If you’re the CEO of a company with $10 million, $100 million, or billion-dollar potential and you’re stuck in the mud, I’m talking to you.

Advanced Mastery Network is unlike anything that has ever existed.

This is Perry Marshall grad school. Advanced Mastery Network will meet for the next 12 months, a live lab for perfecting and executing bootstrap-to-billion strategy. Tuition $45,000. I invite you to email [email protected] to apply.

Dear Marketing Professional:

One of the people I most admire is the legendary music producer Quincy Jones. He’s not merely respected in the music business… he’s revered.

Quincy was a mere trumpet player at the beginning, but he ascended to composer, producer, conductor; manager of huge egos, prime mover of epic collaborations.

Quincy Jones produced Thriller for Michael Jackson. I was 14 when Thriller came out. Every girl in my school had a picture of Michael Jackson in her locker.

The sultry beat and bass line of Billie Jean, for example, and the sheer elegance and simplicity of the song itself, is a career achievement. The pop charts and dance clubs seem to agree.

Quincy Jones might be the only guy in the world who could bring together Patti Austin, Andrae Crouch, Larnelle Harris, Al Jarreau, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, Johnny Mathis, Marilyn McCoo, Joe Sample, Take 6, Mervyn Warren, Vanessa Williams and Stevie Wonder…

…and then record a black soul version of the Hallelujah Chorus. Even George Frederic Handel would surely be impressed!

Maybe that’s why Quincy won 27 Grammy awards. I admire him for featuring such visionaries as recording engineer Bruce Swedien. A friend of mine who was a recording engineer during that era says Bruce could lay down a bass track like nobody else in the business.

Can Perry Marshall Pull off a Quincy Jones?

Advanced Mastery Network is my endeavor to create a Quincy Jones epic production… a production that finally bridges the vast chasm between Main Street and Wall Street.

Does that mean Advanced Mastery Network is bringing together Jay Abraham, Frank Kern, Seth Godin and Richard Branson?

NO. Because those guys are the reigning kings now. I’m bringing up the reigning kings of the future.

Yeah, I know how audacious this is.

Yes, I could fail.

But I won’t. Because I’m building in enough bandwidth, enough mojo, with enough outside support, that this can’t help but succeed. This is a new industry, a new market, a new Star. A new network, a new phenom.

There was a time when Quincy Jones knew a bunch of these now-famous musicians, but nobody else had any idea who they were.

Quincy Jones was 14 when he met 16-year-old Ray Charles. Quincy played 2nd trumpet for Elvis Presley in the song “Heartbreak Hotel.” Elvis was 21 at the time and Quincy was 23.

The first time Clint Eastwood watched Quincy perform, Eastwood was 21.

Quincy had a role in making all these guys famous. Because he identified their superpowers and capitalized on them with alacrity. What Quincy did – that’s the kind of “Oceans Eleven” Supergroup I’m creating with Advanced Mastery Network.

Quincy says:

“We had the best jazz band on the planet, and yet we were literally starving. That’s when I discovered that there was music, and there was the music business. If I were to survive, I would have to learn the difference between the two.”

Marketers have the same problem. Marketers think it’s about the marketing – the way they string the words together, the sales funnels, the pitch. Master Strategists know it’s about the business – not just the castle but the moat you build around it. And in the 21st century, business doesn’t just have a network. The business is the network.

When I was 14, I didn’t want to admit to anybody that I thought Billie Jean was a masterpiece… but the Michael Jackson’s blazing across the heavens like a shooting star is a credit to the fact that Quincy didn’t merely understand music… he understood the music business.

MY business is Advanced Mastery Network. I’m not in the business people think I’m in. People think I’m in the online marketing / product launch / seminar / membership business. No. I’m in the taking equity in companies business, turning them into stars, making them more profitable and more saleable by applying the tools and techniques that I teach.

This is something you want to be a part of. Because it’s so much greater than the sum of its parts. It’s just going to be so cool.

I can’t guarantee you’ll be accepted, but if this sounds exciting to you, you should apply without hesitation.


Did Quincy Jones MAKE Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald?

Or… did Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald MAKE Quincy Jones?



Quincy Jones, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley and Ella Fitzgerald were a NETWORK. The NETWORK made all of them what they later became.

It’s far less about the individuals in the network, than it’s about the network you belong to and the market you place yourself in.

Quincy Jones might is surely the only guy in the world who could bring together Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Dizzie Gellespie, George Benson, Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn, like he did in “Jazz Corner of the World” and “Birdland.” I love this song, as well as the album it’s from, Back on the Block. An epic. Watch this video:

Richard Koch makes this abundantly clear in his book Star Principle. He says most investors bet on teams… but he prefers to bet on Stars and markets. How very contrarian. Richard says that when Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates or anyone else builds a massive success story, it’s not so much because Zuck or Bill Gates are superhuman company managers and brilliant geniuses… it’s first and foremost because of the Star market and the Star positioning.

Maybe this is why 60% of the investments he’s made in the last 25 years have paid off 5X or better – in contrast with most VC firms, whose batting average is 10%. Maybe that’s why they have platoons of MBAs while he does it with a Hewlett Packard 11C financial calculator and no staff. Maybe that’s why he’s grown from $4 million to $500 million in less than three decades.

All of us have seen people in real estate for example who made tons of money hand-over-fist for a while because it was all about the market. They thought they were geniuses, but they were really just riding the bubble. When the bubble burst, they discovered how smart they really are. “You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.” — Warren Buffett

Similarly, when your business is stuck it probably has more to do with your market positioning than it has to do with whether you’re a genius or not. You might be a genius working in the wrong market.

Have you ever noticed that the world is full of clusters of now-famous, now-successful people who “knew each other when”? Glenn Frey of the Eagles used to hear Jackson Browne’s piano through the floor of his $60 per month apartment in Los Angeles.

Jackson Browne, J.D. Souther, and I all lived at 1020 Laguna in Echo Park. J.D. and I shared a $60-a-month, one-room apartment — a couch and kind of a bed with a curtain in front of it. Right underneath us in an even smaller studio apartment was Jackson. He had his piano and guitars down there. I didn’t really know how to sit down and work on a song until I heard him playing underneath us in the basement.

I heard these songs start from just a verse and a chorus …. And I couldn’t believe how religiously he worked on these songs and got up every morning and played through the three or four songs he was working on for three or four hours. Then he’d break and go to lunch, have a meeting, and then come back and be working on them again and again. I began to see there was a lot of perspiration involved, and it didn’t just come out of him instantly.

Jackson Browne, Glenn Frey and J.D. Souther formed a network and their collective partnership made them what they became.

It’s no coincidence I knew Jeff Walker, Frank Kern, Yanik Silver, Dave Dee, Ed Dale, John Reese, Clate Mask, Scott Martineu, Ryan Deiss and dozens of other famous marketers BEFORE we all got famous.

That’s because we were members of a killer NETWORK. It was NOT due simply to our raw individual skills or magic fairy dust. Ken McCarthy brought the crew together and the thing took on a life of its own. It happened because Ken was creating a Star in a nascent industry.

We were living in Action Central.
HOW we developed our chops was never quite as important as

A new Action Central is precisely what I’m creating here.

There was never any such thing as a marketing incubator based on Network Effect for Mere Mortals before now. This is a first in the history of entrepreneurship.

This is far more powerful than any mastermind because this is direct facilitated collaboration. You will be expected to help other people with their businesses, and they help you. Over time it will become obvious who should be matched together; how and when money should start changing hands; who should hire whom; and who should get equity in whose companies.

When you go to a mastermind, you wish the others in the group could roll up their sleeves and help you, but that’s not what happens because that’s not what everyone is there to do. And sure, that always happens occasionally. To a degree. Reality is, you get your hot seat, fly home with a a plan, hope to sell it to your team or your client without the benefit of exposure for the time you spent in the room; and then you face first contact with the enemy…. But there has never been a framework or structure for actually doing this before now.

It’s bold, it’s daring and it’s now. On-boarding has already started.

Rosetta Stone:
Already Legendary

In May 2018 I delivered Rosetta Stone, my zero to billion formula. Rosetta Stone is lifted from the track records of my best students. Because in the past several years Planet Perry has quietly transformed itself into a conveyor belt of mega success stories:

  • Casey Graham sold The Rocket Company for 8 figures. After a 1-year hiatus, he’s back… with a new venture, Gravy, which is also growing at a tremendous pace.
  • Ed Harycki sold Swift Capital to Paypal for an undisclosed, LARGE sum of money. This instantly made a dozen millionaires. He’s already dropping hints about his next venture.
  • Clate Mask and Scott Martineau of InfusionSoft appeared at my Rosetta Stone seminar in May, telling their story of zero-to-$967 million.
  • Larry Kim recently agreed to sell WordStream to Gannett, the parent company of USA Today, for $130 million in cash.

A victory 10% (or even 1%) as large as any of these will forever change the lives of most entrepreneurs, CEOs and consultants. Numerous other magic carpet rides are likewise underway in Planet Perry, all fueled by the #1 lever in 21st century business: Network Effect.

