The Passion of the Christ

Reflections on this year’s Most Controversial Movie

March 5, 2004

I finally went and saw it last night.
Because mine is a marketing and publicity website, a brief comment about that before we move on: The opposition to this movie, and the public accusations against it, guaranteed its success.
You see, when people are told that they should not go to a movie, or should not read a book because it’s “bad,” people will automatically go to it. The exact same thing happened 15 years ago when Martin Scorsese produced his film The Last Temptation of Christ. Christians were angry at his perversion of the story, and their outrage made an ordinary movie producer’s name a household word.
The Passion movie has sparked a debate about anti-Semitism, Mel Gibson, Gibson’s particular sect of Catholicism, and the extreme violence that it depicts. That’s what everyone’s arguing about out on all the TV shows and websites.
For me, however, The Passion of the Christ was not about Mel Gibson. It was not about the Jews. Or the Romans. Or the politics of first-century Palestine.
It’s about what happens when man meets God, but doesn’t recognize him.
Jesus said, “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do also to me.” Meaning that however we treat the poor, the sick, the weak, the homeless, the orphans, the fatherless, those in prison – however we treat them, is how we have chosen to treat God.
So here’s the plot: God comes to live among us, but as an ordinary man. A man whose teachings and actions cut straight to the bone. A man whose principles threaten to topple the status quo. A man who does not retaliate, because he has made a decision to not fight back.
Those with political power hate him. Men who claim to represent God and do not, accuse him of being a devil and a God-hater. Because they lack legal authority, they join forces with the State.
In order to keep the peace, Pilate, the State Administrator, obscenely inverts justice, setting a guilty man free and sentencing an innocent man to death. Then he washes his hands of the whole deal. (Is Pilate any different from any other politician in public office?)
So why does this happen?
Because man likes his religion – but he hates God.
Man’s hatred is poured out on the innocent, in all its ugly fury.
This film spares no details in depicting their vile hatred. And as I’m watching these men mercilessly beat Jesus, my mind flashes back to a scene in my own life.
It’s the spring of 1982. I’m in 7th grade. I hang out with three other guys at school most of the time, and one of them is my locker mate, a guy named Jeremy.
The four of us would eat lunch together every day, but Jeremy was annoying. Gradually we began to dislike Jeremy. We declared that Jeremy was a ‘fag.’ And one day when Jeremy was absent, the three of us decided that we didn’t want Jeremy to eat lunch with us anymore.
After school, we told Jeremy we were going to beat him up – three on one. Jeremy turned and started to run. I remember his palpable fear and his hot tears. He ran fast. We chased him down the street for three or four blocks.
We finally gave up and he got away.
Had we caught him, in all honesty, we probably would have beaten him up.
Well, we got what we wanted: Jeremy never tried to eat lunch with us again. Nor did Jeremy keep his stuff in our locker after that.
So I’m watching these thugs deriving great pleasure from torturing an innocent man, and this picture of chasing Jeremy down the street in 7th grade, which I hadn’t thought of in years, suddenly appears in my mind’s eye. And a voice inside my head: This movie isn’t about the Jews killing Jesus, Perry. This movie is about YOU. This is YOU beating up Jesus, just like you tried to beat up Jeremy.
The only difference between Jesus and Jeremy was that Jesus didn’t run away.
“Whatever you do to the least of these, you do unto me.”
On Ash Wednesday, the day the Passion movie opened, I put up a website and started asking people’s opinions about it. I got thousands of responses.
Now that project is a whole story in and of itself, but nearly all of the comments I have received express one of the two following sentiments:
  1. “This is the most powerful movie I have ever seen, because I suddenly realize that I did this to Jesus, and that Jesus willingly died for my sin.”
  2. “Why do we need a movie like this? There’s no need to dredge this up, and besides, none of it ever really happened anyway. This film is just a bloodthirsty depiction of senseless violence, and it’s only going to breed more violence. It’s preposterous!”

I have not spoken to a single person who felt neutral about this movie. It is intensely polarizing.

The cross: A picture of suffering and injustice. Isn’t it interesting that the cross, in all its ugliness and terror, is the universal symbol of Christianity? Isn’t that a strange way to “brand” your cause or movement? As logos go, isn’t it a little bit lacking in aesthetic appeal?

Sure is. But what does it mean?

It means that Jesus is brother to every person who has suffered injustice. It means that he stood in the place of every person who has lived in terror and oppression and slavery. It means that while we grapple life’s great questions – why is there evil, why is there suffering, why is there so much pain in the world – instead of writing some kind of “answer” to these questions for us on a chalkboard (as though that would help), God instead came and lived among us, suffered with us, and died for us and with us.

Next to Jesus are two criminals.

One says to Jesus “Hey, if you’re the Son of God, why don’t you save yourself – and us too!

That criminal got himself on that cross by his own doing. But is he accepting responsibility for his actions?


He’s just blaming God for all his problems.

But what about the other guy?

At first he joins in with the first guy, but then he stops. He says “We deserve this, because of what we’ve done. But this man has done nothing wrong.”

Then he says to Jesus: “Please remember me in your kingdom.”

Jesus reply: “Today you’ll be with me in Paradise.”

Those two criminals are a snapshot of the entire world. We’ve all done wrong, to someone. And now we can either blame God for our problems, or accept responsibility for the mess we’re in and ask God to be merciful.

Ultimately, everyone responds to God either one way – or the other.

This movie is a mirror. It shows us the unattractive truth of our human condition. And it certainly reminded me that I’ve committed more than my share of wrongs. If anybody knows a guy named Jeremy who was a 7th grader at Pound Junior High School in Lincoln Nebraska in 1982, pass this along to him, because I owe him a humble apology. What I did to you was wrong, Jeremy.

Jesus’ teachings were radical and scandalous. He claimed to be the Son of God. He said he would rise from the dead, and by most historical accounts, he did. He stepped into the world and split time in half: BC and AD. And his words still resonate throughout the earth in 2004.

Still rolls the stone from the grave.

I hope you’ll go see this movie. And I hope you’ll look beyond the surface-level debate, to the deeper meaning – and ponder the implications it has for me and you.

Thanks for reading.

Perry Marshall

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  • Ray Fowler says:

    I have been reading your articles for a couple of months now. And like
    what I have read so far.
    I am an older Christian (66) retired aircraft mechanic and still active as a mechanic in American Samoa.
    I find your articles good for talking to others (about Christ) and
    also for myself.
    Ray Fowler dated April 16 2009

    • nana sengo says:

      i was reading your articles about«where did the universe come from».
      but let´s me just make you some questions:
      «what´s the origin of the dark energy because in it that all begun».
      «who made God,where did he come from».


      • Perry says:

        I’m not sure the origin of dark energy. God has no origin, God IS.

        • Garey Simmons says:

          Christian missionary for 30 years. Served humanity in Asia for more than a decade. Familiar with Eastern thought and philosophy. (just background)
          Our minds for the most part are based on the interpretation of reality through filters. The Einsteins among us, see things differently. We are adaptive in our behavior and easily go with the flow of what society imparts. Dark energy, the absence of light, is a perception that exists to allow goodness to shine in our hearts. Quantum physics now teaches us that really and truly we share in a grand illusion. The glue that holds it together is the belief that it’s real. A great verse, “We see through a glass darkly” and our traditions are “a shadow of things to come” simply means we have a glimpse, we get a few clues from the Eternal, the Infinite. Our reality is yet to be born. We are simply pre-natal. Yet to be born into the wonder of a greater reality. So take courage from the goodness that surrounds you and share in appreciation of the abilities we have within us.

          • ijswamy says:

            God always exist(ed)s.God blessed humans with “creative intelligence” . Then the “creative” person questioned “himself/herself” or another creative being some questions like “where did God come from?”.Another or the same creative person answered the question. So much so the entire discussion here is about how creative we are not about God not who/what/hoe of God .

      • jpcory says:

        Dark Matter and Dark Energy are still theoretical answers for and unexplained observation. The are simply constructs of the human mind. In light of the supermasive blackhole discovered such as in M87, If I recall correctly… six billion or six hundred billion solar masses… IMHO… should have enough mass to generate the gravity required to hold a galaxy together.

  • Magnus Ihenacho says:

    Dear Perry Marshal,
    Your article,especially the 7 Great Lies of organized Religion,are thought provoking in all sense of it.As a moderate Christian,i had some reservations on my Religion,but you increased the intensity in a positive way.
    I would want to share some personal and confidential experiences ( if you wouldn’t mind)with you subsequently.
    Please keep the good work.

  • Hanafi says:

    I am a Muslim, yet I enjoy and appreciate reading your articles. They are thought provoking, to say the least, and keeps my mind pondering..even now.. Thank you very much Perry!

  • JOHN MAINA says:

    thanks, for you have opened my inner eyes

  • Butz says:

    I am in prison ministry and consider myself above-average read. Still I very much appreciate what I have been getting from you so far. I will continue to read through your articles like these. You are doing well. Keep it up.

  • Charles Akpeji says:

    You are not only wonderful but your article as well as the seven great lies that often emanate from the pulpits.Iam indeed enriched by your write up. Never will I cease reading anything from your wealth of experience. Thanks a million for being there for me and others like me who are searching for true knowledge.

  • Kola Agbalu says:

    God is making use of you to touch the life of many as it has done to mine. The God that has started this will perfect you. I just want to encourage you to keep up the good work and it shall be well with you and your family

  • PRAKHAR says:

    hi Perry sir,

    I’ve been inolved in your articles for quite a while now. they are thought provoking. I am only 17 years old and i am an INDIAN. in india, we follow HINDUISM.i am a hindu. though i do not worship CHRIST but this article did spark a thought about the existence of christ. I had seen this movie before but did not look at it from this point of view. thanx for the enlightment…..

    Prakhar Misra(17), student, INDIA.

  • Johann MacLachlan says:

    Perry, I have found your “Where did the Universe come from” and “Seven Great Lies of Organized Religion” very interesting and info rich. Thanx. Yes, now I would very much like to become aquianted with your “9 Great Lies of Sales and Marketing.”


  • Neil Innes says:

    I have recently finished your 7 great lies….and really enjoyed them. You speak with a real simplicity & obvious truthfullness. Are you a long aged creationist? – I met Dr.Jonathon Sarfati recently and I think he disagrees with your long creationism, can you direct me to where I can get more information on it? I heard on the weekend just past from my Pastor some pearls of wisdom; You either do what you do (work,play,love, talents, gifts, calls e.t.c) with GOD or you do it without GOD – easier & better with GOD blessing all that you do!

    • Perry says:


      I have a different email series at that talks about astronomy, the origin of the universe and the age of the universe. You might want to hear a specific presentation at I am very strongly of the opinion that the universe is billions of years old; and that in church history, insistence that it’s only a few thousand years old is a relatively recent teaching, ie within the last ~200 years. I think this is an over-reaction to secular science. I have books by Rabbis from 500+ years ago estimating the age of the universe to be billions of years old.

  • Joseph Malong says:

    dear perry,
    I am only 13 years old. When I saw your website I was looking for more information about the universe, and I did (“Where did the Universe Come From?”). I especially agree on how the creation of the universe comes from a Mind (God). After that I saw the 7 Great Lies of Organized religion. And now this one. I am a christian and I love religion and science very much. Thank you very much for joining these two. This has helped me better understand the universe.

    • Perry says:


      13 is by no means too young to be delving into the secrets of the universe, of science, and theology. I am powerfully struck by the passage in the Bible where Jesus disappears for a few days on an out-of-town trip, and his parents eventually find him – debating the fine points of scripture with the teachers in the temple. He was already running with the Big Dogs at a young age and you can too. The love of Wisdom will carry you far.


