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  • The same truths, principles and insights that I’ve applied to grow my own business over 1000% since 2008.
  • The same secrets and “black box” tools I’ve applied to literally hundreds of clients’ businesses to identify double-digit growth opportunities…often in just minutes. (See “Rob: An 80/20 Black Box Case Study” below)
  • The same “Xray Vision” techniques my students have used, on their own without my help, to transform their business and their personal lives.

“It has contributed to my success in the business I launched in 2010, tripling revenue every year since inception.”

Andrew Pincock – Rock Lodge Media. Orem, Utah. March 27th, 2015.

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Dear Entrepreneur:

These secrets I revealed in 2008 have been tested and proven in the hard-knocks world of online entrepreneurship that is “Planet Perry”. If you know me, you know 80/20. Period.

So, it’s amusing to look back and see how controversial these secrets were at the time…

Hi Mr. Marshall,

It’s hard to reach you! Anyways, this is a short email to tell you how disappointed I am of the new direction you are taking with your business since the last few months.

I read your report on 80/20 and feel very uncomfortable with it. This is far from the quality of your book about Adwords.

Why this shift to the black magic of marketing stuff? You have hell of a great expertise in google adwords and online marketing, why not trying to investigate new ways of using it instead of sending us this kind of wishful thinking propaganda. Is that kind of stuff so profitable?

The 80/20 pseudo science has been over-exploited for more than 50 years now. Cut the crap and write us about what you do well! I’ll not spend a dime on miraculous marketing recipes.

I hope to see you back on the “clear side”.

Best regards,

Paul Chretien

To be fair, I understood Mr. Chretien’s skepticism. Back in 2008, this DID sound like magic.

But the results from my own business were undeniable…

Dear Paul,

The reason I’m so hard to reach is, I use the 80/20 rule to strictly limit who gets pieces of my valuable time.

I keep the phone calls down to just a handful each day. Every other Monday is heavy with consulting calls. Other days, the phone may not even ring even once.

Peace and quiet for me. Space to think, to create, to imagine.

This space allows me to get a lot more accomplished. Like taking care of my Roundtable Members. Writing my Renaissance Club Newsletter. Holding my Intensives and Mastermind Calls. It’s the reason why it’s possible for me to charge $725.00 per hour for my consulting time. This protected focus time is the only reason my expertise is worth $725 per hour.

This is possible because I have layers of gatekeepers who protect me from time wasters.

In turn, I protect my STAFF from time wasters. If I didn’t have all those annoying forms on my website and automatic email replies that say “How to contact Perry Marshall Customer Service”, my staff would spend all their precious time answering questions from non-paying people who feel entitled to free advice.

Instead, my staff are making sure they spend their time helping paying customers solve their problems and make steady progress in their businesses.

Now… addressing my AdWords expertise and the subject of AdWords for which I am so well known.

First of all, Mr. Chretien, if you read any of my AdWords books you’ll find in them frequent references to the 80/20 rule and the 95/5 rule. My 80/20 epiphany five years ago came just immediately before I jumped into the AdWords market, and my success in the AdWords market is largely due to my use of the 80/20 principle within that market.

The “peel and stick” technique, which is so incredibly powerful, is a direct derivative of the 80/20 rule and was discovered by applied 80/20 thinking.

The reason I am the #1 AdWords guy in the world is not because I know more about AdWords than anybody else.

No, the reason I’m the #1 AdWords guy is, I’m better at SALES CONVERSION than any other AdWords guy. When I came into the market five years ago, there was literally a new AdWords e-book coming out every week. The marketplace was getting whored up with more e-books than you could shake a stick at.

It was a dogfight. And when the smoke cleared, there were three people left standing: Andrew Goodman, Chris Carpenter, and me. All very sharp guys. But anyway, the bottom line is, affiliates found they made more money promoting my book than all others. Two to three times as much, usually.

So the Unlimited Traffic Technique kicked in and the thing went quasi-viral. The proof of this is what happens when you type perry marshall adwords into Google. It says “results 1-10 out of 137,000.”

One hundred thirty seven thousand pages in Google about me and my work.

You think I did that?

No sir, I did not make all those pages.

My affiliates did.

