Look Over My Shoulder as I Write Assassin-Grade Google Ads and Devise Lethal AdWords Strategies…

LIVE, Working Without a Net

Dear AdWords Advertiser:

Even in the most ferociously competitive PPC dojos where clicks cost 100 bucks, where rivals sling hand grenades and tote semi-automatic weapons, you can STILL find a crack in the sidewalk.

There is ALWAYS a way in.

There’s always a crevice where you can slide the knife in and watch another advertiser tumble off the front page – or experience the thrill of being transported into the fabled Jet Stream, where your ads get millions of impressions and it seems like you’re everywhere.

And it doesn’t have to take weeks or months. You can do it in hours. And I’m going to prove it by showing you LIVE.

In my Adwords Copywriting Express course, I’m wrote ads for two contestants, live. With no prior preparation on my part.

I started blind and cranked out ads in real time while I explained my bag of tricks.

You’ll hear the questions I ask them, watch me explore their market, develop hooks, and penetrate the thick haze of competition.

Having dominated markets with AdWords for 11 years, I can assure you… the ability to hijack any AdWords niche with a NEW approach, a NEW hook, and a NEW strategy – to bust out of whatever rut you’ve been in, at will – is one of the most powerful assets you can ever own. Period.

Most people throw up their hands in despair, not knowing that they’re ten minutes from triumph. You are one great ad away from a breakthrough in profitability, traffic and sales.

I’m offering something very special, highly unusual, at a price that’s so insanely affordable that no mentally coherent person can refuse. Because in the first 15 minutes, you’re going to get an angle you had never thought of before, that will give you breakthrough.

You will literally want to be logged into your AdWords account WHILE watching the course, so you can transfer the inspiration from my presentation to your AdWords account in real time.

I wrote without advanced notice or preparation, for two attendees. You’ll see and hear the questions I ask them, how I probe their market and situation, then watch the persuasion magic happen.

You’ll witness all the tools and techniques I use along the way, and witness how an ugly gray hunk of play-doh becomes a finely sculptured work of art. This will run about an hour and a half.

How much does it cost?

Well… how much could I charge for this?

Based on everything else I do and offer, I could sensibly charge up to $1500.

$1000 per head, tempting.

Or maybe $500.

But instead I’m charging…


Sixty-nine dollars. CHEAP!

You get these three strategy-packed webinars for $69, Just for trying New Renaissance.

Only $69

Get Adwords Copywriting Express

There’s only one catch.

The catch is: Everyone who signs up, also signs up for New Renaissance. New Renaissance is my $199/month membership that gets you Renaissance newsletter, with a bevy of bonuses shipped to you via snail mail, and my legendary New Renaissance Private Forum.

You get New Renaissance free the first month, and then it’s $199/month auto-billed to your card on file.

What I am asking, in exchange for this unbelievable wealth of knowledge and live education experience that you get for only $69, is that you give New Renaissance a good college try. INCLUDING – using our private discussion board.


Because if you use New Renaissance and tap into the incredible wealth of knowledge that my other members represent, you will never want to go without it. You will feel that the $199/month is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP insurance against stupidity spasms, missed opportunities and whatever other perils that steal success from well-meaning, worthy entrepreneurs.

I am remiss for not promoting New Renaissance near enough. It is absolutely one of the best-kept secrets of Planet Perry. We do live training sessions each month, covering all manner of hot relevant topics – not just Pay Per Click but conversion, pricing, brand new developments, and Live Q&A. Many members have built million dollar businesses and priceless educations, primarily through what they’ve gleaned from New Renaissance.

That’s the deal.

That’s why I’m not charging a thousand bucks for this. I just want you to try our membership free for 30 days and I’m giving you this incredible AdWords copywriting education for sixty-nine bucks.

Click the big button to sign up.

Only $69

Get Adwords Copywriting Express

You’ll absorb more secrets of persuasive AdWords copywriting in these fast-paced sessions than you’ve picked up from stacks of books and multi-thousand dollar courses.

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day.

Perry Marshall

P.P.S.: Here’s what people said about Look Over Perry’s Shoulder copywriting bootcamp, which had an almost identical format:

“Perry, I have been following your material since a while ago. I have applied just 2-5% of all your teachings (there’s a lot more in Perry’s world) and just with that I’m WAY more productive than I have ever been, making more money working less and less, and this is just beginning.

My business is not consulting, but manufacturing for a tiny niche, worldwide! (I built specialty products, sell online, ship worldwide, all with a $120/year website). Most of your teachings, then, are perfect for my business model. THANKS!”

Mauricio Ortiz Buitrago, Bogota, Colombia

“This was an incredible webinar and it’s going to shift the direction of my non-emotionally connected emails of tips, tips, and copy to this style. AWESOME!!! I love it because I could write one right after this. I love how raw and real it was!!!”

Joseph Miranda, New York, NY

“What I enjoyed most about this was listening to the questions Perry was asking to drill down to get to the core of the story that’s gonna resonate with the audience. It’s the following the roadmap that I’ve enjoyed even more than the treasure chest at the end.”

Adam Kreitman, St. Louis, MO

“Watching these components come together was brilliant. Gave me an overview I couldn’t see before.”

Richard Lees, Port Moody, Canada

“I’ve managed and worked with creatives for 40+ years, ie musicians, singers, graphic designers, painters and craftsmen in leather, wood, clay and metal, etc. … Perry has demonstrated he is a craftsmen with words …”

Will Springer, Fletcher, NC

“I love this because it helps me see how we want to get into the emotions of the prospect. I have heard it before, but I see how to apply it now.”

Thomas Alvord, Provo, UT

“I finally understand that there is a repeatable structure that is also completely genuine and true. And I can do that.”

Nancy Sayre, Emmaus, PA

This is the thinking behind the writing – I’ve taken notes and created my own system of layers which will be invaluable. That makes a huge difference to my way of thinking.

Sabrina Hinds
Ontario, Canada

This stuff is gold.

Andrew Thompson
Grand Rapids, MI

I learned I lot because I was unconscious competent in writing and now I am conscious competent because now I know the why and that makes a huge difference.

May Yue
St. Louis Park, MN

These are six- and seven- figure ideas for sure. This is going to be a rockin’ year. (not the best exciting verb, but better than ‘good…’) EXCELLENT stuff! Thanks Perry and Jack!

Boys, this is TOTALLY delivering the goods. This is such a BARGAIN.

David Kwiecinski
Winthrop Harbor, IL

It’s good! That stuff about the “lizard brain” pass and resonating could add thousands of dollars to my bottom line this year.

Aaron Tyrrell
Victoria, Australia

Only $69

Get Adwords Copywriting Express