“How An Inexperienced 29 Year-Old Punk Ignored
All The Usual ‘Marketing Wisdom’ – Grew A Hi-Tech Business 2000% In 4 Years,
And Sold It For 18 Million Dollars!”

…And How YOU Can Do the Same by Replacing Advertising with Free Publicity, Charging Money for Information that Everyone Else is Giving Away Free, and Replacing Cold Calls with

Dear Sales Professional:

Your business, your sanity, your entire future may be in SERIOUS PERIL if you’re buying into any of these sales and marketing lies:

  1. “Make more phone calls today than you did yesterday.”
  2. “You’ve just got to get in front of more people.”
  3. “You should run some ads and get your name out there.”
  4. “Prove to your customer that you’re willing to work harder, drive more miles, and bend over further than everyone else to earn his business.”
  5. “You have to pay your dues now, but in only 2-3 years you’ll have enough customers and referrals that you won’t have to cold prospect hardly at all.”
  6. “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”
  7. “People need to see your ad 6-12 times before they’ll remember it.”
  8. “If you want to educate customers about new ideas, you have to buy ‘em all doughnuts, lunch or dinner, and do a big dog & pony show.”
  9. “You can’t charge a premium price for a commodity product.”

Let me ask you an honest question…

Don’t you despise spending three-fourths of your day on the phone with people who can’t wait to hang up on you, when you could be having customers eager to call you?

What would you give to be able to come in to work every morning and find a fresh stack of e-mails, faxes and voice mails ready and waiting for your response?

What would you give to be sought out by people who know who you are and understand exactly what you do and WANT to talk to you?

To be chased down by people who look to you as an authority, and respect you every bit as much as they respect their own doctor?

Wouldn’t that dramatically accelerate your business?

Seven years ago, I was slurping up all those miserable lies and they were killing me. Maybe they’re killing you, too. I’d spent nearly a decade of my life making unsolicited calls and visits, beating down doors and windows, climbing over barbed wire fences, burning up shoe leather, and inventing excuses to go see people who didn’t want to see me. It was teeth-clenching, bone-grinding, cold-call misery.

I was getting deeper in debt every month, and push was coming to shove.

Well, here’s the story of how I “accidentally” slaughtered the cold calling beast, got explosive results from every single marketing dollar, and turned around my failing sales career.

And How YOU Can Do Exactly
The Same Thing, Faster Than I Did!

By the time you finish this story, you WILL know exactly how to cure the cold call curse – permanently. You’ll do it faster and with less frustration and waste than it took me. You’ll get my personal, hands-on assistance in the process. And you’ll never be an “advertising victim” again.

I had been pushing myself to the point of exhaustion, just trying to get in front of customers every day. I was going broke and destroying my self-respect at the same time. After all, you can only deal with a diet of constant rejection and skinny commission checks for so long.

Then something very, very interesting happened: I changed jobs. Same industry. Related product. No existing customers – had to start from scratch. And with a strange new limitation:

I was not allowed to go see any customers or prospects!

Let me explain. I had a job interview at this tiny little design firm that had a sideline product business they wanted to grow. Should I be selected for this position, I would be responsible for growing the product sales until it replaced all of their consulting projects.

During the interview, the company president asked me a strange question:

“Suppose you couldn’t go see any customers? What would you do?”

I said, “Then I guess I’d just have to find a way to sell the stuff without going and seeing anybody.”

That was actually the answer that landed me the job!

Soon after that I learned that their finances were extremely tight. Now as you probably know, a typical salesman on the road eats like a horse, buys lunch for anybody who can fog a mirror, and blows tons of cash.

Well they had no budget for plane tickets, French Cuisine, rental cars or any such thing. So if this was going to happen at all, it was going to happen via telephone and our website.

My mandate to “go see people” suddenly became a mandate to “sell WITHOUT seeing anyone at all.”

The dynamic changed completely. I wasn’t trying to get my foot in the door and get anyone to let me in anymore! Instead, the object of the game was to simply get them to call me on the phone.