If that isn’t an example of the 80/20 rule and 1000:1 leverage in motion, I don’t know what is, Mr. Chretien. But the reason my site converts better than anyone else’s is:

  • In Google AdWords in general, according to a study performed by AdGooRoo Inc., 3% of the advertisers get 50% of the traffic. So if you’re an AdWords advertiser who doesn’t understand the 80/20 rule, you’re screwed right out of the gate.
  • My “control” Google ad has a higher overall ad rank than 97% of my rivals; Google’s own ads are the only other ads that consistently show up under unpredictable broad-brush or random searches that include the word “AdWords.”
  • We engineered the landing page and sales letter around specific pivot points known to have especially high influence on conversion
  • We used Glenn Livingston’s survey methods, which generously apply 80/20 concepts, to identify the most important and influential groups within our target audience
  • The product offer is organized around a tiered pricing model based on my 80/20 research
  • In the first 15 minutes of every “Bobsled Run” we introduce the 80/20 Rule as a starting point and on the last call we devote an entire extended group seminar to this topic.
  • We divided our sales process into 80/20 segments, and there are at least ten major levels of ascension in the total sequence. I describe these levels and the engineering of this sales funnel in this course.
  • Most of the real “action” in my business is not even visible or accessible to the casual visitor on my website. It’s almost all “underground” – in the realm of autoresponders and teleseminars, MP3’s, snail-mail newsletters, DVD’s and elite, private coaching clubs. Stuff that only insiders are privy to. Once again, an example of providing the majority of my resources to a minority of customers who matter.
  • This is in stark contrast to the conventional “wisdom” of indiscriminately sacrificing all your content to the Search Engine Gods as a peace offering. The 80/20-savvy person knows that electronic ‘bots feed at the bottom of the food chain, not the top! In my world, the best items on the buffet should be served up to people, not robots.

I do not know of any principles that are more pervasive in all of nature than the 80/20 rule and the extreme inequality of everything. It applies to income levels of every citizen of the world, to the wealth levels of entire countries, to the Fortune 500 list, the Forbes 400 list, all the way up to the ten richest people in the world. It applies to rabbit populations and the size of craters on the moon. And it applies to every aspect of business.

Now, Mr. Chretien, there will always be people who believe that true, scientifically validated observations are pseudo-science. That is your theory. But I and my top students have an experience of success and satisfaction.

Those who have experience are never at the mercy of those who merely have theory.

Thanks for writing, and best of success to you.

Perry Marshall

Points of Huge, Powerful Leverage…Where Tiny Efforts Produce Huge Results.

Like I outlined in the letter to Mr. Chretien, I use 80/20 to inform almost every business move I make.

And the results for me have been staggering:

  • A 1000% increase in business in 48 months, from an already-respectable consulting practice
  • Regular monthly recurring cash flow from three levels of membership – Renaissance Club, Mastermind Club and Roundtable – and the income from each is within 10-15% of what my “X-Ray Vision” had predicted
  • A reliable way to predict and guage the success of any product offer, relative to others, relative to past successes
  • A clever way to cut spam complaints and email unsubscribe rates from 5-10% (which is normal) to less than 0.5%
  • An accelerated path for moving customers upward from entry level to top shelf, without arm-twisting, begging, pleading or annoying anyone
  • Time Freedom: I effectively took most of this past summer off: A week and a half in India, two weeks summer vacation with the family on the East Coast, a week of daddy/son camp and another week of daddy/daughter camp; I spent much of the rest of the summer and some of the fall working on a totally different set of projects…. yet sales held steady.
  • Personal Satisfaction: Winning messages inside your own mind are reinforced when you consistently get more done with less effort; when you chisel your way into even the most ferocious of markets against muscular, savvy competitors, and still win their grudging respect. It’s satisfying to watch other highly capable rivals attempt to enter but eventually leave with their tails between their legs… of knowing that because of your competence, your customers, partners, employees and vendors do better, they prosper, they have their own space to develop and grow.

