"Pandemic Impact Your Business?"
The COVID-19 Impact Scorecard

Is COVID going to kill your business OR set you back OR force you to pivot OR cause prosperity to rain down?

You need to know ASAP. Some businesses cannot be saved. Others, with attention, strategy and elbow grease, can pivot and prosper.

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"Is Google AdWords for Me?"
The AdWords Scorecard

Search Network? Display Network? How thick is the competition? Find out in one minute with this free scorecard. It scores you on Google Search vs. Google Display, and tells you your Competition Index.



"Is Facebook for Me?"

Some businesses were born for Facebook. Most business won't make a dime from it. How much attention does Facebook advertising deserve from you?



Discover Your "Marketing DNA" - $37 or *FREE* with Purchase of 80/20 Sales & Marketing Book

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  • How you communicate in business settings
  • Who you need on your core team
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Will Your Business Go Supernova?
Or Should You Search for Greener Pastures?

A Star Business is one with an overwhelmingly high chance of success, based on the ingenious formula in Richard Koch's book "The Star Principle." Richard used the Star Principle formula to grow his fortune from $4 million to over $200 million in two decades, successfully taking 8 companies out of 16 to blazing success. This 50% success rate is unheard of in a world where Venture Capitalists are thrilled to bat 10%. Answer these ten questions and discover your own score:



How Readable Is Your Sales Copy?

Now matter how sophisticated your audience or product offering, it's their "inner ten year old" that buys - not their "inner PhD." What's the grade level of your writing and your copy? How much are you talking to your customers about YOURSELF (bad) vs. THEMSELVES (good)? This simple tool shows you:



How Much Will a Conversion Increase Boost Your Sales?

If you increase your conversion rate by 10%, will your sales go up 10%? No - your sales will go up 20-30%, because more conversions helps you buy more traffic. Traffic is linear, but Traffic x Conversion is exponential.

This free tool shows you tiny hinges that swing big doors, based on your Value Per Visitor.



Perry Marshall’s Split Tester

Is your winning ad really a winner, or did it just get lucky? Use this quick and easy "Statistical Significance" tool to find out.



Perry Marshall’s 80/20 Curve Tool

The 80/20 tool shows you big insights and invisible opportunities based on small amounts of information.

"Rack The Shotgun" story: In a noisy club in Las Vegas, a professional gambler pulled a sawed-off shotgun out of his jacket, racked it, and looked around to see who recognized the ratcheting sound and turned their heads. He said to his protege, "John, the people who turned their heads are not marks. Do not play poker with them. Gamble with everybody else."

Every time you ask an audience to do anything - and some people respond and some don't - you're Racking The Shotgun. Everything you do in marketing racks the shotgun. The 80/20 Curve predicts the future responsiveness of everyone who responded the first time.


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Planet Perry has some of the sharpest digital marketers on the planet. Now you can hire them through Register, find hot talent, AND sell your skills in our digital marketing marketplace!



30 Day Street MBA - In this month-long email series, I shoot straight and pull no punches about how you stay alive. How you survive tsunamis, earthquakes, Google slaps and dances, floods, insect swarms and outbreaks of cholera. I share the closest I’ve ever come to being face to face with death and the thing that it taught me about not only myself but most entrepreneurs – it was truly terrifying (people constantly mention this to me when they meet me in person). The first installment is 100 proof and it just gets edgier from there.

DMZ - Evolution isn’t just about science and religion anymore. It’s about medicine and technology and AI. This series encompasses everything: engineering, biology, marketing, business strategy, philosophy, politics and religion. Little questions… and big ones. We live in a world where we’re not supposed to say we don’t know. We’re not supposed to consort with people in opposing camps. We’re not supposed to acknowledge our doubts. We’re not supposed to have real conversations that might actually lead to answers…I call a safe discussion space “The De-Militarized Zone.” I’m inviting you to step into the DMZ with me and join a group of people who are exploring some of the most pivotal questions of our time.

12 Imperatives of Planet Perry – The distance between what other business experts seem to think is important to an entrepreneur’s success and what I know is important…keeps widening. I know you can build an epic business and life. I have big dreams. Epic dreams. For me. And for you. And I’ve put together a short email series to tell you all about it.

Dysfunctions, Addictions and the Financial Burning Bus - In 15 years of educating entrepreneurs, I’ve discovered: Your ability to succeed or fail has far more to do with how clear your mind and emotions and beliefs are, than it has to do with your marketing or business education. A deep dive into what REALLY holds people back in their success journey.

The Case of the Disappearing Mr. X - Forget ‘Financial Burning Bus.’ This is what happens when you put a Kamikaze Pilot in a Freight Train. This is the sorrowful saga of a brilliant student and marketing wunderkind.

Marketing Secrets of Rush - Rush has been playing sold-out shows worldwide for 35+ years and by any measure is one of the most successful acts in history. What can you learn about marketing from the world’s #1 cult rock band? Plenty.

Anyone who’s gone to one of their concerts has experienced the musicianship, chops and technical excellence Rush is famous for. But that’s just the ‘obvious’ stuff. There’s a deeper meaning, and a whole set of business lessons, especially for those of us in marketing and advertising. Like rock music, marketing can be just so many notes and so much noise. Or it can be high art.

Religion, Spirituality, and an Insider’s View of Planet Perry - The spiritual side of my world: science, faith, business, seven great lies of organized religion, and “If you can read this, I can prove God exists.”

Tactical Triangle: The e=mc2 of Marketing - Wanna grow your business? No matter what, it’s always going to require that you do one of three things. What are they and which do you do first? Find out here.

Deep Secrets of Marketing Psychology I Discovered in MLM - I’ve written lots of emails & newsletters about my Multi-Level Marketing days. “My life as a naive enthusiastic Ambot,” my notoriously unsuccessful career in Amway and all that.

Mostly they’ve been rants and they’ve been kind of negative. Truth is, my MLM experience made a HUGE contribution to who I am today, what I do and how I do it. This series shows you how to harness your MLM past for greater success in any business you go into.

My Life as a Naive, Enthusiastic Ambot - My Amway story in all its sordid detail. If you ever drank from the Pink Koolaid machine, you’ll relate to this.

Nine Great Lies of Sales & Marketing - Almost everything they teach you in Marketing 101 is a Big Pile of Crap!

Top Copywriting Mistakes – and 3 Living Examples of How to Do it Right from John Carlton, One of the Highest Paid Copywriters in the Country!

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