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Dear Online Marketing Professional:

Every second of every day, 40,000 people search for something on Google.

What that means is that even though social media is a growing force to be reckoned with and there are all kinds of ways to get traffic to your website, Google AdWords is, by far, the number one source of paid advertising on the internet. And if you don’t show up on Google when people search for what you’re selling, you may as well not exist at all.

If you’re not there. You need to be.

Google AdWords can be an incredible source of 365, 24/7, year-after-year traffic…if you know what you’re doing.

But there’s a problem. The problem is that the very best advertisers on Google are sharp. They really know what they’re doing. The competition is tough. In some industries, it’s downright bloody.

You must stay at the leading edge or get trampled.

That’s why the 5th edition of the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords is packed with all new insights…

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Nearly all other AdWords books are now out of date due to recent changes in Google.

But with the 5th edition you’ll not only get our latest insights, you’ll also get updated online supplemental materials so you’ll be able to stay on top of the AdWords game.

Here’s what’s new in the 5th edition…

  • The majority of searches are now on smart phones. If you’re not on top of the mobile game, you’ll be what was. Find out how to avoid that fate.
  • Google’s powerful automation features are now essential. If you’re not using them, your competition will leave you in their dust. Learn how to put them to work for you instead of against you.
  • A large percentage of searches are local, for businesses like dentists and restaurants. If you’re a local brick-and-mortar, you must have a strong Google strategy.
  • The “right side wipeout” ratcheted up competition. Google is now a 95/5 game. If you’re not in the “5” you’ll be out of business in a few years. Find out how to leverage this change for big traffic boosts.
  • Google switched one full “slot” on the search page from organic free SEO to paid search. 10% more real estate for advertisers than before. If you’re relying on SEO alone, you’re do so at your own peril.
  • Google completely revised the format of both text and display ads. This is a huge change that advertisers are still confused about how to deal with. We take you by the hand and show you how.
  • How to use audience bidding to reach your targets based on gender & age.
  • The interface is completely redesigned for early 2017, which means you need a new reference. Our online supplement contains instructions on how to deal with this.
  • Adwords Scripts have utterly changed the level of automation possible in accounts. Your success on AdWords success is largely determined by how well you harness your automation opportunities!

And much more.

Including a new chapter on how to create the best possible landing page. Checklist included…

A brand-new chapter on bidding strategies

A new chapter on the “remarketing grid” tool…

A new chapter on “Advanced Campaign Types: Polishing Your Competitive Edge”
Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs)
Call-Only Campaigns

A new chapter on “AdWords Scripts: Automate the Grunt Work”

A new chapter on “AdWords Experiments: Test and Succeed with Little Risk”

And yet another new chapter on the world’s most profitable form of traffic, “Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)”

All of Mike Rhodes’ insights have been culled from millions of dollars of ad spend working with some of the largest advertisers on the internet.

And speaking of Mike, you get our AdWords Essentials Training (a $199 value) for free with your purchase.

Ninja AdWords expert, Mike Rhodes will take you by the hand and step you through everything you need to know to get started. He’ll show you how to set up your campaigns to avoid the mistakes made by most advertisers. And how to get the traffic that converts and helps you achieve your business goals.

Session One: ABCs and Setting Up

Mike will start with the very basics…Like “What is AdWords?” basic.

  • Then he’ll step you through when you should…and shouldn’t…use AdWords and why.
  • He’ll show you where your ads can show and where you want them to show.
  • He’ll give you a tour of the newest AdWords interface and show you what to pay attention to and what to ignore.
  • He’ll give you his handy jargon-busting glossary so you’ll never get “lost in the lingo”

But most importantly, Mike will show you how to align your AdWords goals with your business goals.

By the end of session one, you’ll know how to set your targets and your KPIs so that you get the traffic you want at the price you want to pay!