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Here are Just a Few Things You’ll Discover in the Seminar Video & MP3s:

  • The Method that Easily Boosted Conversions and VISITOR VALUE by 53%, and achieves 30-60% gains consistently: I reveal how to use my 80/20 x-ray to identify the tiny number of factors that swing almost all the response. The difference that determines your success or failure is usually a linkage of just three elements. You’ve only got so much time to get this right. Learn how to use tool to stop wasting your time making ineffective adjustments and start getting traction.
  • How to Write Seductive “80/20 Copy” that Sells: In a sales letter there are SIX elements that do most of the selling…everything else is filler. Many times the bond with your customer is created in one or two sentences. Those two sentences (usually not the headline) prove more important than everything else put together. Identify the psychic connections that cause visitors to take action and increase conversions fast.
  • How to Get More Visitors to Buy: The most frustrating thing is when you’re buying real clicks and they’re costing real money and people are just bouncing off of your website and spending no money. 100 clicks, 200 clicks, 300 clicks…. Nobody buys, your head feels like it’s being held underwater, and in madness and frustration you make changes, attempting to get a response. In this seminar I showed how the 80/20 machine can quickly determine whether there’s life in your market and you’re “getting warmer” or if you need to completely shift gears and stop wasting time.
  • How to Earn Massive Compound Interest on Multiple Leverage Points: How to add 500:1 results from one area to 1000:1 in another, and get monthly returns with zero effort. Because… when it costs real money to market to a targeted list of people, there are clever ways to determine which ones will respond. What if you could send out a direct mail campaign only to the people who already have a high probability of responding?

    There’s substantial leverage there… but there’s even more leverage in investing heavily in getting the exact kind of response you want… of increasing the likelihood of that response ten fold. This right here is a technique that achieves ROI improvements anywhere from 20:1 to 500:1.

    In my 2-day, 4-man intensives, we are often able to take marketing campaigns that are frankly a mess, and by focused changes to one ad, one keyword, one sales funnel, one market research project, increase sales 20-30% – maybe tinkering with only six things. Sort of like reaching into a race car engine, tweaking a couple of hoses, and getting 200 more horsepower. That’s waaaaay easier than a complete engine rebuild.

    Complete engine rebuild – usually NOT necessary!

  • How to Get Twice the Search Engine Traffic in Half the Time at Half the Budget: Most people think this is the most important thing. Actually, it’s the least important thing. AT FIRST, anyway. Most people think the traffic is 80% of the battle, but it’s really 20% of the battle. CONVERSION is 80% of the battle. This is the almost universal reversal of priorities… and isn’t the way people get this backwards a symptom of the human condition itself? Once conversion is solidly in place, traffic mysteries solve themselves nicely. I outline the Traffic Conversion Anvil, the 95/5 Rule and the Unlimited Traffic Technique.
  • Email Marketing Alchemy: There are a lot of people who would kill to have a customer list, a giant email list, like mine. But… those same people would kill the list because they don’t know how to treat it. They would hammer it relentlessly and burn it out. Murder, she wrote. The goose that lays the golden egg, they would put that sucker on an exercise bike and flog it until it had a heart attack and died.

    Then they’d cut it open and see if they could pry some gold out of its butt.

    Not me, man. I’ve combined the 80/20 rule with Stephen Covey’s “fill the emotional bank account” philosophy and mastered the art of cultivating hot, responsive, rabid readers via email and snail mail. While leaving the lukewarm and disinterested ones alone most of the time. Some people get 100 times more email than others, and hang on every word…. some people only hear from me once in a blue moon.

    The magic is, everyone gets exactly as much as they want, and it happens automatically. That’s the lever inside the lever, the DNA of not merely high leverage, but the proper amount of leverage all across the board.

  • How to Gain Google AdWords Traction This Week: Why literally 99% of the Real Estate in most Google accounts is nearly worthless and loaded with mindless distractions. How you can gain enormous traction with a series of 20 minute fixes.
  • How to Get “Kaizen” Improvement in Google Ad Groups and Campaigns: How to organize your groups and campaigns according to 80/20, across the board – for maximum improvement every month.
  • How to Avoid The Mistake of “Long Tail” Thinking – how and why it’s a great way to keep you broke. (Long tail thinking is poverty for most entrepreneurs, if you use it the way it’s taught in textbooks.) How to find a rich niche within the long tail, that’s profitable. Chris Anderson, eat your heart out.
  • How Your Public School Education Lulled You into Commodity Thinking – and why highly educated people have a harder time than anyone adopting an 80/20 mindset. The affects are crippling. If you’re feeling stuck right now… this is why!
  • Why Being #1 in Your Market is Not Only Vastly More Profitable It’s Actually Easier, Simpler and Less Stressful. You enjoy the best of all possible worlds.
  • Why 80/20 is a Pillar of the Unlimited Traffic Technique – and how one of the most successful viral marketing campaigns in history, “The Secret” DVD, actually was originally built and perfected with a Google AdWords campaign

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Rob: An 80/20 Black Box Case Study

How my “X-Ray Machine” doubled a simple Lead Generation site in only THREE MONTHS, provided a literal 2nd honeymoon for its owners and caused years of blood, sweat and tears to pay off in spades.