Truth Seminar: Legendary

In May 2019, I took an audience of hundreds into a deep dive into the mechanics of disruption, based on the underlying pattern of literally more than three dozen innovations that I’ve developed myself, participated in or consulted with.

It’s a master course in “bottom of the swamp” thinking and questioning deep assumptions. It’s the exact process I used to create…

  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Fractal 80/20
  • Maze 2.0
  • The Marketing DNA Test
  • The Evolution 2.0 $10 million
  • Prize (which I recently announced at Great Britain’s Royal Society, the most venerable and prestigious scientific body in the world)
  • The Rosetta Stone process
  • Network Effect for Mere Mortals
  • 30 Day Reboot

It’s the process Ed Harycki used to create Swift Capital, which was sold to PayPal for a massive amount of money.

I call it Axis Shift.

Axis Shift has much in common with the thinking that Elon Musk brings to self-driving cars and space travel (several people pointed out the similarities) but Elon doesn’t detail his process with exacting care in courses that you can buy and join. I do.

Visionary Sees Potential –
Way Back in 2013

Years ago, Blake Schellenberg, an entrepreneur from Oregon who I had only briefly met, made a prediction about the leading members of Planet Perry. It’s so eerie it’s almost prophetic:

“I saw you as a general leading an army so advanced people do not understand what you and your army do, but they are blown away by the results.

“The soldiers in the army are equipped to move in and out of various circles of industry and social and economic circles too. They are highly skilled and can dismantle what the opposition is doing so quickly that everyone is just in awe.

“I saw you and your army entering into a battle scene where your opposition saw you coming and laid down their weapons and stood there waiting for you to approach so they could surrender.

“Your reputation was so powerful that the opposition just gave up and gave you their weapons and territory because they knew defeat was imminent and it was pointless to fight.”

The word that jumped out at me was the word opposition. What opposition?

Well of course opposition could be competitors, but in my world, I don’t think of most people as competitors. What’s the real opposition to entrepreneurs?

Opposition is the demon on your left shoulder that’s injecting doubt and turbulence, causing you to question yourself and your ideas and even your sanity.

Opposition is CNN doling out their daily torrent of negativity and despair into TV screens everywhere.

Opposition is those people who are busily sawing off the branches of the tree we’re all sitting on – people who want to destroy free speech, jam you into a mold of political correctness, high taxes, planned economies and extreme restrictions.

Bureaucrats. Last month I talked to a friend who’s a real estate developer. He told me about a conversation he had with the mayor’s office of his city. The mayor wants more businesses to move in – but the zoning laws only allow doctor’s offices and other service professionals.

My friend Robert says: “I have some internet businesses that want to rent that space.”

Employees at City Hall: “Our zoning ordinances do not allow internet businesses. Sorry.”

Their zoning laws were written in 1975 before internet businesses even existed. So the city leaders have a vision for economic growth, but their bureaucrat minions (who have secure jobs, short hours and guaranteed pensions on the taxpayer’s dime) won’t lift a finger to help.

Opposition is the Google or Facebook employee in India who sends you an account suspension notice and says, “Stop selling scams.” (I got one of those, and that’s precisely what it said.)

Opposition is the inability to see precisely what’s right in front of your face, because you’re just too close to it. It’s when you know that you are ten minutes from triumph, but ten minutes somehow turns into ten weeks, ten months and ten years.

Opposition is the 95/5 ceiling – it’s the blockage that keeps you in the 95% who only get 5%, instead of being the 5% who get 95%.

Opposition is the status quo. It’s the tendency of the world to root for Goliath when you’re little David.

Blake sent me the words above in 2013 and lately they’ve been blaring in my head, because it’s now time for Planet Perry to act and move.

We have the mojo. We have the knowledge. We have the tools. Now it’s time to charge forward and take ground.

CEO Misses His Mark

You have a business with eight figure, nine figure, maybe even billion dollar potential, but you feel like you’ve been stuck in the mud. The reason you feel like you’ve been stuck in the mud is a resource problem.

You don’t have the right sales thing, may not have the right delivery system. Maybe your traffic is screwed up. Maybe you don’t have the right board of directors. Or the wrong unique selling proposition. You might not have the right marketing funnel.

And great talent is incredibly hard to lock down.

So I’ve created something new. Something utterly unlike anything else that has gone before. It solves the CEO’s problem… and the consultant’s problem… and builds equity AND Network Effect.

Re-Inventing Planet Perry

I spent the first half of 2018 in a state of extreme focus, working on Rosetta Stone almost every day. I knew when we launched the seminar that the information was in my head somewhere and I would somehow manage to get it all out.

I did. I laid out the framework for a completely new way of conceptualizing and executing marketing strategy – and now it is time to go deep.

I spent the first half of 2019 in a new state of extreme focus, working on Truth Seminar.

I am assembling a team of a dozen people who will spend the next year perfecting and polishing the methods of Rosetta Stone and Truth Seminar. Premium strategic marketing skills. These are my Jedi knights.

Nobody has ever done this before.

This isn’t a course where you get on webinars and watch power point presentations and learn stuff. No theory. Everything we discover gets immediately put into practice in a near-ideal situation for hyper-speed learning.

Nor is this a mastermind group where everyone shares about their business. It’s year-long collaboration and simultaneous problem-solving.

Advanced Mastery is CURRICULUM BASED in a way that Rountable, Private Client Group and other programs are not. We will have a set but malleable agenda for the next year that solidly grounds you in the most important principles of Planet Perry and enables you to put them into practice.

The only way to master most things is via repetition throughout many differing circumstances – applying core principles in numerous situations. AMN gives you the ability to do this.

Advanced Mastery is a LIVE LAB where we assess the superpowers of every participant; we score all the businesses in the room on the criteria I delivered at Rosetta Stone and Truth Seminar; then during the next 12 months, live alchemy as we match skill sets to businesses.

Most people have never worked in a Star Business for an extended period of time, so the atmosphere, the thrill, the energy and the growth patterns have never been burned into your muscle memory. You wander from opportunity to opportunity, never quite grasping what you seek.

Perhaps it’s not even knowing what it IS that you seek… because you’ve never SEEN it before. You’ve been succeeding with businesses that really don’t have the potential to fully capitalize on. Major-League skills wasted, playing single A ball.

This is an opportunity to get a front row seat with hands-on experience across a range of Stars, Simplifiers, and Network Effect businesses. This is not just case studies. You roll up your sleeves, solve problems and implement.

Within weeks you will have acquired a radical new grasp of the true priorities of an equity business that’s protected by a Network Effect moat.

Advanced Mastery Entrepreneur Supergroup

Most bands have ONE superstar backed by fairly ordinary musicians. Everybody knows who Bob Dylan is, but most people couldn’t name the members of his band. Everybody knows who Michael Jackson is, but nobody knows or cares who played bass and drums.

A Supergroup is different. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. All of them superstars in their own right; all of them possessing their own superpowers. The Highwaymen is Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson. The Traveling Wilburys: Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne and George Harrison.

In those Supergroups, none of the members are competing with each other. They’re supporting each other. They’re bringing out the BEST in each other. And giving each other the space and the opportunity to do the kinds of things even they weren’t able to do on their own.

Bootstrap to Billionaire

Even if you couldn’t care less about making billions (you can only waterski behind so many yachts at once) you should still care about this. Because nothing is more powerful than presiding over a scalable business with a big fat moat around it. A moat competitors can’t transgress no matter how hard they try.

And if you’re ever going to extract the equity value from your business, you had better be looking at this real hard. Because even if all you do is build a $1 million “castle” that funds your personal adventures and takes care of your family, only if it has a Network Effect moat around it will it be safe from the competition hordes.

The secret to all great businesses is symbiotic leverage. Symbiosis is when two unlikely forces merge together to form something greater than their parts. I discovered this from my study of living things: the world’s most successful merger-acquisition ever was when a complex cell ingested a blue-green algae.

But instead of digesting it, the two made a deal.

“Hey Mr. Algae, if you convert sunlight and carbon dioxide into energy and share some of your energy with me, I’ll put you up in a luxury condo with free heating and air conditioning, a doorman and maid service. Deal?”

“Deal,” said the Algae to the cell.

Ever stepped outside on a glorious spring day after the rain, and felt that surge of joy in your spirit… because the green shone so brilliantly in the sunlight, it was just heartbreakingly beautiful?

That merger acquisition is what made ALL green plants.

In high school biology they told you that a chloroplast makes plants green. But what they didn’t tell you is that a chloroplast is really just algae living inside the plant. It even has its own DNA and reproduces separately!

No human engineer has ever made something remotely as elegant as that. Or enduring.

Every green tree, every blade of grass, every plant you’ve ever seen in your life is the product of that original merger-acquisition. It’s a synergetic partnership. Like a Starbucks inside a Marriott.

The #1 success secret for the last 20 years was itself a symbiotic merger: bolting an information marketing front end on any business imaginable.

The #1 advantage for the NEXT 20 years will be bolting “Network Effect” on the back end of any business that qualifies.

