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Are you drastically underperforming your potential… even though you’re doing exactly what everybody else says are the right things?

Maybe your business really is different. What if YOU are The One to rewrite the rules? Maybe the RIGHT things for most people are the WRONG things for you.

Dear Marketing Professional:

January. Blizzard in Chicago. A foot of snow with snowplows and snowdrifts and snarled commuter traffic.

Michael Neal flew into O’Hare anyway for a Private Client Group session. We warmed our palms with hot coffee on a very cold morning.

We only had four hours... but for the first time he began attacking his problem from the bottom of the swamp instead of the middle.

A well-trained marketer, Michael had been programmed to believe his #1 focus should be marketing. But once I examined his business, I saw that if he got the ENGINE of his business right, the marketing would very nearly take care of itself. The copy would write itself. The fish would jump into the boat.

All he really needed to work on was the core engine.

Many marketing problems, if they are solvable (!!!), can be solved in days or weeks. But...

Some marketing problems are NOT solvable. Period.

No marketing plan in the world will propel Barnes & Noble past Amazon.

The reason Barnes & Noble can’t out-market Amazon is: Amazon’s engine is a million times superior. Good marketing tells you what an engine should deliver…whether you have a killer proposition… if you are tuned into the desires of your customers… gives you the elements of a good sales story… reveals good or bad metrics… but good marketing does not an engine make.

Amazon is not a marketing tactic. Amazon is an engine meticulously built then marketed well. Reinforced by a dozen dimensions of Network Effect.

Because of competition, I can’t divulge full details on Michael’s business. Michael’s engine was a results-delivery system that performed the core service for his clients. It needed to be Network Effect focused - and up to this point, it wasn’t.

Had he focused on marketing, he would have been feeding oxygen and gasoline into a broken engine.

The problems I advised Michael to solve took months to work through. Much harder than most marketing problems. The next major milestone in his journey took him until May. But then suddenly Michael had the ability to deliver a result for his customer that was 3X faster, with 1/3 the failure rate of ANY OTHER player in his industry.

His offer is measurably, objectively 9X superior to his next closest rival. He slashed transaction time from 2-4 weeks to 2-4 days… and spiked the clients’ success rate from 55% to 90%.

Even in beta, with a small number of clients coming through, clients are absolutely ECSTATIC. Over the moon happy with results, with a gorgeous ratio of testimonials and referrals.

So… in June we told him to take the foot off the “fix the engine” gas pedal and shift his emphasis to marketing.

Next step: A repeat of the Miracle of Michael Strickland.

I helped Michael Strickland become the lead dog in the car shipping business, building a moat around his castle no competitor can penetrate. When he came to us, he was just another affiliate marketer of auto shipping, with a somewhat better infrastructure and somewhat better Google campaign than the other guys. Now he’s a titan.

24992 reviews!

Those reviews are KILLER Network Effect.

At Truth Seminar, Michael Neal summarized his incredible progress - and warned the audience:

“Perry won’t permit you to solve problems from the middle.”

The person who best put Truth Seminar into words was my transcriptionist Becki Maxon. Becki has transcribed thousands of business trainings and programs. She normally sends us our transcripts without comment.

But this time Becki wrote me and said:

I just finished transcribing Truth Seminar and had to write you a quick note. The term "world-class" applies very rarely. You absolutely put on a world-class event.

You have created a very unique culture. It's been so interesting to watch Planet Perry evolve - as all of you shared stories of heart, soul, faith, family, and education all tied into the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship and business as artistry, because all of life is integrated. (It was so great to see your whole family at the end, too.)

Feedback for the Truth Seminar

Most gurus teach you to kill the Grendel monster. You kill Grendel and throw a big celebration. Marketing guru collects his check and walks away in a ticker tape parade of warm accolades…

Then two weeks later, Grendel’s mother kicks down your door and kills 17 of your soldiers. She is MAD. You wake up the next morning to dead bodies strewn all over your mead-hall. Morale is at an all-time new low and your subjects are furious with you.

Congratulations, you are king of a demoralized kingdom with blood and corpses all over the place.

Maybe it’s time to use a different approach.

I worked with a small, fledgling, but fast-growing firm, Refresh Smart Home, and they’ve become the largest Google NEST installer in the world. We increased their conversion rate from 8% to 40% in under nine months. They doubled their business last year. I interviewed them at Truth Seminar.

Roundtable Member Shanyn Stewart has quadrupled the size of Advanced Accounting in the last two years – and doubled her profits.

I’ve de-constructed and re-invented …

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • 80/20
  • Business strategy
  • Evolution
  • Theology
  • Psychology
  • Acoustics
  • Manufacturing
  • Mathematics
  • Marketing

…and across 100+ industries, as I’ve helped thousands of clients re-invent their businesses, careers and professions.

“Loan Builder,” which you now see every time you log in to PayPal, is a business born in Planet Perry. PayPal purchased it from Ed Harycki for a fortune. Now one of the biggest lenders in the world today, they’ve axis-shifted the banking industry.

Perry Marshall & Tim Francis

Tim Francis was earning $40 an hour managing clicks four years ago. Now he has a company worth about a million. It’s profitable, the customers are insanely happy, it’s growing at double-digits. It’s axis-shifting its market and his company is eminently sellable.

Tim tells his story and explains his formula in Truth Seminar.

Andy Duncan

Andy Duncan, exactly two years ago, was the typical Planet Perry serial entrepreneur / consultant, hustling, straddling two gigs, trying to manage the ADHD. In 2019 he owns a new movie studio with 1.8 billion dollars in backing. Now playing in the same sandbox as Disney and Universal. Shooting a movie in Europe now for theaters worldwide. Axis-shifting Hollywood.

Andy tells his story in Truth Seminar.

Mark McShurley

Mark McShurley, four years ago, was desperately struggling… today he’s got one of the fastest growing roofing companies in the country. It’s expanding at over 100% per year and it’s more or less recession-proof. On the outside it may look somewhat similar to other roofers. But the engine under the hood is completely different. Axis Shift. Utterly different priorities and systems.

Mark describes his business building formula in Truth Seminar.

There is a common formula behind all of these: Axis Shift…but I’ve never explained how it works until now. Before now, I couldn’t.

  • Each of the above innovations – from deconstructing Google to reinventing 80/20 to creating the Marketing DNA test – each shares a single common problem-solving innovation formula.
  • At Truth Seminar, I broke that formula down into 16 definite steps. Each step is a jackhammer that cracks open hard granite.
  • True innovations always involve some clever form of subtraction. What are you going to leave out? Any idiot can add… most folks can multiply… but subtracting and dividing is the magic. It’s also hard. Never comes naturally.
  • This is polar opposite from how most people think. Steve Jobs ruthlessly subtracted from the MP3 player until he had an iPod with a click wheel (remember those?). He applied that principle across product lines and the whole company. Slash and burn was the key to his success.
  • Truth Seminar delivers the master formula for innovation and disruption. Whether it’s your next billion-dollar company – or your next vacation – AXIS SHIFT breaks apart stubborn problems.

In Truth Seminar, Megan Macedo walks you through an exercise for discovering the signature pattern of your life work. I took my own pattern, which I discovered through that exercise, then drilled deeper and polished for six months and the result was the Axis Shift material I taught at Truth Seminar. Because that’s what I do – I Axis Shift.

As soon as everyone knows the rules, the rules change. With the speed of the internet, business models and formulas travel at light speed. Odds are, what you need is not an off the shelf solution. You need an Axis Shift – a way to apply foreign rules to an existing game.

You found out the hard way that you killed the problem... but you never killed the monster that gave birth to the problem.

Perry’s gonna to take you to the bottom of the swamp where you can kill Grendel’s mother. And he’s going to help you find the sword that can kill her… because the sword you brought to the bottom of the swamp doesn’t work there.

Feedback for the Truth Seminar

Gary Halbert: “There is no problem that cannot be solved by a great sales letter.”

The truth: “There is no can that can’t be kicked 30 days further down the road with a great sales letter.”

90-95% of entrepreneur and marketing education trains you to kill Grendel… making you an easy target for Grendel’s mother.

