You’re invited to my secret problem-solving, solution-visualizing playground, Where business and marketing puzzles are pleasurably decoded with alchemy via a mad scientist’s toolbox

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Dear Marketing Professional,

Inside my head, an invisible marketing toolbox hums away. It’s my camouflaged 1500 horsepower engine.

Occasionally you’ll glimpse itty bitty fragments of it on marker boards, often in live meetings answering questions.

Every now and then, a perceptive student will pick up a “dog whistle” and ask a question. I hardly ever discuss this explicitly with clients. I only translate into high-school English, if I attempt to explain it at all.

This toolbox is a fanatical collection of surprising relationships, charts, engineering concepts, maps and graphs… assimilated from decades of lab experiments, business startups and problem solving. Reinforced with a library of books ranging from paranormal research to molecular biology to acoustics and electronics, from astrophysics to advanced mathematics.

For over 10 years I’ve been saying to myself: “The invisible toolkit would be SUPER useful and incredibly interesting to maybe one fourth of Planet Perry members. Especially the ones that love to geek out on stuff.”

This won’t be the first time I’ve let an invisible tool out of the bag.

In my Google book, I didn’t explain that I’d simply applied 80/20 to every aspect of an ad account, then condensed it to instructions and quick shortcuts. But much later, I said “Maybe folks would appreciate accessing the 80/20 toolbox that made this possible.” So I wrote 80/20 Sales & Marketing.

The book was a hit. 80/20 turned out to be FAR more useful and effective than simply knowing how to use an ad platform. (Platform instructions go out of date the day you write them; 80/20 never goes out of date.)

For the exact same reasons, MANY clients will find my Invisible Marketing Toolbox incredibly useful as well. If you have an appetite for numbers, abstract concepts, “see-around-the-corner” thinking and jazz improvisation, you will L-O-V-E “Marketing in 10 Dimensions.”

It’s like the Director’s Commentary of a movie. If you’re really into the movie… don’t you want to know how the sausage was made? How that camera angle was achieved? How they pulled off that dissolve? The screenwriter’s secret lair?

Marketing in 10 Dimensions is not a pile of equations. Nor is it algebra or calculus formulas. Yes, there’ll be some of that… but it is 90% VISIONARY CONCEPTS – PICTURES – ANALOGIES – METAPHORS – GRAPHS –ILLUSTRATIONS and PRINCIPLES that confer to you a brand new vocabulary and fresh context for solving problems.

“THIS is a lot like THAT… and best of all, no other person in history ever connected those dots the way you just did.”

And yes, it’s going to be trippy. (Have you noticed how popular tripping has grown as of late?)

Yes. This is geeky and nerdy. But guess what… 

Geeks and nerds now rule the world. Zuck, Bezos, Musk, the Google chiefs. They think like this. They use strategies like these

Case in point: On the day Google IPO’d in 2004 at $85 per share, the company’s total value was set at Euler’s number, the number e, 2.71828182845, times a billion. Euler’s number is the mother of all exponential growth calculations and natural logarithms. It is intrinsic to calculus, waves, patterns of growth and decay. Every mathematician, physicist and engineer learns how to use it as a sophomore in college.

Only in a world ruled by geeks is anything like this done on Wall Street.

What does it mean?

It was Google paying homage to the most intrinsic principle of EXPONENTIAL growth because they had decided to build an exponential company, planted in the richest soil of mathematics.

What do you think? Did it work out well for them?

Did Google’s respect for that funny number “e” turn out to be valuable for the founders?

Infographic: Google's Climb Towards $1 Trillion | Statista Graphic from Statista

You can no longer say “Oh that sounds cool but I'm not a math geek.” That was 17 years ago. If it mattered then, it matters even more now. 

If you don't want to be left behind you at least need a layman's understanding of this stuff. And I WILL deliver that. I will make this 100% understandable and practical.

These concepts will grow ever more important in the next 5-10 years. And your lack of comprehension will become more and more of a liability. Like trying to be a nuclear engineer knowing only Newton's Laws of motion. Not knowing E=MC2. 

