All About SplitTester

SplitTester is a clever little tool that gives you the real lowdown on a mathematical principle called “Statistical Significance.” Here’s what that means:

Let’s say you flip a coin five times, and voila! it comes up heads each time. Does that mean it will always happen that way? Of course not. You just got lucky. If you do the 5-flip test 32 times, you’d expect naturally to get all heads at least once. That’s just the laws of statistics and probability.

Now here’s a helpful little rule of thumb for you: If you’re running two ads and trying to compare their performance, by the time you have 30 or more clicks or actions you’ve pretty much established how those ads will perform against each other, long-term.

But waiting for multiple ads to reach 30 clicks or actions can sometimes take a long time. Sometimes you need to know now how two ads will perform against each other without having to wait until they’ve had a large number of clicks.

That’s where SplitTester comes in. SplitTester can take smaller numbers of clicks and do the statistical calculations for you, telling you how confident you can or can’t be that your two ads will have different long-term response rates. It will tell you whether you’re on the right track or not with your ad campaigns.

Just enter the number of clicks and the click-through rates for each of your ads, and SplitTester will do the rest.

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SplitTester was designed by Brian Teasley.

A more robust and complete tool (originally tailored for Google AdWords) – augmented at the request of users – is available for purchase at: And by Perry Marshall, who specializes in Generating Sales Leads – and Advertising on Google –

©2006 Brian Teasley and Perry S. Marshall. All rights reserved.