  • dele olagunju says:

    Hi Perry, i realy enjoy your write-up. It shows that christianity is the only accepted religion in the world.I can also confidently say that does not involve in suicide bombing or killing in the name of religion.The Lord Jesus will uphold you amen.

  • Charlie Forman says:

    Hanafi: May God bless you in your search for the truth. My son-in-law was a Muslim. He has found peace and a new life in Christ. Many, Many muslims around the world are finding new life in Isa the Messiah.

  • TUSHAR PATEL says:

    beautiful article, i saw the film and followed the pain of Christ, and am now redeemed in the knowledge that someone who has learnt from His character and teachings, seeks to enlighten me in a new way, a different way and it is certainly inspiring. I like your article, may the Lord bless and reward you for your inspiring and touching article.

    SRI Om

    SRI Tushar Patel
    FOunder of SRI Way of Living


    Hi Perry!
    I am very new on your mailing list, I have enjoyed reading all the articles that you have sent me , many thanks, God bless you. Perry, I am
    a student of comparative religion.I also like to know more about Christianity specially the life of Christ.{I am a catholic, married to a muslim for 36yrs. 3 grown children] Recently I read about the hidden life of Jesus in India] Gutenberg Bible. What are your thoughts about
    this belief? Did Jesus really live in India ? Did He follow various Gurus? What are your views on this theory? I would like to know.

    Many thanks,

    • Perry says:


      There is a very small amount of evidence that Jesus lived in India. I suppose it is possible that Jesus did travel to India, I don’t have a big problem with that. In any case, much speculation is made from this small amount of evidence.

      There is a much larger amount of evidence concerning what Jesus did do – in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. So in your conclusions about Jesus, evidence that He traveled to India comprises a very small part of the total picture, and the bulk of the picture is still what merits the majority of attention. If we are to take the India stories seriously, we ought to take the gospels even more seriously.


      • Irshad Ahmad says:

        I have trully enjoyed all your articles but may I comment on the present thread.There is evidence that Jesus, peace be upon him had lived in India. In the book “Jesus in India” written by Mirza Gulam Ahmad,the author produces passages from the Bible and other religious scripture and historical accounts that shows that Jesus, peace be with him had survived cruxifiction and travelled to Kashmir, India, were he will live and die and later be burried. There is a tomb on a street in Srinagar, Kashmir that is bellived by the locals to be the tomb of Jesus, pease be upon him.

  • Nick weiler says:

    Hi Perry, I believe every word you say & I’m with you 110%! GBY for boldly proclaiming the real truth about these issues & exposing lies & misconceptions about religion in general. I’m a missionary in the Philippines & appreciate your ministry & our prayers are with you!
    Sincerely in Christ, Nick Weiler

  • thawnkhai says:

    thanks for making straight my direction.

  • OJEKHIDE, Victor says:

    Hi Perry, Great having your kind in this generation when love of christ is waxing cold, christianity of today is prone to divers deception and the essence can no longer be ascertain.
    Your perception cut accross all the divers (i.e scientific,phylosophical etc) and streamline it to the reality that Christ is the saviour of the world, My inner mind was enlightend when i read the 7 great lies of organised religion.
    I pray for more grace and wisdom to carry on the good work you are doing.
    God bless you.
    OJEKHIDE, Victor

  • Job says:

    Dear Perry: Peace and Love!! Very thought provoking articles. But in the hindsight, though there are many “wrongs”with the institutionalized religion, let us say, Catholic Church, It is doing its best to correct the ‘wrongs’ she has done to the history and to the cultures. How I wish other churches will heed to your call of openness. God bless, Perry

    • annobil richard says:

      i hope u are not trying to hold brief for the atrocities perpetrated by the catholic church in times past against the faithfuls of old. by the way i am not surprised that she is now trying to right the wrongs she committed but let all the faithfuls of the 21st century keep ALERT! because she is using the same old insidious strategies to ecumenical support to take the whole world into its final captivity but thank GOD for the promise that “He that leads into captivity shall go into captivity” hence the capture of the then pope in 1798 by Napoleon is about to repeat itself on a grand scale however in the final conquest it will not be a mere human being as in the person of Napoleon but JESUS himself.

  • Jeff Mills says:

    Perry, thank you for your articles which seem to activate my brain and heart into saying “Jeff you messed up again!” But now I know Jesus paid the price and the accuser is a loser. Thank you for keeping me thinking.
    Jeff, Missionary to Guatemala

  • john Piermont Montilla says:

    Dear Perry

    I am very happy that there are articles, websites and blogs that opens the mind of the common tao for them to learn their faith and not just inherit them and discover God as revealed in daily living and not inside an empty tabernacle.

    However, in response to Christ, I do not believe that he resurrected. He is dead already. And the many arguments and discoveries about his and his’ family’s tomb is well documented.

    However, I have a different personal view of Christ, his Life, his ministry, his Death and his purported Resurrection. It would be a long discussion and hard to arrange my thoughts into words to share my beliefs and principles but in summary:

    1. Christ = Love of God. The message of the Christ is Love and that Love gives life and all who are spiritually dead rises from that death (resurrection) and live the gift of life that is struggling the good in him to overcome the evil in him (which is both good and evil inherent in humanity).

    2. (The Human Christ is Dead 2000 years ago but his message of Love conquered that death because it gives life to others who believe in him. His death was transformed into a Divine Christ but resurrection never ACTUALLY happened – it happens in every personal journey) Therefore Death = Fear of Love. Christ remains dead and will remain dead to one who fails to Love. When one man Loves he overcomes Fear, Christ is therefore resurrected in him and he has the power to give life to others. If there is a poor child in the street, leaving him starving is the victory of Evil and helping him survive is the Victory of good and that is because of Love who is Christ in you resurrected.

    3. Therefore I do not care who Jesus Christ is as far as history, religion, archaeology, doctrines and dogmas are concerned. My concern is about Love that gives life – that is who Jesus is for me. By doing evil is death because I glorify the devil through the fruits of my action. By doing good is resurrection because I glorify God through the fruits of Love who is Christ.

    I don’t aim for salvation or resurrection after my death. I am aiming it every day in my life since death occurs everyday when we failed to let the good in us overcome the evil in us.

    Thank you

    • Perry says:


      If the resurrection of Jesus is just a figment of our imagination, if it’s just symbolic, then how does that not also degrade our notion of what love does for other people, and what it can achieve?

      I submit to you that the Gospel writers were absolutely emphatic that the resurrection of Jesus was a real, literal, historical event. Apart from that testimony, Christianity would have gone nowhere. I submit to you that the resurrection of Jesus is important historically, religiously, archaeologically, and theologically.

      And that if we are to have a holistic understanding of the world that resurrection is a literal thing and not merely figurative. As St. Paul said, “If the dead are not raised, we are above all people most to be pitied.”



    I am an ex-muslim athiest. While not agreeing to most of your contentions I admit that you are good.

  • Gene says:

    I clicked on one of your cosmic ads thinking it was an atheist website. I was curious about what they had to say especially since I’ve read the books by Lee Strobel and watched Ben Stein’s movie “Expelled”. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. After going through your website and then reading through all 51 pages of thread on the infidels website, I am satisfied that your argument is a compelling induction. I looked for weaknesses and really could find none. I am no supergenius but I found the atheists arguments to ring hollow. I am sure you’re a very popular person but I wonder how does one get you to come to our location and speak to a group of people about the “DNA is a code” induction statement?

  • Edward says:

    Mr. Perry Marshall,
    I am writing to you from my home in Colombia, S.A. I have read Where did the universe come from, also read proofs of God by St. Thomas Aquinas.
    The movie the Passion of Christ was a hard hitting movie. I look at suffering as a Private School, where I am the student, and God is the Teacher. Fantastic that God can spare the time with just one pupil. A complex subject encompassing all of life, and creation. I am 69 years young. My first wife died of cancer, my sister died of cancer, my brother was killed by a bus. I remarried, we have two children, and I have adopted three more, one of which is going to prison for Burglary of a residence, and Grand Theft. I have four grown children from my first marriage. My Son was a United States Marine. He is now a Detective in New York. My three daughters are mothers.
    I am Roman Catholic which is a Religion, not a cult. Your writings are intelligent and well written. As you said, there can only be one truth, not a multiplicity of Truths. Therefore their can only be one true church.

  • Tom Crick says:

    Hello Perry,

    I’d like to respond to “John Piermont Montilla’s” comments on 5 July 2009. Living in present day America with all the efforts to discredit God, Jesus and the Bible I can see the influence it’s had on his thinking.(I noticed he didn’t refer to the Bible as the basis for any of his beliefs).

    It always amazes me that Atheists, Agnostics and those ignorant of Bible prophecy and teachings so often develop opinions and make statements of their opinion which they’ve conjured up out of the lack of TRUTH…. EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO HIS OWN OPINION –HE IS NOT ENTITLED TO HIS OWN FACTS………..They come across as having more Intellect than the 40 authors of the Bible and those persons who lived at the time of Jesus, who were EYE Witnesses to His Birth, Life & Miracles, Crucifixion, Death, Burial and RESURRECTION. (Ref:I Corinthians 15:3-8 The Apostle Paul said; I passed on to You what was most important and what had also been passed on to me — that Christ died for our sins, just as the SCRIPTURES SAID. He was buried, and He was raised from the dead on the third day, as the SCRIPTURES SAID. He WAS SEEN by Peter and then by the TWELVE APOSTLES. After that He WAS SEEN BY MORE THAN FIVE HUNDRED OF HIS FOLLOWERS AT ONE TIME, most of who are still alive though some have died by now. Then He WAS SEEN by James and later by all the Apostles. Last of all, I SAW HIM TOO, long after the others, as though I had been born at the wrong time. (Ref: Acts 9:3-19 Paul’s encounter w/Jesus.)

    John, I also want to caution You about your attitude as You’re committing Blasphemy against God. (Ref: Exodus 20:1-3) God is God, Jesus is God and the Holy Spirit is God. All three make up the Trinity and They are who the Bible says They are…. You cannot reinvent them or redesign them. You cannot add to Them or take away from Them for They are the Creator and you are the creation and it all happens according to God’s Plan — You can’t come up with your own plan. Salvation and Eternal Life are according to His Gospel (Ephesians 2:8-9) Even with your good intentions and good heart toward your fellowman you cannot earn Salvation or inherit Eternal Life….

    John, my friend please read John 3:16-18 to be clear about God’s
    Read Romans 10:5-13 and believe and receive God’s free gift of Salvation.
    Read I John 5:11-13 for Assurance of Eternal Life with Jesus who was Resurrected.

    John, God Loves You and He desires a Relationship with You (“Father and Son.” John 1:12-13, But to all who believed Him and accepted Him, He gave the right to become children of God. They are reborn! This is not a physical birth resulting from human passion or plan — this rebirth comes from God.)

    May the Holy Spirit guide you in your search for the Truth…


  • Avinash says:

    Dear Perry,

    I would like to leave a small not for ‘Tom Circk’.

    Dear Tom,

    I admire your knowledge of the Scriptures. I also am a little amused at the way you have bulldozed our brother “John Piermont Montilla”. Although I do not share his beliefs I identify with his thinking. I find that you have just stopped short of calling him foolish. And as Jesus himself said ” What-so-ever you do to the least of my people that you do unto me.” I like Perry’s approach to such matters much better. Trust me when I tell you, it is not scripture-quoting that brought me closer to God. It was the love and understanding and TOLERANCE that complete strangers showed me IN THE FACE of my ignorance. After all isn’t that the example that Christ gave us? :)

    Best Regards,

  • John Piermont Montilla says:

    To Tom Crick

    I understand why you have that kind of thinking, feeling and acting toward my belief.