Tired of slapping band-aids on problems yet?

“Are we at the bottom yet? Is this the real problem? Or is the real problem somewhere else?”

In May 2019 I delivered Truth Seminar – Bottom-of-Swamp truth serum.

Feedback for the Truth Seminar

Get the Recordings - $1999
Pro Tip: Save $1199 when you add New Renaissance 12 Membership to your order!

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Epiphany at Hooters

When I was a sales manager on the road, one of my sales reps, Bill, took me to Hooters. I’d never been to Hooters before. Everybody knows what Hooters is famous for (hint: not the wings).

Waitress attire was perfectly in line with expectations.

When the fawn-eyed, amply-cleavaged waitress came to take my order, she arched her back, stuck out her chest, leaned down close to my face, and held my gaze intently as though signaling romantic interest.

She batted her eyelashes at me, sashayed her hips and said, “What can I get for you today?”

As I gave her my order, she hyper-focused on me, as though making time slow down.

This was one of the most FAKE, disingenuous interactions I’ve ever had with any human being. It gave me the creeps.

Bill says, “Yeah, I’ve got this client who comes here all the time and he always says, 'Bill, did you see that? That waitress was TOTALLY into me! She thinks I’m hot!!!'”

How anybody could stomach this (let alone enjoy it) was beyond my comprehension.

And I’m thinking, Bill... This is the most plastic experience I’ve ever had at any eating establishment. I can’t figure out why YOU would even come here in the first place… you or any other man with an IQ over 75.

I reasoned to myself: Apparently some men are so deprived of actual relationships, maybe since childhood... they think Hooters is a real relationship.

Guess what….

Reactions to the Truth Seminar

Most marketing and entrepreneur education is just another trip to HOOTERS.

"Running of the Santas with Hooters girls"*

False promises.

Fake empathy.

High Fructose Corn Syrup.

Fake scarcity of what you’re buying… and real scarcity of anything you actually want or need.

Buxom waitresses feigning interest, batting eyelashes at you. The appearance of relationship… with no relationship.

No depth.

What appears to be community… is really peacocks strutting and jocks preening.

Nobody ever takes off their gladiator suit.

No substance. Papier mâché.

Lonely people buying themselves a friend.

And at the end of the night, you go home with…


(Only more misery and frustration than you had before your trip to Hooters.) You would never want anyone to walk you into the kitchen and show you how the sausage is made.

You are older, but no further down the road. The moment you stop writing checks, they treat you as though you don’t exist.

Solving surface level problems but never getting to the root.

Wrestling alligators on the surface of the swamp... but never slaying the beast at the bottom.

Waking up in a cold sweat knowing the beast is still lurking under your bed, still breeding more problems at the bottom of that swamp, still out there in the night somewhere.

Truth Seminar delivered a dose of honesty unprecedented in online marketing… with not one but THREE major bombshells – each irreversibly altering the rules of marketing and entrepreneurship. Each of these is a bottom-of-swamp, “stop attacking problems from the middle” first-time innovation.

How do you achieve your missing potential?

You Axis Shift your engine… and you Axis Shift your story.

Bombshell #1: Megan Macedo on Storytelling

Megan Macedo

Megan Macedo took one of the most vaunted rules in all of marketing and smashed it. She literally invented a new kind of marketing collateral. In so doing she pulled off one of the hardest jobs anybody ever does in marketing or entrepreneurship.

It was so clever, I didn’t realize how profound it was for three years. Once she explained it, it still took a few months to wrap my head around it.

Feedback for the Truth Seminar

I myself only reached this realization because Evolution 2.0 was hitting diminishing returns. I had sold 10,000 evolution books. That’s high for a science title. Most folks would be satisfied with that. But I wanted to sell a million. (The issues are too important not to.) No matter how much firepower I threw at it, it wasn’t getting enough traction.

Sometimes that’s a sign your core idea is doomed. I knew that wasn’t the case here. Yet I was still casting about trying to figure out how to frame it. I tried adding new technology, but that landed with a thud. I tried various sub-markets and sub-niches. I attempted an eclectic array of rants. But over and over again, the clutch would slip.

If you make a radical change to ONE axis of a system, the whole thing changes. This resulted in major surgery, a complete reversal of how I approached the promotion.

Megan and I went to work and a few days later emerged with a fresh approach….

Based on completely rejecting one of the most fundamental “truths” of marketing.

And I don’t just mean “tweaking some things a little bit.” I mean throwing some of the most “obvious” “truths” in the DUMPSTER.

Having done MAJOR surgery to my story, here’s what happened:

Early Success #1: I get on a podcast and one of the co-hosts starts busting my balls. I had booked the appointment by taking a technological “AI” approach, and he couldn’t wait for a bunch of boring acronyms and techno-latin. And he didn’t mind saying so.

On the show I channeled a different voice, based on Megan’s norm-defiant rules. 75 minutes in, the host says, “Dang, this was supposed to be a 60-minute interview and we’re 15 minutes overtime and this is enthralling! Can you come back for another episode?”

The other host said, “Yes! And I’ve got three other podcasts I want you on too.” This had never happened before with Evolution 2.0. One of the podcasts he got me on was Dan Sullivan’s American Checklist (Dan is founder of Strategic Coach). He and Dan put me on their show twice.

Early Success #2: Three weeks later, I give a related talk at a party. Afterwards, two bartenders come up to me (hired to pour drinks, no prior connection whatsoever to my story or project) and said, “That was an amazing talk you gave. Absolutely fascinating. Where do I find out more?”

Early Success #3: At another talk the next day, the videographer (also a hired gun) came up to me and said, “That was captivating. Where do I get your book?”

And that isn’t all. Megan helped me uncover a signature pattern in my own work through a process she invented, which I asked her to teach at Truth Seminar. In fact, that signature pattern was a big element in the deconstruction formula I’m teaching at this seminar.

Feedback for the Truth Seminar

You have never seen anything like this at any marketing seminar, copywriting workshop or sales training.

Other people have told you this – but this is for real. You have never seen anything like this.

I suspect many old-school copywriters will not be able to make the switch. But those who do are in for a treat. A total re-invention of marketing itself.

  • Copywriting courses have you saying things nobody would ever say to their actual friends and colleagues.
  • Most marketers are great storytellers, but most marketing stories have no substance. Most marketing stories are shallow and fictionalized.
  • Most marketers hide behind titles, identities and stories. You need to Axis Shift your story.

Marketers don’t use their stories to reveal themselves. They use stories to conceal themselves.

You don’t get the real human being. You get a persona. A character which may literally have been fashioned from a cartoon or comic book. Often, the human being doesn’t even know who he or she is. Sometimes the human being is a fake New York Times bestselling author still trying to figure out their true identity.

Ancient stories (like Beowulf or the parables or Aesop’s fables; classic pre-Gutenberg literature) are masterpieces.

Modern stories are propaganda.

Remember: every relationship that begins with a lie… ends with a lie.

Marketing stories are enmeshed with agendas and mixed messages. They’re all about structure and form, not authenticity or truth.

Anybody can offer you the structure of a story, but only authenticity can make your story RESONATE. Even though the prodigal son story is a parable, it’s deeply True. It’s more true than most of the “true stories” you hear today.

How MOST Marketers Reckon with Truth

A top professional speaker I know had an amazingly successful speech. It pried people up out of their seats, waving their credit cards in the air. The central story of his signature presentation was an amalgamation of fictionalized customers and clients. The story itself never happened the way he said.

Another top professional speaker - who absolutely CAN teach you how to get results and sell from the stage, as good as anyone… most of what he tells you is still a half-truth.

A very famous sales book on Amazon with 371 reviews and 4.5 stars is 90% based on theory. Case studies largely fabricated. Hundreds of companies - maybe thousands - have implemented the author’s program... but it was never tested in the real world before the book was published. And nothing in the real world has ever worked quite like the author says it does.

If you’ve believed otherwise, it’s not your fault… you’ve just absorbed what you’ve seen everywhere. But in the marketing industry, it’s entirely normal for case studies to be correct in principle but misleading in actual detail.