The other day a talking head said our political problems today are caused by the fact that representative democracy was perfect for the institutions and technology of the 18th century. Our institutions and tech have changed RADICALLY, but our political systems still live in the 1700s. 

I think this is related.

I do not underestimate the intelligence of my tribe. I absolutely positively know that 10% of my crowd will devour this.

Yes, this is smart stuff… because Planet Perry people ARE smart. 

That’s one of the reasons you are in my tribe. You want the smart stuff. Not the stuff that is simple enough for ‘everyone’ to understand (and at the same time so simple that it doesn't actually work anymore!). 

I explain complex ideas in simple terms… without dumbing them down. I am a teacher at heart. 

Instead of dragging you through equations and formality, I’m going to illustrate the relationships and practical utility of these powerful concepts. 

(Do you realize that every time you’re approaching an intersection in your car, deciding whether you’re going to turn before or after the car coming the other way, you’re doing real-time calculus inside your head? It’s not merely useful. It’s essential to the daily life of humanity.)

It’s what I do. It's what you want from me. 

Here it is.

What Would it be Like to See in 10 Dimensions Instead of 3?

I have noticed something special about every single one of my very best students:

They ushered new thinking from an outside view or profession into the marketing world to make a unique and powerful contribution.

Glenn Livingston brought hard core psychological research which he had tested on big corporations (he coined the term “Nextel” based on research on the psychology of syllabic sounds, for example) and once here, reinvented market research for small businesses. Then he “80/20’d” it to create the Livingston method.

Megan Macedo grew up in the “Troubles” of Northern Ireland in the 1980s, and the questions this raised about prejudices and family dysfunctions led to a brand new way of understanding your own journey as an artist and entrepreneur.

Ari Galper had a bitter realization: It is considered entirely OK to lie to sales people. So he decided to change the game of selling entirely and created “Unlock the Game.”

David Bullock introduced Taguchi and TRIZ, normally used in manufacturing, to the entrepreneur space.

Mark McShurley stir-fries art, music, philosophy and religious conviction with elevated business acumen to produce one of the fastest growing roofing firms in the world. If you peek under the hood, you’ll find that Mark’s values and various influences cause him to make vastly different decisions than his brethren in the roofing business. Imagine bringing the culture of a private Catholic university to a roofing sales crew. “I flat out refuse to hire salespeople who have worked for other roofing companies. They’re poisoned by the world’s most toxic industry,” he complains.

The cosmos hums along via elegant principles that apply universally across all disciplines. Knowledge is not some endless series of unrelated silos. Everything is connected. This can make the job of anyone, in any profession, far easier and simpler because it makes the whole universe universal. It makes your education holistic.

I have deployed this skill countless times. It’s a well I return to over and over again.

Now I’d like to share it with you.

The concept for the Marketing DNA Test was partly inspired by the Kolbe test… but the deeper inspiration behind it, the engine mechanics that give it magic, came from a lunch conversation I had with Mitch Axelrod at a Gary Halbert seminar.

He was explaining a test he was licensed to sell called the “Values Profile.” It only had 18 questions but it nailed the answer it was designed to deliver.

I intuited that his test must have been built as an 18-dimensional space, something I understood from a high level mathematics course I took in college called “Matrix Theory.” This is why I call this course “Marketing in 10 Dimensions.” I realized each question was carefully engineered to measure one of those 18 dimensions, and not overlap with the others.

10-D thinking has quietly informed almost everything I’ve done ever since, but I’ve never talked about it. 10-Dimensional Marketing is the awareness that you can invent an 8- or 13- or 35-dimensional space (and not just a 3 dimensional space!) as easily as you can draw a circle or a square on a piece of paper…

…and it really does have 8 dimensions and it really is a “space”!

In other words, it allows you to work with concepts far too complex to visualize in 3-D. The Marketing DNA Test is an 8-D “universe.” So once you understand how that Matrix works (not terribly hard) it hugely extends your capabilities. It makes you capable of breaking ALL KINDS OF PROBLEMS DOWN that previously seemed impossible.