    You are exactly me when I was in my youth (now i am 32). Ever searching for truth and ever reading the Bible to search for “TRUTH”

    NOTE: In my discussions below, in my reference to GOD, I do not use a “he” because GOD is not a male or a female

    Tom, I never reinvented GOD nor I deny GOD either, and by the way, I have read the Bible all 77 books even those not included in the official canon and have read a little of other scriptures of other religions as well. And I am well aquatinted with your quotes as well the determination to influence others to believe what you believe.

    Anyway, I have these equation that for you to ponder:


    Faith, Hope and Love are the basic building blocks where all other virtues emanates. These are the essence of GOD. GOD, Holy Spirit and Jesus are product of a futile attempt of man to take a grip of who God is. An ambitious but empty attempt called “anthropomorphism” that reduced the divine into a “fable” that anyone can simply misuse, abuse and simply use with out table manners.

    The God we believe should be enacted thru these three virtues but what is happening now is the opposite. We try to discredit other beliefs and insisting our own belief of who God is according to our each standards of anthropomorphism. Spirituality is replaced with religiosity. A foul form of politics that replaces the innate nature of man as a spiritual being but a mere follower of a religion inspired by greed dressed in shepherds’ clothing.


    What is Truth Tom? The Bible? The Koran? The Catholic Church?, Buddhism?, Islam? Americans?

    Its is very amazing and more often entertaining when I sit down in a Plaza, churches and missionary gatherings listening to debates, sermons, preaching, that all claimed that they are telling the TRUTH and each are inspired by the Holy Spirit. What is common to them is they are all holding a Bible and what is uncommon is their interpretations and what is entertaining is that they claim that others are lies and his own is the truth. The experience gave me a very wide grin just like a fox news.

    Tom, the truths we had are fragments of a much greater truth. These truths are fragmented in the UNiverse and its up to man to search for these fragments. If we insist that our individual beliefs are the Truth, its actually a LIE because what we had individually had found is just a fragment. But if we unite, Love and understand, these truths we each had is connected to each other to generate a greater Truth.

    When the time I was deeply religious and my mind has been injected with religious dogmas and doctrine, I began being very aggressive and to engage in debates. As I am full aquatinted with the scriptures – I began being enlightened and began to question my very own behavior.

    I discovered that I have built around me a formidable wall that disempowered me to connect my humanity to others and sees them very differently and seemingly they are moving toward hell and me heaven. HAHAHAHAHAHA! stupid me and my religion. Avinash! your right of me getting close to being foolish but that foolishness is one of the part of me in my youth.

    Tom, if you suggest me to search for Truth, I tell you, I am traveling life where I collect many fragments of truth in every experience and the time will come when this truths becomes whole again, that time would redeem me.

    I suggest you to Journey life and discover truth in every episodes of you relationships with Man, Woman, plants, trees, rivers, stars, etc. get out from that empty box – your going nowhere but living within the walls you built and that wall is called FEAR.

    When you transcend your journey, tears will flow from your eyes because all things will be revealed and right in front of your eyes, you will see beauty of TRUTH fragmented in every people you meet and will see God in unexpected places even in the darkest dwelling places and even in the face of the most notorious criminal.

    Tom, God is not in the tabernacles, places of worship, altars or by “raising you hands and yell HALLELUJAH”. GOD is out there, crying, weeping, hungry, nothing to lay down to sleep, cold, abused, raped, and DEAD.

    YES! Humans are IMAGE-BEARERS of GOD. See the IMAGE around you and stop preaching.

    Im not atheist, agnostic or other labels. i am a Deist and i believe that I among other humans are Image-bearers of GOD and duty-bound to LOVE in order for GOD to manifest the Glory of Life.

    Peace be with you

    JOHN Piermont


    Perry, Avinash term of “bulldozing” is actually appropriate for you. Why did you rejected my previous post about sexuality and spirituality? you are censuring something that is important.

    • Perry says:


      Your deleted post was vulgar.

      • JohnPierre says:

        I am sorry for the vulgarity

        Sometimes vulgar is the naked truth we keep on hiding.

        Thank you

  • John Piermont Montilla says:


    I am fully acquainted with Scriptures and not just the Bible but others as well. and my basis of my faith and beliefs is my personal journey of Life and the simple Truths that is laid bare in me in every episodes of life that has been entrusted to me.

    Scriptures are words subject to interpretation that have been the cause of many conflicts. But the Wisdom from the Great Spirit that is alive until today is my Guide in living life of Faith, Hope and Love.


    • Eilene says:

      Dear John~HI, my name is Eilene~
      I was born into and raised up within a family that went to(Baptist)church on Sundays and I was taught from the King James version of the Bible since my birth. So it was natural for me to believe what I was exposed to from an early age. But later as I grew older I became an ardent student of the Bible on my own searching for more meaning in many different versions of the Bible and other study resources and I visited many different kinds of chruches to expose my self to other belief systems I had learned existed that seemed to be very different than what I had been taught as a child. I had a boyfriend who was of the Jewish faith and another who was a Catholic. I shared my belief with them and they shared with me what they knew from there faith education. I suppose I was tesing the waters of my faith and allowing God to show me what I believed was true and real and to help me understand why I believed as i did and still do and I was a little curious too. The Word of God is good and alive and true and has never failed me in my life.
      But what I think has kept me in my faith is that I have always had a RELATIONSHIP with God. I know God. I don’t just know ABOUT him from reading the Bible or studying or going to church. I actually KNOW God for real. God IS ~ God is reaL ~ I hear him speak to me and I know he hears me any time I speak to him. We talk together and laugh together and cry together and have tea together and watch TV together~I mean God is with me all the time everywhere, every second ~ I am always aware of him with me. I talk to him anytime and he talks to me anytime.
      I believe my realtionship with God is more important than anything else in my life here on earth. Of course faith that God is must be first, and faith that Jesus is God the son, who died for all sin and then rose up to life again to go back to God the Father is a must to be reconciled to the Father after this life. But most of the other doctrines will be understood and accomplished by simply walking in relationship with Jesus and drawing life and truth from his word. I just don’t see a real need of arguing over them. Just sharing your faith.
      People who know God and his love and salvation want others to know of this too, so we share that good news with others, which is what Jesus told us to do just before he went back to God,right?
      Dear John, when you come to know the One True God who created all the universe, you will know that He is God; it is He who has made us and we ourselves; He created us, not the other way around. We are made IN his image ~ we are not God but we were made like him to reflect him ~ yes, reflect his love and peace and glory and goodness; but I have found the only way we can do this is by knowing him and walking as he shows us all through this life. Wise men still seek HIM.

  • Adrian Lyons says:

    Fair point on the film. However I found the fact that you turned on one of your friends and not only gave him the cold shoulder but chased and was going beat him up becuse you thought he was a poof? I think you a problem my friend. I am not gay at all but I do find it disconcerting when supposedly straight men feel threatened by gays and have witnessed three times in my life ( two at work where an obvious gay guy has either been threatened buy a colleague who “felt uncomfortable” or on one occasion I had to talk a friend out of literally smashing his head in with a bottle at a company drinks night out. I guess your “friend” jeremy has really suffered with that and probably has carried that with him all his life and I cant of many things worse than your friends suddenly turning like that. I am no angel but fortunately was popular at school though relativley small until 16(I didnt really he get a growth spurt until 16 now im over 6ft) However I was very funny and so got away with out too many beatings. Why dont you do the decent thing search him out and just say sorry . I bet you he remembers every second of it to this day

  • Jameel Reza says:

    Hie Perry
    I enjoy reading your articles very much Iam a Muslim convert from Christianity. I found out among the rest of people who despise Islam that they do not have time to study these two religious for fact. The personality of Christ in Islam is so wonderful and the creation of the world as you have discussed in someof your articles is fascinating in in the Koran. The inter twining of science and Religion in Islam has marvelled the scientific community. Why should humanity dwell on compound ignorance of faith and embark of the road to unity in faith.
    Knowing God is not about making movies , its about knowing the truth. If that happenes no Christian solder will ever go to muslim land and kill innocent people in the name of Jesus. If Jews and palestinisn know that they come from the same father Abraham then they should strat adopting children from the other side and start living in peace.
    When shall we know peace of faith in this world when we faild to understand the other side’s story.

    Muslims worship the TRUE LIVING GOD TOO.

  • Jameel Reza says:

    I share the same sentiments too, and still ask if man was created in the image of God and given dorminion over eeverything isnt he Godly enough to shape his life accordingly.

  • John Piermont Montilla says:

    Hi Jameel

    Its good that you have found a God in the Muslim faith and among others who found their God in other religions.

    the Universe is like a jigsaw, once we find the fitting place for ourselves, we began to appreciate the comfort of it. But there is too much silence in appreciating that in a larger puzzle – each who found comfort in the places they found in this Universe, are all interconnected – that is the spirituality that manifests the powerful force of the God when all fragments of Truth are united.

    As i find pleasure in the new found faith, i am (i should be) connected with others and this connection builds one Body and one Church. But the Body and the Church which is actually a Unified Whole becomes virtually a Broken Whole – because our true spirituality is replaced by religion.

    Religion disabled that “interconnectedness” of humanity and the Universe by taking for granted the genuine spirituality and replaced with dogmas and doctrines to describe God that builds a wall of indifference with others and Love is replaced with guilt and fear that we built walls within us to communicate with the True God in us.

    We are God’s image. A perfect masterpiece and I agree that we are Godly enough to shape our life accordingly but also Evil enough to create discord.

    If humans are perfect masterpieces, freewill is also the perfect gift that gives us the power to CHOOSE whether to manifest God or the Devil in our Lives. I believe that we are on the seventh day and God is asleep. All the powers has been entrusted to us to create, recreate, destroy and rebuild and every decisions we do are the ones that will judge us when the time of reckoning comes.

    Yes God is asleep on the sixth day, but God awakens (resurrects) in every one of us whenever we choose live in Love (Christ) and overcome Fear (Evil) in us in every day in our lives.


  • sauhard says:

    your articles are very thought provoking…it made me better understand christ,keep up the good work

  • Ishmael Angelo says:

    “God comes to live among us, but as an ordinary man.” In just one simple, beautiful sentence you have summarized the whole of the New Testamen. And the Old Testament as well. There is a golden thread that runs through the Jewish Scriptures: that the great God of this great Universe will one day come and make His abode with man. This extraordinary prophecy was fulfilled two thousand years ago when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour which is Christ the Lord.” Jesus is God With Us. Jesus is God made manifest. Jesus is God made visible.Jesus is God in human form.Jesus is God in human focus.God finally comes into focus in the man Christ Jesus. This is the grandeur and majesty of the Christian Faith: that God left His abode in eternity and entered the dimensions of space and time to redeem a fallen race. This is the theme of IN A CARPENTER’S OVERALL A CATECHISM FOR THE THIRD MILLENNIUM.I think you would find it interesting. The idea of God is the most powerful, the most beautiful idea to enter the human mind. And it is crucial for mankind to have a true and authentic idea of One God we worship.

  • JohnPierre says:

    To Ishmael Angel

    You have a great statement of God. I just hope and dream that we will not get hooked these dogmas and doctrines for man becomes self-righteous and forget that God became man out of Love of the creation that was made out of his overflowing power. This Love gives life. Only LOVE Nothing more nothing less.

  • Kurt Merki, Snr. says:

    Dear Perry,
    I fully appreciate your efforts of bringing the true picture of “Christianity” not only to the “lost Christians”, but to the whole world. Whilst I agree with you fully (100%) about the topics of: “The 7 lies” and “Creation vs. Evolution Explanations”, I can`t fully agree with your stand on the movie: “The Passion of the Christ”. Though the horrible movie presentation of the suffering of Jesus Christ may raise some “Anti Semitism” concerns, but the fact remains; that was the real situation and what had actually happened to Jesus. Unless humanity understands of how Jesus suffered and died for our sicknesses, deceases and sins, people would take Jesus for granted. However, the movie should have also shown the other side of Jesus good works e.g. healing, driving out demons and rebuking/correcting the “Religious Leaders” (Pharisees). That would have shown to the world that Jesus did not come to establish “A Religion” or “A Political Power” (as we have some churches today), but “Everlasting Life” to the lost world.
    In any case I have quoted some of your links in my book, entitled: Does “Zeitgeist-Movement” or “Barack Obama” Have The Answer To World Peace? I hope you have no objection to it.
    Thanks for your understanding!

