“Almost Everything They Teach You In Marketing 101 Is A Big Pile Of Crap!”


Dear Marketing Professional,

If you buy the typical book about advertising… if you take advice from the average sales manager or ad agency… if you do sales and marketing the same way most big companies do… you will be thoroughly and totally equipped to do business in 1985.

(Just in case that year ever comes back.)

But in the 21st century those same methods will get you slaughtered. Or, even if it’s not a total disaster, you’ll constantly be saying to yourself, “I can’t believe how dang hard it is to make money these days!”

So I’ve written a 9-day email mini-course called “The 9 Great-Lies of Sales & Marketing.” In this course, I take some of the most beloved “sacred cows” in sales and marketing–and grind them into hamburger. If you’re easily offended, don’t bother signing up.

Is this free course worth your time? As I write this, out of 3,094 people who have taken the course, only 122 have
unsubscribed. So 97% think it’s pretty good.

I’ve gotten ONE gripe about the course, and that was from a college student, majoring in advertising (ha ha ha…).

OK. I’m going stop talking about it and let one of my course alums tell you instead. Her name is Fortune McLemore, and she’s the owner of Fortune Photography in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Just 46 minutes after receiving the first installment, she sent me this email:

To Your Success,


Perry Marshall

My FREE 9-Day Course Tells You The Naked, Ugly-Truth About “The 9 Great-Lies Of Sales And Marketing” Via Email…

With a distinctively different solution to the problem.

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“Finally…somebody with some damn common sense.

And somebody willing to tell the truth about sales. I have an associate degree in business, which I got twenty years ago–and it’s amazing how much bull I was fed in that class, and how much of it is still being fed to businesspeople today. I’m tired of all the marketing “advice” I’m getting for my web site. So much of it is so bad, Stevie Wonder could see that right away.

Congratulations for being willing to cut the CRAP!”

-- Fortune McLemore
Fortune Photography, Silver Spring, MD