We used our website, cheap postcards and free publicity to make that phone ring. And you know what? That actually turned out to be much easier and less expensive than chasing people all over the place.

If you can get the guy to call you first – instead of hunting him down – suddenly you’re in charge. You’ve positioned yourself as an expert resource instead of a peddler. He’ll eat out of your hand.

I had accidentally stumbled upon a huge secret to success.

Sales started growing immediately, faster than anyone had dared to hope. In fact the second month’s commission was the biggest paycheck I’d ever gotten in my life, and the numbers grew every month. My wife was ecstatic, and I felt like a huge stone had been heaved from my shoulders!

As our sales grew, I started to get some budget money to go see customers, IF I really needed to. But they had to invite me first. Sometimes I made them press me for an appointment. Wouldn’t you like to do that? You can. And you will.

Suddenly the situation was reversed. I was in demand, the customers were chasing me, and I knew I was on to something big.

It Suddenly Became Very Clear What The REAL Key To Success In Sales Is…

The real key to success in sales is to get the customer to come to you first – and to keep him coming your way until the order comes in. Because the minute you start chasing him, the whole thing falls apart.

That’s the problem with everything we’ve been taught about sales – all those motivational speakers just tell you to waste more time, energy and sweat chasing people . And if it doesn’t work, you’re supposed to do even more of it.

That’s like telling a drowning man to drink more water!

And it’s doomed to failure, because people never want what’s forced on them.

Now that had I found something that worked, I became obsessed with the idea of magnetically attracting customers. I became a marketing maniac, hunting for every conceivable way to get people to come to me first.

We tried a lot of different things. Some of them worked. Some of them didn’t. But…

Little by Little a Formula Emerged

That Systematically, Predictably

Puts Hot, Qualified Sales Leads on Your Desk Every Day.

Eventually, this method incorporated almost every imaginable tool – website, e-mail, publicity, direct mail, seminars, postcards, fax blasts, magazine articles, press releases, white papers, and clever “information widgets” – getting more sales leads than a team of four full time sales people could handle, with our shoestring budget.

Imagine coming in to work every morning and instead of pounding the phone, you find a fresh stack of e-mails, voice mails and faxes on your desk, eagerly waiting for your response. Wouldn’t that dramatically change your life?

It really can happen to you.

And here’s the fun part: Your competitors begin to get nervous. They start to visibly react to everything you do. Their sales people run into you at every turn. And while they’re knocking down doors and windows, climbing over barbed wire fences, leaving voice mail messages every day and annoying people, you’re patiently and methodically practicing the fine art of seduction.

A competitor who’s playing the prospecting game doesn’t stand a chance against a savvy guerilla marketer!

Well hang on tight, because there’s more to this story…

How You Can Get Paid To Put On Seminars That Most People – Are Giving Away Free…

There was this new technology that I’d been selling both at the previous job and this new job. It was called DeviceNet. Now what it actually was doesn’t really matter. It could’ve been almost anything. But basically it was another one of those “great ideas” that could solve lots of problems for people, but nobody knew they needed it. So it was very hard to sell!

I used to go into companies, buy lunch for all their technical people, and give enthusiastic, informative presentations about this really cool new technology that could make their lives infinitely easier.

…Ever done that before?

They’d file in, consume my pizza, listen apathetically to the presentation, and file out. They’d go back to their cubicles, I’d go back to my office, and they wouldn’t spend a single dime on anything. The whole situation really sucked.

Then I heard about a guy named Jeff Paul in the financial planning field who’d figured out how to solve the entire problem by charging people for seminars.

Here’s what Jeff did: He used low cost advertising and direct mail to get people to fork over real money to come to his tax seminar. Then he charged them another fee if they wanted to meet with him for a private “consultation.” On top of that, he got paid the usual commissions on the financial products he sold them.

Not only did he make money every step of the way, he closed twice as many sales as he did before, and his customers followed his financial plans more carefully. He built an enormously successful practice, because he was positioned as the expert that he truly was, instead of a peddler.