One time I was buying a used car from a guy. The name of a marketing guru in the insurance business somehow came up, and the man selling me his used Honda used to work with him in the same insurance office!

He says to me, “Hey you know those graphs of his sales production? That wasn’t his production, it was the production of all four guys in our office.”

This happens ALL THE TIME.

Copywriting gurus teach you to say things you’d never say to your regular friends.

The relationships they model to their students are unhealthy relationships. They’re not like father/son or mother/daughter… they’re commander/soldier or master/slave.

Stories, instead of creating relationships, become substitutes for relationships.

They engineer stories to trigger fear, lizard brain, and Homer Simpson. They pander to your lower nature. They speak to your reptilian self, your amygdala. Not your higher self.

Many intentionally, explicitly aim to make you feel like shit until you give them money. Then, since it worked the first time, they make you feel worse every time they want money.

They polarize, as exemplified by the news media. Divide and Conquer.

Stories contain fake vulnerability but lack real intimacy or vulnerability. Kind of like when Bill took me to Hooters.

Testimonials fabricated. Stories made up and blended together.

Marketers are codependent with their audiences, rather than leading them.

Most marketing stories embody the philosophy, “Get to the sale, not the truth.”

When you are immersed in ‘get to the sale not the truth’ culture, it’s impossible for it to not bleed into your business... and your personal life

Are you done with it yet?

Megan Macedo, in a move that is exceedingly rare, took a machete to an entire herd of marketing sacred cows. She broke one MAJOR rule and butchered a half dozen smaller ones.

Feedback for the Truth Seminar

Only a total outsider could ever do this.

Megan Macedo, Extreme Red-Headed Outsider

Megan Macedo & Perry Marshall

Shew grew up in the “troubles” of Northern Ireland in the 1990s, which enabled her to see deeply entrenched family patterns. Elephants in the room which, if you called them out, might earn you a bullet in the back of your head. A hand grenade might explode in your coffee shop.

The war between “Protestants” and “Catholics” in Ireland had almost nothing to do with Protestants or Catholics at all… and had everything to do with rotting, dysfunctional family systems. She was coming of age at the peak of its intensity.

Megan witnessed the same sickness in marketing she’d seen in Northern Ireland.

Absence of honesty and transparency. Long lists of things everyone was programmed not to say.

She vowed to change it. She leaned forward with complete disregard for the normal rules of marketing. If it was unhealthy, she rooted it out. She had faith that if she put it together correctly, when it was done it would work.

Megan’s approach may not apply to you if you sell something highly transactional like cell phone chargers or landscaping or tennis shoes. Seriously, this has little application in “trivial” transactions like the stuff you buy at Wal-Mart.

But if what you sell involves…

  • Long term client relationships
  • Your customers and colleagues transforming their identity and beliefs
  • Significant changes in thinking and behavior
  • Becoming (and not merely doing)
  • Deep trust over extended periods of time
  • Building of community and culture
  • Getting people to make uncomfortable or vulnerable alterations to their habits
  • Congruence between the “inside” (i.e. what employees know) and the “outside” (i.e. what customers see)
  • Major alterations in how people think and solve problems

…then Megan’s approach is core. Because…

Most of us marketers are shouting shallow stories from the rooftops… and ignoring our deep stories.

No canned formula can “conjure up” your real story.

Have you noticed that most people cram their identity into a template, then try to sell it to the world?

We tell them what we do and what our job is… our titles and expertise and our proof… but our audience still has no idea who we really are. (Hint: Who you are is never the stuff on your CV or Wikipedia page.)

Your deep story isn’t obvious… but wields 10X the magnetism.

When I was in college my favorite professor Dr. Knoll (I think of him constantly, even though he died a decade ago and I haven’t seen him in 30 years – he hugely influenced my life) said: “You know what a community is? A community is a group of people who share the same stories.”

This was his explanation for why all of us should be in an English class – and that our English class was really a course in the stories that hold our civilization together.

So dear reader let me ask you a question:

What sort of community do you end up with, if what binds it together is a collection of shallow stories that are half-truths and quasi-propaganda? VS. What sort of community do you end up with, if what binds it together is deep stories and truth telling and honesty and transparency?

The switch OUT OF shallow stories, half-truths and propaganda is the red pill.

It’s the high road. If you’re addicted to Coca-Cola, caffeine, twinkies and potato chips and 50 pounds overweight, switching to balanced nutritious meals is a big switch. Your body does NOT like it – at first. Your body will try to get even with you for cutting off the Krispy Kreme nutrition parade.

But we all know that if you persist and eat nutritious meals and get exercise and sleep, you feel TEN TIMES BETTER, you possess more energy and become three times as productive.

Feedback for the Truth Seminar

Switching your story paradigm is the same way. Authenticity is magnetic.

Merely announcing that you’ve embraced “authenticity” will never work. You have to be authentic which most people are never taught how to do. It has to be modeled.

Authenticity comes through the truth people read between the lines. When it’s done properly it cannot be faked.

I just got done telling you that Megan’s approach has little application in highly transactional businesses and that’s true in the short term…

But even a transactional business WILL pay the price for shallow stories and dishonest culture, long-term.

United Airlines is in a highly transactional business, right? Buying an airline ticket has nothing to do with heartfelt storytelling or deep changes in mindset or anything else…

Or does it?

What about when United forcibly drags a passenger off the plane with cell phone videos rolling, and then the CEO doles out an abysmal apology that everyone in the world knows is crap?

What then?

Last week I was a guest on MANCOW (Chicago’s most famous morning radio personality) and he said, “If you want to meet employees who hate all their fellow human beings, go to Popeyes or United Airlines.”

Have you ever noticed that United Airlines flight attendants are devoid of humor, seldom smile and look weary and beleaguered… while Southwest attendants are cheerful, irreverent, and funny?

The reason United Airlines is a cauldron of misery is it has a sick culture. Management insists on command and control instead of genuine relationships. The beatings will continue until morale improves.

-IF- United Airlines absorbed Megan’s rules for marketing and storytelling, they would transform their culture 24 months from now.

The United CEO would take off his gladiator suit and issue a real apology. (Instead of a turd-smeared substitute for an apology.)

Why? Because “Be Yourself Marketing” is Full Axis Shift.

I promise the same for you:

If you enact Megan’s rules for marketing and storytelling, then you, your company, your customers and your marketing will become a completely transformed culture 24 months from now.

I’m so serious about this, I’m offering a two-year money back guarantee on the Truth Seminar video package. Just in case it takes you two years to make back 10X your investment.

You’ll probably make your money back a whole lot faster than that… but still, for good measure... I’m not just guaranteeing this for 30 days. Or 90 days. Two full years.

When first digesting Megan’s method, I got stuck. I said to her:

“I’ve been trying to figure out how to write an attention-grabbing headline for this thing. I can’t do it. What do I do with this?”

Megan replied, “I don’t think it’s possible to write an attention-grabbing headline for it. It’s not that kind of thing.”

How’s that for a puzzling statement? What do you do with that?

I started asking her all kinds of questions. I said to her:

“I think you’ve invented a new form of marketing collateral. I’ve never come across anything like this before. I don’t know what to do with it.”

That was a year ago. Today we know what to do with it. How to use it; where it fits; where it doesn’t.

In Truth Seminar, Megan offers nine radical rules for telling a story that…

  • Builds a community around you with long-term staying power (instead of disintegrating like a dead fish…. Don’t you get tired of replacing all the people who drop out and disappear?)
  • Builds a loyal following that will not someday turn against you like mongrel dogs (most thought leaders, gurus, coaches and authorities plant the seeds of their own destruction at the beginning of their relationships with customers)
  • Engenders honest conversations and transparency
  • Sets the stage for permanent changes and identity shifts
  • Creates DEEP TRUST across a large group of people so that your ecosystem is thriving and healthy regardless of whether you are there on a particular day or not

One business guru told me: “Never let your herd meet unless you’re in the room. You must maintain control.” Planet Perry doesn’t work that way. There are all kinds of Planet Perry groups that meet without me knowing about it. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Why? Because we have a transparent culture, not a benevolent dictatorship.