By the time people realize what you’ve done, it’s too late for them to compete… securely establishing the moat around your castle.

If a business is like a living cell, the 1996-2016 success formula looked like this:

Our tribe of ragtag marketers invented at least 25% of what Internet marketing is now in 2019. Lead generation magnets, sales funnels, A/B split testing, autoresponders, sales letters, video sales letters, ascension ladders, webinars and copywriting came more from OUR crowd than any other. The ideas and methods of my rather strange tribe of renegades became the industry standard and world-wide accepted best practices.

If you can fix in your mind the picture of “bolting an information marketing front end” on the front end of a business – which any marketer today understands – then you have a direct analogy for the impending transformation that is going to occur during the next 20 years. Because it’s a new symbiosis. A symbiosis most people still have trouble grasping. (They won’t have trouble grasping it in 5 years.)

In 2002 I released my audio CD “Guerilla Marketing for High-Tech Sales People.” On that CD I said:


For most people at the time, this was a profound insight. It got quoted all over the place because it truly did represent a new paradigm for advertising. People had to wrap their heads around an entirely new thought process of what it meant to “create information about holes.” White papers, free reports, diagnostic tools.

They took these tools and bolted them on the front of every kind of business you can imagine.

This was not immediately intuitive. Most people, even if they grasped the general concept, struggled to put it into practice. They had to understand that the thing you were selling was never the thing people were buying.

But now people ‘get’ this and it’s no longer a secret or advantage. People have seen it 100 times if not 1000. Even rank amateur copywriters understand it (whether they know how to do it correctly or not). It defined the last 20 years, but it won’t define the next 20.

What WILL define the next 20 years?

Network Effect.

1996-2016 was the age of information marketing. 2017-2037 is the age of Network Effect. It is already upon us. The pendulum is in full swing. But most people are only dimly aware of what Network Effect is and what it does. Most importantly, they don’t recognize it is going on all around them, all the time.

They don’t understand that if you don’t own the network, the network owns you.

They don’t understand that they are pawns in a vast game that they do not comprehend.

Case in point: The recent furor over Facebook privacy. The world abruptly woke up from its slumber and realized that yes, when you put all that information into Facebook, Facebook is going to do something with it and yes it does influence things like elections of U.S. Presidents.

But they’re still sleepwalking because the same reporters carry a supercomputer in their purse that picks up everything they say. Plus they just paid $84.99 for a brand new Amazon Echo. They installed it in their kitchen and Alexa hears ALL their conversations.

If you think predicting consumer behavior from purchase history is useful, how powerful is legally wiretapping houses 24/7, and getting folks to pay for the privilege?

Why is Amazon pumping so much money into this?

It’s not because it helps them sell more stuff. Sure, it is about that… but it’s about something FAR BIGGER. It’s Network Effect and they’re buying the network.

When you engineer Network Effect into your business, by the time anyone notices what you are doing, it is too late for them to DO anything about you.

Because in any particular niche, THE FIRST PERSON TO EXECUTE NETWORK EFFECT SUCCESSFULLY OWNS THE NICHE – and owns all their competitors too.

Uber now owns the taxi industry without owning any cars.

Yelp owns the restaurant industry without owning any restaurants.

TripAdvisor owns the tourist industry without giving any tours.

The best part of it is, my version – Network Effect for Mere Mortals – doesn’t require you to do anything esoteric or necessarily high-tech. You probably won’t need a platoon of software engineers (though it may help). You probably won’t need a bunch of investment money (though it may help). Mostly it requires a whole lot of roll-up-the-sleeves, labor, systems, talent and discipline. Combined with extreme self-awareness and strategy awareness.

And if you don’t have the platoon and the investment dollars, then probably the best time to start engineering the Network Effect into your business is NOW.

This never happens by accident. And most likely there’s a business within your business that you’re not aware of.

Mark McShurley, member of my US Roundtable and Advanced Mastery Network, has discovered a surprisingly effortless form of Network Effect that already has given him a substantial edge over local competitors. He has gone from desperately struggling to admirably successful and double-digit growth in two years. He’s doing millions of dollars with steep ascent.

His recent growth has reached triple digits… but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Mark is also poised to command a massive takeover of the roofing industry based on invisible Network Effects.

Don’t believe me? JUST WATCH.

British Roundtable Member John Brudenell-Leach and I discussed a way that he can merge two of his web properties together in a way that will provide an exponentially strong protection against competitors.

Swedish Roundtable Member Sylvia Oppenheim discovered she already has the basis of a fortress, fully functioning as a “basement” in her business. In the next 12-18 months she will emerge as the leader, a Network-protected force in a market that’s still sorting itself out. By the time others realize what she’s done, it will be too late for them to react.

Today I talked to a guy who’s been selling to the same group of service professionals for about ten years. He started out making cold calls and building an email list using the phone. Getting treated like dirt by rude clients who didn’t want to be bothered.

He’s a Rosetta Stone live-streamer. Within the last two weeks he’s begun a new extension to his business that links together advertising, search engine results, maps, phone calls and end-customer best practices in a self-reinforcing channel of commerce that potentially monopolizes his entire niche.

It makes the “pain of disconnect” for clients so severe that they’d just about prefer to not pay their water bill than not pay you.

Planet Perry members are executing Network Effect for Mere Mortals right now in businesses that serve homeowners, attorneys, installation firms, professional services, contractors, automotive shops, advertisers, marketers, medical professionals and dozens of other industries.

But you have to start thinking about business in a completely different way than you’ve been taught to so far. And in fact the conventional “info marketing” mindset will severely hamper your thinking.

Most people have no comprehension how powerful the advantage when you are the reigning king of any market. It might even be a tiny niche like Vietnamese Pot Belly Pigs but if you’re #1, there is more than enough money to be made.

When you’re the king of the network, you broker the biggest deals. You own the tollbooth position and people make more money for themselves by paying YOU the toll, than they make by going out and getting customers for themselves.

You’re the one everyone regards as “superhuman,” able to solve problems that refuse to budge for everyone else.

You’re also the one who enjoys the intellectual stimulation of pushing forward the edgiest ideas and shattering industry paradigms. You challenge the norms. You set the agenda.

You’re able to hire “A” players, who perform 300% better but only cost 30% more. Most others can’t even afford 30% more.

Hiring “A” Players creates its own Network Effect because A Players attract A Players.

A Players are incredibly profitable. B Players break even. C Players cost you 14X their salary in mistakes, headaches, and botched opportunities. (And B Players attract C Players.)

The most fundamental shift of the last 15 years is that the 80/20 world of yesterday has given way to the 95/5 world of today.

The world isn’t 80/20 anymore. A couple of years ago when Google chopped off the ads on the right side, Google AdWords went from being 90/10 to 95/5: 5% of the advertisers get 95% of the traffic.

There’s a geeky, obscure book called The Book of Extremes: Why the 21st Century is not like the 20th by Ted Lewis of the Naval Postgraduate School. Lewis has been advisor so the highest levels of government security and consulted with many Fortune 500 companies.

In this book he explains that the math of the 21st century is different than it was in the 20th. All kinds of social patterns have radically shifted. It’s because everything is so tightly connected.

On November 9, 2016, the world woke up to next-President Donald Trump. How was this possible? Simple answer: One domino struck 10. Which struck 100. Which struck 1000. The dominoes multiplied and put the most unlikely man in office. You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to accept it, you don’t have to even relate to it. But in 2020 and beyond you will either harness the forces that caused this to happen, or life will “happen” to you in a most cruel way.

What People Are Saying About Perry…

“Perry Marshall is a certifiable genius in his intellect and his understanding of far more than mere marketing. He’s written two of the most definitive books on Google AdWords and 80/20 Sales and Marketing. Online he is an icon.

We’ve had some of the most stimulating and thought-provoking discussions, because his mind is very expansive. He gives you comments and advice that are reality-based. They’re not ludicrous, they’re not ‘get rich in your underwear’.

I find him intellectually enormously stimulating, his work enormously valuable, actionable, practical and real, his intention and purpose noble.”

– Jay Abraham, Founder & CEO, The Abraham Group


“It pays to study Perry Marshall.”

– Frank Kern


“This was the kind of information that nobody else in our world is talking about.

It’s exponential. It’s all about really positioning yourself and making your life easier, while at the same time, having a bigger impact in the world…

I highly encourage you to invest in this, because this’ll totally change your paradigm in ways that nothing else in our market will.”

– Teddy Garcia, Raleigh, North Carolina


“This will change how we ask all of our questions going forward. And the answers to the questions that we ask ourselves are probably going to increase our revenue 10 times.”

– Adam Libman, Los Angeles California


“While most conferences talk about marketing and marketing your business, this focused on what type of business you should build to market.

And while there’s all kinds of seminars about working less, this focused on exactly what you should be doing to have a much greater impact in less time.”

– Robert Skrob, AssociationMarketing.com, Tampa Florida


“I go to a lot of trainings. I have coached with some of the greatest, top-of-the-line coaches in the world for the last 20 years.