I really do use this all the time.

  • When I write sales copy.

  • When I create the disqualification criteria for a client’s sales machine.

  • When I journey to the bottom of any swamp.

10-D Matrix-Building is a TRUE Bottom-Of-Swamp skill if there ever was one.

It trains you to go to the very roots of reality and construct a robust model of what you are dealing with. It’s like learning how to build an engine, then realizing you can stick it on a go-cart or a bicycle or a model airplane… or build an air conditioner or water pump or escalator anywhere you go.

That is why the first session of M10D is Dimensions: How to break even the most stubborn problems down into a set of independent vectors… so you can construct your own custom problem-solving engine.

Most people can work with 2 dimensions easily; many manage 3 with a little effort. But I will show you how to work with 4, 5, 6, even 10 dimensions with ease because now you’ll know how to visualize them.

This in turn gives you the ability to craft new worlds. Or make the world you already live in MUCH simpler and easier to contend with.

When you re-dimension a problem or market, you simultaneously acquire the ability to AXIS SHIFT it at the same time.

AXIS shift empowers you to:

  • Disrupt industries. Reinvent categories. Shift paradigms. Trigger a cultural landslide.

  • Wrench loose entrenched dogmas. Shatter conventions. Shift the atmosphere.

  • Defy norms. Disrupt the status quo. Stand a profession on its head.

(If you don’t… they will.)

Axis Shift means overturn, demolish and destroy the old set of assumptions… while simultaneously introducing a NEW set of rules. YOUR new rules are coherent and superior to the old ones. People embrace them because they are far more powerful under the new regime.

When your new rules fit into the 10-D Matrix Paradigm, powerful things emerge.

I drank MLM pink koolaid for years. The #1 thing that broke the spell was when I applied direct marketing (new Axis, new set of rules) to generating leads for my MLM meetings. Suddenly I realized the economics were impossible and there was no way to fix them.

Axis shift.

Google started auctioning off keywords and it decimated the old-school Madison Avenue advertising industry. Axis shift.

Uber got off the ground and in 2017 I sold my car. Now I take Uber most places, and sometimes I drive my kids’ car. Axis shift.

It’s one thing to notice that somebody’s changed the rules. It’s quite another to discover how to discern what rules – and unstated assumptions – are already prevailing, and flip them, as effortlessly as substituting X for Y.

The Marketing in 10-D paradigm makes this so much easier.

I HATED math and math teachers through high school. 8th grade. I had a teacher in middle school named Mrs. Gould. I was locked in an ego-power struggle with her. I could do the problems in my head, but even when I got the right answer she would mark it WRONG with her RED PEN and give me a failing grade. Because I didn’t “show my work.”

My dad met her at school during parent-teacher conferences. The next day, she said, “Perry, I met your dad, and he was such a nice man. He wasn’t anything like you… mouthy and fighting with me constantly.”

Then when I got home Dad said to me: “Perry, Mrs. Gould tells me you are disobeying her instructions and flunking her class. You’re getting a 'D' in her class right now. That is UNACCEPTABLE. You are GROUNDED until you get your grades up. You are not leaving the borders of our yard until your grades are better.”

Dad continued: “When you get home from school you are going straight to your room and finishing your homework. And showing your work to Mrs. Gould.

“You will not so much as walk across the street until your bad grades are fixed.”

I dutifully complied. Propped my grades up.

But the altercation only made me hate math more. My experience of math through the rest of high school was:

Rules-obsessed schoolmarms enforcing their petty laws, forcing students to follow rote procedures so perhaps some of us would someday become school teachers. So we could force math down the throats of the next generation.

Whenever I would demand to know, “What is this useful for in real life?”, either they couldn’t tell me, or considered it “beneath their dignity” to explain it to me.

I might have become a flunky, and hated math the rest of my life, had it not been for a few saving graces:

* I picked up a library book called “1-2-3 Infinity” by George Gamow, a famous physicist. In his book I discovered things like Einstein and relativity and time travel and square roots of negative numbers.

Why wasn’t Mrs. Gould telling us anything about this????