Then, over a period of eight years, he helped over ten thousand financial planners get the cold calling monkey off their back. Jeff turned the entire insurance industry on its ear!

Are You Thinking
- What I Was Thinking?
“What If That Could Work For Me?”

I carefully studied Jeff’s business model and put together a 3-day, $1500 training course called “DeviceNet Bootcamp.” Two months later Fortune 500 companies were sending their employees to our classes, learning how to use our equipment, and paying for information that formerly I could barely give away with free pizza.

A major trade organization even licensed our new course and started selling it to their entire membership of 300+ companies. We were getting paid to teach prospective customers how to use our products. Our competitors were hacked off.

You can probably do something similar in your business. It’s a lot easier than you might think. Your competitors will be really mad at you, too.

But That’s Not All – You Can
Also Get FREE Publicity!

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this is winning the publicity game. But I need to pause a moment and explain something. Remember how I talked about getting people to call you – to get them to make the first move and “eat out of your hand”?

You have to have a major shift in thinking before this can ever happen. Here’s the best way I know to explain it:




This is what I call “Information-Marketing” and

It’s THE central concept behind my marketing-system.

When you make the transition from product marketing to information marketing, a whole new world opens up to you. Suddenly your website, your ads, your mailings, your white papers and everything else become 100% to 1000% more effective!

I can’t begin to tell you how important this is. Once I got the hang of this, another huge breakthrough happened: Suddenly the doors to free publicity flung wide open. As soon as you go from being a “product marketer” to an “Information-Marketer,” magazine and newspaper editors love you.

Why Publicity Establishes Your
Credentials Better Than Advertising

People normally try to ignore advertising. But publicity is an implied endorsement. It’s more credible than advertising. The best part is, it’s FREE! And it gives you credibility that money can’t buy. When stories about you start showing up in magazines, journals and newspapers, you become the obvious choice over your competitors.

We applied this revolutionary “Information Marketing” strategy and started working with trade journals and magazines in our industry. In 2001 we got over 100 pages of free press exposure, an amount vastly out of proportion to the size of our company. One press release got hundreds of free sales leads from an appearance in just one magazine, for a very specialized product that cost almost $2000.

A similar strategy in an email blast got a 27% response!

…And Then a Big Company Came Along, and Bought Us Out!

All this was done on a pittance of an advertising budget.

(Understand this: Never – at any point in time – was I ever given more than $2000-$3000 to execute any of these marketing projects. Some of these campaigns had to be done with absolutely no cash outlay whatsoever. And whatever money I spent had to come back with new friends attached in 90 days or less, or else I was in big, big trouble.)

Ya know what? That skinny budget turned out to be a blessing, not a curse. Sometimes the worst thing in the world is an unlimited budget.

All of this lean, mean, low-cost marketing enabled us to funnel $2 million into research and development and create a breakthrough new product that companies in our industry desperately needed. This got the attention of some very big players.

To make a long story short, a publicly traded NASDAQ company wanted that product and they bought us out for 18 million dollars. The shareholders were thrilled, and the employees were all rewarded for their contribution, with stock options.

Not a bad outcome for a guy who’d been doing the interest rate shuffle with Aunt Visa and Uncle MasterCard!

Then I Bailed – And Started Helping
Others Like YOU Do The Same Thing…

The new company offered me a job, but I decided it was time for a new adventure. When the company was sold in October 2001, I left my Dilbert Cubicle and started a consulting business – only a month and a day after September 11.

The economy was gasping for breath, the stock market was in the sewer, and everyone thought I was nuts for leaving my “secure job” at such a turbulent, uncertain time.

But this kind of publicity and guerilla marketing creates quite a stir, not only for a company but also for the people behind it! My phone started ringing with job offers the very same day. I declined the jobs and turned them into consulting assignments. Now, every day I’m busy implementing this same lead generation system for my clients, and getting paid handsomely to do it.

But that created another problem: Even at $650 per hour, there’s still not enough of me to go around. I’ve only got so many hours in a day. But this success story was not just a fluke. It can be replicated in all kinds of businesses. Including yours.