  • Kurt Merki, Snr. says:

    “Religion can never reform mankind, because religion is slavery.”
    Robert G. Ingersoll 1833-1899
    A “Zeitgeist” movie quotation
    An excerpt of my book:
    Does “Zeitgeist-Movement” or “Barack Obama” Have The Answer To World Peace?
    Watch out for the book it will be very soon out!

    Follow some of my comments on this web-link!

    It is true that Religion was, is, and will be slavery to mankind, unless “Man” understands the difference between a Religious organization (which has a hierarchy or runs like a Government) and Jesus Christ. (Is the Kingdom of God – Mark 12:32 and Matt. 6:10 ) Jesus Christ never established a Religious organization. To support my statement, please visit the web link of Perry Marshall and read the article: “The Seven Great Lies of Organized Religion”, especially Lie #5: which says: “There is no single truth. Everyone needs to explore and find a truth that works for them”. My comment to this statement is as simple as: I have many times experienced when people lack knowledge and understanding they have difficulties to judge and comprehend between natural and supernatural issues. When this happens, they become suspicious or worse they turn into superstition. Simply confused or even getting mad! Furthermore, many people can`t discern spiritual matters between right and wrong. They only follow the “masses” and then accept to be brainwashed. They are brainwashed to stand up to defend for their indoctrinated faith. At the final stage they become fanatics and when they are challenged by other faiths, on doctrinal or theological issues, they become defensive violent, defending “a truth” which they had never searched for, but blindly followed. This happens even to “Christian Religious Organizations”. That’s how a Religious conflict or war triggers off.
    Through the adoption of a Christ-like life, not Religion, millions of people have been transformed and liberated from slavery. If such a change would not have happened and continues to happen, one would wonder how much more corrupted the world would be.
    In any case the example given by Robert G. Ingersoll is not a good example, because his personal life story like others mentioned personalities in the two “Zeitgeist” movies were extremists, rebellious and radical in characters. Simpson referred to Ingersoll as “this daring blasphemer.” Refer to: of these gods mentioned in the “Zeitgeist” movie could proclaim as Jesus Christ did by saying: “I am the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE…: (Jn.14:6) All what these false gods could say and do, just like every other peaceful human being is to advocate/pursue; justice, love, peace, and so on. Where are their followers and scriptural legacies today? Jesus Christ`s scriptural evidences make Him of what He declared: “I am the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE…:. It is the uncommitted and ignorant Christian and some: “Christian Religious Organizations” who showcase today to the world Christianity (The Church) as follows:
    • When Jesus Christ started His Church it was: “A Way Of Life”
    • When the Church came to Greece it became a Philosophy
    • When the Church came to Rome it became a Government
    • When the Church came to Europe it became a Tradition
    • When the Church came to the Far East it became a Religion
    • When the Church came to America it became a Business
    • When the Church came to South America and Africa it became a Entertainment!
    ….and why?
    Because of “Man`s” love for power and fame, which derives from selfishness and over-ambition, of which the movie “Zeitgeist” is also a part, making fame by presenting false doctrines and deceiving the ignorant. The very ignorant ones “Zeitgeist” is accusing for not reading enough of the devilish things that are happening in this world, uses the Bible quotation like: “… and the truth will set you free.” (Jn.8:32- NIV). The Bible has even stronger words like: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6) One of the viewers of the “Zeitgeist” movie has asked this question: “Which sect has given the contract of this movie?” The Bible says in 2 Tim. 4:3-4: “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desire, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.”
    Again 2 Tim.3:1-7 summarizes all that I have put right with these comments and I quote:
    “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away! For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives of gullible women loaded down with sins, led away by various lusts, always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”
    Despite that Christianity has often gone astray, because of false and deceptive acts of institutional doctrines (Religion), it has proved that Christianity has been sustained, not like the Deities mentioned by “Zeitgeist” and groups them as equals to Christianity. The fact is; it is not the Word of God (the Bible) that needs to be reformed, but “Man”. Here are some evidences: In the 15th century Martin Luther opened to Christianity the centuries hidden Word of God (The Bible) In the 19th century “The Azusa Street Revival” reawakened Christianity from her orthodox institutionalized rules and behavior (Religion). God will always use “someone” to reform His church when “Man” goes astray. Jesus statement in Matthew 16:18 makes that clear, when He said: “… I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.”
    Again, it is not Jesus Christ (His Word-the Bible) who is wrong, but the sinful nature (selfishness) of ALL of us. (Ref. human nature page 76-79, starting from last paragraph) Romans 3:23 says: “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. We ALL are part (including “Zeitgeist”) of 9/11 and other shameful conflicts of this world, deriving from our sinful nature of which selfishness is the number one offence.
    The solution for “Man” is; to reconcile and be at peace with his Creator (Jn.3:3) When “Man” is at peace with his Creator, “Man” will also be at peace with his neighbor. The rider will then know his destiny and not as “Zeitgeist” ends its first movie, suggesting philosophically that:
    “Life is just a ride”
    My advice towards peace is:
    “If we see in every Man God`s Creation, the world will have peace!”
    Kurt Merki, Snr,
    (Gen.1:26) Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…”

  • elue gabriel mokogwu says:

    though i just discover your website lately,i appreciate what i have read so far from you,on mel Gibson movie just like you rightly said it promotes violence and hatred,i don’t encourage my children to watch that for now maybe when there are a little older they can watch it,but mel gibson would have go further to where Christ ressurect and show how remorseful the soldiers where when he arose,at least it will show the viewers that it bad to do evil and unjustly oppress people,as for the jew am not surprised they never see christ as the messiah they are waiting for,because he came like a lamb not like a warrior which they will have prefer.thank you so much

  • Mimi Burbank says:

    Regarding the Passion of the Christ :

    While watching this movie, I really came to identify with the Christ who was the “Son of Man” … fully human, and while still God incarnate – HAD A CHOICE! Being a Christian is extremely difficult – to live the life of Christ, which we are all called to do – is for each one of us to actually take up the same cross. When I stop to think seriously about that, I am once again awed by the enormity of God’s love for mankind. I’ll admit that I cried during the flagellation – how could one not cry – for each lash was symbolic of one that I had inflicted. Think about that.

    As for violence – those instruments were the ones used to torture criminals – and the Romans seem to have had a great deal of pleasure in inflicting pain.

    Regarding “doing to the least of these…” I have chosen to live in Uganda in an area full of “the least of these…” … and I find more Christian love in this community than I ever found in the USA. That is a wonderful statement on one hand, and a sad one on the other.

    Thanks for sharing…


  • Tony says:

    The best scene in the passion movie was right at the beginning when Jesus brought His sandaled foot down on the snake.

    I couldn’t help myself, I raised my hands in the air, jumped to my feet and shouted YES!!!

    I also read some of your other stuff. Keep demolishing the atheist by your non-vain jangling right in their own back yard.

    Behold He has made you a champion among us. Consider yourself bookmarked.

    I have lifted you up, please lift me up too.

    May God richly bless you and cause your work for Him to prosper greatly.

    • Perry says:


      Consider yourself lifted up. Blessings to ya.


  • Rafyta says:

    Perry, I hand’t thought of “Whatever you do to the least of these, you do also to me” in the same way you did here; very interesting and thought provoking. You just made me look at how I treat people day to day in a whole different way. Thank you for sharing this. God bless and Saludos from Cabo.

  • gene upton says:

    i just read your passion of Christ, i own the movie ,i have watched it
    two or three times , . each time i cry, when i was very small,( i don’t
    have a mother,passed away after i was born, ) my granmother read the bible to me , she was very reliious …. she said Christ’s last words
    before he Died,were ” Forgive them My Father , they know not what they
    do”…………thank you ,,, a very nice article by the way, i am
    Catholic and very proud of it.. gene

  • Henry de Mel says:

    Dear Perry,

    Your articles are stimulating. I have been a Benedictine monk and a priest in the Catholic Church, but now I am a layperson and engaged in development work in my country – Sri Lanka where all 4 world religions are being practiced.I have a different view about other religions and truth. All religions have truth and beauty and usefulness for man. I come to this conclusion on the following basis. WE believe that God is the Father of us all and of the entire creation. He particularly cares for man. So the ancient Indian Rishis, Guthama the Buddha, Mohamed, Jain, Sun Yat Sen and others – all have been created and “graced” by God. What these teachers have taught mankind about living, about the origins of life and about life after death etc. I believe that Christianity is a comprehensive revelation. But does that warrant that other religions be branded as “not true”. I do not think so according to the light that I have at the moment. I am yet questing for the Truth and Augustine of Carthage said our finite minds are not capable of understanding the Infinite Truth.
    Henry de Mel
    Sri Lanka

    • Perry says:


      My thoughts about this:

  • hezibah says:

    perry your mad and i like it ,

  • Albanus Alain says:

    Has anyone read Vassula Ryden’s book?
    This book has opened my eyes in my early age (9 heading to 10 y/o) that once I was a coward for almost everything (illness, ghost, life, etc) because I have nothing divine to hold on to while fully realize that human has all the limitation to fully keep me safe neither by words nor by actions. Yes, I am that self aware and also was lost soul until I read this (Vassula’s books) which obliterate all my fear but to God and divine justice. Submit wholly to God’s mercy and also fully believe in Jesus words and salvation.

    I strongly suggest you to read at least until book 3 and judge it by yourself.

    Now, I’m going 30, born and live Indonesian, rise in Roman Catholic family which I am glad to because it never forbids me to open my mind and eyes. One of Bible’s quote I hold in searching knowledge is what Paul has said in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 “prove all things; hold fast that which is good;” So, in spending most of my life studying practically everything from religions (including all of its contradicting point of views), psychology, technology and everything related to popular knowledge, never ever rise any doubt to Jesus’ salvation. Why? Because I have felt myself how Jesus touches me (give me miracles–you may say) and leads me to all directions in order to strengthen my faith, even to here.

    Even my Roman Catholic religion lecture had taught us (referring to all of my classmates at the time) the deprecating part of the Bible to show us how honest the Bible is in teaching us the truth — which in contrary is being used by some as the faulty of the Bible.

    What I’m afraid of in reading all the commentaries or any of so called religions point of view is that we forget as God does exist so does Satan, and Satan holds power as God too but to overrule God. Satan can be so deceivable to make us think it is God’s voice.

    How do we know whether it is God or Satan? It’s easy actually, first of all you have to have mind to do good, now, when you are exposed to any information feel the doubt, when you have chilling doubt it is Satan. When you have heart-warming doubt it is God. But even Satan can create false sense of heart-warming doubt, but, then again, you can recognize the difference when your mind is truly to do good. When you have been really used to feel it, there will be only doubt (Satan) and no doubt at all (God).

    Well, another question may arise; how do we train our mind to do good? Read the Bible, don’t question it just yet, just read it through. The second time you read it then you can/may begin to questioning it but only after you read it throughly.

    I would really like to close this with one more quote from Bible, from Matthew 5:37 “But let your speech be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: and whatsoever is more than these is of the evil ‘one’.”

  • Simon Mwewa says:

    My problem with the movie “The Passion of Christ” is not with the violence, but rather with what the producers of the movie are trying to implant in people’s subconscious mind. The movie no doubt tries to glorify Mary. Its portrays Jesus looking to Mary for His strength in all His suffering. To me it looks like the producers of the movie had an agenda beyond making money

  • JohnPierre says:

    Nice insight about Mary.

