“My Life as a Naïve, Enthusiastic Ambot”


Dear Online Entrepreneur:

They saw me coming a mile away.

I was young. A total newbie, ripe for the picking.

My friends Will and Rhonda invited us to this meeting one night, which turned out to be kinda exciting… then they took us to this rally at the Holiday Inn. We listened to this fun couple from Kansas speak during the afternoon. Then we dined on Chicken Fried Steak with all the distributors at Golden Corral.

The people who spoke at the seminar came over to our table and shook our hands.

He said to me, “You guys look like a really Sharp Couple!”

That night the guy told all these crazy stories, with generous doses of positive thinkin’. Then at the end of the rally, everybody held hands and sang “God bless America.” Then everyone all broke out in cheers and thunderous, back-slapping applause.

Yeah, I know it’s corny. But when you’re actually there and you do it, and the last reverberations of the last note die out and the room is silent just before everyone starts talking, you feel this warm happy feeling in your stomach. Emotion wells up inside of you and goose bumps pop out on your skin and you just can’t help but feel good.

I felt good.

I turned to Will, my sponsor, and said:

“Will, I’m getting in.”

[You know what’s the #1 problem with real life? There’s no soundtrack to tell you that you’ve just done something really stupid.]
The next 8 years of my life were, let’s just say, really interesting.

I pursued that thing with reckless abandon. Invested untold thousands of dollars. Maxxed out every single credit card I could lay my hands on. Drew circles like a banshee. Did everything they told me to. Never really made any money at all.

I’m lucky I didn’t get maimed by some drunk driver in the middle of Western Nebraska at 3:30am on my way back from Building The Dream.

I’m extremely lucky to still be married.

Fortunate to have survived all that and come out OK. Yes, I really did come out OK.

But I’ve got some scars, believe me.

For years I’ve wanted to write a book about it. Finally realized, I don’t think I’m ever going to get around to writing that book. Too many other writing projects. Not sure what company would ever publish such a sordid tale anyway.

Instead, I decided to write an email series.

How many emails in the series?

Don’t know. At least 25. By the time I’m all done, maybe 50 or 100. One story at a time.

Might take years before you get ’em all.

But I’m determined to tell you the whole story, somehow, sooner or later.

Why am I doing this?

Cuz some stories just need to be told, that’s all.

Oh, and I’ll most definitely promise you this:

I will NEVER, ever, ever attempt to recruit you into any MLM deal, ever. If there’s such a thing as purgatory, I would definitely go there for doing that. Or maybe MLM IS purgatory?

Anyway, who am I and why should you care?

I’m a well known author and consultant on the subject of Google advertising. Which means I’ve seen the inner workings almost every kind of business you can imagine. So I bring an unusual perspective to all of this.

You can Google me or look around my website if you’re still curious. Meanwhile, I think you’ll enjoy my long sordid tale of meetings and marker boards and Dexter Yager and counseling with my upline and Free Enterprise Day and agonizing phone calls and slinging mud against the wall and Go Diamond Break 7 and Profiles Of Success and Go-Getter cassette tapes crunching under my feet. And congratulating myself for making 3-hour-each-way trips to no-show appointments.

And Billy Florence and Jerry & Cherry Meadows and Randy Haugen. Don Wilson and Bill Britt and Kenny Stewart and Bill Childers and Casey Combden. Paul Miller and Ron & Toby Hale and George Halsey.

And, of course, “Oh Harry.”

Cuz losers make excuses and winners make money. Right?

You gettin’ Fired Up yet?

You’ll also glean whatever wisdom I’ve managed to accumulate from all that pain and suffering, 10-20 years later.

Enter your name & email, and let the twisted journey begin…

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To Your Success,

Perry S. Marshall