-the-art marketing methods for company owners, managers, marketers and sales people. We provide books, e-books, videos, coaching programs and elite mentoring experiences.
  • We provide training, seminars and coaching – based on our experience and proven methods. Customers regularly travel to the U.S. from Europe, Australia and Asia to attend events.
  • Our high-level mentoring groups are an informal “Board of Directors” for our independent entrepreneurs who meet 3 times per year to share experiences and solve problems together. Roundtable Members combine the agility of their small businesses with the intelligence and resources of a $100 million company.