* I bought a calculator at a garage sale for $1.00. Discovered it was super fun to play with numbers. Doing division problems without long division by hand – easy! I relished the repeating patterns. 2/9 = 0.222222222222 and 2/11 = 0.18181818181818 and 2/7 = 0.285714285714. Way more cool than futzing with a digital watch.

* I started building speakers and discovered that if you hoped to predict what your speaker was going to do before you built it, it was ALLLL math. The cabinets, acoustics, electronics, all of it.

As an impoverished teenager earning $5 per week allowance, the only way to stretch my dollars was to look up tables in a book, grab my calculator and start doing speaker calculations.

Otherwise, I would squander all my precious pennies buying the wrong parts and it would never sound right.

I thought audio problems were incredibly interesting… again, nothing like Mrs. Gould’s class.

Because of my $1.00 calculator and the 1-2-3 Infinity book and the stereo projects, I started to realize math could be incredibly fascinating…

…When it’s not just a bunch of stupid rules and a test for following rigid instructions

…When someone is eager explain to you what it’s for and why you should care

…When you get to do useful stuff with it – like bring in customers!

…When it can serve YOU and you’re not just a slave serving it

…When you can use it as an ARTISTIC TOOL and CANVAS FOR YOUR IDEAS and not just an instrument of the bureaucracy…

THEN it’s endlessly fascinating!

When math was on my terms, I loved it. In fact, last year I published a scientific paper called “Biology Transcends the Limits of Computation.” The core of it is a proof that computers as currently defined can never do what people, animals and even plants and cells do.

I experienced that in marketing, then I went into meta-mathematics to prove it.

It was a bitch to figure out but I loved every minute of it. And I’m incredibly proud that it’s now published in a peer reviewed journal, Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology.

I discovered there’s an ARTISTIC and creative side to math, where you don’t necessarily solve equations or formulas, but instead you get to visualize problems and feel your way to an answer.

This is how Einstein discovered relativity. It was pure imagination… visualizing trains running at 99% light speed, passing each other in the night!

Equations came later, with help from other people.

ALSO: In business and marketing, you don’t always even need the “right” answer. You just need a better answer than the next guy… who may well not have an answer at all. If your map of the world is a little better than his, you win.

It’s often NOT about exact answers. Half the time it’s about drawing a superior sketch on a napkin in a restaurant!

(If you could experience math in the new rules instead of the old ones, wouldn’t it be more fun???)

That said, sometimes it’s a matter of being exact in a certain respect. Example:

This is 80/20 Curve theory (black line) plotted against Forbes 400 actual reality (blue line). Notice it’s not exactly right to six decimal places of precision… yet it’s astonishingly accurate even with messy human data while also being universally right across not only the 400 richest people in America AND literally a million other things.

From the impressions column in your Facebook ads account to the sizes of rocks in the asteroid belt between Earth and Mars.

The reason for this is that the 80/20 Curve formula (published in Harvard Business Review Italy in 2018) is rock solid at its core. The term for this is…


extremely thorough, exhaustive, or accurate.
"the rigorous testing of consumer products"

RIGOROUS is a word few marketers ever use. This word would seldom be used to describe marketers or entrepreneurs. But my engineering education was the thing that conferred to me the ability to be rigorous.

What if you were able to not only work with the squishy world of people and emotions, yet skillfully manipulate the rock-hard realities of cold logic?

The ability to do BOTH is rare and extremely valuable.

If there was ever a course that could be really PLEASURABLE by giving you far more tools for drawing sketches, making predictions on the back of an envelope or napkin in a bar or restaurant, or a pad of paper at a hotel… yet the same time opening the door for you to learn to manifest rigor in your problem solving skills, and give you more avenues to pursue that…

Marketing in 10 Dimensions IS that course.

There has been NOTHING like this ever offered. Anywhere. Unique in all the world.

This course is a place where geeks can let it all hang out and ask the craziest, zaniest questions, and get USEFUL answers.