The Lead-Generation System For Business To Business Marketers Is Born!

After I started my company, I spent almost three months putting this entire lead generation system and business process in a box – so that for a very reasonable investment, you can use it too. It comes with one-on-one consulting time so we can fine-tune your action plan for fast results, as well as critique certificates for your press releases, articles, ads, direct mail pieces, website and whatever else you need help with.

Beginning in 2011, these consulting and critique certificates are fulfilled by my partner and associate Matthew Gillogly, who has 10 plus years experience in marketing to businesses. He has worked with businesses in 35 niches on 4 continents and has coached over 3,000 people on these very strategies and tactics.

Matt is more than capable to handle these consultations and critiques because of his background and experience. He can breakdown a marketing problem in 15 minutes and give you the exact steps you need to take.

In fact, if anything were to happen to me in my other businesses, Matt could step right in and not miss a beat. I don’t consider Matt my peer, I consider him my equal.

Magnetically attracting customers really comes down to your un-learning the nine lies and using five different lead generation mechanisms to get customers to come to you. This system is all about these five things:

  1. How You Can Generate FREE Publicity Through Magazines, Trade Journals and Newspapers – People read about your company through the media and contact you, because that exposure is an implied endorsement.
  2. How You Can Get Tons of Web Traffic and Convert it to Dollars – Your website can do an AMAZING amount of work for you. It can screen out hundreds, thousands – even hundreds of thousands of lousy prospects and send you only the ones that are worthy of your precious time. But not one webmaster or marketing manager in 100 knows how to do this correctly. You will.
  3. How You Can Zero in on Hot Prospects with Direct Mail and E-mailDirect mail is the most powerful mechanism available for targeting ideal prospects with laser precision and getting them to respond.However, most small businesses don’t use it at all, and most big businesses do it all wrong. With a simple sales letter, you can deliver a provocative message to a hot prospect for only $1. Who ever heard of a salesman who could deliver a presentation to a customer for only a dollar? A sales person can’t, but the post office can. You can learn the art of doing this.There’s also a very unique strategy for lead generation via e-mail that consistently gets 10-40% response – with no spamming. You can do it too.
  4. The Revolutionary Print Advertising & Lead Generation Formulas that Get You 100-1000% Better Results – This is the “Information Marketing” strategy I talked about earlier. I take you by the hand and show you exactly how to attract customers with information about solving problems, instead of information about products. Sometimes all it takes to turn a business around is to convert ordinary, “me-too” advertising into seductive information marketing!
  5. Instant Lead Generation through Paid Search Engine Listings – In many markets the fastest way to get sales leads is to advertise on Google. You can get targeted traffic and sales leads, literally in 10 minutes. However … it’s a lot trickier than it looks. You need to know what you’re doing. I am one of the world’s foremost independent authorities on Google’s AdWords system, and I have well over a thousand students who use it with explosive results. You’ll get an entire module on using AdWords, and a bevy of potent lead generation examples in the toolkit.

Hold on, though. There’s still one more critical ingredient you MUST have, in order to make this all work the way I say it does:

You need to discover How to Re-Invent and Re-Position Your Business so that Apples-to-Apples Comparisons with Your Competitors are Difficult or Impossible – Even in a Commodity Market.

Being a “commodity” is the pits. The worst situation you can be in is to sell something that’s readily available from dozens of other people.

But you can change that. The system will introduce you to a very specific strategy for re-inventing your business and making it clearly stand out from your rivals, even if you are in a commodity market. It’s the same thinking process that Microsoft, McDonalds and Starbucks all use – seemingly invincible companies that dominate fiercely competitive commodity markets. They successfully differentiate themselves from their competitors, and you can, too.

What Exactly Do You
Get with this System?

The system is a set of 10 CD’s and two notebooks of tutorials, templates (Microsoft WORD format), examples, turn-key sales letters, articles and strategies that you can use to quickly produce quality marketing materials and fast results. In fact, the system comes with a “fast start” CD and shortcut manual, and a maximum speed phone consultation where Matt guides you to the exact tools and strategies that will produce the fastest results for you.