A few years ago an entrepreneur, Rob, came to my 4-man Intensive from Europe. He was buying clicks on Google, collecting info with an opt-in form and selling sales leads.

He was already doing everything “right.” Finely groomed Google campaigns, well-chosen keywords, professional-looking landing pages, a streamlined sales process. Not surprisingly, he was doing well.

Rob felt as though he was doing everything he ought to be doing, but surely incremental improvements were possible.

He thought we were just going to write some better Google ads, tweak his landing pages, the usual stuff.

Yeah…. OK, we did eventually get around to all that.

But I wanted to double his business first.

So, I focused my “80/20 X-Ray” at not one but three dimensions of his business and in minutes – seconds, even – saw a huge opportunity, loads of money he was leaving on the table.

Three additional “dimensions of value” that were untapped and just begging to be exploited.

I asked him what he sold the leads for, and he told me. He described the customers who purchased the leads and his relationship with them.

I said, “I think I know how you can double your business – and you can do it just as fast as you implement the idea I’m about to give you.”

Rob is a man who acts on advice, and he began taking notes.

First, there was the value of the leads themselves. He was charging a flat rate for those leads, and for the most part in his industry, people expect to pay a flat rate. A lead is believed to be a commodity. But I my X-Ray vision predicted he could get 2-3X as much money for some of those leads. With a 30% increase in average price overall.

Second, I saw an opportunity in the delivery of those leads. Even something as simple as the speed at which they were made available. Hotline access to hot, fresh leads could be worth more money to the right people.

Third, I saw a new dimension of value in adding a level of membership for his clients. I knew that if he could create a higher level of service for the most ambitious lead buyers, they would pay for access.

I advised Rob to create a tiered system, like this:

  1. He would invite his buyers to join an elite leads club, where they would pay a monthly fee get hotline access to the very best leads. More money for Rob through membership fees – selling exclusivity.
  2. Hot fresh leads would be made available to Premium members only, under a preview system. They could bid for the leads and compete against fewer lead buyers because of their membership. More money for speed.
  3. The best leads would be snatched up at a much higher price. After that, any unsold leads would be released to “garden variety” lead buyers. More money for quality.

He executed and now instead of one source of income (leads at market price) he has three:

  1. His usual earnings from standard “Market Price” leads
  2. Rob collects a substantial amount of monthly membership fees from his Premium lead buyers
  3. Premium Price leads, often sold within minutes of their release – for 30% to 200% more than before, it turns out!

In three months Rob doubled his business. Just as I predicted.

Actually, just as my 80/20 Machine predicted in just a few minutes of X-raying his business.

Furthermore, he has now TRIPLED his business in the last 11 months. He did that by using 80/20 thinking to prioritize the many possible improvements to his website and choose only things that had the highest probability of payoff.

Rob and his wife stopped in and attended our Roundtable on their way to Florida, celebrating a 2nd honeymoon. They’re RAKING it in. Highly profitable in what for most is a down market.

(She says to me, “You know, Perry, I’m real mum about this recent success to my friends. They just get jealous. If I told them how much we’re making now they’ll think they deserve a share of it, and meanwhile, be completely oblivious to all the years we labored hard together in the trenches, making this thing happen.”)

Dear reader, YOU know what it’s like to practically kill yourself making your business go. A victory like this would feel like climbing to the top of Mount Everest and skiing all the way down. The stress would melt away and the financial pressures relax. That feeling of constant overwhelm and information overload recedes. You’re finally rewarded, finally vindicated for your hard work and vision.

You finally prove to the world and those around you that you really did know what you’re doing.

I’d like to tell you that Rob’s smash success was because of Perry Marshall’s ingenious wizardry and intuition, but the truth is… it was a systematic process that I had already developed. It took mere minutes for me to lay it out for him, and a life-transforming, income-producing expansion became a reality. Years of effort came to fruition, and he now dominates a market that is becoming difficult for his increasingly alarmed competitors.