I cannot predict what you will find useful. It’s not even my job to know that. That’s on you. I can, however, promise you that if you simply grant yourself permission to enjoy the process, to absorb the sessions and capture whatever it provokes… let the Muse lead wherever she wants to go…

You’re embarking on a fascinating journey that will carry you to many places you have never seen.

This will translate many concepts from “vague” and “fuzzy” to concrete and manageable. And yes, when called for, rigorous. You will come away with tools for solving real, pressing problems – new ways of visualizing traffic… new ways of understanding and envisioning customer psychology… better ways to solve demographics, psychographics and mass behavior; better models for growth and business cycles… without you having to become a data scientist.

Grab some paintbrushes… some canvas… an easel and some tape… add some watercolors and oil paints. How about a charcoal pencil?

Want sculpture? We’ve got clay. Need a block of granite and a chisel? The jackhammer may come in handy, it’s in the shed. Perhaps a circular saw and a drill.

How about glass and a glass cutter? Maybe you want to make stained glass windows or mosaics.


Tuesday, July 26 @ 2:30pm US Eastern

You can’t have a successful voyage with a crappy map.

The opposite side of that coin is: “A problem clearly defined is 95% solved.”

I will show you how to approach any problem in any industry (even in markets you’ve never worked in before!) and break it down to an ingenious minimal set of component parts… so you now define that problem in a better way than anyone ever has mapped it before.

I don’t read business books much anymore. I find it far more productive (and fun) to read books about cosmology or evolutionary biology or cancer or Antarctic exploration. Speaking of Antarctica…

For literally 2,000 years, ancient people heard murmurs of a frozen southern continent. The Greeks called it “Terra Australis.” Some believed it extended as far north as the equator.

Take a look at this Dutch map of Antarctica from 1596:

It shows Antarctica touching South America, then stretching all the way up to Hawaii!

James Cook proved this map wrong by sailing all the way around the Southern Ocean, and crossing the Antarctic circle. 1773.

You laugh at this map. We all laugh. But silly as it seems, even in 1900 we still knew less about Antarctica than we knew about Mars!

Most peoples’ assessment of their own skills and business is as distorted as this 1596 map. My appraisal of my own sales ability when I was 25 years old was at least as flawed as the above map of “Terra Australis.” It’s why I floundered for so long. The weight of self-condemnation I staggered beneath was pure torture.

ONE Marketing DNA test printout would have propelled me to the level of “accurate as 1900.” (And rescued me from $30,000 of credit card debt.)

To build the Marketing DNA Test I used an 8-axis Matrix. Because I chose the axes wisely (= most crucial part), the test is remarkably accurate. Company leaders are using it to match people to tasks, with precision… increase their income by leaps and bounds… a recruitment agency could use it to build Network Effect and gain a sizable advantage over rivals.

The same 10-D Matrix structure formed my approach to Google Display Network. By chance, have you ever seen this piece of copy? I’ve used it several times:

The key to spanning multiple PPC platforms is “X-Ray Vision.” PPC is a fog. It’s guerrilla warfare at night. You can’t see anything with the naked eye. Bombshell #1 gives you:

      1. Bright yellow fog lights that see 100% further in the fog
      2. Infrared sensors that generate heat maps of activity
      3. Ultraviolet light that activates photoactive materials
      4. X-Rays that sense hard surfaces
      5. Sonar that bounces sound waves
      6. Geiger counters that detect radioactive materials
      7. Lasers that detect reflective surfaces
      8. Radar that perceives metal objects
      9. Antennas that recognize electrical interference
      10. Hunting dogs that smell meat

When you combine fog lights, infrared, ultraviolet, X-rays, sonar, Geiger counters, lasers, radar, antennas and hunting dogs, you’re never going to fly your plane into the side of a mountain.

One guy wrote in and asked: “How do you come up with such intriguing copy hooks?” The answer is: I used 10-D Matrix thinking to come up with that, which made it pretty easy.

Well, the coolest part is – the multi-dimensional structure was what I taught my students to use inside the Display Network itself and evade competition. Through cross-dimensional thinking!