Session Two: The Building Blocks of an AdWords Account

In session two, Mike will guide you through the 3 building blocks of every successful AdWords account…

  1. Keywords: What are they? How do you find them? How many do you need? Why are negative keywords important? How to select keywords so you’re not paying the “stupidity tax.”
  2. Ads: How to write a good ad? How to come up with ideas for ads? How to do split testing and play “beat the champ”?
  3. Ad Groups/Campaigns: How to build the right way from the ground up. This is uber-important and will pay for the course all by itself if you listen to Mike and follow his instructions!

Session Three: My Ads Are Running, Now What?

How to do basic AdWords account optimization.

What you need to do day-to-day and week-to-week to get the most from your AdWords account.

An introduction to conversion tracking, how to set it up.

An introduction to bid management.

By the end of Session 3, you’ll know how to build a solid foundation that won’t get washed away like sand in the tide!

WebSavvy’s founder Mike Rhodes is a popular international speaker, best-selling author & consultant. He has over nine years’ experience managing & running Google AdWords campaigns.

He was even hired by Google Australia to train agencies on advanced AdWords and how to run an agency. He’s a coach in our highest-level AdWords course, “AdWords Mastery.”

Formally a qualified E-Myth Consultant, he’s been building small businesses for over ten years & considers online marketing a tool to grow businesses, not just get traffic to a website. He has built WebSavvy to be one of the top PPC agencies in Australia.

Here’s what some other people have said about Mike…

“Mike is the best AdWords practitioner in Australia bar none”
– James Schramko, Top Australian Internet Marketer

“Need an AdWords expert who is at the top of their game and a true leader in their field? Speak to Mike Rhodes. Mike lives and breathes AdWords and stays on top of the latest developments before almost anyone else. He gets a genuine kick out of generating maximum ROI for his clients. And on top of which, he’s a hellava nice guy and great to work with!”
– Will Swayne, Owner,

“Mike has more than experience and knowledge about Internet marketing, specifically with Google AdWords. He has intuition and problem solving skills that I rarely see in individuals. He is also passionate about his work (I especially loved the Display Network Mindmap) and he truly cares about the success of his clients.”
Shelley Ellis

“Mike is a master of the dark art of AdWords. Our new account immediately brought us $50k in business the first week & has continued to provide $80,000-250,000 per month ever since. For a total spend of less than $1,500 a week. Mike’s a genius at what he does & I’m very grateful we found him”
– Gavin Waring, Director, Your Business Angels

So, add the book to the cart. We’ll ship it straight to your house or office, and you can begin chiseling your way in and showing up when those 40,000 people per second search on Google.

And the ones who are looking for what you sell will find you instead of your competition.

That’s your first step toward success on the internet.

Carpe Diem,

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall is one of the world’s most expensive and sought-after business consultants. He’s endorsed by FORBES, INC Magazine, and one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the world. Clients seek his ability to integrate engineering, sales, art and psychology.

What people are saying about Perry Marshall…

“I used the information you provided me with to help a small PC toy company to do extremely well. I was able to build an ecommerce site and use google to generate $300,000 in sales in about 7 weeks time.” – Jeremiah Baker, Roswell, GA

“Doubling the traffic on your site? One of my niche websites was bringing good and steady sales but I couldn’t get high rankings on the search engines to increase traffic. After implementing just a fraction of what I learned from Perry, my traffic to that site doubled which brought in thousands of extra dollars in sales by the very next month. (my product has about a 4 weeks sales cycle) If you want to increase your traffic (even if you think you already know a lot about Google Adwords) you’ll find that by using just one or two ideas from Perry will increase your traffic and sales at record speed.” – Mike Van Norden, The Business Fast Lane Trophy Club, TX

“There’s so much substance and depth to what Perry knows about pay-per-click – not just head knowledge, but actually being able to take what works and translate that to strategies that actually can produce revenues consistently. We’re not talking about one-hit wonders, where you run a few campaigns and make a few bucks, but being able to build businesses off of pay-per-click.” – Stephen Pierce, Impulsive Profits, Inc., Ann Arbor , MI