If you are a TRUTH TELLER, then Megan’s Be Yourself truth serum is essential to your survival and breakthrough.

People say, “A lie travels around the globe while the truth is putting on its shoes.” It’s true.

Truth is less sexy. Harder to sell. More difficult to apply. Is often bizarre and strange. Offers less immediate gratification and less crack cocaine…

…and lasts faaaaar longer. And pays dividends for many more decades. And lets you sleep peacefully at night. And helps the world become better. And alleviates suffering. And saves you from re-doing what you did before.

You know this. So…

If you sell the “red pill” (the reality pill) instead of the “blue pill” (the fantasy-in-the-Matrix pill), then Megan’s method is KEY to you attaining staying power and earning traction with your audience

These are the values of Planet Perry. I take Ari Galper’s “Get to the truth not the sale” very seriously and Megan decided to take it to yet another level.

Feedback for the Truth Seminar

This is a comment from the evaluation forms. This person has NAILED it. Who are the “4s”? Blue Pill people.

Who are the 10s? Red Pill People. People who are ready for the truth.

The 4s – the tactical crack addicts – may need a bankruptcy or two before they’re finally ready to listen.

They may also simply be in a purely transactional business and not think they need to build real relationships with anybody.

We did get one form filled out by a person who is not a match:

Feedback for the Truth Seminar

This is the ONLY dissatisfied person we are aware of from the seminar. The event was not a fit for everybody. Not everybody should buy access to these videos.


Let’s make it plain: this it not for everyone. This is not for you if:

  • Your investment in these videos needs to pay off in 45 days or you’ll miss a car payment (although we do include a bonus that WILL pay off immediately if you spend any significant money on Google or Facebook ads)
  • A 2-year money-back guarantee is too far off to be of any meaning to you
  • You are robbing Peter to pay Paul
  • You need to learn very, very specific technical “how tos” right now, like setting up Facebook ads or writing headlines, scripting webinars or setting up conversion tracking (this seminar does not cover any of that kind of stuff at all)
  • You need your marketing education to promise then deliver a predictable menu of features and benefits which you already have outlined in advance

This is for you if you truly understand that the most dangerous thing in the world is what you don’t know that you don’t know.

The screen shots of evaluation forms accurately represent feedback from the event. There was not a pile of “sort-of-OK” evaluations that we omitted. Ratings were overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

These values cause so many people to say, “Perry I’ve unsubscribed from almost everybody else’s list and you’re the only one left.” This is why so many people showed up in 2005 or 2009 or 2012 and they’re still here, still growing, still maturing…

It’s why our community has long term staying power, it’s why these entrepreneurs are achieving dizzying levels of success – in some cases building $10 million and $100 million companies.

Feedback for the Truth Seminar

Planet Perry grows up

Our community embodies the values of “Be Yourself Marketing,” honesty and transparency that we are talking about today.

My kids are 9-23 years old; my “bios” are 15 and up. When they were toddlers, they were absolutely adorable… but getting ‘em out the door with their mittens on and shoes tied was a mammoth undertaking.

I remember being vaguely annoyed a lot of the time… feeling like we were perpetually swimming molasses… taking our 13th trip to the zoo… feigning interest in yet-another trip to the goat petting station or pumpkin farm.

Today I have intense adult conversations with my four oldest kids; we travel together, we discuss everything under the sun, and it’s so satisfying to relate to them on that level. I’m also immensely proud of them… each blossoming and flourishing in their chosen paths. There’s a point where each grows beyond the bounds of their nuclear family, spread their wings and fly.

My Eureka moment was suddenly feeling the exact same way about my students in Planet Perry.

I remember when Mark Ingles, Susan Kruger and Brian, Megan Macedo and others came to Four-Man Intensives with their embryonic businesses. Megan at that time was just a webmaster and copywriter for Michael Arnold; they were all learning to tie their shoes.

I was never annoyed at anyone for being at that level. Everyone passes through that stage. But when I watched them and listened to them teach and tell their stories at Truth Seminar, I thought:

We’re not teaching ‘em to tie their shoes anymore. In fact, they’re teaching me things I have never heard from any author, speaker, seminar or expert. They’re grappling with the grittiest issues of business and life and they’re doing it successfully and transparently.

Mark Ingles displayed a level of maturity and vulnerability almost unheard of. Megan redrew the boundaries between business and art. Susan and Brian told a story of skidding on black ice that no fiction author could dream up – but it was 100% truthful. (It was after all called “Truth Seminar – Truth is Stranger than Fiction”.)

Andy Duncan revealed his vision for restructuring the badly broken Hollywood industry – and told his story of saying “no” to a billion dollars.

Mark McShurley showed everyone why he’s growing faster than 100% in a roofing business, making preparations for world domination (I do not exaggerate). Tim Francis told the tale of going from bedridden in his late 20s 7-8 years ago to presiding over a multi-company mini-empire that’s poised to disrupt.

Chris Hurn showed us how he went from zero to the 4th biggest small business lending bank in the USA in ten years… and the utterly contrarian thinking that is relegating the rest of the banking industry to the slag heap.

I did not consciously pick speakers who were mostly my students; those just happened to be the people I know with the best stories to tell. If there’s anything people will get from this seminar, it is permission to struggle, and permission to fail – repeatedly if necessary – and not be ashamed for wallow in self judgment for doing so.

There are times when you find yourself on “black ice” and none of the normal rules apply.

Nobody else talks about this – but we do. Susan Kruger and husband Brian discussed this for 90 minutes. I’ve never seen this anywhere else.

Black Ice happens to Axis Shifters. It’s all part of the process of rewriting the rules… because he who would reform must first be reformed.

You’ve got ideas, models, enterprises, assumptions that need to die. Death is painful. YES. I know. But… after that comes resurrection.

You can drag that old coffin behind you, absolutely self-assured there’s a live body inside, only to find out one or five years later (or ten years) that it was a corpse all along.

Or you can open the box and check right now… then get humpin’ with whatever the answer is.

It’s Schrodinger’s cat. Might be alive; might be dead. You don’t know ‘til you pry open the box.

Which would you prefer? Delay the awful moment of truth, or get to it NOW?

Axis Shift shows you how to locate the real truth deep in the bowels of the earth… a truth suddenly obvious to everyone once YOU have revealed it. This in turn enables you to re-invent your product, your industry, your profession.

It was so satisfying not merely to show my star students off to everyone, but to witness them reveal state of the art, never-seen-before innovations and entirely new ways of thinking about business… like watching large powerful birds flap their mighty wings and rise into the air for the first time. Rippling muscles, beating air currents. The exhilaration of flight. I felt a paternal sense of pride.

If Andy Duncan can access $1.8 billion of capital, from being a struggling consultant and serial entrepreneur one year ago, then YOU can kick a giant dent in the earth as well.

Sometimes, accomplishments arise as the expected natural course of things; and sometimes they catch you by surprise. This caught me by surprise because it was so clear and complete.

We are not merely teaching business and marketing. We are building a culture far wider and deeper than me or my staff members. It is a culture that is designed outlast all of us.

And I’m not just referring to the people who were at the seminar. I’m talking about ALL our members, the people in the New Renaissance forum, the members of, our Roundtable members and Private Equity Clients.

Truth Seminar encapsulates that culture. This is the kind of seminar you watch or listen to two, three, five, even seven times. (Which will be very easy to do with your smart phone, tablet or computer.)


Embed Axis Shift in your psyche and you will naturally, effortlessly, make contrarian decisions that sharply differ from the natural instincts of all other marketers, giving you an inherent decisive advantage.

You’ll tell your story differently. You’ll solve problems differently. You’ll attack problems from the bottom instead of the middle.

Remember: Once everyone knows the rules, the rules change.

Remember, everyone knows the “rules” of marketing. Which means they’re not the rules anymore. You can toss a stack of formerly-respected marketing books in the garbage. (And I'm not referring to platforms or techniques like books on LinkedIn being out of date. I’m talking about RADICAL CULTURE SHIFT – things that worked great six years ago, failing miserably now.)

Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” The culture of Planet Perry was on full tilt for three days. And we captured it here. You’ll want to join New Renaissance in order to get the best price on the videos; and then you will get that culture every day as part of your membership.

Before the seminar, I didn’t hype my guest speakers that much – most people didn’t really know who they were anyway. Many were unannounced. But my speakers delivered a level of brutal honesty and vulnerability I’ve never seen at any seminar, anywhere.

For most of Megan Macedo’s 2-hour session, she covered sacred ground I’ve never heard before at any seminar anywhere:

Bombshell #2: Business Builder vs. Artist

There are two kinds of entrepreneurs: Business Builders and Artistic Entrepreneurs. Business Builders are bottom line people. They’re in it for the money. Their objective is:

Automate – Delegate – Eliminate.

(ALL of us can stand to automate, delegate and eliminate all kinds of boring, repetitive or trivial stuff. We can and should and do.)

But if you’re an artist at heart, you don’t automate, delegate or eliminate your True Work. You don’t want to and you never will want to. Because frankly you’re obsessed with your True Work and you can’t get enough of it.

Your True Work is the Tootsie Roll center of the Tootsie Pop.

When I use the word “artist,” please understand precisely what I mean.

I do NOT necessarily mean painter, sculptor, actor, musician, performer, entertainer or fiction writer. Not at all. Because “artist” is a deeper identity. MANY artists are camouflaged as entrepreneurs. They build software companies and manufacturing firms… they’re subject matter experts and consultants… some are service professionals and others run marketing agencies.

Even an accountant can be an artist! Here is a flesh and blood example….

My friend Sam Swisher was the Director of Taxes at Amoco. Yeah, that’s Amoco, the multi-multi-multi billion-dollar oil company.

Sam was a Certified Public Accountant. But he was nothing like any accountant I’d ever met.

He’d dabbled in music and had owned an art gallery for a spell; Iggy Pop was his college roommate. I was utterly fascinated when he actually described what he actually did at work every day.

He would find fascinating ways to make money “disappear” so the company could legally avoid tax exposure. He would find ways to invest hundreds of millions of dollars such that not only would Amoco not pay taxes on those dollars, they would also grow new business units within the company.

So he might buy a company and purchase the physical assets under one kind of corporate structure and transfer the intellectual property under a different structure. Within minutes it was clear that this guy was an artist. Light years beyond your typical pencil-pushing CPA. I was fascinated.

(It almost made me want to be an accountant… my wife would bust out laughing if she ever heard me say that… and it was the artist in me that was responding to Sam’s story with such admiration. Because deep down I am an artist at heart.)

Sam Swisher, Director of Taxes at Amoco, was an artist.

Not a mere accountant.

One of my fave sayings is, “Art is science with more than seven variables.” Yes, absolutely, Sam was obsessed with numbers and bottom lines and systems. But his grasp and his passion went far, far beyond those things.

Amoco’s taxes were a part of Sam’s “body of work” so when Sam was deep in the bowels of a tax problem, his inner artist would take over and create things from inner fire and intuition that pure logic alone could never pull off.

Sam was not a pencil pusher. He was a guy whose roommate in college was Iggy Pop and who had owned an art gallery and his inner artist manifested itself again and again in his daily work.

When you fully recognize you are an artist at heart… and as you begin to nourish your inner artist… your work and your business flourish in a most gratifying way.

When that provides you with a profitable business, the best part isn’t the profits. It’s the freedom it gives you to create more art!

I’m sure Paul McCartney enjoys being wealthy. But I bet you the best part of being wealthy for him was the freedom it gives him to be an even better musician. Cuz now he could buy any bass pedals he wanted.

If he wants to hire some guy to make a $50,000 bass cabinet or custom amp… if he wants to pay a brilliant music producer a million dollars… it’s not a problem. And if it makes a song sound 1% better, it’s worth the money.

Every profession, no matter how factual or analytical, can become an art form at the level at which Sam Swisher practiced tax accounting!

“Artistic Entrepreneurs” are people whose real thrill in business is practicing their craft at Sam’s level. Whether their craft is building and selling companies, or managing teams, or writing copy, or implementing InfusionSoft or managing Amazon or Facebook accounts.

Rob Sieracki of OxOptimal – a Pay Per Click agency – is an artist. He plays bass in the Milwaukee clubs on the side. And he structures his fees and his client relationships so that he and his team have the latitude to operate as artists. He channels his inner bass player to fuel his business and make OxOptimal a fun place to go to work every day.

One of my favorite musicians is Steven Wilson, founder of the band Porcupine Tree. I was at one of Steven’s concerts just after David Bowie died. Steve gave Bowie a tribute.

Steven said, “There are two kinds of performers. There are entertainers, and there are artists.

“Entertainers give the audience exactly what they want. And they collect a check. Artists follow the art where it leads them, regardless of the cost. Artists transport their audiences into unfamiliar territory, shocking or surprising them. Audiences are not always willing to follow. But the true artist doesn’t care. David Bowie was not an entertainer. He was a true artist.”

Then Steven played a gorgeous cover of Bowie’s classic song Major Tom.

I’m an artist. Truth Seminar is a major part of my body of work. It’s not as accessible as 80/20 Sales and Marketing or even Rosetta Stone. Not everyone is willing to follow me where I’ve gone in this seminar. But it is nonetheless vital, and here I reveal the engine beneath the hood, the tools that made both of those art works possible.

Feedback for the Truth Seminar

If you’re an Artistic Entrepreneur, you may build one or many very successful, very lucrative businesses if you so desire… you may stack up tens of thousands of dollars in your investment account every month from the excess… but what drives you is not money. Once your bills were paid, that phase was over.

Yes, of course you are interested in profit. Who isn’t? But it’s never been the most important thing to you.

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Are You an Artistic Entrepreneur?

You find that no matter how much people to tell you to conform to some specific business formula or model, you can’t quite do it.

It’s not like you don’t understand it. It’s not that you can’t execute either, cuz you can… it’s just that you cannot make yourself do things according to formula. Sam Swisher was never one to blindly apply accounting formulas he got at some tax conference. He would always apply his own twist.

For all my marketing career I’ve been told to “swipe and deploy” and “steal and distribute.”

I’m not sure I’ve ever been able to make a ripped-off headline sing. Not once.

Somehow if it’s not from me, people know. I don’t know how they know; they just do.

This is because I’m an artist. The handy-dandy formulas that work for others do not work for me. I, like you, create the formulas.

Business builders are preoccupied with the work. Artists are preoccupied with their body of work.

Business builders obsess with processes. Artists obsess about the process.

Based on my observations, odds are 2:1 you’re the same.

Rave Reviews for the Truth Seminar

Planet Perry people lean towards artist 2:1

This is not a value judgment. It’s not like one type is better than the other!!! It’s just like being left vs. right handed. We serve and honor both. It’s just that the artists have been ignored.

Mark Ingles is a Business Builder. If you’re a business builder, that’s 100% OK. But if you’re an Artistic Entrepreneur, I’m talking to you today, because you’ve almost certainly been squeezed into a business builder set of parameters that you find restrictive and exhausting.

Mark Ingles

Artistic Entrepreneurs often get accused of being “bright shiny object people.”

Your colleagues assume you’re so easily distracted that you never get anything done. And you may beat yourself up for that. But what they don’t quite notice is that you’re drawn to certain kinds of things, inexorably and repeatedly. It’s like a tractor beam with your name on it.

There is a theme to what you are drawn to and this offers many clues to what you’re really about.

Example of Business Builder: Researches 100 markets. Determines that Survivalists (aka “Preppers”) are really hot right now. So even though the Business Builder has zero personal interest in “Prepping,” and may not relate to the customers at all, they go into that market.

Or golf. Or cryptocurrency. Or trading. Or whatever.

When you’re an Artistic Entrepreneur, though, you can only do things that resonate with you. If something is not calling your name, you can’t pour passion into it to save your life. You can’t even pay attention for more than twelve minutes.

But when something is calling your name, you can’t leave it alone.