You can do this on a grand scale (I’ll show you a client who’s doing just that) but you can also do it in bite-sized pieces: Quizzes, landing pages, intake forms, consultations, lead generators, sales disqualifiers.

I’ll show you how to create your own “Metric system” for your industry so that people are talking, thinking and measuring problems the way YOU break them down, instead of the way your competitors break them down. People will be in awe of your ability to grasp, deconstruct and isolate causes.

10-D Matrix Thinking was the foundation of the Swiss Army Knife tool as well, which continues to deliver results for clients 12 years later. (The Swiss Army Knife harnesses something like 30 or 40 dimensions.)

Session one will canvas copywriting – emotions – bullets – Swiss Army Knife – USP elements – marketing media (1 entire session) – including formulas and heuristics for determining if your structure passes muster or not.


Wednesday, August 3 @ 2:30pm US Eastern

One of my most-told stories is my epiphany in Buzz Cafe in 2003, reading Richard Koch’s 80/20 book and realizing 80/20 is fractal. There’s an 80/20 inside every 80/20, and another, then another.

I’ve earned a good living for the last 20 years. Just from that one insight.

That’s because I take fractals farther than almost anyone, applying them across every dimension, band and boundary. In Session 2, I’m going to take you down Perry’s fractal rabbit hole, showing you how you can recognize them everywhere and use them to GREATLY SIMPLIFY things that seem impossibly complex.

  • The fractal nature of everything: This is why I’ll devote an entire session on how to think about, watch for, identify and profit from fractal patterns. The best way to find invisible money in markets is to notice patterns that nobody else notices. This is true in investing, marketing, advertising, product development – you name it. In the mid 2000s when Google was new, I realized Google ads and YouTube videos are fractal infomercials; smaller, far less expensive, while retaining the same concept; that’s why I grasped THEN how urgent it was for advertisers to get on board and evolve with the platform before the ads got expensive!

  • Fractal stagnation & bureaucracy: Why almost every industry is 50 years behind state of the art… and most importantly, how to harness this knowledge without getting kicked in the teeth. There’s a dark side!

  • (Strange) attractors: There is a way that the world “wants” to be. Most people are living in the “should be” world instead of the “is” world and wearing themselves out fighting nature. Discover how to discern the natural attractors that make businesses flow naturally.


Wednesday, August 10 @ 2:30pm US Eastern

In 80/20 Sales & Marketing, I issued this statement:

“Everything that really matters in business isn’t linear, it’s exponential. 80/20 is about Power Laws—powers of 10. You should always think in multiples of 10.”

In this session I share with you a dozen plus ways to think and map your universe in exponential terms. Power Laws are among the most powerful weapons in the toolbox, and I’ll show you how to flip back and forth between linear thinking and exponential thinking, effortlessly.

  • How many times have you entered a market and early ad tests indicated GREEN LIGHTS EVERYWHERE… Then you invested big money and experienced a huge, painful BELLY FLOP? I’m going to share a little-known method by which you can judge the resistance of entering a market, and estimating the point at which resistance lets up.

  • Linear thinking is a disease that permeates all fields, all industries… I’m going to help you flip that around so even when you’re deluged with “linear information” you can transform it into an exponential perspective.

  • The great disease in business is average thinking. Discover how to map “average” to “outliers,” reliably guessing in advance how much gold is hidden in that goldmine, even if you’ve only tapped it 20 feet so far.

Oftentimes I will shed mathematical formality and “run with the fun.” (Math professors would send me suicide notes if they knew what I was doing, but the artistic freedom is what makes it so exciting.)

Session 4: WAVES

Tuesday August 16 @ 10am US Eastern

When you push the universe “in” here… it pops “out” over there.

There is no free lunch. Only brilliant compromises and synchronicities.

But belief in free lunches has shipwrecked a million ships.

My early days of designing stereo equipment called my attention to a little-known maxim called “Hoffman’s Iron Law.” Later this sensitized me to the fact that the universe is densely packed with Tradeoff Triads – clusters of 3 offsetting compromises like QUALITY – FAST – CHEAP – where you have to pick two, ‘cuz you’re gonna pay with the third one item in the list.

