The Sorrowful Saga of a Brilliant Student and Marketing Wunderkind

Forget ‘Financial Burning Bus.’ This is what happens when you put a Kamikaze Pilot in a Freight Train.

Dear Business Builder:

I’m inviting you to sign up for a special email series.

But it’s not money-making secrets this time. It’s not marketing addiction, not get-more-customers, not a solve-the-problems-of-the-universe story.

This one is pure tragedy. No happy ending. No happy juice.

It’s a living, careening history of what can go wrong.

If you can’t stomach that, then you may want to turn away now.

But I don’t think you should do that. You should sign up and witness the story unfold.

I’ve watched people turn $1000 of knowledge into a fortune.

I’ve seen others take $100,000 of knowledge and drive themselves into the ground.

I’ve witnessed every kind of drama, every kind of success or failure story you can imagine. Some have gone from zero to hundreds of millions of dollars under my watch.

Others incinerated fortunes with tragic stupidity spasms.

But THIS story is the worst I’ve ever seen.

(Don’t say it can’t happen to you. Because it CAN.)

The “Twist The Knife” part is: This story began with as much promise as ANY in Planet Perry.

So… in our happy-happy-joy-joy world of marketing and entrepreneurship and money-making and frivolity, why would anyone want to hear a story like this?

Answer: Cuz it’s true.

And because the stories nobody wants to talk about are the very stories that teach you the most. They’re the stories we most need to hear.

I’ve never shied away from telling the truth. Today is a day for truth serum.

This is a story about how an unbelievably talented guy utterly destroyed his life and family …and nearly took a bunch of others out with him.

Not cheery. But extremely enlightening and revealing. And I promise you this same story is going on somewhere around you, right now. Right under your nose. Maybe a friend… a colleague or a vendor… or maybe 30 feet away in a bedroom in your own house.

You need to hear this story. Register now for some Planet Perry Truth Serum:

The Case of the Disappearing Mr. X