Plus updated version includes…

SEO 101: A Basic Introduction to Search Engine Optimization – Bryan Todd (co author of the best selling book ‘The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords’) and Matthew Gillogly interview Casey Markee of Planet Ocean on the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). (Includes a special offer from Planet Ocean just for Planet Perry members.) Here’s just a list of some of the things covered in the audio:

  • The Critical Ingredients Of High Ranking Web Pages
  • How to get listed in the major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing
  • The three basic steps to dominating the search rankings
  • How to get all the right keywords
  • How to find the money keywords that trigger sales
  • Keyword Density: An enduring SEO myth
  • Plus many more key elements

My Secret Weapon To Increasing Conversions Of Prospects Into Customers – Master copywriter John Fancher and I will take you through the #1 thing you can do to dramatically increase your sales by as much as 30% WITHOUT getting more leads. Plus how to take really expensive traffic and make it pay!

Updated follow up sequences for online and offline lead generation.

New powerful examples of success online and offline marketing

But That’s Not All! You Also Get…

30-Minute Fast-Start Phone Consultation with Matthew Gillogly ($363 Value). When you open the box, frankly you could feel a bit overwhelmed by the number of tools and ideas you suddenly have in your hands. So after you’ve been through the Fast Start Guide, we schedule a 30-minute phone consultation with one purpose in mind: To identify the top 3 or 4 things you can do to get results now. When we’re finished, it’ll be all mapped out for you.

Consulting Call-In Days ($560 Value): These scheduled days give you an opportunity to call in and personally discuss your advertising, sales organization, marketing or entrepreneurial challenges with Matt. If you’re well organized, we can conquer a pile of problems in 15 minutes. By the way, Matt charges $499 an hour for consulting – and his available time is generally booked weeks in advance – so your 15-minute chunk is a $125 value. Matt offers these at least two times each year. You can call every time and get $250 per year in consulting! (Matt will occasionally do free Marketing Roundtables or Tele-Seminars for my customers.)

$1200 of Critique Certificates & Additional Consulting: You’ll get four critique certificates, each valued at $200: You can send Matt any ad, sales letter, press release, brochure, newsletter or web page, and he will carefully review it and give you his insight and recommendations about how to make it more effective. It also includes two additional phone consultation certificates (worth $200 each) that you can use any time.

For your convenience, he also records each consulting session and send it to you, so you don’t have to bother with taking notes during the call.

That’s $1680 Of Consulting – For Free!

Total Value of These Extra Bonuses: You get $363 + $480 + $1200 = $1680, and the manuals and audio programs, for only $897. I’m not making this up. Yes, Matt really does charge $200 to critique ads and marketing materials, for example. He really does charge $499 per hour for consulting. So why am I giving this much consulting away for free? Because I know that any student who gets some extra help and really starts to use this stuff is a customer for life. It’s an excellent way for you to receive expert guidance & new ideas – especially if you’re in startup mode or on a tight budget.

get started now B2B Lead Generation Strategies

Your Membership In A
Select-Club Of Top Insiders!

My Renaissance Club is an “insiders’ forum” whose members are privy to the latest, state-of-the art information and methods that are producing real results for all of my students and clients.

The conduit for this insider information is The Perry Marshall Marketing Letter. When you have fresh business information arriving in your mailbox, with case studies, examples of successful work that my other students are producing, you will develop a clear-cut path to success. In addition to my hands-on consulting client work, which keeps me sharp every day, I spend over $20,000 a year on my own marketing education. I read dozens of newsletters and have intense conversations with other marketers in other industries. My marketing newsletter condenses all of the best information I collect from all of these sources and presents it to you in a very concise, practical forum.

We all need to be reminded to master the basics, and The Perry Marshall Marketing Letter provides a forum for doing exactly that. The membership is a paltry $39.95/month.

Do You Urgently Need To Get A Marketing-System
Up And Running Right Away?