Most people are in denial of this. (I thought I could shortcut it in some of my early speaker designs and the results were disastrous.) People try to shortcut them and end up screwing themselves. True artists don’t cheat; they mask one deficiency with another.

Honestly, I can’t tell you how many times I thought I understood something that I believed to be fairly simple, and I didn’t actually come to grasp it until 5, 10, even 20 years later.

When I was first developing my chops around Google ads and sales funnels 20 years ago: “How do you pick up a person on a keyword and move them ALL THE WAY TO [spending a large sum of money / changing their belief system / getting involved in a whole new subculture]...

…I recalled an acoustics project I worked on when I was in college. In a field called “transmission lines.” How sound waves travel through a pipe organ, and what happens when waves reach the end of the pipe…

…is very similar to what customers do when your conversation doesn’t match the conversation inside their head.

They bounce!

(You know that on landing pages, we measure “bounce rate.”)

What an audio guy can see, invisible to most marketers, is a fine analogy: There is then a forward traveling wave and a backward traveling wave and the waves add up in fascinating patterns.

Again, only an engineer from a specialized subject would even think to frame things this way.

Once a guy flew into Chicago and met me at my home for a 1-day Private Client consultation. He had built and sold a software company and had an engineering background. I was explaining how I think about making a smooth transition from Google search term to ad to landing page to order page and he said “Oh, it’s like matching impedance.”

“YES!” I exclaimed. “Yes! It’s just that I’ve never, ever tried to explain that to anybody but since you’re an engineer you understand!” And I went on to explain more in our mutual shared language.

Impedance is a richer, more complex notion of resistance which not only considers friction but also stored energy. It’s used all over the place in electrical engineering and acoustics. You use imaginary numbers (square roots of negative numbers) to represent it.

It’s a multi-dimensional idea and it’s very cool. It’s also useful because it considers whether the stored energy is ahead of what you’re trying to do, or behind, and by how much.

YES, this is very useful in sales funnels – synchronizing with client desires and deliberately NOT being in step with [co-dependent with] the client.

(Hint: It has everything to do with the fact that you can spend months cajoling and convincing a customer to buy, but the minute they decide to purchase, they become angry at you if the delivery comes late. Wanting and getting are OUT OF PHASE).

When there’s a sales disconnect, there is an unintended consequence: What the customer does when they pop out the other end.

And there is a pushback into your sales organization. All because of a mismatch between expectations.

Each world has something to teach the other. Despite the fact that nobody else in your entire career has ever compared these two things.

Does your sales cycle last 2 days? 2 weeks? 2 months? 2 years? In our live session together I’ll show you how plotting your sales cycle as a “forward traveling wave” and “backward traveling wave” and thinking about “complex reactance” enables you to capture more clients with less effort – and fight with customers far less, harnessing both forward and backward momentum. It’s sales jiu jitsu.

In the process I’ll share a tool with you that is freakishly clever. For a teaspoon taste, see the graphic below. I’m the first person in world history to import this into sales and marketing:

Less friction. More profit. It provokes you to ask questions you would never have asked any other way.

Back to sound waves and bounce rates… Those analogies served me sumptuously and still do. One of the most profound things I’ve ever discovered is:

You can’t cheat a wave.

Waves form naturally from the laws of physics. Those laws are inviolable. The closest most people in marketing get to really dealing with waves is patterns like “seasonal” and “sales cycle” but that’s barely the icing on the cake. People are violating all kinds of laws without knowing it.

  • “Racking the shotgun” is wave-making, and waves not only transmit, they reflect and absorb. This is why you spend so much of your sales life dealing with unintended consequences.

  • Almost everything we do in marketing is wave-based. There is a frequency, an energy. How many times has it seemed like a relationship should work on paper but in real life it doesn’t work at all. Well guess what, it’s not “woo-woo,” there’s an underlying basis for this.

A scientist wrote to me for advice. Wasn’t fitting neatly into his department. I wrote back:

I can't explain to you politically what's going on, that's mysterious, but you're enough of your own unique person that they already KNOW your energy is different and you're not "one of them." No logical explanation is required.