    Though I’m spiritualist, in the side of my religious life, I more closely connected with Mary. In short, i am a Marian. I will watch “the Passion” again and will look at the side of Mary that you have observed. If there is credence to your point, I agree to you that Mary was indeed a great source of strength to Jesus, just like our mothers in real life. Their efforts has been silenced by too much heterosexism, patriarchy, and chauvinism. In fact, the Bible always talk about men since the genesis because Men wrote the Bible to the extent that women are just considered a rib of the man and nothing more. Mary is the source of wisdom and strength to anyone who goes to her aide. Just like our Mother, the earth.


  • John Kansil says:

    Dear Dr. Perry Marshall,

    I feel more relieved after read your articles Where did the Universe come from and The Seven lies…. I’m a Christian, and from my experience it was not that easy to explain the Trinity to the non Christian since they also don’t wholy believe in Bible, even if they do believe in one God. My answered to that argument (after several nights with out good sleep). Look, we are human beings. We have human brain, human mind beside our five human senses. How can we differ the “one” from others if that “one” we can not sense? The one living God in the form of human being give the answer. Absolutely One.

    Keep be blessed Perry, thank you


    John Kansil.

    PS. I’m waiting for your “9 Great Lies…”


    Dear Mr Perry Marshal,
    Its good and blessed for me and everyone who have come across your messages its really encourages.I am an SDA church member but i dont go for church services due to the work am doing it has obstructed me from attending church masses. However, my question is;HOW MUCH DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE SO CALLED CHRISTMAS EVE AND IS IT TRUE THAT JESUS WAS BORN ON THE 25TH OF DECEMBER.Please i need clarifications over this matter.

    Thank you God bless.

    • Perry says:

      I don’t really know all that much about the date of the actual birth of Christ. But you can find all kinds of interesting articles about that online.

    • Gemma says:


      sorry but I have come to this late. There is a tradition amongst the shepherds and that it was that on one night they would stay with their flock for an entire night. Usually they didn’t – not that I know much about shepherding, my farming goes as far as keeping pigs and a small vegetable garden.

      The point is that in the Gospel according to Luke, the shepherds were tending their flocks in the nighttime. This was then that special day – namely the darkest day of the year or the winter solstice.

      Any help?


    Was up sir but you seem to be veryy educated just like the greatest we read about,but sir what if you are wrong men ,am in kenya and loving the games you play with spirituality and alot that we call serious on earth ,but what if there is a whip for the lies and a pot of boiling water for the misleading are you safe or will you excuse by saing just like i do alot of time am hopeing for the best after i do my best .anyway ilove your job just a guestion .

    • Perry says:

      All of us could be wrong. The book of James says, “Let not many of you become teachers, knowing that as such you will be held to a higher standard.”

  • Christopher ~ the Christ bearer says:

    Dear Perry,
    Your have nice opinions, but, they fail to make the True Spiritual grade. You seem to be getting hung up on the “Jesus” part…You seem to be missing the simple Truth. The Greatest Truths are the simplest! certainly, your opinions are NOT simple!

    Here’s the simplest Truth, Perry: create Your Relationship with Our Creator and eliminate religion from Your Life. That’s what Jesus did. We are Jesus. We are God. We are One, all together.

    This creation is 100% proven. It’s beyond argument.

    God Bless You, I Bless You, Bless Yourself, Perry

    once You created Your Relationship, Perry, you’ll understand the simplest Truth > You are God !

    Peace be with You

    • Perry says:


      I am a child of God and I am made in the image of God.

      Still I don’t think it could possibly be more obvious that I am not God. If any of us humans has the ability to create an entire universe, none of us seems to have tapped it.


    • JohnPierre says:

      Dear Christopher

      I am with you, and you have the best comment in this thread. You are true spiritual person.

      However, there is something wrong with your terminology in the sphere of spirituality. “Creator” – there is no creator, the Universe has no beginning and no end. No one created it, its there ever since. Its the sum of the consciousness of the Universe that manifest God. Its our duty to connect these fragments so that the God can truly manifest in human lives.

      I wish to connect with you Christopher. We have many challenges in our Life as spiritual people and our purpose is to connect the fragments of truth. Im happy to see you here at Perry’s Blog. Visit me here:

      As to Perry, yes, we are children of the universe, we are the image-bearer of the the manifesting God. And as Christopher noted, we are God, We are Jesus = Love and we are One through Jesus (Love)


      • Perry says:

        John and Christopher,

        Neither one of your posts contains a single verifiable fact.

        The universe has no beginning?

        I know some Eastern religions teach this, but science and Genesis 1 both strongly attest that it does have a beginning.

        Any or all of us are God?

        I fail to see convincing evidence. Well, let me restate that. I fail to see any evidence of any kind that any of us are God.

        Am I made in the image of God? Yes, I most certainly believe that. To believe that I am God, however, is the original lie. It is not the truth.

  • Michael says:


    As I enter the world of internet marketing, I’ve come to appreciate the value of your insight and counsel, and look forward to calling on you when I can afford it (though it could be argued I can hardly afford NOT to if I want to be successful…lol!)

    In addition to this wonderful perspective on The Passion of the Christ, it was a delightful surprise today to discover an entirely new dimension to you, one that started when I read your excellent article of “If You Can Read This, I Can Prove God Exists”. Truly epic!!

    It reminded me of another tract, one just as compelling, that I hope you will avail yourself of, written by Karl Keating in 1988. Entitled “Catholicism and Fundamentalism”, it’s impact on non-denominational Christians is every bit as strong as your article is to thinking atheists. It makes just as iron-clad a case for organized religion, and Catholicism in particular, as DNA does for the existence of a Creator. You’ll find it at Amazon, used for about $5 if you wish, but since you struck me as someone who truly seeks knowledge for knowledge’s sake, and would be willing to find truth wherever it may lead, you’re one of the few complete strangers I feel comfortable recommending it to. Since you seemed comfortable with Ann Rice’s story of “reversion”, I especially thought you would find this interesting.

    Interestingly, it details how contemporary non-denominational Christianity got its start in large part due to Darwinian theory (or rather the backlash against it).

    Not trying to proselytize here, but you’ve got the kind of inquisitive and reasoned mind that would find this a great read. I would love to hear you thoughts afterwards, of course, but I know how busy you are, the bane of successful businessmen. ?

    Thank you for this blog, and everything you’ve done to help me so far, and I wish you much continued success and blessings!


    • Perry says:


      Thanks for your note. I will take a look at your book.

      I have an old friend who got his master’s degree in theology, went down the conservative protestant road then converted to Eastern Orthodox about 6 years ago. We stayed up all night several nights talking about all this. Absolutely fascinating. His take was, Orthodox was the real mother ship, nearly twin sister to Catholicism. I had great appreciation for his take on Christian unity etc and how Catholics and Orthodox value it so highly while protestants just endlessly splinter every time they disagree.

      I was brought up to believe that Catholicism was something close to idolatry or something but I have come to have great respect for the church fathers etc. I suppose I could comfortably be a Catholic if it were necessary, though there would be a lot of things I’d take with a grain of salt.

      Generally I think at the core center there’s a huge richness within the Catholic church. At the outer edges – ie the typical parish in the typical town in North or South America – they have a very bad quality control problem. It seems to me that as contentious as it was, the Protestant reformation was badly needed to shock the church out of its state of lethargy.

      Looking forward to checking out the book.


      • Richard Sandefur says:

        This is April6 and here I am just discovering your blog and your January comment about the Catholic Church. Having been educated from Kindergarten through college, I couldn’t agree more. I deeply respect the body of Catholic teaching and social action tradition, do love most Jesuits,cringed when Herr Ratzinger became Pope, enjoy and am moved much more by the Mennonite services in Northern Indiana/Southern Michigan than I am by suburban traffic jam middle class Catholic services here in town. It is the SAME THING SAME THING-Father opens up his homily book and tells me I must be more like Mary and Jesus-I’m 67 years old and I haven’t made it yet. Then Squeaky the organist, actually a very talented woman who at least believes she is God’s organizer, leads the “Stand Up, Sit Down,Fight fight Fight” with songs most of us do not know. I do find the Bible and services devoted to explaining how it applies to us in our daily lives very inspirational.I get this from the Mennonites and some of the nondenominational churches. Sounds like that is what got the Reformation going.We Catholics really need to make some MAJOR changes in the way we do business on earth. God Bless Anne Rice for her return to the Church-her presence may infuse the hierarchy with a little more understanding of the human condition and how Jesus really deals with His sheep,lost or not.

    • JohnPierre says:

      Hi Perry


      I deceitful term. But only true in our material world (not spiritual world). How many men and women out there offered all their resources to find evidence?

      Why the trees, plants and mountains does not ask who created them? only man does. Why does man ask? Because his mind is narrow – disconnected with the Universe. Every thing in this material world is created and therefore logically the Universe is created.. created by someone… Someone that is no evidence of existing but because of “logic” and “reason” that someone exist. That is a lie Perry. But I believe that you, me and the sum of the Universe is God and is Truth. We see, touch and commune with them.

      We are the EVIDENCE.

      Logic and reason is one if the ills of our society. It becomes an ill because it tries to morph and put God in a box, then when some one opened that box – discovered its empty and religion just simply say: BELEIVE and you will see.

      Hahaha. Funny – still empty. Only a fool believes.

      Yet, the true Wisdom is when you empty your self from the material world, get rid of reason and be illogical. Then Wisdom will guide you the see and feel truth.

      Beginning and End?

      Another deceitful terms. Science and religion’s conspiracy to make them tangible and measurable. Did Science and religion discovered any evidence of the origin of the Universe? never!!!! Scientists, prophets, scholars are like prisoners finding a key for their release despite already having the key in their hands. They refuse to use the key because: When the key is used, men will be enlightened and religion perish and no more profit for the religious establishments.

      Its a cycle Perry. the Universe is a cycle of birth, life and death. To question the beginning of the universe is foolishness. It has no beginning and no end. God is infinite – cannot be measured, omnipotent – all powerful, omni present – every where. How could science measure that? There is only one measurable thing in this universe. You

      I am the Alpha and the Omega – very spiritual word from Christ. Yet, for a religious it is Christ, for a spiritual “the Self”.

      If you believe that you are not God Perry, you deny the evidence of God.

      The greatest knowledge is “to know thyself” and the greatest wisdom is when God manifests in the self.


      PS: where can I get a smiley Perry? the one Christoper pasted?

  • JohnPierre says:

    Another thing Perry, how much millions, billions or even trillions of dollars has been spent to study the universe and search for clues of its beginning or even its end?

    What is spiritual with spending trillions of dollars to foolishness while the earth is being continually destroyed by humans and millions of our brethren starving to death?

    How much men and women murdered by Religion in the past because they are attached to mother nature? How many inquisitions were there? and how many were put to death because they were found guilty of witchcraft. What is spiritual with that?

    How many Religions fight each other and call their wars “holy” wars. Whats holy with that?

    How many women until today whose genitalia removed as well as cover their face and failed to see their beauty and enjoyed life, how many great women never written in history and scriptures? whats spiritual about that? How many women until now believes that they are just a rib of the man and submit to men? how many women bears the mark of the sin of Eve that until now being blamed to women? and how many female and most primitive of all Gods was there thousands of years ago destroyed by the Catholic Church?

    Isn’t science and religion and their conspiracy a great evil?