You need to get this if you’re interested in having a business that’s going to smoke the competition – leave everybody in the dust by creating your own niche and being number one in that niche.”

– Scott Keffer, Pennsylvania


“What Perry’s brought to the table with Richard Koch is confronting, mind-bending, inspirational, and makes me think how can I 10X, 100X my business? Not just through techniques, and checklists, and new things to do, but new ways to think, to reformat, to reposition the business so I can grow to -and remain- number one in the category.”

– Ari Galper, Unlock The Game®, Sydney, Australia


“If you don’t know who Perry Marshall is—unforgiveable. Perry’s an honest man in a field rife with charlatans.”

– Dan Kennedy, Author, “The Ultimate Marketing Plan”


“I’ve recommended 80/20 Sales & Marketing to thousands of people. It’s required reading for my marketing, product and sales team members. It’s the single most useful marketing book I’ve ever read.”

– Emerson Spartz, CEO – Dose.com


“You’re in for one of those explosive moments when an interesting notion becomes a momentous epiphany because Perry Marshall is about to blow your mind! Read slowly. Put down often. Do what Perry says. Then we can all go out to lunch and celebrate!”

– Michael E. Gerber, Author, The E-Myth


“Perry Marshall has something original and extremely useful to say, because he has thought profoundly about the 80/20 Principle. He has come up with some original insights that are literally priceless. You really can change your business and your life.”

– Richard Koch, Fractional Billionaire

Author, The 80/20 Principle, Star Principle, and SIMPLIFY


80/20 Sales & Marketing earned me at least $20,000 in the first 6 months. There’s an avalanche of great books on SEO, email marketing and Facebook advertising, but 80/20 gives you the bedrock principles of how to grow a business.”

– Joshua Earl, Freelance Copywriter


“If you fail in your ability to apply the rules of ‘opportunity discernment’, 80/20 and The 4% Factor in your life as an entrepreneur, you’re wasting 96% of your valuable resources. Hungry for more wisdom and examples of how to turn your business around with the 80/20 rule and The 4% Factor? Grab the 230-page book.”


“Every marketer should read 80/20 Sales & Marketing. It is in my top five all time marketing books with Jack Trout’s ’22 Immutable Laws of Marketing,’ Claude Hopkins’ ‘Scientific Advertising,’ Cialdini’s ‘Influence’ and David Ogilvy’s ‘Ogilvy On Advertising.’”

– Roland Frasier Principle with DigitalMarketer.com


“If you haven’t read 80/20 Sales & Marketing, you’re out of your mind.”

– Sam Carpenter, Author, “Work The System”


“I picked up a copy of 80/20 Marketing last year. To say that it changed my life is an understatement. The power of the message never ceases to amaze me. It has literally transformed my business in a very positive way. I use 80/20 in almost everything I do and I apply it to work that I do for my clients as a web marketing professional.”

– Bruce Elliot, Growth Hacker, New Phase Web Marketing


“I just love your 80/20 book— and promote it at every opportunity. I even gave a copy to a Professor at the University of Nebraska that teaches the Intro to Marketing class.

I’m going through 80/20 for the 5th time and plan to incorporate much of your information with three business groups I’m doing a marketing basics seminar for in India during August…. of course I’ll give you credit and encourage them to get the book for themselves. I’ve gotten 25 copies and given them out to all of my key managers.

I tell everyone I know that it’s the best book on marketing I’ve ever read, and one of only 3 books I’ve ever read 5 times or more.
Thanks for great info!”

– Dennis Nun, Heartland International, Inc


80/20 Sales & Marketing is seriously the best damn business book I’ve read in the past year. There’s something about that guy I love. He’s a big thinker, an honest man, and a true student of advertising.

This is not just another marketing book by the latest Guru of the Week. Perry’s the dude who quite famously cracked the code on AdWords. He’s the guy I call when I have a question.

Perry takes 80/20 to a level no one else has ever taken it before. Then he explains how to turn that knowledge into traffic, leads and real sales.

If you are a business owner, this is the blueprint to maximum profits with minimum work. Seriously worthwhile.”

– Jonathan Mizel, Cyberwave Media, Maui Hawaii


“I stumbled upon your 80/20 book. Almost didn’t buy it, thought I heard the same old saw too many times. Man was I wrong. Espresso machine principle, chaos theory, 80-20 curve, and positive feedback. My brain was on fire from your concepts. Thanks Perry.”

– Jared Rogers, Jared’s Notes, Woodruff, WI


“I’m a productivity junkie, and I’ve done just about every book, training, or system, from Stephen Covey to David Allen. Perry’s has been some of the best teaching on this subject I’ve ever experienced. In the first session, I reclaimed an extra hour per day… by the third session I have totally revolutionized how I run my business – thanks!”

– Ray Edwards, Ray Edwards International, Spokane WA


“Best business book I’ve read this year. Focusing only on the 20 percent of the 20 percent that really matters, using the power curve, and reverse thinking has made my business extremely profitable. Once you understand how to disqualify, work less, and make more, life flows naturally. Powerful, little-known concepts are clearly articulated with terrific real world examples and concise summaries.”

– James Schramko, Founder, SuperFast Business


“Perry Marshall is the Gene Schwartz of the 21st century. Schwartz’s book, Breakthrough Advertising, is every bit as current as the first day it rolled off the press in 1966. Perry’s work is like that.

Perry has consulted with the best marketers on the planet for over a decade. He combines the attributes of the most calculated engineer with the artistry of a poet. He delivers the deepest dive into the “80/20 Principle” you’ve ever taken, as it applies to copywriting, buying traffic, scaling traffic, dominating markets, and sales conversion.

80/20 is not a rule of thumb; it’s a law of nature and a way of life. If you are not following Perry’s formula, you are leaving millions on the table.”

– Brian Kurtz, Executive Vice President, Boardroom Inc.


“If you are a marketer or business owner, or anyone who wants to be more successful in this world, wrapping your head around the 80/20 Rule as it is explained by Perry Marshall will be the single most effective thing you can do all year, any year.”

– Ken McCarthy, CEO, Amacord, and Founder, The System Seminar for Internet Marketing


“Perry Marshall has taken the 80/20 Principle farther than it’s ever been taken before, and shares tools so powerful that I challenge anyone to implement these insights and not quintuple their business within two years.”

– Howard Jacobson, Author, Google AdWords for Dummies


“Every once in a while, a book arrives that seems to speak the right message at the perfect time. 80/20 Sales & Marketing is one of those books, and one that will prove to be a milestone in the marketing canon.

Perry Marshall has delivered a work of simple genius. He reveals a pattern that is so woven into natural law that, when you open your eyes to it, you’ll see it all around you.

Leaving no stone unturned, he then takes you by the hand through a complete business master class, covering marketing, personal effectiveness, time management, advertising, cash flow, hiring, firing, loving the work you do, and making a real difference.

I can safely guarantee that 20 percent of this book will take your success to the next level, and within that just a few gems will skyrocket you to another place completely.”

– Ben Hunt, Author, Convert!: Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion

U2 gets $150 per concert ticket. While an indie band gets 49 hundredths of a cent from Spotify for a song play.

How big is YOUR check?

Email [email protected] to Apply

Donald Trump understands Network Effect (it’s what got him elected). U2 understands Network Effect. FanDuel understands Network Effect. Spotify understands Network Effect.


One Planet Perry member who firmly grasps Network Effect is Mark Ingles. I interviewed Mark onstage at Rosetta Stone. He revealed how he started with a Google advertising service and has now amassed a network of 90 companies in an industry that is ripe for disruption. He and his partner Josh are positioned to control at least 10% of an entire industry in the next five years.

Mark and his partner came to Roundtable last week and we detailed, point by point, all of the elements of Network Effect for Mere Mortals (NEMM) that they are executing so that in their industry, every move they make brings them…

  • More clients
  • More end-customers for their clients
  • Higher skill and performance level for key employees
  • 90X speed in optimizing Google accounts
  • Ability to respond to changes in the market and capitalize on them across their entire network
  • High concentration of reviews on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor etc.
  • Ability to “sell results not procedures” to their clients
  • Volume buying discounts for members of the network
  • Ability to enter any new market with a decisive advantage

Mark is pouring the foundations of a $1 billion company. But thus far they’ve managed to do this WITHOUT:

-Raising money from Venture Capitalists
-Giving half their equity to sharks
-Selling any of their services at cutthroat prices
-Giving away free or heavily discounted services for years in order to build a customer base (Amazon taped dollar bills to everything that went out the door for over a decade. Ditto, Uber. Ditto, Facebook. Ditto, Google. Mark didn’t have to do that.)

Mark himself achieved this by coming in as an outside consultant and taking an equity position. Mark had no capital outlay. Mark’s financial outlay was being a tuned-in, paying-attention, astute Planet Perry member who invested generously in his own marketing education. Mark would come to every City Tour meeting and spend an extra day processing what he’d learned and apply it to his situation.

Most consultants and marketers are ill-prepared for the new 95/5 Reality.