Artist Entrepreneurs Almost Never Create What The Market Is Asking For

Chapter 21 of 80/20 Sales and Marketing is incredibly useful. It’s called “How to do ten thousand dollars of market research in a single afternoon.” but there are many times when market research does not apply.

Re-inventing 80/20 was not something that any market or customer was asking for… then when I kept digging deeper, nobody was asking for that either. I had to figure out how to sell it and dress it up to be appealing once I had it. It was ALL internally driven; 80/20 just had my name on it. Most things I’ve done have been that way.

That doesn’t mean the world didn’t need it. Today, tens of thousands of people apply the 80/20 curve to make “espresso machines.” They make their businesses more profitable. FACT: The market secretly ALWAYS ALWAYS craves something it’s never seen before and cannot possibly know to ask for.

This is why the Artist Entrepreneur always has an open shot at becoming wealthy. Because following strict A-B-C processes is always an X-dollars-per-hour thing… but generating genuine surprise, innovation and delight is priceless.

Steve Jobs was an Artistic Entrepreneur. It’s easy to forget that Steve did not go out to the world and ask the world what it wanted.

Because the world would have never asked for an iPhone.

Steve Jobs decided what the world should and would want… then bent and re-shaped the world to buy what he wanted to sell.

Was he a Starving Artist? Don’t kid yourself. Steve Jobs built the most valuable company on the planet. At several points in the last few years, Apple’s had more cash on hand than the United States Treasury.

This is why there are certain aspects of what you do or what you sell that absolutely must be done a certain way and you can’t always explain to other people how or why. You just have this inner knowing.

Artistic Entrepreneurs feel guilty much of the time, because their work seems “selfish.” Steve Jobs was selfish. You can’t necessarily explain in advance how it’s going to help the world or the market (or your family for that matter) for you to pursue what you’re pursuing.

A New Grid for the Artistic Entrepreneur

Derek Dearden, who flew to Truth Seminar from the UK, told Megan at the end of the session, “This just gave me the most astonishing aha moment of what has been happening with my business life for the last 40 years.”

A thread runs through ALL of your work, and – once you recognize it, once you understand it – will revolutionize your work and your body of work. Because everything that lays hold of you has certain things in common.

Here, Megan Macedo gives an exercise which, in expanded form, I undertook over a year ago. As I kept pulling the thread, polishing the mirror, what emerged was THE problem-solving structure I delivered at THIS seminar: Axis Shift.

I began to compare literally 40 different projects I’ve undertaken throughout my life and tease out the thread that links them all together.

What would it be worth for you to make sense of all the disparate threads in your life and passions you’ve been pursuing?

Your fascinations, impact points and hero-moments point to a signature pattern you have yet to discover.

Even those little personal gems that mean nothing to anybody else but you. What will happen once you seize upon it?

You move from Not Quite Knowledge to Incredibly Valuable Knowledge. Most of us grasp at our callings and our interior design like edges of wispy clouds… like sticking your hand out of an airplane and trying to catch mist with your fingertips. You might catch a few raindrops, but holding the cloud in the palm your hand like cotton candy is elusive.

What happens to you once you firmly grasp this in your hands?

If I was able to create this very seminar – simply by identifying and clarifying the patterns common to audio projects, marketing inventions, spiritual questions and reports I turned in in college – then digging for more gems – then you’ll be able to stack all manner of your own activities into, ironically, a laser-focused theme and message that moves what you’re currently doing from black and white to color.

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This is how nothing goes to waste – yes, even though your life appears to be a motley stir-fry of Legos, Star Trek, web programming, freelance copywriting and marriage counseling!

Last year I had a sales package to write. I was a week behind schedule. Other responsibilities had piled up. Now it was late Saturday afternoon. I was destined to spend all of Saturday evening and late into the wee hours of the morning slogging this project out.

Then I got a text from John Fancher. “Wanna go to the music festival at Millennium Park tonight?”

Three or four years ago, I would have turned him down. But nowadays I’m aware of creative fatigue.

I know what really causes people to buy is INSPIRATION. Not copywriting formulas.

I knew six hours of shoulder to the wheel, nose to the grindstone and ear to the ground was no substitute for soul-watering music in the cool night air on the lawn of Millennium Park on a summer evening in Chicago. Plus John and Jay were bringing a picnic basket...

But remember: I had to get this project done. There was no getting out of it. I couldn’t keep pushing out the deadlines. Just wanting to go to the festival was never gonna justify going.

I calculated that if my creativity tank was filled to overflowing, I could accomplish more in three hours than in nine hours of slogging.

I calculated correctly.

I went to the concert, grazed John and Jay’s picnic food, danced on the lawn as the music played. And paced all over (as I always do), soaking up the inspiration and verve.

I dance about as gracefully as an insurance salesman from Cleveland, but I didn’t care what anybody thought that night. I wafted in the wind and enjoyed myself.

And sure enough, when I got home the juices were flowing.

I was still up until 1am and still got the job done… but sharpening my sawblade, filling my artistic reservoir before starting got me down the road not only faster, but with more mojo. I got numerous comments that the sales piece, which was for Advanced Mastery Network, was riveting.

Without a dawning awareness that I’m an Artist Entrepreneur, I would have missed the concert, worked twice as hard and sold half as much.

The Artistic Entrepreneur’s work is not 80/20. It’s 95/5, even 99/1. But for a different reason than any business explanation I’ve ever given. It’s not because of the internet. Or friction. Or Amazon. It’s not anything like that.

Art is 95/5 because breakthrough moments, gusts of inspiration and brand-new things the market outside you resonates with are inherently unequal.

What if U2 hadn’t written Sunday Bloody Sunday?

Recently, comedian podcaster Joe Rogan was explaining how, when he was working the comedy club circuit, he actually had a lot of free time. Because you can only seriously write comedy scripts for a couple of hours a day.

99% of Joe’s best lines came in 1% of his creative moments, but there was no way to predict how or when the inspiration would come. What was important was for him to be in his process when the inspiration hit. And to make space for it in the first place.

Megan invited the audience to list their passions and involvements. Stephen Rodriguez, a Texan who two years ago was destitute, is today running a successful profitable agency. Stephen offered this list:

Piano tuning, nutrition, web and graphic design, storytelling, pastor, music arranger, voiceover, process implementation, marketing, quantum gravity research, writing music, biology & genetics, business history, psychology, Legos, Star Wars, alternative energy, Koine Greek and Battlestar Galactica.

Stephen Rodriguez

All these things add up to powerhouse laser focus.


Because one single fractal pattern underlies all of it. It’s like bricks: If you have a formula for making ONE BRICK, you repeat and build a house. Then a hotel. An apartment building. A performing arts center.

Most people are struggling because they still haven’t figured out what bricks they themselves are made of. Those bricks are buried in your quest, your story, your struggles and your pain. They’re hidden in your victories, aspirations and visions. They’re camouflaged in your filing cabinets and hard drive folders. Sitting on top of your dresser in your bedroom.

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Yes I know how strange this all sounds… a skillset like nutrition / web design / quantum gravity / voiceover / LEGOS / Battlestar Galactica is eccentric, chaotic and crazy

It sure ain’t the reading list your elementary school teacher handed out.

But isn’t this liberating? Our work is always for ourselves first. This is why most people need most what they themselves are selling!

And that is OK.

One label for a guy who’s into all that crazy stuff is: Polymath.

Google Dictionary says:

If Stephen Rodriguez isn’t already a polymath… he will be in 15 years. (Maybe I should have called this “The Polymath Seminar.”) Planet Perry is rife with polymaths and folks with vast arrays of interests.

One of my Private Equity Group clients hyper-focuses on a handful of tasks he really excels at. He has automated – delegated – eliminated. To an insane degree. But he also figured out what really energizes him. His art. (Architecting novel business processes and software that read human beings like open books.)

Wanna know what he said to me in January?

“When you purge all that extraneous stuff and do what energizes you, you CAN work 14 hours a day and be uber productive. It’s not true that you can 'only' get 2-3 hours of solid productivity in each day. Not if you’re in your prime energy zone. Because when you are, what you do gives you MORE energy and it compounds.”