    Yesterday, I watched Avatar, the theater is full and people around entertained and amazed. But I wept a dozen of times. Though my only critic to the movie is that Spirituality was reduce to fantasy, the opposite of Religion that reduce Spirituality into “super”natural but the message is in line of my core belief. What the Universe has are only two things, material and spiritual and in between the “consciousness”

    And look what the Vatican would like to say “The Vatican newspaper and radio station are criticizing James Cameron’s 3-D blockbuster for flirting with the idea that worship of nature can replace religion — a notion the pope has warned against. They call the movie a simplistic and sappy tale, despite its awe-inspiring special effects. Qouted from

    You see Perry, both science and religion are murderers. And their victims are the earth and its inhabitants. They both murder truth. Men and women are slaves. Science use empirical evidence while religion use fear and guilt and their conspiracy is logic and reason to enslave people.

    Religion can never reform mankind: because religion is slavery – yes.

    Thank you and a happy brand new decade to all


  • cezar g. miranda says:

    hello sir perry, thank you for your kind of ministry. it nurtures my ‘journey’ in this plane of life. the comments above from your subscribers and your responses are very telling of individual uniqueness and experiences which serves as mirrors of myself and serves as my lamp posts in my pilgrimage as i dispense my god-given freedom. from my standpoint, whatever belief-system we subscribe to, the soundness of our lives, as openly or subtly confirmed by other religious or spiritual literatures, are our ‘effects’ to ourselves as a human beings member of a human family called together in solidarity to make this world a better place to live in that when this earthly life comes to an end, each one will have an awesome experience. thank you.

  • dustin says:

    hi Perry.i really do enjoy your discourses.i am touched especially by the realization that i have to take ownership and blame for things that happen in my life and stop blaming God for not bailing me out as and when i want him to.We have all at some point chased one Jeremy or the other down blocks of buildings and in doing so have treated God badly.i thank you for helping me open my eyes.May God bless you.

    Dustin Mbewe

    • Perry says:


      Blessings to you for coming to that realization.

  • Chris says:

    Hey Perry,
    I enjoy your work greatly and definitly approve of it but I have a small question. It’s about the age of the Earth. Some say it’s billions of years old while others say it’s thousands? What are your opinions on this because I am utterly confused!!! Fossils point to an “old earth” but the Earths magneticsphere point to a “new earth”. I am confused to say the least!? Any help?

    • Perry says:

      I am absolutely, positively on the side of OLD earth. The evidence tilts heavily in that direction. I’ve got a whole website about this,

      • jd shultz says:

        When Jesus turned the water to wine ( wine making takes time) why not the same with the universe. After all he is GOD. What to you think?
        Thank you for all the information you have sent me.
        john shultz

  • JohnPierre says:

    Dear friends

    What is Humanity’s purpose?

    Our Purpose is this “Journey”

    Once there lived a village of creatures along the bottom of a great, crystal river. The current of the river swept silently over them all – young and old, rich and poor, good and evil, the current going its own way, knowing only its own crystal self.

    Each creature in its own manner clung tightly to the twigs and rocks of the river bottom, for clinging was their way of life, and resisting the current what each had learned from birth. But one creature said at last, “I am tired of clinging. Though I cannot see it with my eyes, I trust that the current knows where it is going. I shall let go and let it take me where it will. Clinging, I shall die of boredom.”

    The other creatures laughed and said, “Fool! Let go, and that current you worship will throw you tumbled and smashed across the rocks, and you will die quicker than boredom!”. But the one heeded them not, and taking a breath did let go, and at once was tumbled and smashed by the current across the rocks. Yet in time, as the creature refused to cling again, the current lifted him free from the bottom, and he was bruised and hurt no more. And the creatures downstream to whom he was a stranger cried, “See a miracle! A creature like ourselves, yet he flies! See the Messiah, come to save us all!”

    And the one carried in the current said, “I am no more Messiah than you. The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare let go. Our true work is this voyage, this adventure.”

    But they cried the more, “Saviour!” all the while clinging to the rocks, and when they looked again he was gone, and they were left alone making legends of a Saviour.”

    – Richard Bach, Illusion

  • cathal says:


    the fact that you ignore that the movie you are talking about made millions of dollars for an outspoken anti-semite (one of the most despicable and non-christian things a person could be), and focus on the story shows a deep hypocritical strain in your thinking. this is very unhealthy, and speaks strongly against the value of thinking in terms of the myth ignoring the facts.


    • Duncan Pugh says:

      I remember going to see this movie, in a packed out cinema here in Plymouth, UK. I approve of Gibson’s portrayal of the story of the passion, it is hard-hitting, relentless and honest, because I believe it is important to emphasise the suffering and humanity of Jesus in a world where he is commonly perceived as some kind of mythological and superhuman figure. I do not think the crucifixion can be fully understood without a strong emphasis on the all too normal human suffering that Jesus experienced. However, as I have probably stated in other posts on your forums, the film, just like the New Testament, is completely ruined when at the end we see Jesus smiling calmly inside the tomb after the stone has been rolled away. I have to say that I think Gibson was a little too graphic in the way he presented Jesus’ flogging, let’s say it was a little too overstated.

      There are much better films than The Passion of the Christ for describing the human condition. Out of all of the films about Jesus I have seen that were intended for a wider audience than just Christians, e.g. Golgotha, The Gospel According to St. Matthew, The Last Temptation of Christ and The Life of Brian, I would say that the last of these is the best and most thought provoking. It could be seen as a kind of negative theology as it isn’t actually about Jesus it is about a fictitious man called Brian who is an example of somebody who is not Jesus. It is also political satire, yes it satirizes organised religion, but it also satirizes the excesses of liberal democracy, political factions, political correctness, the need that some people have to place their faith in meaningless signs, and so on and so on.

      Furthermore, James Caviezel, the actor who plays Jesus, appears in one of the most inspiring and thought provoking films about spirituality and the human condition that I’ve ever seen, Terence Malick’s The Thin Red Line, and I was ultimately disappointed with his performance in Gibson’s portrayal of the passion when compared to his performance in that film and the significance of his relationship with Sean Penn’s character.

  • Arts says:

    I’ve never rated Mel Gibson as an actor, but there again I only saw one of his movies as far as I know. And I missed half of it at least because the slow-moving hero put me to sleep!Can’t recall the name of the stupid movie – asking Google now.

    This must have been it – “Signs”. Read about it:

    However it sounds like he hit bullseye with the Passions of Christ. Might see if I can score it somewhere.

    It sounds like it captures the symbolism of the bible just as effectively as the book itself – only more graphically.

  • Wilf Wallace says:

    It was a good fantasy – an interesting movie about a bunch of fairy-tale stuff that more and more people, as we become more enlightened, are realizing never happened.

    • Perry says:

      Your statement might be credible if there weren’t at least 10 historians outside the Bible that describe Jesus as a miracle worker, rebel and troublemaker, including Thallos, Pliny the Younger, Suetonius, Tacitus, Mara Bar Serapion, Lucian of Samosata, Celcus, and the Toledot Yeshu. Roman historian Josephus, highly respected and widely referenced, reports Jesus as having been crucified by the Romans and reported by many to have risen from the dead.

      You’re entitled to your opinion, but scarcely will one encounter a professional historian who agrees with your assessment.

    • joseph e. says:

      @Wilf Wallace: It does seem to me that more and more people are actually getting lost in the name of enlightenment. Calling Jesus and his life fairly tales is like calling electromagnetism a fairy tale, it makes one imagine if such comments originate in any degree of reality.

  • Alan Bleiken says:

    Hi Perry,

    I am a relatively new reader of your writings. I always enjoy seeing where others are coming from, and for what reasons.

    In reading some of the blog postings by yourself and others, I noticed a couple things that stuck out. You have likely addressed them somewhere, so point me there if you wish.

    The first thing that I found of interest was your largely positive endorsement of the Catholic Church. Maybe you are just being diplomatic, and I fully understand that, but I your are being totally upfront, then I wonder how on earth you can reconcile modern day Catholicism (or any era) with the simplicity found in scripture.

    As I watch the Pope and his entourage march around the Vatican, I am having a very hard time finding anything in the Biblical accounts ofChrist that seems to represent any of this.

    The other thing I wonder about is if you support an old earth, as you say you do, I think that leaves us with about 3 options. I wonder which one you subscribe to?

    1. God created the earth and universe, but left it barren for billions of years til He created life on it, Genesis style. (6 days)

    2. God created the earth, then left it, and things evolved Darwin style, no outside help, no direction, no purpose, etc.

    3. God created the earth Big Bang style, and then directed the forces of evolution along.

    In the first instance we see God still acting as the Creator as we read in Genesis. In the other two, we have no scriptural indication whatsoever of these events.

    Not sure where you are coming from here Perry. Can you give me a hint, or point me to it?

    I am not so interested in your theories about how old you think the earth is, but rather how you believe we arrived here. Did we evolve from apes? Were we created more of less as we are?

    If you believe we evolved from apes, some scriptural references would be somewhat helpful, as I think the Bible is the book you seem to reference as your spiritual document.

    Thanks for your time. Alan Bleiken

    • Perry says:


      Great question. I’m not attempting to criticize or defend the bureaucracy of the Catholic church that we have now – that’s really beside the point. I’m recognizing that in its lineage it’s the original ‘mother ship’ and there is a great deal to be learned from the early church fathers. You might like the articles and

      As for the history of the universe I believe that the Big Bang was the 1st singularity event and the Origin of Life was the 2nd. I believe that evolution is an engineered process, it does not happen by random chance combined with natural selection; it is vastly more sophisticated than that. My website details this view with many articles and much discussion. See also

  • Vikash Kumar says:

    Sir, Iam not even a graduate, but love to know and talk about cosmos,new discovery and not believe more than 50% on god due lac of knowledge about cosmos as well as god.
    But want to say one thing, why we are not believing in aliens, may be some or any known creature living with us is an alien, becouse we don’t know the shape,size intelligence of aliens.

  • mikitta says:

    Perry, thank you so much all the work you have put into your blog and sites. I’ve spent the last week or so reading and listening to EVERYthing I can find. As a Christian who also has a degree in Microbiology, I have always struggled with the dichotomy between current “traditional” evangelical thought and the origins of the universe.

    You have, through your various series and recorded lectures, GIVEN ME PERMISSION to confidently believe that the universe and this earth are very, very old, that God wasn’t in a hurry, nor did He artificially lay down all the archaeological strata of the paleolithic through bronze ages to somehow confound unbelievers into disbelieving Him even further because such evidence just isn’t consistent with a flood 4500 years ago, nor with a creation that is only 6000 years old. You have also given me the freedom from cognitive dissonance I have suffered trying to harmonize scripture with the paleontological record as is, in God’s context of intelligent design and guided evolution.

    THANK YOU! No more having to compartmentalize my faith away from what I know to be scientific facts! Keep up the great work and I hope you will update your site with further new discoveries in the scientific community that continue to validate the reality of God, and not only that, the love of Christ for a lost and dying world :)

    God Bless,

    • Perry says:

      You made my day! I hope you also saw

    • Desi says:

      “No more having to compartmentalize my faith away from what I know to be scientific facts!”

      Keep in mind that a scientific fact is something that has been observed, can be recreated in a lab, and has natural laws to explain it. The age of the earth and evolution cannot be tested, demonstrated and confirmed with the scientific method in this way. Because of this, any belief about origins is a matter of faith.

      I don’t think there’s any reason to compartmentalize Christianity or reconcile it with another faith. Instead of just questioning the Bible, I would encourage you to also consider being more skeptical of the secular, naturalistic worldview.

      There are all kinds of scientists, scholars and researchers that recognize the problems with and presuppositional (if that’s a word) nature of old-earth, evolutionary thought. Much has been published about this topic. Google it, order some resources and see what you can learn. I think you’ll be surprised.

      • Perry says:


        I would like to suggest that a very old universe and evolutionary theories are testable, and are compatible with Christian ideas. See for my thoughts on this.

        • Desi says:

          Perry, I’m familiar with what you’ve produced on this topic and I think you did a great job with it. I really appreciate how you engage people in this type of dialog. I don’t think there’s anything more important.

