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Dear Marketing Professional,

Hi, my name is Perry Marshall. Over the years I’ve written hundreds of white papers and magazine articles. And I’m here to tell you how to write a white paper – and assure you that writing a white paper doesn’t have to be a dreary chore. It can be straightforward, pleasant, and remarkably effective.

So what is a white paper? It’s your company’s statement about how a problem should be solved. So if you sell any kind of complex or technical product or service – if you have an elegant solution to a challenging problem – then a well-written, well-publicized white paper may be the missing link in your sales and marketing strategy.

To help you write your white paper and get it into the hands of prospective customers, I’ve written a FREE five-day e-mail course. It answers the following questions:

  • What’s the proper length for the white paper format? I’ll answer that question for you, and also show you a clever variation on the concept, based on simple 1- and 2-page documents…
  • How do you include adequate technical content in your white paper without boring your reader to death? Most white papers are either too dry, or else cheesy and overly commercialized. Discover how to strike the proper balance…
  • Why having a good white paper, all by itself, is almost useless – and a list of six mechanisms you can use to get web traffic and press exposure…

Years ago, I authored The Definitive Guide to Writing and Promoting Your White Paper, which I sold for $99 - $297. It sold extremely well and has weathered the passing years remarkably.

As an added incentive, I'll give you access to the PDF version for FREE when you register for this 5-day email course.

No gimmicks, no tricks. Just battle-proven techniques for getting your white paper out there FAST so you can start collecting leads.

The first installment starts right away.


Perry S. Marshall

Attract More Customers with White Papers

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What People Are Saying

“I have been working on a “White Paper” series for several weeks… I received your 5 day mini course and I don’t know whether to thank you or just stew over the time I’ve wasted and the headaches I’ve given myself… I’ve decided I will do both. In a matter of an hour I have already outlined 3 more projects. I am truly grateful that I happened upon your blog. What good fortune for me. Thank you sir.”

-- Gail M., Mundelein Illinois, posted on our blog November 14, 2010

“Hi Perry,

“I discovered you 4 months ago after getting increasingly frustrated with an AdWords agency I was using. All they cared about were CTR on the ads rather than landing page conversion (some snotty nosed grad always ends up working on your account, rather than the charismatic guy who sells you on PPC).

“Anyhow, I bought your Ultimate Guide to Adwords…then the Whitepaper guide. And in those 4 months I’ve personally doubled the number of leads I’m generating for my company. This is in the ERP market where quality leads are like looking for rocking horse poop.

“A big competitor in the market came after me and I got the job! Can you imagine how much that means to my wife and family? As I type I’m having a glass of wine to celebrate. Tell the world!

“Thanks a million, Perry, it’s good to know I’ve discovered one of the good guys in the shady internet marketing world.”

-- Best wishes, Mark Britton
Stourbridge, West Midlands, UK

“Your program works! I created an Executive Briefing whitepaper which generated 109 qualified, ready-to-act leads in less than three months. We’ve collected over $16,000 in implementation fees and booked over $100,000 in orders. I can’t thank you enough. Your program is brilliant!”

-- Eric Ruth, Vice President of Business Development, DMI, Herndon, VA

“Thank you for your marketing insight. As you and I both know, there are very few who understand that the right marketing can propel a company-no matter what product they sell or make-to great heights and profits.”

-- Bill Buell, Formly of Big-Ass Fans, Lexington, KY

“The success I had with my first free guide was shocking! This was less than 48 hours ago, and so far, I have gotten a 16% response! I got 10 times the response from this, so far, than I have gotten from all email messages sent for the last 3 years!”

-- Mark Clark, President, Instant Access Music, Nashville, TN

“The results I’m starting to see are nothing short of amazing! I have increased my prices 50% over our main competitors with no decrease in sales. In fact we have just had our best week of sales in the last 13 years!”

-- John Rinaldi, President
Real Time Automation Inc., Wauwatosa, WI

“This package is well worth the investment if you do almost anything it explains.”

-- Rob Northrup, Co-Founder, Advanced Extrusion Solutions, Norcross, GA