Marketing is a prized skill but rare is the marketer who owns a network. Never confuse having the love and loyalty of an audience with ownership of a network. The two are completely different.

Oprah Winfrey and Travis Kalanick (founder of Uber) are both billionaires. Oprah has the loyalty of an audience, but Travis owns a network. A lot of people hate Travis because of sexist remarks and immature behavior.

Most people love Oprah.

Oprah’s worth $2.8 billion. Travis is worth $4.8 billion. Oprah’s network may decline, while Travis’s network may own the entire automotive industry in 10 years. Despite his finest efforts to sabotage his personal reputation.

Marketing will remain one of the highest paid professions. But all by itself it does not put you in the pole position anymore. It has ceased to be the key. The marketers of the future will be highly paid employees – not captains of their own destiny.

Marketers who do not own or have equity in networks are headed for the same doom as doctors. In the ’60s and ’70s, doctors had the world by the tail. Took time off. Called the shots. They enjoyed insane income levels. Independent medical practices flourished.

But consolidation forced by insurance networks has been taking them out like master skeet shooters: Ready PULL! And the clay pigeon shatters into a million pieces.

The independent MD who has any control of his life is a relic of the past. Only 27.9 percent of physicians under the age of 40… own their own practice. With HMOs and PPOs and insurance companies and institutional bureaucracy… they spend most of their time punching information into facility-owned laptops, serving algorithms and feeding machines, complying with HIPAA laws…

…They don’t have time to listen to patients; they’re caught up in the insufferable, carnivorous bureaucracy that Howard Jacobson says “makes the mafia look like nursery school.”

The “health care” beast feeds them nothing but stress and a stomach bloated with problems. They have no choice but to stay chained to their stethoscopes and clipboards because somehow or another they have to pay off that $340,000 med school bill.

Marketers are careening towards the same fate. Highly skilled, occasionally respected, necessary and essential, but replaceable…


Spinning that wheel as fast as humanly possible.

If you define yourself as a marketing professional and not a Master Strategist, you are bound to end up frustrated, confused and disappointed. Running on an impossible treadmill like the average MD. (But receiving less respect, less admiration. You get less deference at cocktail parties.)

Consultants are especially vulnerable, because they’re disposable. Copywriters, Pay Per Click consultants, video experts, sales trainers, launch consultants, InfusionSoft specialists. Yes, they’re critical. But they’re replaceable.

This is why, looking back from the year 2025 or 2030 or 2040, 5% of the consultants will have made 95% of the money.

Will you become a member of the 5%?

You must arm yourself for the increasingly 95/5, even 99/1, world.

Coffee with a Billionaire

Three years a billionaire and I sat down together. “It would be super interesting to hear about your exact model for investing sometime,” I said as our discussion was wrapping up.

“Not as interesting as you might think,” he countered.

“What do you mean?”

“You could find our investment strategy in any good investment book. The only difference is, we actually do it.”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Investing isn’t rocket science, Perry. But the problem is, literally 99% of all investment capital is managed by managers. Hedge fund managers, portfolio managers, people who have been charged with handling other peoples’ money.

“That works fine most of the time… until there’s a market correction. Market corrections are when good investors make most of their money. You can make HUGE gains when a market is falling, because “the time to buy is when blood is running in the streets” as they say.

“But here’s the problem. The problem is, when the market is plunging, that’s when everyone’s clawing through walls of steel to SELL! That’s when hundreds or thousands of people have a gun to the manager’s head saying ‘get me out of this position NOW,’ the manager has no choice but to obey. And that makes the crash even more volatile.

“What smart investors do is buy as the market is heading down. It’s absolutely terrifying, because you have no idea how low it’s going to go. But you keep buying and holding, buying more and more as it plunges into the abyss.

“It may take you years to make your money back, because it takes a long time for the market to self-correct. But we have made huge fortunes buying just that way. We invest our own money, not other peoples’ money, so we have the liberty to do that. Most people don’t.”

I rubbed shoulders with enough billionaires during the last five years to realize that my “info marketer” education poorly equipped me for building real wealth. Smart info marketers stash their money in the bank, because their business itself has no equity.

After my Star Seminar with Richard Koch in 2014, I turned my attention to the Main Street – Wall Street chasm. It proved much harder than I originally anticipated. Network Effect based businesses required a different orientation, a brand new mindset.

We interviewed dozens of potential equity partners and ALL [without exception] needed a re-tool, because what they were designing their business to do was not what Richard and I were looking for.

Quite a few had zero hope of a big breakthrough without major changes, and almost none were correctly diagnosing their own problems.

I realized that if I simply watched and waited for needles in haystacks, yes, I would eventually find what I was looking for. This has already started to happen. But I discovered that it’s actually easier to just train my customers to build the business we were looking for.

This is what gave birth to Rosetta Stone. I realized that I had the formula. Sure enough, we were executing that formula behind closed doors – but 99.5% or my audience was ignorant of this. Nobody can afford to be ignorant. Because if you don’t own the network, the network will own you.

The titans of the 21st century won’t be the YouTubers or Celebs or entrepreneurs or CEOs. The titans of the 21st century will be those who own networks. If you own a network, the YouTubers, Celebs, entrepreneurs and CEOs will be working for you.

Because the 80/20 world is now 95/5, in every niche there is ONE winner.

Most people think that if they get good enough at marketing, they’ll possess a permanent meal ticket. That’s like saying “If I get good enough at cooking, I’ll own a restaurant.” Being the chef and owning the establishment are two different things.

One of the best things I ever did was resolve to get so good at marketing, nobody could stump me. I wanted to learn everything you could learn.

The rudiments of marketing were an absolutely fantastic thing to obsess about 15 years ago, maybe even 10.

But the world has moved on. Today you must become a Master Strategist.

One of the best copywriters in the entire world is Clayton Makepeace. He’s a legend, a copywriter’s copywriter, has a resume that’s the envy of everyone in the business.

He’s no longer working as an independent operator. Clayton now works for Agora.


Because the world turned 95/5. So he gets a sweeter deal as part of a top 5% organization than he can make as a member of the 95%.

It’s the exact same reason why you find Jimmy John’s and Chipotle in a mall or at a busy intersection instead of Al’s Diner or Paco’s Tacos. 95/5.

Maybe you’re content just being second in line.

But don’t forget:

  • #1 Enjoys the freedom; #2 is a slave
  • #1 Takes home 2-10X more money than #2
  • #1 Keeps 75-95% of the wealth; #2 fights over the scraps

The world is not 80/20 anymore, it’s 95/5. 5% of the people attain 95% of the wealth. Once upon a time, #2 could still walk away with 20%. Now #2 is lucky to take home 5%. Probably 2% or zero.

When I was a young pup copywriter, I paid assiduous attention to Dan Kennedy. One of the lessons I learned from Dan is that if you’re simply a guy who can string words together, you’re gonna make maybe five grand on a project. Even if you’re REALLY GOOD at stringing words together!

What Dan showed me was that if you want to make fifty grand instead of five, you have to supply your client with a Big Idea. The Big Concept.

An ordinary copywriter writes a sales pitch for a seminar.
A titan copywriter re-invents the seminar itself.

He or she may do that with well-chosen celebrity; a highly unusual bonus offer (in 2006 I added a brand new Apple MacBook Pro to my seminar – you couldn’t even buy them at the Apple Store at that time, they were so new; but you got one free if you came to my seminar. So instead of getting 100 people in the room, I got 300; and it was my very first seminar).

J. Peterman, the high-end online clothier who Seinfeld made famous, re-invents every article of clothing with a story – enabling Peterman to command $550 for a jacket that might otherwise only fetch $175. That’s the magic of a copywriting alchemist.

This is a direct analogy to what the Master Strategist does, except on a larger scale than the ace copywriter. The copywriter re-invents the story; the Strategist re-invents the business.

The Master Strategist doesn’t just get you Facebook traffic or develop a sales story or set up InfusionSoft. The Master Strategist forges a Unique Selling Proposition into a Definitive Selling Proposition. The Master Strategist engineers a business that inherently repels competition. The Master Strategist makes the customers themselves an integral part of the living, thriving, throbbing organism that is the business.

The parade of look-alike marketing “experts” is longer than the line at the Eiffel Tower in the peak of tourist season.

Many marketers are disappointed to find themselves frozen in a long line of lookalike, me-too copycats. Because even if the competitors can’t do what you can do, the customers can’t tell the difference without spending $10,000 to $50,000 and wasting months or more. The cash expense and the opportunity cost of finding the Real McCoy is too great.

This is why you need to raise yourself above.

This is Perry Marshall Graduate School. We are limiting participation to 20 participants.

Because of our intense focus on this course, I will be slowing down my promotion schedule. I will be selling fewer external programs to other customers; I’ll be strictly limiting Private and Equity Clients; and focusing intently on teaching and training Advanced Mastery Network students. Fully developing the material, making it simple, applicable and digestible.

As a direct result of this focus, we are completely changing the inner engine of Planet Perry because this is now the focus. I am inviting you to apply to be on my Jedi Dream team.