          I’m not trying to split hairs here necessarily, I just want mikitta and others to realize that some “facts” are not really the settled science people lead us to believe they are. As fallen sinners we have a fallible interpretation of the evidence, especially when our interpretation stems from an unbiblical, naturalistic worldview. Real facts are universal and remain the same. But beliefs about prehistory and origins among secular scientists can differ greatly and ideas change over time.


    Please i would like to know when satan’s probation period was closed,was it when immediately he was cast out of heaven or when Jesus Christ died on the cross.

  • Maraina Cloete says:

    Hi Perry

    Your article has only deepened my faith and done away with any doubts about Jesus. one thing i realised is that we can never testify to the truth, until we have given Jesus full authority over our lives. and that is the thing humans fear the most: NOT TO BE IN CONTROL OF THEMSELVES AND THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES. I want to encourage everyone who has reservations about Jesus to give him a fair chance and i can promise you, YOU WILL NEVER BE DISAPPOINTED.

  • Alex Ponnaiah Arul says:

    Dear Perry,

    Thank You so much. You have answered a long time unanswered question “why is there evil, why is there suffering, why is there so much pain in the world?” Because, for 35 years I am living in immence pain. I cannot disclose here what my pain is. But thank you Perry I am clear now.


  • Kamal says:

    Dear Perry
    I found your article beautifully written, but to me they are not convincing. You talk of God in your articles and writings. Ok, that’s pretty good. Talking of God sitting in his pantheon, nurturing good will for his creatures. But that’s just the surface; you haven’t experienced, I wager, the brutalities coming from recognizing God as the sole creator of the universe. If you believe that your God is the only legitimate one to be worshipped, here is where all our problems commence. As I said earlier it is pretty good to talk of God in his being infinite and all the stuff like that while sitting in my comfortable leather chair in a luxurious apartment in a European or let’s say any secular country where religion has long been forced into the secluded areas of human minds. But as an Iranian born under the dogmatism of Shiite Muslims (I myself a born Shiite), I have tasted, by every bit of my being, the consequences of such ideas. Thousands of my countrymen brutally killed, suppressed or banished just for the dogmatism of clerics who think it their very right to speak on behalf of God. The clerics like any of their kind, while in power, don’t tolerate any opposition. Belief in one God is not bad at all, but taking a brief look at the history of the world shows that the human being has paid dearly for his belief in monotheism (for instance the number of people died in the crusades or dying daily in Iraq, Afghanistan or even my own country Iran).
    Maybe you wonder what my point is. I’m just saying that we have to take refuge in the light of science. It was science which paved the path for the human being and is still doing its job perfectly. Abstract stories as Adam and Eve, Abraham, resurrection, etc must be driven back to where they legally belong which is to say, the fallacies of human history; because they have inflicted us more harm than merit to be tolerated in the twenty first century. Just take a look at those suicide bombers and try to ponder on their motives. I’m living among such people for nearly thirty years and I’m totally aware of what renders them to commit such wrongdoings: THE BELIEF IN GOD, HIS GARDEN OF EDEN AND MARTYRDOM. You see, suicide attacks, religious executions, excommunication, etc are the practical results of the belief in the scripture and Quran especially when holding power as again in my motherland’s case.
    I hope I didn’t insult any person’s holy belief but I just felt telling my feeling to somebody and in so doing some bitter statements seemed unavoidable.

    • Perry says:


      Thank you for your story and for sharing your experience. I’m sorry for what has happened to you and what you have experienced.

      You have experienced militant Islam. I would like to invite you to experience Jesus. Jesus as a person and as a teacher is entirely different than what is practiced in Islam.

      It is easy for people from a particular perspective to feel that science has produced all of the liberties and comforts of the Western world, and miss the fact that (1) science itself originated from the Christian worldview, and (2) the Western world, truth be told, is deeply religious. Especially people in North America. Americans don’t generally wear their religion on their sleeve but our culture is deeply ingrained with Christian values. The prosperity and relative peace that people in the west experience is directly attributable to Judeo-Christian thought.

      I would also like to call your attention to the fact that living in a world that possesses science, but which does not have Christian values, is a living nightmare. Case in point:

      I’ve got a book on my shelf called The Black Book Of Communism. It documents in excruciating detail the genocide of 160 million people under mostly atheist regimes — in the 20th century alone. That’s more people murdered, butchered, slaughtered, churches burned with congregations inside, women and children sent to mass graves via atheism – during the 20th century – than because of all religious wars in all centuries combined.

      Is it merely a coincidence that more people were murdered by atheist governments in the 20th century alone, than by all religious wars in all centuries?

      You decide.

      Lenin, Stalin and Mao all had as much science as anybody could want. But they believed science was all there was.

      I request that you read the following article carefully and then we can discuss:

      I would like you to consider that the Garden of Eden story – whether you interpret as real or allegorical, doesn’t much matter – does speak the ugly truth about humanity. You will notice that in that story there is a murder, the very first in the history of mankind.

      Who is involved in the murder? A man kills his very brother in cold blood.

      What is the murder about? It’s because of jealousy concerning the appropriate worship of God.

      This story speaks the truth about mankind. Religion IS the most divisive issue on earth. The atheists are right about that.

      But as we see with Lenin, Stalin and Mao, when we get rid of religion, the results are even more catastrophic.

      Religion is a reality that you and I have no choice but to deal with. It can’t be swept aside, can’t be sidestepped. It’s an anvil.

      And I would like to suggest to you that the end result of those who follow Jesus and his gentle teachings produce the kind of world that you actually want to live in.

      Once again I’m sorry for what you’ve experienced. I hope you’ll read the book of John in the New Testament and find out what Jesus is truly all about.


      Perry Marshall

    • JohnPierre says:

      Hi Kamal,

      You talk about science, you can visit this site:!/Pantheism


      Brethren JP

  • Oswald says:

    Hello Perry,
    Really enjoy your articles. I was fortunate to come across your site while surfing the net. Or perhaps it was divine providence. Enjoyed reading the various view points.
    My personal belief is that denominations of Churches do not get you salvation. It is being a Disciple of Jesus and doing his teachings and observing his commandments (includes the 10 commandments) that will ultimately get one salvation.
    God Bless,
    P.S. would like your course, “9 great lies of sales & marketing”.

  • Abukamal says:

    Dear iam reading all ur nice stuff since last month . i really enjoy it and i like ur ideas of creation . ithink ur audiance is increasing ,congratualations…please give me a chance to share…
    Although iam a religious Muslim, i like all this , i respect people who believe in God ,people who are humble befor the creator ..i believe in Jesus as a teacher and as a profit and i believe in every word in Quran and i absolutly see no conflict..
    one word to kamal..the dogmatism u are talking about has nothing to do with God ,nothing to do with islam or christianity…or Quran ..please read quran and tell me those words telling u to sucide and kill women and children and all innocent people and go to paradize..look for one word in Quran ordering for revench ….if this is an outcome of wrong ideas it would not be justice to blame Islam ..wrong regimes ,wrong leaders are to be blamed and this of course is not confined to the Muslim world because Hitler of Stalin or Sharoon or Radovan Karadovitch and all other butchers were not killing millions of people for the sake of Quran or for the sake of Jesus Crist …these are our own sins and we shoud not blame others for it .

    Thanks Perry
    Best regards


  • kamal says:

    To Abukamal
    Never did I tell that Quran orders to commit suicide or mass murders. No, but there are some verses in Quran advising the believers to attack the infidels and plunder their belongings. Besides Islamic Shariah isn’t just consisted of Quran’s verses, it is derived mainly from Muhammad’s deeds and sayings and his successors. Here let’s take a brief look at the history of Islam. At the outset of Islamic expansion the prophet declared war on the Jews and just in one single day 700 male ethnic Jews were beheaded by Ali Ibn Abitalib and his cousin Zobayr for the mere crime of defending their house and family. So, it becomes very easy for a Muslim cleric to emulate his prophet and without even batting an eye kill supposed enemies (Jews, Christians, Muslims of other branches, etc).
    Talking of Jesus, yes, he was indeed a man of spirituality. But I strongly believe that if he had had the power in his hands and had become a ruler he also would have become a tyrant like those popes of the middle ages, sending decrees to all parts of his realm, telling his servants and followers to force people to accept his superiority.

    • Perry says:


      John 6:14, 15, After the people saw the miraculous sign that Jesus
      did, they began to say, “Surely this is the Prophet who is to come
      into the world.” Jesus, knowing that they intended to come and
      make him king by force, withdrew again to a mountain by himself.

      If you closely study the story of Jesus you see that he had no intention to establish any kind of earthly kingdom. In fact it was partly his followers’ disappointment that he did not do this, that was one of the reasons Judas betrayed him. They thought he was going to overthrow the Roman government which they hated, and establish a kingdom, but he didn’t. Consider Jesus’ conversation with Pilate:

      33Pilate then went back inside the palace, summoned Jesus and asked him, “Are you the king of the Jews?”

      34″Is that your own idea,” Jesus asked, “or did others talk to you about me?”

      35″Am I a Jew?” Pilate replied. “It was your people and your chief priests who handed you over to me. What is it you have done?”

      36Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews. But now my kingdom is from another place.”

  • juncol says:

    muy sierto loque dices
    la pregunta es ¿como puede existir alguien neutro en opiniones despues de ver la pacion de cristo?
    si Dios vino a representarse en nosotros, en nuestros padeceres y sufrimientos, entonces ¿como sera que pueda existir alguien que no se represente asi mismo en lo que paso cristo? la unica manera es que no sea de es te mundo

  • alberto says:

    Mr. Perry,
    Since my childhood, i would say that i’m religiouly inclined. During my college years, i encountered one time, a man with great knowledge about the Bible and History of Religion. When we discussed the Doctrine of Trinity and how it came to being, he cited the writteh history on it, particularly the events written about the “Council of Nicea”, and many more. From then on, my views and beliefs about religion changes dramatically and became clearly. Yes we all knew that there are many religions that claim to know God. But there is only one true religion that is of Christ and of God. When Jesus came to the world, there were already established religion(church) existing during that time, the famouswas the religion of the jews where Saul, who later became Paul, was a Sentinel, Judaism.
    Followers of Judaism strictly observed the Law that God gave to Moses. But Jesus Christ did not come to break that Law but to fulfill it that’s why He established His Church,
    that “whoever comes into the fold thru Him will be saved”. If we study firmly the verses written in Acts 20:28 ( Lamsa Version), of all the religion existed and still existing today, there is only one church that will truly
    benefit the death of Christ. And this passages negate all claims that all religions( Christianity, Muslim, Hindus,Zoroasters,Confucianism, Bhuddism and the other 6 world great religions) as long as they are doing good and worship God will be saved , that they are redeemed by the
    blood of Christ. This all for today.

  • nira lara says:

    hola cuando te refieras a mi mandamelo en español nada de ingles no te entiendo solo ablo español mi lengua es castellana jajajjajaj espero respuesta en español

  • David Julian says:

    The Passion of the Christ brought back some memories for me too. When I lived in Germany there was a small town in the Alps called Oberammergau where the St. Matthew’s Passion play was put on every year. At the end of the play, several members of the audience became so incensed by what they saw that they went back to their home towns, hunted down the Christ-killers (Jews), and killed them or beat them up and damaged their homes and businesses. As part of Vatican II, the Pope apologized for this unchristian behavior by people claiming to be Christians. Mel Gibson is a druken mediocre actor, womanizer, and adulterer who is a part of a small contingency who want to see the Catholic Church returned to that state of unchristian behavior. So he produced a movie, full of the same kind of violent exaggerations, designed to evoke that same kind of response. Thanks to one verse in one Gospel, most Christians don’t think of themselves as as the Christ-killers themselves. They continue to blame anyone and everyone except themselves for the sinful predicaments they find themselves in. So they turned a blind eye to the Halocaust in Nazi Germany and more recently to the genocides in Yugoslavia and Africa, all perpetrated by “Christians” against non-Christians.