This is how you eradicate creative fatigue.

A deadly blend of Protestant Work Ethic, 24/7 business processes and guilt drags Artistic Entrepreneurs into creativity deficit.

Gun to your head all the time. You always need to come up with a better idea and a new thing. It’s like hanging lead weights from a sparrow. It’s killing you.

An exhausted artist doesn’t inspire anybody. Exhausted artists play Elevator Muzak for union wages and don’t even get their pictures on the album. The web is chock full of tired, exhausted, overspent, fatigued creative entrepreneurs who don’t know what their artistic signature is and fail to think of themselves as artists. They don’t see the art in their work.

They think their work is systems and procedures and obligations.

Then they judge themselves for not rising to the productivity standards of automated machines. But you’re not a machine. Your business might be… but you’re not.

Get the Recordings - $1999
Pro Tip: Save $1199 when you add New Renaissance 12 Membership to your order!

Not sure? Reach out to Tiffany [[email protected] or +1 (312) 437-8433] and she can help see if it’s a good fit for you or not.

Bombshell #3: Axis Shift

George Krahn, founder of an extraordinary PPC agency in Manitoba, asked me recently:

How are you so incredibly productive? I can’t believe all the stuff you manage to get done.

Part of the answer is in my productivity courses. 80/20 Productivity Express and 30 Day Reboot. But there’s another aspect too:

I know how to Axis Shift at will. I instinctively hunt for Axis Shifts.

Feedback for the Truth Seminar

Axis shift means changing the fundamental rules by which we do something:

  • 80/202 Axis Shifted 80/20. This completely altered the way you “do” 80/20. It turned 80/20 into a verb. Nobody was teaching this before I was.
  • Star Principle and Simplify Axis Shift which businesses are going to succeed and fail.
  • Maze 2.0 is Axis Shift paid social media.
  • Swiss Army Knife Axis Shifts testing and copywriting.
  • Marketing DNA Test Axis Shifts your talents and the skills of your team members.
  • Definitive Selling Proposition Axis Shifts USP.
  • Taking equity in clients Axis Shifts consulting.
  • The “Renaissance Time / Barnacles / Sweet Life / Work Ethic” formula Axis Shifts work itself.
  • “Pre-Gutenberg,” “Memos from the Head Office” and my methods for eradicating Financial Head Trash are among the most transformative resources anywhere in the personal development space.
  • Network Effect for Mere Mortals Axis Shifts building a moat around your castle – especially if you’re to small to go raise $10 million of venture capital. It can make you impervious to competition.

Many problems are not solved at all unless you Axis Shift them. And this is a key to EFFECTIVENESS.

Effectiveness is not the same as productivity. “Productivity” is like efficiency. But Effectiveness is establishing permanent change. Effectiveness is getting the result. Sometimes the result is not possible under the prevailing rules.


Axis Shift, like 80/20, is a VERB.

It’s new language and structure for re-framing problems. Shifting foundations and assumptions. Questioning cherished beliefs. Shattering paradigms. Transporting problems from the surface or from the middle of the swamp, to the BOTTOM of the swamp.

Feedback for the Truth Seminar

All the concepts above, which are well known to Planet Perry members, share a single core thinking pattern. Axis Shift reveals that pattern.

Rosetta Stone (2018) synthesized my most powerful discoveries of the last 20 years. Multiple clients now credit it for millions of dollars of increase. The 3D Tactical Triangle places everything in marketing into the most elegant framework in the history of selling.

Feedback for the Truth Seminar

The Tactical Triangle will still be 100% valid 100 years from now. VERY FEW tools possess this kind of depth and longevity.

What all these have in common is: Re-casting and reforming the foundations of entire professions. I said, “Everyone is obsessing about X. But X is not your problem. Your real problem is Y, and nobody is taking about Y.”

Books and ideas that deal at this level of depth are called “Supertexts.” Ideas that are bottomless.

Example of a supertext: The Cain and Abel story in the Bible.

Abel makes a sacrifice. So does Cain. God LIKES Abel’s Facebook page, but rejects Cain’s.

Cain gets angry. Cain kills Abel. Cain becomes a fugitive for the rest of his life - a universal symbol of malice.

The Cain and Abel story occupies a few paragraphs… but it describes every blood-match in the history of humanity. It’s a supertext.

(In “Beowulf,” Grendel descends from Cain’s foul race of murderers and villains.)

A supertext is a tool that explains and untangles an endless array of problems.

If your business, your product, your problem-solving is based on a supertext thinking, it will last a LONG time. It will weather the most ferocious competition.

In marketing, there are very few supertexts:

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins
Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz
22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Ries and Trout
Ogilvy on Advertising by David Ogilvy

80/20 Sales & Marketing is a supertext. It will still be 90% current in the year 2050. Why? Because its based on fractal 80/20 - the most fundamental law of cause of effect on earth. And the Tactical Triangle which is a supertext-level concept.

Feedback for the Truth Seminar

Truth Seminar was the most ambitious seminar I’ve ever done because…

I’m not merely teaching supertext marketing ideas. (Lots of people do that.) I’m teaching you HOW TO DISCOVER AND CREATE SUPERTEXT IDEAS AT WILL.

It’s about creating products, businesses, disruptions, ideas and industries that eclipse all others - encompass all others - swallow all others. The acid so powerful it eats everything.

It’s about creating engines that endure - so you can finally stop nailing jello to the wall.

Even if you only reach a “C Minus” facility with supertext ideas, your thinking will be superior to 99% of all others.

If you get to “B Plus,” you’ll topple industries with ease.

If you get to “A,” school children will read about you in history books for the next 500 years.

50% of all “experts” are educated derelicts. But master this and you won’t care about those jokers - because your work will endure the ravages of time.

Theirs will be lost to the mists of history.

Truth Seminar reveals how to…

  • Find bedrock
  • Use your X-Ray machine to find FAULTY bedrock and split it apart
  • Go deeper to ground your product, your project, your market, or even your entire profession on firmer foundations
  • Solve problems that everyone assumed were unsolvable for decades… even centuries (I’m dead serious, you’ll see when you watch the videos)

I showcase – in DEEP DIVE fashion – more than a half dozen Planet Perry members who have done this.

Get the Recordings - $1999
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What’s NEW in Truth Seminar?

  1. Axis Shift your engine + Axis Shift your story.
  2. New ability to Axis Shift any business in ways that nobody else would think of or discover – so you change the rules before someone else changes the rules on you. (This is especially useful for consultants who constantly deal with what have you done lately and must pull rabbits out of hats.)
  3. The fractal formula I have used to transform the marketing industry time and time again, and offer radical innovations to dozens of now-famous clients – from FanDuel to InfusionSoft to Loan Builder.
  4. The exact tools, processes and strategies that create strategic shifts.
  5. A way to manage your own resistance and anxiety about the pace of change – because transformation IS scary!
  6. A formula for telling your story that EXPLICITLY OVERTURNS much of what you’ve been taught (yes, even if you are an extremely advanced marketer and been to every seminar in the last 10 years, you still have not heard this before).
  7. A new form of marketing collateral that defies categorization - and earns trust more powerfully than anything I’ve ever used.
  8. A completely new way to resolve the conflict between your inner business builder who needs predictability, rules, systems, numbers and structures vs. your inner artist who loves to create, explore, discover new territory and experience new things.
  9. The truest, grittiest stories you’ve ever heard at any marketing seminar – from ‘drug on a chain behind a pickup truck down a gravel road’ to a $1.8 billion dollar smash success.

It makes YOU the founder of a NEW industry that did not exist before. It makes you the Star.

Two Year Total Satisfaction &
Successful Outcome Guarantee
  1. If you have at least $100K in revenue and need an innovation which there’s no "Handy Dandy Formula" for...
  2. And IF you listen to the presentations and do the exercises...
  3. Then you will AXIS SHIFT the engine of your company and product (maybe even your industry)
  4. You will AXIS SHIFT the story of your company and customer base
  5. OR ELSE we will issue a courteous refund within 24 months of purchase.
Get the Recordings - $1999
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Not sure? Reach out to Tiffany [[email protected] or +1 (312) 437-8433] and she can help see if it’s a good fit for you or not.