That's your clear sign that you're NOT in danger of what I've always warned you about – getting shoehorned into some future "respectable" academic quasi-success that you secretly hate.

There is nothing worse than a success that you hate. (Which is why Jerry Seinfeld stopped doing the Seinfeld show even though it was ridiculously successful and he risked walking into oblivion. It was because he was just tired of doing it, and unlike so many, he had the guts to say stop. It also meant the Seinfeld show didn't slowly spiral downward into mediocrity and die a slow, painful death.)

The positive feedback you get from various people about your fresh approach ought to be all the proof you need that you're doing the right thing NOW.

When you find your career groove, it will be something that YOU have had a strong hand in defining, and it will defy categorization. You are clearly on the right track. Go Go Go!

Maybe the most important attribute of Marketing In 10 Dimensions is that it radically enlarges your vocabulary. It supplies you with dozens of new ways to think about old problems.

You cannot solve old problems with old language. New solutions, new markets, new companies, new companies, new concepts and horizons require new words and vocabulary.

The best part about this language is that much of it is 50-500 years old. It’s as rock-solid as gravity and as true as moonlight… but literally not 1 marketer or entrepreneur in 1000 knows how to think this way.

I will teach you a new way of thinking and I promise you that you will pick up AT LEAST one thing that is completely indispensable to your business and career going forward.




You’re in an extreme cash crunch and urgently need to make money by 5pm tomorrow

You insist that everything taught to you be literal

You were King or Queen in the high school prom

People who bend & break rules drive you crazy (my rule-enforcing math teacher Mrs. Gould would be amused by this course but would, in the end, be offended by it)

You need bit-by-bit, step-by-step, color-by-numbers instructions

You struggle with, and even fight against, “jazz improvisation”


You’re a Geek – Nerd – Propellerhead

You LIKE connecting dots

You make your bread from analytics, building programs or algorithms

You read a wide range of material

You don’t have to fully understand a concept in order to run with it

You’re high Alchemist and / or high Analytics on the Marketing DNA Test

You don’t necessarily grasp “tech stuff” but you still love the stories and concepts

You like science fiction

You enjoy numbers, models and spreadsheets

Your first watch was a Casio

You crave stimulation and brain food

If you’re a coder, programmer or have a background in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (“STEM”), you will EAT THIS UP.

Having established the above,

IF you attend the sessions and

IF you do the exercises I give,

THEN you will pick up something priceless – some new tool, new way of looking at the world, some brand new way of solving problems

AND you will have lots of FUN doing it!


Simply contact us within 60 days of purchase and ask for a refund and we’ll honor our satisfaction guarantee.

My sole request is that you attend all four sessions before you decide – because I can’t possibly predict which part you’ll find useful.

Register now – and I’ll see you on July 26. We are about to embark on the craziest, trippiest journey you’ve ever been on in your marketing career!

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Let your freak flag fly – Don your nerd hat – sign up and let’s go!!!

To Your Success,



Q: What's the course schedule?
A: The full schedule is available below. Each session will be about 90-min in duration.

  • Session 1 – Tuesday, July 26 @ 2:30pm US Eastern
  • Session 2 – Wednesday, August 3 @ 2:30pm US Eastern
  • Session 3 – Wednesday, August 10 @ 2:30pm US Eastern
  • Session 4 – Tuesday, August 16 @ 10:00am US Eastern

Q: Will the sessions be recorded?
A: Yes, all sessions will be recorded and posted in the members' area within 48-72 hours (barring technical difficulties).

Q: What's the Guarantee?
A: Here's the guarantee...

IF you attend the sessions and

IF you do the exercises Perry gives,

THEN you will pick up something priceless – some new tool, new way of looking at the world, some brand new way of solving problems

AND you will have lots of FUN doing it!


Simply contact us within 60 days of purchase and ask for a refund and we’ll honor our satisfaction guarantee.

Q: What's the price of the course?
A: The price is $1999. For pre-existing members of New Renaissance 12 (Yearly) or higher, the cost is $999.

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