There’s nothing like having some extra hands-on coaching and assistance. With that in mind, there are two more packages that you need to know about:

The Gold system gives you additional access to me via additional consulting-credits, including a second 30-minute phone consultation. These consultations are usually extremely helpful for my customers; most of the time just a little bit of guidance can improve results drastically. This, and other additional consulting credits, add $800 to the value. In this special package it’s only $1497.

The Platinum system is a high-speed crash consultation package at a very special price. Physically it includes everything in the Basic and Gold systems, but adds: a 2nd one-hour fine-tuning review. With the help of my outside perspective, we will uncover hidden synergies that an insider would inevitably overlook. And you will receive an additional module called Speed-Selling with expert negotiator and sales trainer John Paul Mendocha. If you’re spending any significant amount of money on marketing at all, then I promise the modest sum you spend on the Platinum system will be the best money you’ve ever invested in your business.

The Tactical Review ($725 if purchased separately) can be scheduled and executed within 15 days of your request, any time within 12 months. $3405 total value, but only $1997 in this package.

Plus you’ll receive these brand new modules when you purchase the Platinum package…

Brand New Module #1: How To Create Your Own Private Affiliate Network Of Local Businesses. A revolutionary technique to enhance ANY business that services the local business market. It is a complete plan to go after and add value to the small local business and deliver the one thing they need more of… customers.

Brand New Module #2: Big Ballsy Business Guarantees, Reversing The Risk & Closing 95% Of Your Consulting Contracts – John Paul Mendocha, Bryan Todd and myself take you on a 2 CD in depth guide through the maze of Business to Business Guarantees and Reversing the Risk. Plus John shares how he uses Discovery Contracts to close 95% of his consulting deals into big ticket, long term deals.

Brand New Module #3: Selling High Priced Products & Services Using Shock & Awe Packages – This is a top three question for Business to Business sales people. How to use Shock & Awe packages to close more sales. What is a Shock & Awe package? It’s a package that gives all the proof and reasons why a prospect must do business with you. Your competition doesn’t have this in their tool box but you must.

Brand New Module #4: Smash Through The Clutter On Your Prospects Desk Using 3D Mail. Increase your response rates by 25% to 200% using this amazing strategy. I use it for the most stubborn of the prospects or when targeting the top decision makers. Listen in as Matt interview Travis Lee on how to use 3D mail in any market to bust down the door.

Plus – An Amazing, Unconditional, 1-Year Money-Back Guarantee: If for any reason you are dissatisfied – for any reason, or for no reason at all, just send it system back and I’ll issue a refund (less the $ value of any coupons used). No hard feelings and no hassles.

It’s My Neck Under The Guillotine Blade – Not Yours:

Listen Up. I’m totally putting myself on the line here. I risk everything. You risk nothing. If this doesn’t work, you send it back. You get a whole year to decide. Why? Simple: You can’t go anywhere else and find a total system like this one. You won’t find this at sales conferences or in magazines. You can scour the Internet until 4am tomorrow morning, but all you find is either nauseating, get-rich-quick e-books, or else vague, fluffy e-zines on branding and “enhancing customer care” and all that sissy marcom department nonsense. You don’t have time for that. You need methods that work, fast.

Nobody else is teaching really effective marketing in B2B. Nobody else will show you how to execute effective PR with trade magazines like I will. If you sell equipment, hardware, software, consulting, or specialized services, nobody but me is going to teach you how to collect fresh, hot sales leads every day for a few bucks apiece.

Nobody needs to tell you: Most B2B marketing is pathetic. But I’m going to teach you how to do it right. And I guarantee results. It’s my flesh under the metal, not yours.

How Much Does It Cost You
Just To Make One Sales Call?

Sales and Marketing Management magazine pegged the cost of doing one sales call at $352. This system only has to prevent you from making two unnecessary sales calls and you’ll get your investment back simply by not wasting your efforts.

How Much Does It Cost You
To Get A New Customer???