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Once you possess the X-Ray vision, you will be largely immune to factors like fluctuating bid levels and cut-throat price competition. Just as Rob is largely immune to a market that is sliding backwards.

If the water level goes up and drowns your competitors… there will just be fewer competitors for you to contend with.

Too bad. So sad.

Hey babe… it’s either your neck on the chopping block or theirs. You decide.

(If it bothers you that this is unfair, that’s because it is unfair. The 80/20 rule is the very DNA of the unfairness of the universe. It’s deeply and profoundly unfair. But it is honest. Fortunately, YOU get to decide which side of the fairness fence you want to live on.)

If you want to prevail in your marketplace, your decision is already made.

In fact, that reminds me: I heard a rumor that they’re going to throw another recession soon. Maybe it started already? I forgot to RSVP. But you know what happens when they hold a recession? What happens is this 80/20 stuff kicks into overdrive. “Survival of the fittest” goes into high gear, baby!

In good times, the weak (those 80% who are only making 20% of the revenues in any particular market) can “get by” even if they’re not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

But not in a recession. That’s “thin the herd” time, my friend.

You’ll need the sharpest tools (not tricks and techniques) to cut through that jungle…and this is the sharpest tool I’ve ever developed.

Order the Video & MP3s from the $2800 80/20 Seminar Now
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The Exciting, Liberating, NON-Business Side
to the 80/20 Principle

Which brings me to another dimension of all this that deserves mention. The formula I’ll reveal applies not just to business probalems but to all kinds of other areas of your life.

Like the development of your natural gifts and talents. You know you’re not perfect. There are only a few areas where you really excel, where you have that groove, that sweet spot, that special talent zone – and then there are a bunch of areas where you are just merely mediocre. Everyone is built that way.

Frustration and stress sets in when you spend way too much of your time working outside your sweet spot.

But, you know what happens when you apply 80/20 thinking to your personal skills and development? When you stop wasting time doing things you’re mediocre at and start spending ALL your time in your sweet spot?

  1. You stop feeling like such a chump. Listen, my friend, the world is a toxic, acidic, negative place. The whole planet seems bent on telling you what’s wrong with you. But here’s what happens when you’re inside your talent zone: People think you’re superman. They give you RESPECT.

    I’m dead serious. Hey, I’ve got customers who think I can walk on water and it’s because they only see me doing stuff I’m GOOD at. (You don’t have to pick up my underwear or put down the toilet seat, something for which we can both be thankful.) Well when you start spending most of your time in YOUR talent zones, you’ll feel like Superman, too. And people will treat you like the special person that you truly are.

  2. The effort you expend working on your talent zones is 16 times more rewarding than time spent working on your weaknesses. This is 80/20 thinking at its most satisfying.
  3. You naturally pass that along to other people, simply as a byproduct of your own changes and growth. You become less judgmental of other people, knowing that a lot of their struggles come from the fact that they’re not operating in their strength areas.

Most people use the 80/20 rule merely to look backwards at what has happened after the fact. (That’s kind of like predicting yesterday’s weather.)

What if you could use the 80/20 principle to predict the future?

What if there were a “black box” into which you could plug small amounts of data and receive clear directions to huge hidden markets and veins of gold?

What if, in markets where everyone else is just breaking even, you could see exactly where to get back 150%, 200%, 400% or more, on every click that comes to your site – even the expensive clicks?