The network of people, tools and technologies who understands more about how to start and scale an “ordinary” business than any other group of people in the world.

When I say “network” I mean network exactly as I describe it in Rosetta Stone – Network Effect for Mere Mortals. A Dream Team. A club of Jedi Masters.

I do not take this lightly. We’re not signing up anybody who can write a check.

Picture this:

One year from now, a client approaches me. They have an incredibly promising business, they’re offering me an equity stake for guiding them through the minefield… but I’m absolutely slammed.

My dream for this is:

I refer them to you and the other members of Advanced Mastery Network.

You vet them.

You run them through the paces.

We agree on an oversight, profit and equity sharing arrangement.

And I know I can trust you to guide them through the minefield correctly and make 90% of the decisions and execute 90% of the plans yourself. And you can go to other members of the group and get the help you need.

That’s what I mean by Dream Team.

CEOs, imagine this:

One year from now you’ve made major course corrections (because you finally found out why you were stuck, and were able to see things that were completely invisible before). You plugged two or three MAJOR talent holes and simultaneously freed the movement of your sales machine.

  • You now have three components of Network Effect firing, whereas when you started you only had one (which you were not sufficiently aware of in the first place)
  • You’ve made a pivot of about 30 degrees in how you position a product, and for a little less than half of your customers, there is no direct competition whatsoever allowing you to raise prices and expand your margins.
  • You are clearly on your way to a viable exit event and the best part is, you’re happy with the business as it is right now.

Now I can’t promise you that you’ll get this. This all relies on YOU AND THE OTHER MEMBERS all doing their parts. This depends on how studious and action oriented you are. Everyone has to earn their place at the table, just like Elvis Presley and Miles Davis and Ray Charles and Ella Fitzgerald. Those cats played at a lot of clubs.

Quincy said, “Prepare yourself, ’cause my thing was, my biggest fear, and I don’t play with that word at all, was to get great opportunity that I’m not prepared for. When Frank Sinatra called me, man, I was ready for him. I’m telling you. And he tested me. I’m telling you, Ray Charles too, cuz those guys are rough man. Billy Eckstine, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, they will kick your booty.

“He’d say to me, we were doing an arrangement at Capital Studios, he’d say, ‘Q, that first 8 was a little dense.’ So I say, no problem man and I put all the horns, the trumpets and the out, transfer the saxophones to the alto flutes, stuff like, let’s go.

He was testing me. He only did it three times and after that, he said, “he knows what he’s doing.”

“I was ready for it and that’s the biggest compliment and accomplishment you can have in your life, is to say, I’ve go my stuff together. I got my together. You have to have it together man. You do.”

Yes you’re going to work your ass off if you’re gonna be in this Network. But the real point is: you’re already working your ass off (!!!) but what you’re working on isn’t building Network Effect For Mere Mortals, Star Principle and SIMPLIFY into your muscle memory. It’s not building equity. It’s not gearing you for a high-cash exit.

This will.

Simply by SEEING and EXPERIENCING what we do with the Star businesses in AMN, you will immediately sense and know how to maneuver in your own business. Your clients and everything you touch will immediately benefit from this.

Email [email protected] to Apply

WHAT % of PLANET PERRY members are equipped to engineer a giant liquidity event?

Formula for getting 100X ROI on your Advanced Mastery participation:

  1. Sensation of Network Effect/Star in your bones – it’s like riding a bicycle, once you’ve done it, you know what it feels like
  2. Create one or insert yourself into one, and be the person who knows how to pull it off
  3. If you do that, 1 mil or 2 or 5 or 20 is possible

If you’re a business owner, you can do it in your business.

Silicon Valley has spawned MANY incubators, but all of them have lacked two things:




Victor Cheng used to live in Silicon Valley, and one of the reasons he left was the “who’s got the biggest package” pecking order of millionaire and billionaire fortunes and stock options. Paul Allen of Microsoft and Larry Ellison of Oracle having a “who’s yacht is longest” contest. Victor couldn’t stand it, so he moved to Washington State.

Planet Perry is a generosity culture. People like to help each other. We WANT to help each other!

Just 5 minutes ago, as I was writing this, I got this text from John Fancher, who is doing some work for UK financial planners Giles and Helen Blackburn who are members of Roundtable Europe:

I have NO DOUBT that there will be conflict and competition as we get into the daily grind of making all this work. When you have a roomful of alpha males and females, you’ll have peacocks and strutting and contests for dominance. No question about that. But we’ll resolve it, because we have a culture for handling things like this.

How to engineer an impenetrable competitive fortress

Advanced Mastery is a different kind of problem solving. Those who participated in Rosetta Stone and Truth Seminar experienced a completely different level of business thinking.

The kind of thinking where you can talk about business nonstop for three days and never obsess about a single “tactic” because it’s entirely about high-level strategy. Total integration.

The ingredients of Advanced Mastery Network are by no means obvious to most people now. But 10-20 years from now, these ingredients, which we bolt on to businesses, will become just as universal and “obvious” as ‘holes not drills’ is today.

  • WordStream (just sold to Gannett for $130 million) was started with Network Effect for Mere Mortals. It began with an “AdWords Grader” tool which logged into your AdWords account and scored the level of organization and stats. I was starting to build something similar at the exact same time (!) but my idea was based on manual labor, and Larry Kim was miles ahead of me. Only later did he go out and raise investment capital.
  • The Rocket Company, Casey Graham’s firm which sold for 8 figures, was also based on Network Effect for Mere Mortals. Case ran a traditional information marketing company with members and webinars and seminars and info products. He had this scruffy little software company on the side that was handling donation transactions for churches via an app. I told Casey: Don’t build the info business. Build that scruffy donation app – because the info business is the onramp, the app is the REAL business. I gave him that advice at a Four Man Intensive at my house in 2014. Two years later Casey cashed out with more than $10 million.
  • InfusionSoft was a Network Effect for Mere Mortals gig. It started with Reed Hoisington hiring a couple of software engineers to build him a Customer Relationship Management software. Next step was speaking at a Joe Polish boot camp, where they sold packages with $5000 setup plus a $300 a month subscription fee or something like that. Then they raised angel money from friends and family. Scott Martineau told a story at Rosetta Stone about a meeting where they presented on the second floor of a windowed building. Then when they left, they had to push Scott’s truck to get it started because the starter was broken. Suddenly they realized everyone in the meeting could see them through the pane of glass on the 2nd floor.

Those who master this skill set TODAY will be similarly in-demand for the next 20 years, as people who mastered Direct Marketing in the 1990s and early 2000’s have been in demand over the last 10-20 years.

As a result of hosting my City Tour events, which are attended by 10-20 people who pay $1000+ to be in the room for a day, I realized that the vast majority of Planet Perry members have only absorbed 10% to 20% of all I teach. For the most part they only know fragments of that.

It’s not because they’re bad people or poor students; in most cases they are extremely astute. It’s just that after teaching this for 16 years, I take SO MUCH for granted. In fact, the very best of the best of the best students only know perhaps 50-60%.

I have done thousands of consultations in over 300 industries and all this stuff is mostly inside my head. At Rosetta Stone, participants witnessed my absolute best effort to explain the most mission-critical 5% of top strategies, the 5% of strategies that deliver 50% of the results.

The advantage you receive when you apply to become accepted as a member of Advanced Mastery Network is the compound interest you earn in a 12-month immersion with a dozen others who are mastering the same material.

Have you noticed? Planet Perry has changed. It used to be about Google and Facebook ads and 80/20. Sure, it’s still about those things, but those are only the tip of the iceberg.

Rosetta Stone was a landmark event because it signaled the unrolling of a new carpet.

Without any provocation from me, participants in that event used words like “Magnum Opus” and “Crowning Achievement” to describe it. Mark Ingles said it was like going to a wedding and getting re-acquainted extended family members as everyone celebrates.

Maybe the best description came from Jennifer McManus-Kirk:

I did not know who Perry Marshall was a few weeks ago. A series of unfathomable synchronicities led me to receive a copy of a letter about a seminar he was organizing in May.

I read half of that letter and enough was triggered in me that I felt a strong resonance and call to be there, even though I am not a “marketing person”.

I thought many times about canceling and getting my money back, but something greater than myself kept telling me not to do that. It held me in position. Even the night before I was to make the drive to Chicago I still was not sure if I would go or not.

And suddenly, the circumstances around me swirled and changed in ways that miraculously put every project I have been working on into a temporary hibernation for these three days. Everyone I have been working with became unavailable until Friday. So I got into my car and drove off not knowing at all what to expect.

I did not have a single distraction while I was there. No phone calls. No urgent emails. Nothing preventing me from being fully present.

When we kicked off on Day One, it was like a lightning bolt. There was so much power and energy in this room, it was palpable.

I did not take a single note. I did not want to stop listening for even one second. I was transfixed. It was like with every word spoken and every topic touched, that C.S. Lewis quote would roll through my head “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

And it had nothing to do with marketing and everything to do with fundamental universal root principles.

There was tangible resonance and tuning. I still feel reverberations and I believe I will far into the future.