This system will pay for itself easily just by getting you one customer you would otherwise not have gotten. And it will reduce the cost of virtually every customer you get, even if you could have gotten them without my system. That’s simply because it positions you better and keeps you from wasting your precious time.

Plus – Order before the deadline and you get:

  1. A smashing audio interview with Bill Buell, former Marketing Director of Big Ass Fans. Big Ass Fans (yes, that’s their real name) is literally the fastest growing company I know of in the entire industrial market. Find out exactly why – and hear the inside story first hand from a truly brilliant marketer. (You MUST respond before the deadline to get this.)
  2. “How to Infuse Your Presentations with Poise, Confidence and Persuasive Energy, Every Time You Speak to an Audience – Whether it’s 2 People or 2,000″ with sales & speaking coach Burt Dubin. Again, ONLY people who respond before the deadline will receive this.
  3. “How to use Savvy Direct Marketing Techniques to Land a New Job, On Demand, Anytime, Anywhere, with No Begging, No Career Counseling and No Monster.com” – Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, you’ll eventually face an employment crisis of some kind. Are you going to land on your feet or face a serious personal and financial disaster? A close friend of mine had four kids and a wife eight months pregnant when he got fired from his job. I devised this method for him, and he got three job offers in two weeks. For most people, losing a job is a fearsome, traumatic, and ever-present possibility. But for me it’s just a marketing problem that’s fairly easy to solve. With this plan in your possession, you’ll never again feel like you’re walking the tightrope without a net. (Again, only customers who respond by the deadline receive this.)

You too can radically change your experience as a business owner, salesperson, marketer and entrepreneur. After you put my system to work in your business, it’ll be like your microwave oven, your automobile or e-mail: you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

This changed my life. It’ll change yours! Fax or mail your Action Response Form right now and let’s get started.


psmsignature4 B2B Lead Generation Strategies

Perry S. Marshall

ordernow B2B Lead Generation Strategies

P.S. Let me restate the Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee, No Hassles & No Fine Print:

You Can Return This System At Any Time For A Period Of 1 Whole Year – For Any Reason (Or No Reason At All). NO Hassles & NO Hard Feelings!

Some people wonder if I get taken advantage of with a guarantee like that. Almost never. Here’s why:

People who are not genuinely interested in working hard and getting ahead in an honest and legitimate way, rarely seek this kind of information. I really don’t think you’re going to rip me off, so I’m not worried about that.

Beyond that, I know this stuff works. Otherwise I wouldn’t make such an outrageous guarantee! If you’re like most people, it’s only going to take one successful campaign to earn back your investment in multiples. All you need is one customer that you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten, and the investment will have paid off for you. Right?

P.P.S. Are you still skeptical? That’s fine. When in doubt, of course the easiest thing to do is nothing. But if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting. Is it enough? I’d like to help you do a lot better. Maybe there’s something I left out. So I’ve attached a Q&A sheet that covers any questions you might still have.

Furthermore, if you still have questions, call live sales line at (866) 674-5440 . If this system is not for you, my sales people will tell you. I have turned away business on a number of occasions if I didn’t think it was a fit, and referred people to other sources of help. I don’t need customers who aren’t a match – I only want people I can help.

Don’t let some doubt or skepticism keep you from taking some much-needed action. I look forward to having you as a member of my Renaissance Club!

get started now B2B Lead Generation Strategies

Just Look at All the Valuable Tools & Information
You Get in My B2B Lead Generation System!

First, you get my Instant Download Fast Start Guide. This is where you’ll find all the “shortcuts” that will get you up and running in record time. You’ll learn the critical difference between principles and techniques, the shortest route to completely eliminating cold calling, and the one monumental, crucial step in getting off the ground that you absolutely cannot overlook.

You get the What This System Will Do For You Personally audio CD. In it you’ll learn how to take complete command of your own progress. Plus I’ll show you how to jumpstart the 48 marketing mini-systems that can work like engines in tandem to bring you more money even while you sleep.

Marketing Letter Archives: When you’re holding state-of-the-art information in your hands, with case studies, examples of successful work that my other students are producing and real life scenarios from the real world of marketing, you’ll develop a clear-cut path to success.