What Would it Mean to Your Business, if You Could…

  • Find profitable new markets and new market segments. With my formula, you can enter any market, buy some clicks, test one product at one price and the Black Box will show you at least three other market segments that are as big or bigger, accurately predicting how much money is in those markets. Ripe, low-hanging fruit, waiting to be picked.
  • “Find New Money” Inside Your Own Customer List. It will show you how much money they’ll pay, how much they’ll pay, and how many will “ascend to the next level”.
  • Predict Profitable Pricing Structures. It tells you if you’ll make more money by offering a bargain-basement priced product. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t – but you can find out ahead of time without wasting time or money.
  • Determine, in Advance, the Cost of Increased Market Share. Going from zero to 1%, often that’s pretty easy, getting new customers is cheap at first. But it gets more difficult as you expand outward. Going from 1% to 10%, hard. 10% to 20%, even harder. How much harder? Now you’ll know.
  • Discover Things about Your Competitors’ Businesses that they can’t even see themselves.
  • Influence Almost Everything You Do in Direct Marketing. AdWords campaigns. Keyword lists. Renting mailing lists. Writing sales copy. It has something vital to say about the “long copy vs. short copy” debate that’s been going back and forth for years (and the answer is unexpected). Testing and tracking – what to test, what to track. Even what you can safely ignore.
  • Show You When Something is “Good Enough” vs. knowing that substantial improvement is possible. You’ll segment databases and customer lists and lift the cream off the top every time. You’ll identify under-served niches within niches. You’ll recognize characteristics of certain markets that seem to have bottomless, “deep pockets” and your new instincts will lead you right to those markets.
  • Make Email Marketing More Effective. Gives you new strategies to combat things as basic as Spam Filters. The quantity and quality of communication your customers get from you exactly matches their appetite – as does their spending. You maximize every output and minimize every input.
  • Open up Huge Blocks of Time You Are Now Wasting, freeing you up for the things you’d rather do. Like take your kid to summer camp. Improve other areas of your life and your relationships. Take a trip around the world like I did in the fall of 2004, spend no more than 30 minutes a day working on your business, and come home with more money in the bank than the day you left. You can do that too. It’s the 80/20 mindset, applied to real life and real business problems and real marketing campaigns.

Many times in phone consultations, I use this to formulate a definitive answer to a question in seconds or minutes – where before, who knows if I would have figured it out at all?

Case in Point: I’m on the Board of Director’s for a non-profit organization that does relief work in 3rd world countries. The director was complaining that 4 out of 5 people who go on short-term relief visits go home, disappear and never send another dime.

Puzzling, considering they just went to Kenya or Mozambique or India and saw some of the poorest people in the world. You’d think they would ‘get it.’

I said, “Oh, that’s the 80/20 rule. 80% of the people never ‘get it,’ about anything. Only 20% of them do. Actually, Alan, that’s about par for the course.”

“But here’s what you can do: You can make them ALL agree to sponsor a child for a minimum of 1 year after the trip (see, I’m sneaking some “forced continuity” which I borrowed from the marketing world and using it to help 3rd world countries here) and as long as they know that’s the deal up front, they’ll do it, and a lot of them will keep sponsoring the kid after the year is up.

“I use it all the time in my business to sell newsletter subscriptions, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work here too.

“And… your REAL opportunity is what you do with that special 1 person in 5 who DOES get it.” Well, he understands that. We’re gonna skim more of the good stuff from the 80%, because we can… and there’s going to be more focus on the performers. The ones who DO get it.

So… that’s what they’re gonna do. And, with X-Ray vision, I can predict how many of them will stay 2 years instead of one… and how many of those 20% who “get it” will come back for another trip.

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What’s The Best Way to Get These Life-Altering Secrets
Etched in Your Brain?

I want you to have these principles installed in your brain. I want this to be the first filter you use to make fast, effective, powerful decisions. Imagine the strength you’ll have, armed with these new layers of insight.

And the best way to do that is to listen to them, again and again…

If you’ll listen to the Video & MP3s just a few times…

You will install mental tools that will enable you to make simple, effective decisions with far-reaching insight, speed and agility.

And in just a couple of days you will have acquired a skill that will serve you for the rest of your life.

If these seminar Video & MP3s help you solve just one basic business problem, it will be worth the price 10, 100 even 1000 times over.

Most people will get far more than that. I predict you will experience an entire paradigm shift in the way you see the world around you. You will never see the world the same way again.

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I think it’s a no-brainer.

I think you’ll agree.

This is my Magnum Opus. It’s my “theory-of-everything” for business success. Join me in the application of this powerful new knowledge and liberate your time, your money, and your imagination.

To Your Success,

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall

P.S.: I just can’t pass up the opportunity to put out an “80/20 challenge” to you. If I had to guess, I’d say that about 20% of the people who say they want more money, greater financial freedom, less stress, greater personal satisfaction and a release from the drudgery of the rat race actually go to seminars that will help them achieve those goals.

(Actually I don’t have to guess, I know that. I have X-Ray vision. Remember?)

The other 80% who say they want those things, just sit on their lazy, skeptical asses and day dream.

Which method sounds to you like a fundamentally sound, practical path to success…and which one sounds like “wishful thinking”?

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