On the morning of the third day, I decided to stand for the session. I am glad that I did because I don’t think I would have been able to stay in my seat.

The discourse of that morning was so profoundly moving that when the call for questions came the only one I had was “Is that actually happening right now??!!??”

Dave Demas, a serial entrepreneur, consultant and investor said to me, “Perry, this is on the cusp of becoming a movement. A third space. There are so many generous people in this room who just want to help each other. I’ve never seen this anywhere else.”

The #1 thing that has always irritated me about the “info marketing space” is the tendency of organizers to see entrepreneurs as walking ATM machines with bullseyes on their heads. Sellers don’t take their job as professors seriously. Many are there to exploit our artistic craving for freedom and expression. To harness our frustrations, and vacuum money out of our wallets just because it was there.

Sheep without a shepherd.

But the good news is, we’re too big to kill now.

We know far too much about what we’re doing, what we’re up to.

Planet Perry is now churning out $10 million, $100 million and billion-dollar success stories on a consistent basis. Don’t forget that for every $10 million success story, there are ten $1 million success stories and one hundred $100K success stories.

Victories are multiplying. We have achieved critical mass. I will work closely with everyone in the group.

Advanced Mastery Network is Oceans Eleven, where 11 eccentric ninjas team up to rob the casino. Advanced Mastery Network is a Supergroup.

This is the Network Effect of the Perry Marshall Consulting Business. What intrigues me is the emergent property – the pivot, epiphany or breakthrough that nobody can precisely expect or predict. This is what comes from being Action Central.

When Henry Ford slashed the price of automobiles from $1900 to $360 in six years… when demand spiked 700X (not 700% – that’s 70,000%) nobody at the time could have imagined that what would emerge would be gas stations, paved highways, expressways, interstate highway systems, drive-through restaurants and the entire automotive industry.

Similarly, you cannot predict what may happen when Advanced Mastery Network becomes the magnet for the best entrepreneurs, consultants and startups.

I’m noticing a groundswell of demand for a new kind of business-builder. Not a marketer or a copywriter or a lead generator or an ad manager… My network used to be coming to me, knocking on my door, asking for all that. But now they want something more. They want someone who can see around corners and create opportunities that didn’t exist before.

You will master the art of eliminating businesses for which zeros cannot be added.

A great song can make the worst singer in the world a star. But a bad song, the three best singers in the world cannot save it. And that’s the bottom line man.” -Quincy Jones

Advanced Mastery Network Summary & Format

Kickoff: We will make rapid progress in the first few weeks. On-boarding begins mid-June. The first few weeks will be an inventory of the people and businesses we have in the group. The entire direction of the course will be determined most by who and what we have. This all by itself will enable you to learn things about yourself and your chops you did not know before.

Aggressive Pace: The group will meet online approximately every two weeks. I will expand upon the material I presented at Rosetta Stone and Truth Seminar, making everyone in the group proficient in all skills.

We alternate between the following agendas:

Tactical Triangle / Axis Shift: Josh Long and I record a session drilling down into a different facet of the Tactical Triangle and Axis Shift frameworks. These range from 30-60 minutes and are sent out at least a week before the live group call, giving you time time to digest it and start applying it to your business. You then bring your specific questions about applying it to your business to the call and we help you sort out how to dial it in and prioritize it with the rest of the opportunities you have.

Member Scorecard: Josh Long meets with one of our members to go through their AMN Scorecard, covering the following assessments: Simplify, STAR Principle, Network Effect, Definitive Selling Proposition, Promotion Success, and Scalability. Their scorecard is shared with everyone a few days before the group call and then Josh and I go through the scores and identify the biggest opportunity, which we work through on the group call. The goal is that by the end of the session, the member has a clear execution plan to run with.

Close-Knit Community: Connection to other group members, relationships and close collaboration is the secret to making this work. Although business-building software platforms will grow out of this, initially this Network is made of flesh and bone. Human beings sharing meals, beers and stories. We will hold an in-person group meeting in the fall (October 8 and 9 with dinner together October 7) and another in spring (dates TBA). We will choose exact dates after the group is formed in order to maximize the number of people who can participate.

Location: Likely location for our two in-person meetings is Chicago because there is no American city that is easier to reach from ANYWHERE in the world (Europe & Asia) than Chicago. Having traveled to 37 countries I can assure you that Chicago holds its own against any city in the world. London, Paris, Dubai, St. Petersburg, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai… Chicago is an awesome city. See my list of recommended attractions at www.perrymarshall.com/chicago.

Private TLC from me: You get personal attention. I will hold regular individual meetings with each member. You will get 1-1 time with me and I will thoroughly understand your skills and your business, your goals and your purpose for being in the group. I will help you help other members and I and others will help you improve YOUR business.

You also get generous help from Josh Long, my Private Equity Group partner and author of Bottleneck Breakthrough. Josh has an immense skillset and drills to the bottom of problems as fast as anyone I know.

And we hired Robert Michon to manage the AMN learning and onboarding process. Robert is himself an extremely sharp business advisor and coach.

Between me, Josh and Robert, you will get the help you need. Time in AMN is not “metered” the way it is in Roundtable and other, less expensive options. If you need help, ask for it and you will get it.

Specialization: Smaller groups will form based on the needs and talents of the members. We will assess every single member to determine your existing marketing skills. Your team will hyper-tune your superpower chops.

Sizing Up: We want to make sure all projects you and I work on together are worthy of our efforts. So all companies that want to be recipients of help will undergo a thorough vetting. Just the vetting process itself will be worth the full tuition you pay. Nobody else is privy to this and I’ve been developing it for years with Richard Koch and other luminaries. We will apply the tools I developed for Rosetta Stone and Truth Seminar, and we will ask for financials. Some of this information will be known only to the Perry Marshall team, but less sensitive information will be shared with the whole group. If you want your company to be eligible, you will need to “get naked” because that’s the only way the physician can do his work.

Re-Arranging Priorities: You will quickly discover that things you thought were important, aren’t; things you neglected, must be moved to the front burner.

Rosetta Stone Seminar & Truth Seminar: If you didn’t purchase the live stream or attend Rosetta Stone and Truth Seminar, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find recordings of both seminars included in the Advanced Mastery Network member’s area. These videos are WELL worth your time – participants are raving about their experience at these unique events. The material is foundational to what we’ll be implementing in AMN.

Hands-On Experience with Stars, Star Simplifiers & Networks: Every company that comes to the table will get help. But we will also prioritize a small number of companies that get laser focus from the whole group. We will choose those companies based on growth potential and suitability for use as a teaching tool.

Exhaustive Skillset: Since we are teaching about 20 different core skillsets over the course of the year, we will use a variety of companies and case studies to do our work.

Give and Receive with an Open Hand: Students will be expected to do some work for other members for free as the normal laboratory part of the course. We will mutually agree on how much “gratis” work is expected as part of the coursework of the Network. Because this is a dream team, what you receive back for sharing will far exceed what you sacrifice. Besides, you know you can’t do everything yourself anyway.

(Quincy Jones could have told Elvis Presley: “Look, man, I’m sure your Heartbreak Hotel tune is going to do really well, but I’ve got my own gig to run. Sorry, Elvis, I’m building my vision – not yours.”)

Confidentiality: Loose lips sink ships. The group agrees to keep all information about members private. This is crucial to mutual trust. Members who do not hold confidentiality will be ejected and may be subject to prosecution.

Conflicts: Members of the group agree to disclose any conflicts of interest. We will arrange groups of collaborators to accommodate such issues.

Non-Compete: The group agrees to not build competitive business, or consult with direct competitors of members without permission, for a period of two years after the start of AMN. This is for the mutual benefit of everyone. What we can accomplish together far exceeds what we can do trying to steal each others’ ideas.

We are 50% planned and 50% making this up as we go along. I could give you a course outline right now, based on what I plan to cover. But I well know that within three to five weeks our plans will have entirely changed, based on the jazz improvisation that is demanded in the moment. Roughly speaking, we will cover all the topics I covered in Rosetta Stone and Truth Seminar in depth. But I also know that situations will arise that I could not foresee (as is always the case in business) and members of the Network will learn more from the surprises than you could possibly learn from the syllabus.

Star Principle Essentials: As soon as you are accepted we will ship you the $2,000 Star Principle Essentials DVDs–the Essential 80/20 content from my legendary seminar with Richard Koch. You will want to watch or listen right away because they’re incredible. That seminar has already given birth to hundreds of millions of dollars of new net worth.

When you’re the king of a network, everyone takes your phone calls. You don’t have to plow and badger your way in to get deals and attain an audience.

Most people don’t know that being #1 in your market is the LEAST stressful position, not the most stressful. Psychological research shows that the dominant “Alpha Male” (or Alpha Female) has the most happy juice flowing into their brain. And the least anxiety.

When you’re the king of the network, you’re the first player that gets invited to any game – speaking engagement, product rollout, endorsement opportunity, software platform. People seek you out. They give you respect and deference.