    Gibson could have prefaced his movie with a statement making it clear that Jesus actually committed the ancient version of “suicide by cop” and that it was the Romans, not the Jews, who carried out the execution, and that Jesus had sacrified himself. The simple fact that he did not, when he was specifically asked to and warned against violent repercussions (which did occur after the movie) further underlines his true purpose. No real Christian could or would support this phony Christian, his phony religious cult, or this multi-million dollar boondoggle designed to make other Christians behave as badly as he.

  • H says:

    thanks for your nice tips. But I’m wonder how could someone intelligent and seeker believe Juses is God . Do you believe God take a common in any way or have child?!(do you have any clew that god have a child or you want deny all messengers?) Don’t you believe GOD could do any thing? example of exiting Juses as a child of maria is like Adam, God said there be and he was there. so if you really interested in GOD read Quran if you want to be away from hell believe in just one god.If you can’t understand the words you can mail me. and know God knows all about your thoughts and if you deny what is you don’t know about it,you may never get the true. GOD help us. GOD forgive us for all our sins. AMIN

  • John Kansil says:

    Dear Mr. H

    I agree with you,to be away from hell believe in just one God.
    Problem is, which one is the one ” real God”? How do you recognized the one that is the real one? When you say “one” you must be able to differ from others because one is a number. If you are facing 10 different things in front of you, you have to recognized “the one” that you are seeking for, out of the ten. Different from the other
    nine. If you can not, how than can you state that is the one that you are looking for.
    Humanbeings have only five senses to recognise something: eyes to see, tongue to taste, nose to smell,ears to hear and skin to feel. They all go through the nerves to the brain, be processed so you can think.
    The Almighty God,the real one God is infinite,its beyond our senses or our brain. No one can reach Him unless He himself come and introduce who He is to you. His power is limitless. Men has no right to limited Him. There is nothing impossible to God. He could become whatever He would like to become. So,He came to the world in human form,use human system. The living God.To be recognized to men than back to heaven. The infinite. Absolutely,ONE.


  • Rosie says:

    DEar Perry,
    Thank you very much for faithfully sending very inspiring messages and especially your reflection on the movie of the Passion of Jesus. There is a great possibility of change in a person as what you showed in your sharing of your life with Jeremy. I enjoyed all the materials you sent and I hope you can continue doing it since you are helping a lot of people all over the world. May God continue to bless your work and your generosity.


  • Rosie says:

    Dear Perry,
    Many thanks for your great work.


  • Martin says:

    Dear Perry,
    Thank you so very much for the expose’ on the various topics you have discussed so far. I just join your website by chance when i was searching for something else, and i am glad i did. Many people beleive in different things. An idol worshipper believes in his idol, so does to every other believer. The divergent views and comments will arise because people live in different parts of the world and see things base on their little knowledge about religion,environment, government, culture
    and media in their societies. The simple truth is that God is God, and what He does or has done, He owes no man any explanation, so who wants to believe in him and His son Jesus let him believe. I know that it is better for me to believe in Him as a christian because here on earth I lose nothing by serving him and when I die and (later find out there is no eternity as people will argue) i still lose nothing, rather i gain by being of help to my fellow humans beings. Keep up the good work, God will bless you real good as you have touch so many lives.


  • Gary says:

    Trying to recall; the movie. Somethings unusual for me;it is in caption because Aramaic hasn’t been spoken for approximately 2000 years and was replaced by Hebrew and this is a rare occassion where there is recorded dialogue (?). I have never been able to conclude if figures in the Bible were hallucinating in dialogue with the inner self or actully heard a voice and responded to the air, they assigned the invisible voice as God or Satan. This incident in the tempations of Christ is a perfect example. Another occassion was with the Apostle Paul, he claimed Christ appeared to him after the ascention. The event wasn’t predicted, as far as I know Christ will reappear on the second advent. This doesn’t meet an criteria for the second appearnce.
    The movie depicts Christ, not breaking any civil laws and was released by Roman authority to the religious sect of the day. Jesus was the, “scape goat”, OT Tabernacle. Jesus Himself said he was on earth that humanity could have a more abundant life. Religious leaders assigned Jesus the life He lived and His death.
    As for the crucifixion, was Jesus suicidal by not attemptng to escape or deny He is King of the Jews.

    Jesus seems to have been selected and assigned the role as the Christ child by the people seeking Him. Taking a close look at the birth from the Bible doesn’t parallel traditional stories we have today. Rather it is a completely fabricated story.

  • Gary says:

    Mr. Marshall

    I might be interested in your expertise in multi-level marketing. I was in ZRII , Bill Farley, for about a year. It got too expensive, with little to no results, to advertise and I had to drop out.

    • Perry says:


  • Gary Estes says:

    Some of your story , the Jeremy part, reminds me of a somewhat similiar occassion. I suppose a lot of school children have similiar occurrences. I was sick most of my grammar school years, even had pneumonia and absent an extended time. I didn’t care to eat much, and was very skinny but active in most sports I could participate in. I lost both parents one at 10 and the other at 15.
    In high school I accidentially broke a guys sun glasses in front of a girl, I suppose he was trying to impression the girl. We had to go to the principles office and tell him what happened, the other guy was extremely upset over a dollar pair of sunglasses. This guy was a motorcycle leather jacket wearing young man who smoked on campus. We became fairly good friends after that event. I had to walk to school each day and to catch public transportation to go anywhere. I came out of the class one day on my way home and the cool hood guy was being held down by a football tackle, I grunted next to on the field as guard. This tackle I knew and was going to church with him. I never asked and really didn’t want to know what took place. The tackle was sitting on top of the guy and each time he hit him a tooth came flying out. I saw 3 teeth land somewhere in the grass. A school bus driver came running off the bus screeming for him to stop. The guy with the missing teeth and a deformed mouth got up and looked at me in disgust. The next day he sped his car on the sidewalk I was walking on and crashed, I never saw him after that. Being in the US Navy and DOD I saw many fights over some else’s girlfriend, wife, and alcohol. Copulation was a biggie, JAG office had many a case load.
    Back to the Jesus story, I believe he was suicidal and born out off wedlock. The law he died under is still on the books today? Substitution ?
    Jesus fulfilled God’s law of atonement…I don’t how else he could have done it.
    Tradition has it that God is satisfied, so I don’t disagree. I would be committing suicide if I didn’t accepted His provision. I certainly don’t have anything to loose by affirming my need of His savior, the punishment could be eternal separation in torment. That would really suck!

  • Petruta says:

    Thank you for all your articles. They are very interesting. May the Lord Jesus keep you in His grace!

  • Gary Estes says:

    To give graditude to Jesus for peace and love is the proper thing to do.

  • Kajal says:

    Hi Perry,

    Just wanted to leave something on your page:
    “God Bless you to glorify His Name!!!”


  • Beverly Fletcher says:

    You got me going again I really dislike hearing all people lumped into the category sinners when there may be many people who don’t sin. They respect God. honor God, and live in a Christian or moral way. As Christians do we have to accept sin as part of the package of being Christian and believing in God? Do we have to believe that we must be sinful so Jesus could die to save us from “our Sins”. Jesus’ message has many parts which give us direction for our lives. Why must we continually focus on being saved as more important than living lives full of joy, love, dedication to kinder gentler relationships with the people we share life with. More important why don’t we honor and praise God for being our creator, our help and support, and the wonder of world and life he has given us?

    • Perry says:


      Paul said, “For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God” and “There is none righteous, no not one.”
      If there’s anybody who’s never sinned, I’d sure love to meet them.

      First we must be saved. Then we can move forward and live lives full of joy, love, dedication to kinder gentler relationships with the people we share life with. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.”

  • I.J.SWAMY says:

    Movies like “The Last Temptation of Christ” are pure business tactics. Four journalists and authors , being controversial is the trick of the trade .

  • Gemma says:

    Dear Perry,
    I didn’t go to see the film, for one thing I was rather busy and certainly didn’t have the sort of money to go to the movies. Later I wasn’t interested because it has a controversial image, in my mind at least. Usually this means something like the da Vinci Code or somesuch.

    I didn’t read your email for much the same reason – but today I did and I am glad that I did. I have to admit surprise that Jesus could actually be portrayed in the cinema with some leaning toward the truth of the man who walked our good earth.

    I have two favourite responses to the Gospels – the first is the Gospel hymn “When Jesus Walked” and which always reduces e to tears and secondly when George Bernard Shaw was by the sea of Galilee, he took up a pebble to take home with him as his only souvenir “Jesus could have touched this pebble”.

    So thankyou for putting me right on this one! His majesty was not in finery but in his bearing. His humility. When you are humble, nothing has value save your fellow humans and with that, forgiving is the very easiest thing.

    • Ashok Nagpal says:

      Dear Sir
      Thanks. I saw the moive after this letter and loved it. I am following your articles and look forward to many more such knowledgeagble articles.
      Ashok Nagpal

  • Thomas says:

    Hi Perry! Please do tell, who is the Blessed God & Father of our Lord Jesus(Joshua) Messiah?
    Regards……….. Thomas

  • Daniel Paul K says:

    Why do you speak about the passion of Jesus alone?
    Thousands of other Jews were crucified by Romans.
    Are you not aware about it? Jesus died within three hours on the cross. There were real human beings who were on the cross for two three days to breath their last.Have you seen their sufferings? Remember Jesus was god he knew he will resurrect and he had the capacity to with stand all the pain, so there was nothing for Jesus to fear or worry?.But what about the original Jews? Can you imagine the pain , the agony, the fear the suffering they met on the cross?

  • Gemma says:

    Good evening, Perry

    I borrowed this film from my local library (I took it back today). I must admit to not having enjoyed it at all. Reading what I wrote the last time, I would have been better off not watching the film at all.

    Now, I speak as one who loves the tales of the Bible (Kings, Chronicles, the Gospels) and I love the Easter passion tide.

    I have never focussed on the death of Jesus so much as His ressurection. That has always spoken to me more: that He appeared as the gardener. He appeared as an ordinary human being, one of us, amongst us and with us. All that He had suffered he put behind him, as we do our forgiven sins. It was forgiven and forgotten.

    Yet this movie focusses on the horror of Good Friday, with snippets of the last supper. I could itemize the awfulness of the film, but there is one thing that they missed. It was His compassion and his acceptance of his fate, the sheer generosity of spirit that allowed Him to soak up all the lashings and whatever else – biblical truth or not – and the worst horror of all, being nailed fast to a piece of wood.

    Inhuman is not the word: it is the antithesis of all things that are good about humans, their ability to move and share.

    The most important thing to me was that Jesus retained his dignity to the last. That is the image I carry of His crucifixion, and forgetting the blood and carnage so beloved of those who seek to express the turmoil in their own souls.

    By accident I had a nail in my hand. I still bear a small scar. I wonder if Mel Gibson would have been so keen on the outward signs of cruelty had he known how much it hurts to nail a hand, and my wound was not severe.

    Yet the life of Jesus was not about His death.

    It is not about death at all.

    Jesus is all about life, living and loving.

    When you understand these things, death has no meaning.

  • Darrell Jacobson says:

    Very good article. Thanks Perry. I saw the movie on its release but this article inspired me to watch it again. I look forward to reading more of your articles and studying your material.

    God Bless.

  • Pastor Larry Garzony says:

    Thanks, Perry. I saw the movie a few years ago and thought it was used mightily of the Lord. I’m sure it spoke to the heart of many unsaved! I used #6 as the basis for my sermon recently (gave you the appropriate credit!)Thanks for all you do serving the Lord!


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