Andy Duncan was almost totally unknown (even to our insiders). He has literally re-invented movie distribution (!!!) and now enjoys 1.8 Billion dollars (billion with a B) of backing.

Just two years ago he was the guy who came to a City Tour meeting and talked to me in the hotel lobby about an idea he hoped would work out – and that wasn’t even the business he’s in now!

He was very, very typical Planet Perry: A consultant and serial entrepreneur between gigs. He had this idea of how to harness talent from the Philippines, he was tinkering with cryptocurrencies, and he had a long-running side-career in film-making. The usual stir fry of disparate interests. The kind of path that makes mothers-in-law lose sleep at night.

Again, I’m describing Andy as I experienced him three years ago.

Because of his interdisciplinary interests, fingers in so many pies, and as an outsider, he clearly saw an endemic problem in the movie industry. Elephant in the room. He realized that the interests of investors, producers and distributors were badly misaligned. How come nobody can see this but me?

Andy Duncan architected an axis shift for the movie industry. He dreamed of organizing a production studio that would embody his ideas. A friend was organizing a film conference in Hong Kong, and offered him stage time.

He went to Hong Kong and raised $136 million in the summer of 2018!!!

But that wasn’t all… because a major force in the movie industry experienced a meltdown, the investors from that project became refugees. They presented him with $1.8 billion in additional investment backing.

Investors told him: “We are tired of playing patty cake with bureaucrats. We want to invest with you.”

An ordinary, unassuming serial entrepreneur from Planet Perry is now playing in the same sandbox as Disney and Universal Studios. With new rules.

Nobody has ever heard of this guy. But Andy just came back from Germany where he rented a castle for shooting his next motion picture.

This story sounds outlandish, I know. You probably believe I’m telling the truth… but you likely don’t believe you could pull off anything on this scale.

May I challenge that assumption? Last week when I talked to Andy, I said: “You are experiencing the jet stream of 95/5. EVERYTHING tilts your direction.”

Andy Duncan sat down and told everyone his $1.8 billion-dollar story. This could have never happened if he had not already de-constructed the assumptions of his business and questioned the assumptions (which is VERY hard to do).

Would not have happened if he hadn’t had a long-standing, almost torturous obsession and love-hate romance with movies and films.

Andy Duncan’s industry-shaking approach is 100% consistent with my Denominators of Destruction model. You get to peek under the hood as we show you the process we use to AXIS SHIFT the film industry. The same process works in your industry.

What You Get

  • Instant unlimited access to 19 online videos with MP3s so you can watch or listen on your computer, smart phone, tablet
  • Transcripts of the entire event, snail mailed to you (transcripts and other hardcopy elements ship the week of Aug. 1)
  • We also snail-mail to you Paper and Ink 2D and 3D tools & seminar supplements
  • 21 hours of content
  • All presentation slides, handouts and resources
  • Links and references to outside tools and recommended reading

As soon as you order, you receive immediate access to these resources in the Member’s Area. The printed materials will be shipped out to you (delivery times will vary based on your geographical location). And if you’re a member of New Renaissance, you can discuss your questions and discoveries in our private Google group as soon as your purchase is complete.

The sessions by me, David Bullock, Chris Hurn, Mark Ingles and Andy Duncan will Axis Shift your engine.

The sessions by Megan Macedo, Susan Kruger and Brian Willer will Axis Shift your story.

You’ll Axis Shift your engine. You’ll Axis Shift your story. And this will make you unbelievably attractive to your customers and clients. I guarantee it for two years.

Get the Recordings - $1999
Pro Tip: Save $1199 when you add New Renaissance 12 Membership to your order!

Not sure? Reach out to Tiffany [[email protected] or +1 (312) 437-8433] and she can help see if it’s a good fit for you or not.

Engine Axis Shift Plus Story Axis Shift Equals Total Market Domination

The price is $1999. (Only $750 for existing Renaissance 12 members!) This means if you’re not already a member of New Renaissance 12, you can get both 12 months of New Renaissance AND Truth Seminar for $1799!

You read that right: you pay LESS when you add New Renaissance 12 to your order!

New Renaissance provides you a year of close support from one of the smartest private entrepreneurship groups in the world, 24/7/365, with my monthly Perry Marshall Marketing Letter, and generous discounts on many other programs… access to special call-in days and private Q&A webinars… for substantially less than $2k.

This is The Matrix… and You’re Neo.

Order the Videos Now. And Axis Shift Your Story, Your Industry, Your World.

Get the Recordings - $1999
Pro Tip: Save $1199 when you add New Renaissance 12 Membership to your order!

Not sure? Reach out to Tiffany [[email protected] or +1 (312) 437-8433] and she can help see if it’s a good fit for you or not.

Perry Marshall

P.S.: Marketing seminars follow a “script.” The script is:

Because you believe there is NO problem that better marketing cannot solve…

…We hang a big delicious piece of meat in front of you. I tell you amazing stories of people who were living in their car but then Gary Halbert told them to go to the library and condense 10 books about weight loss into a sassy new information product and they launched it and made an extra $68,437.28 by noon the following Thursday…

Then we give you power point bullets about how Homer Simpson ‘gets the donuts’… the power points deliver crack cocaine so you can immediately change some headlines and tweak stuff in your Facebook account and your PayPal account is gonna be stuffed with cash…

Everybody rushes to the product table and drops $1,997 or $9,997 or $24,997 because the speaker described how he’s delivering over thirty-eight thousand five hundred dollars of unbelievable bonuses NOW and you can get them if you are one of the first EIGHTEEN buyers ONLY…

…. And everybody holds hands and sings God Bless America just before they fly home on their brand new private jet…

Don’t buy this if at some level you think that is what this is.

(Some people need that. Some people need the 17 steps to optimize their Facebook account – and they need it yesterday. Most civilians NEED to be manipulated – shamelessly and gratuitously – simply to make an investment in themselves and their education. And most of them buy it then do nothing with it.)

So please, if the end of the month is looming six days away and you desperately need to meet payroll and this is your ticket to the good ship hope… please don’t buy this.

I don’t need the chargeback on my merchant account.


If you’ve seen it all and you are TIRED of the redundant marketing seminar dog and pony crap… if you now accept that your biggest problems are almost never marketing problems, they are deeper and more difficult than that…

If you’d rather hear one TRUTHFUL story of failure than ten airbrushed, photoshopped case studies of success…

[Some men would rather show off their high-maintenance neurotic drama queen Trophy Wife to a bunch of people they resent, than make love to a real human being who has stretch marks and cellulite and a sincere loving heart … which also tells you what kind of seminars they go to. Do you go to seminars to PREEN? Or to LEARN?]

If you realize that the most dangerous thing in the world is what you don’t know that you don’t know…

If you understand why a terrific question is 100 times more powerful than a great answer…

If you understand that a single accurate generalized principle is 100X more valuable than any one fact or technique…

If you prefer seminars that FORCE YOU TO THINK, and you enjoy it when a presenter makes your brain hurt (and drives a spear through your neurons with a penetrating mind-shift)…

… then Truth Seminar is for you.

P.P.S.: Earlier I said, most marketers don’t use their stories to reveal themselves. They use stories to conceal themselves. If you really prefer to hide – to be somebody you’re not – this seminar is not for you. But if you want to get paid to be the real you (even if you’re an introvert) Truth Seminar is for you.

You don’t know how close you are to victory. And you don’t know how the threads of your various experiences and expertise will weave together – especially when you Axis Shift a familiar landscape and re-invent it to make it your own. You are not alone! Join me on the other side.

Get the Recordings - $1999
Pro Tip: Save $1199 when you add New Renaissance 12 Membership to your order!

Not sure? Reach out to Tiffany [[email protected] or +1 (312) 437-8433] and she can help see if it’s a good fit for you or not.

* "Running of the Santas with Hooters girls". Attribution: Stinkie Pinkie [CC BY 2.0 (]