When you’re the king of the network, if there’s anyone in your industry who can get away with “Four Hour Work Week,” it’s you. You have the most flexibility of time, money, and relationships.

When you’re king of the network, the last person to experience cash flow problems is you. The last person to fall behind or struggle to keep up is you. Because you’re the one who can vacation anywhere. You’re the one who provides first class opportunities for your children and family members – tutors and private schools and chances to get exposed to unique people and do special things. You’re the one with the lifestyle others envy.

What most people don’t understand about money and private investors.

There is an almost infinite supply of money out there waiting on the sidelines, hoping for businesses that are worthy of investment.

Seriously. There are hundreds of millions of investors out there, trillions of dollars of investment money. Most merely want to make 15% or 25% or 40% on their money.

Never mind doubling or tripling their money. Just making a respectable return.

But they can’t do it.

At the same time there are millions of entrepreneurs who can’t lay their hands on ANY of that money because it’s too risky.

There’s a ton of money out there. Literally trillions of dollars sloshing around in the economy.

Money is not the problem. Money is never the problem. The problem is being “good enough” for the money to come to you.

If you’re having trouble getting the money, and you’ve banged on half a dozen doors, it’s probably because your offer sucks!

At the Rosetta Stone seminar, we had a private, “off-mic off-camera” session and one guy came to the microphone and asked Ed Harycki a question.

“I was trying to raise money and this one guy kept saying to me, ‘I don’t want to be the lead investor. But I’ll be willing to follow someone else if you can raise a million from them.’”

Ed said, “That’s code for ‘your deal sucks and I don’t want to put my money in.’”

The guy said, “Oh, I guess that’s why I couldn’t get anybody to fund it.”

“Yeah man. Sorry. But that’s what that means,” Ed replied.

Make your offer irresistible (whether to consumers or investors), and getting money becomes much, much easier.

Advanced Mastery is a long-term play to bridge that gap. Because before now there was no bootstrap-to-billion formula.

This is that formula.

Right now, most of this knowledge is in my head. A year from now, the group will possess the majority of the knowledge and I want this group to grow into a quorum of formidable men and women

Are you ready for your King Of Network apprenticeship?

Email [email protected] to apply

Perry Marshall

P.S. Nadia Boulanger said to Quincy Jones, “Quincy, God gave us 12 notes, the Bach, Brahams, Beethoven, Bo Diddley, Basie, Bird, all use the same 12 notes. Until he gives us 13, I want you to know what everybody “did with 12.”

Advanced Mastery Network is total mastery of those 12 notes. Not from the vantage point of a trumpet player, but a master composer. If you’re a trumpet player, the best thing for your career is to work under a master like Quincy. And if you’re a marketer, the best thing for your career is Advanced Mastery of the BIG picture. The Equity picture. Build the Network.

Quincy interview credit: http://www.evancarmichael.com/quincy-joness-top-10-rules-business-success/

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the difference between Advanced Mastery Network and Roundtable?

A: Roundtable is a context-driven mastermind based on the individual needs of each member and appeals to “butchers, bakers and candlestick makers” of sufficient size and success. Meetings are hot seat driven with special topics as needed. It’s not curriculum driven. AMN is curriculum driven, meaning that the businesses in the room and our examination and discussion of them serves to drive home very specific, cutting edge points.

AMN is smaller (about half the size of US Roundtable); and whereas Roundtable has a defined set of touch points, AMN, because it’s more expensive, allows for more flexibility and greater access to the staff like myself and Josh Long.

Roundtable’s year starts in January; the AMN year starts in July.

In Roundtable, individual members have fixed call-in days throughout the year; in AMN, access is on an as-requested basis.

Roundtable makes sense for almost any Planet Perry compatible business; AMN is more narrowly focused on Star Simplifiers with Network Effect.

Q: What’s the difference between AMN and Private Client / Private Equity Group?

A: Private Client Group and Private Equity Group are more expensive, and are completely customized. As such they are not curriculum based. You should contact us about Private Client Group if you are not interested in a classroom style learning environment with lots of interaction, because you just want to machine-gun defined issues in your business. You should choose AMN instead of Private Client if a laboratory group setting with high interaction appeals to you.

Q: What did you learn from your first year of AMN and how did it turn out different from your expectations?

A: In the first year of AMN we expected at least 50% consultants and 50% CEOs, with substantial element of “consultants get hands on with the CEOs” but that’s not what happened. We had 20% consultants and 80% CEOs, and the emphasis was the group taking a diamond-tipped sawblade to specific problems in each business, one business at a time. Which leads me to the format of the course:

Q: What is the format of the material and discovery in AMN?

A: We hold two meetings a year (October 7 dinner, 8-9 full day) and April TBA. This is a small enough group that everyone gets individual attention and we have room for exploration as interesting problems come up.

We meet on Zoom twice a month. Josh and I record a training video discussing the curriculum, which members watch in advance (1 hour length) then one of the Zoom meetings is discussion and application of the material.

The other Zoom meeting is a deep dive “Scorecard” on an individual business. Through my work with Richard Koch and several others I have developed an internal proprietary scorecard which Josh and I use to filter Private Equity clients. This is how we find needles in haystacks. AMN is a lab for “creating the business that becomes the needle in the haystack” and you can precisely track your progress over time.

This means AMN is less “jazz improvised” than Roundtable and is more focused on mastering very specific concepts.

We match the higher level of curriculum structure with a less rigid structure for access. If you need help, you get to talk to Perry – or Josh – or one of the other instructors.

Q: Who are the instructors?

A: You’re familiar with me and I’ve described Joshua Long and Robert Michon. We also have…

David Bullock has been a friend of mine for 20 years – we were both in the automation business together, working as sales engineers. But in the time since Dave has helped numerous companies reach ten- and hundred-million dollar victories and is currently working a $7 billion deal. At the first AMN meeting we turned Dave loose at about 10:30am. He said “turn off the audio and video recorders” and nobody looked up until 2pm – even though the staff served hot lunch in the back of the room.

Dave was so mesmerizing nobody moved. This is because the stories he told were so raw – and so instructive – everybody knew you never get this in a normal seminar environment.

Chad Meisinger co-engineered a deal between Google and a radio network ten years ago for $1.1 billion. Not only is Chad incredibly astute but he is deeply connected in the investment, Fortune 500 board room and franchise industries. Many times the most important thing about an instructor is: who do they know?

One introduction can be easily worth the $45K tuition.

Casey Graham took a “guru to pastors” seminar and coaching business and transformed it into a Software As Service business that he sold for more than $10 million USD. I later named what he did “Sequential Hybrid” – beginning with a business that is easy to start and hard to scale (coaching) and ending with a business that is incredibly hard to start and easy to scale (Software As Service). He knows how to maneuver that transition. Casey is assiduous about applying good advice and is expert in systematizing business. Like Chad, he is deeply connected with many investors and business transformers.

Casey is also a very mission-driven, values-conscious person with a keen sense of how precious our time is on this earth and the incessant threat of time vampires and time-wasters. You sense that when you are in the same room with him.

Victor Cheng is a CEO Coach to Inc 500 CEOs. He has been featured as a business expert by the Fox Business Television Network, MSNBC, Time magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The Harvard Business Review, Fortune Small Business, SmartMoney, Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur magazine.

Victor is a former McKinsey & Company consultant and has been a senior executive in several publicly owned technology companies.

Donny Wyatt is CEO and Founder of CoConstruct.com, the #1 rated cloud-based software for custom home builders and remodelers. After a career in software development and business process consulting, he and his wife moved in 2004 – and built a custom home. The obvious challenges for both builders and clients in the homebuilding process were all too apparent to Donny. That formed the inception for the idea of a better way to handle communication and project management online in the building industry, and led to the launch of CoConstruct in July 2005.

Today, CoConstruct serves nearly 5,000 building companies around the world, with billions of dollars in residential construction projects managed every year on its platform. Donny holds a BS in Finance and Marketing and a Masters in IT Management, both from the University of Virginia. CoConstruct was bootstrapped until April 2018, when it brought on Serent Capital as a private equity partner.

Jon Correll has built more than a dozen companies from scratch and has invested in online and offline companies and real estate ventures. He’s a growth strategist, a CEO advisor and co-founded ConversionVoodoo.com (which he later went on to sell).

Jon is also the CEO and founder of CEOVoodoo.com, which helps CEOs and entrepreneurs break through whatever ceiling is choking their business’ growth.

You cannot get access to people like this in normal groups and coaching programs. These guys are above the level of “paid business gurus” and they are here for one reason and one reason only: they want to be. They like being associated with AMN and they know that we birth extraordinary businesses in this group. They like finding needles in haystacks.

There are many, many coaching and training groups in the world, but NONE like AMN. Nobody else is bridging “boot strap” with Wall Street the way we are in AMN.

We are in the post-marketing age, where business strategy is everything. We are on the state of the art edge of “bootstrap to billions” business strategy and it has all the signature qualities of Planet Perry. Honesty, authenticity, enduring values and principles, and the head rush of spending time with ingenious inquisitive people.

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