Marketing Shortcuts for the Sales Guy Who Doesn’t Have Time to Start a Marketing Department: If you’re an employee, you probably CAN’T re-invent your entire company. I understand that. This module shows you how to take charge where you can, so as to make small but significant changes that will un-complicate your job and jumpstart your effectiveness, all the while bringing you and your company more pull and credibility in your industry. And you know what? This is a really great one if you are the person in charge, because it highlights the easiest, most effective and least disruptive changes you can make.

I’ll give you a head start on How to Increase the Response to Your Ads with Free Recorded Messages. It’s not hard, and it won’t cost you a penny.

You’ll learn about Your “Magnetic Marketing Message”: The Unique Selling Proposition. This is the decisive advantage that all the big players and successful sellers in all the top industries have long known and used to place themselves far above their competition. Now you can learn how to crystallize your sales message in the minds of your prospects and convince them that you’re not just different but better, and have them deserting your competitors to come seek you out.


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What People Are Saying…

clate message B2B Lead Generation Strategies

Clate Mask founded Infusionsoft in 2002. This was the first direct marketing product they bought and now they have 465 employees.

“In the short period of time of implementing these methods, it’s reaping great rewards.

In my prior JOB (read slave), I was responsible for selling into the public education market space for a major computer company. With less than 5% run-rate and a 168% growth goal in a single quarter, it was the six page sales letter that you helped tweak that accounted for attaining over half that goal! It wouldn’t have happened without it.”

-Erich Prinz, Georgetown, TX

$100,000 in 90 Days…

“Your program works!

I created an Executive Briefing white paper which generated 109 qualified, ready-to-act leads in less than three months. Of those, we closed 4 large deals.

Also, I wrote five press releases using your formula and three of them were published in our trade pubs. Already we’ve collected over $16,000 in implementation fees and booked over $100,000 in orders.

Your program is brilliant!

I am, to say the least, thoroughly impressed with your marketing acumen, I rabidly devour your newsletters and have been on just about every tele-seminar you have offered. You are truly a marketing master in-the-making.”

-Eric Ruth, VP of Business Development, DMI, Herndon, VA

$30,000 on the spot

“Perry, I haven’t had time to fully implement everything we discussed, because business has already grown dramatically. After organizing my preliminary sales message and guarantee, I showed it to some prospects to get their reaction. One said “You’re the first I.T. guy I’ve ever met who really understands customer service” and booked $30,000 of project work on the spot.

The materials you provide and the lessons they teach are quite easily worth a heck of a lot more that the sum you charge for them.”

-Ciro M. Centrangolo, President, IntegrationWorks, Inc., Crystal Lake, IL

Not Skeptical Anymore….

“I was extremely skeptical of Perry’s claims – we all know that there’s a lot of shallow hype out there. I bought his marketing system toolkit, and even considered returning it for a refund.

But then I started to use it. I had an opportunity to send an announcement to an opt-in email list for an industry trade journal and decided to try Perry’s model for email.

His approach was very unusual, totally different from what most companies are doing. Even the lady at the email list company said she didn’t think it would work.

But I followed his recommendations anyway, and the results were shocking. We got more than 8% response, all positive replies asking us for more information. Our cost per sales lead was only $5.60.

We are now discussing product applications with dozens of potential new customers. I’m not skeptical anymore!”

-Christoph Schmidt, FRABA Corp., Lawrenceville, NJ

“The leads are starting to roll in. This is awesome.”

-Dan Scheff, Founder, Backstage Development, Framingham, MA

“I paid $1000.00 for your high tech guerrilla marketing course about 10 years ago. Since then based on the information learned from that course and also from being a member of your renaissance club and purchasing your Adwords course, those few investments have already made me at LEAST $500,000 (conservative) in the last 10 years.

I have not made a cold call in 10 years thanks to your information and I can honestly say that a single investment netted me a 5000% return.”

-Andy Frickel, Red Rover Marketing, Bonney Lake, Washington