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“Stop Cold-Calling Business
Prospects, Battling Voice Mail – And
Make Them Chase You Instead!”

Dear Sales Professional,

After years of dialing for dollars, knocking on doors, and enduring all kinds of rejection and drudgery, I finally made a revolutionary discovery: You can cause the world to beat a path to your door. You can be an invited guest instead of an unwelcome pest. You don’t call them – they call you.

How does this happen? With the power of information and publicity, and the science of results-accountable marketing.

From Failure To Success…

The results were nothing less than astonishing. I multiplied product sales by 2000%, nearly tripled my income, and went from making hundreds of cold calls every month to nearly zero.

I helped grow a company from quasi-startup and no name recognition to over 100 pages of press exposure. Four years after I began, that business was acquired by a publicly traded company for 18 million dollars.

If you’re making even ONE cold call a day, you’re wasting time and money. And if your company is like 99% of all other businesses in America, you are ignoring millions of dollars in untapped sales.

A finely tuned marketing and publicity system delivers a predictable number of quality sales leads to you every day, month in and month out, so your salespeople only spend time with people who already understand what you do and who have proactively asked you to help them solve their problem.

Has your medical doctor ever called you on the phone during dinner time, asking if you might need help fighting a flu bug? I don’t think so. He doesn’t find you, you find him. And when you do see him, he tells you what medicine you need to take and you take it.

If he says you need surgery, you might seek a second opinion, but you’re willing to pay good money for that opinion. And most likely you take the advice, no matter how painful or inconvenient.

Do Your Customers Respect You
As Much As They Respect Their Doctor?

No? Why not? They don’t know him any better than they know you. You went to school. You have expertise. You know how to solve difficult problems. So what’s the difference?

The difference is positioning. The doctor is perceived to be an expert, so you seek his counsel. The medical industry knows things about marketing and positioning that most people in our industry just don’t know. Most companies just imitate their competitors, and everyone gets dumber every year.

I went on a mission to study the most brilliant minds in marketing today, across dozens of industries and professions. The system I’ve developed over the last five years delivers powerful results for corporate sales people, in a measurable and predictable way. I now produce training tools and consult with a select number of high tech clients.

Your experience as a business owner, marketing manager or sales person can radically change for the better in only a few months time, simply by learning my system. I invite you to explore my website, and request my FREE Audio CD, “Guerrilla Marketing For Hi-Tech Sales People.” (All you cover is S&H.) It delivers twelve powerful bullets that bring cold-calling drudgery and advertising waste to an end.

Just fill out the contact form and my capable staff will make sure you get it right away.

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Perry S. Marshall

P.S. You’re probably thinking, “OK, so why is this guy giving away an audiobook? Is it any good, or is it just a shameless sales pitch?”

There are several reasons why I’m giving this away:

1) There are lots of sales people, maybe you – who wake up every morning and think “Oh, yuck… I’ve got to get on the phone today, stay out of voice mail jail and set up a bunch of appointments… It’s going to be a real grind.” That’s exactly how it was for me. Oh, to have only had this CD 10 years ago!

2) In most companies, there is almost NO relationship between the marketing dollars that go out, and the sales dollars that come in. They spend a pile of money on advertising and they don’t know what they’re getting for it. Then they start flogging the sales people on the 26th of every month. This CD will show you how to fix that problem.

3) Of course nobody’s going to hire a consultant or invest money in sales tools unless they’re convinced that I really know what I’m talking about. Listen to the CD and decide for yourself.

This is no infomercial – it’s solid information that you can use right away. I have a hunch you’ll not only enjoy it but you’ll probably pass it along to 3-4 other people, as others have done.

Fill out this form to request a free copy of “Guerrilla Marketing For Hi-Tech Sales People.” (You just cover S&H.)

I promise you’ll never think about sales the same way again!

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