Funnel Fix
with John McGee

What are the next best steps for your business?

Step One: John (Fancher) McGee does the same “Sales Funnel Review” that he does for our $39,000 per year Roundtable members.

You will likely find “hidden” money in your sales funnel that will more than pay for your investment 10X or even 100X.


The Sales Funnel Review will identify which ANGLE of the Tactical Triangle you need to start with…

  • Conversion
  • Traffic
  • Economics

Step Two: On your 60-minute call, you and John dig into my tools and assessments for that ANGLE.

You’ll have a clear plan for what to do next to move your business forward.

Tactical Triangle Review: $1299 or $999 for members of New Renaissance 12


What People Are Saying About John (Fancher) McGee

Matthias Miller, Multiply Your Strengths:
Spending time with John is like crawling into Perry's brain and accessing his library of genius. Every conversation I've ever had with John has led to critical insights and breakthroughs in my marketing at a foundational level. Many times, I've had to go back and listen to the recording again to extract all of the value and actionable ideas. If you haven't availed yourself to John's consulting, you're hurting yourself.

Nicholas Erik:
John "channels" Perry extremely well and is a master of the Tactical Triangle. He helped me launch a new offer to a list of less than 2500 people that's already generated over 10 X my investment - I've returned for multiple calls and every time I've come away with valuable insights that directly translate into dollars.

Trevor King:
The Sales Funnel Review was my first exposure to John. As a result of it, I hired him to do various other projects including consulting and copywriting. I still have him on retainer. John is "Planet Perry" personified, I highly recommend him."

Michael Ling, DDS:
If you've followed Perry Marshall for any length of time, then you know how powerful his ideas are. But ideas are just that... ideas. John Fancher is the man for channeling Perry's ideas and helping you dissect how to implement these ideas in your business to the maximum effect. Talking to John led to FAST results for me - we worked on a lead magnet white paper together that snagged me multiple $15k+ clients within weeks. John knows Perry's tools like the Tactical Triangle backwards and forwards. Contact him if you need help implementing these ideas in your business.

Michael O’Neill:
John cut through all the noise, rolled up his sleeves and dived straight into identifying and fixing what was preventing sales from flowing as they should have. He went to work on the lever that was going to produce the biggest result (MORE SALES), and boy did he get his outcome. Having identified the issues, John’s solution-focused insights and advice were priceless. I can’t thank him enough. It’s crazy that you can get access to a market-leading genius with the knowledge, experience and expertise that John possess at the rate that he is charging for his Funnel Reviews. John could 10X the price, and it would still be amazing value for money. I know he only opens up his Funnel Review offer once or twice a year for a limited number of applications so if you have an opportunity to do so, sign up now.

Josh Eaton, Top Speed Golf:
In the past, we've worked with consultants who weren't prepared and who tried to force ideas on us that didn't fit our marketing DNA. That's not how John operates.

We've already taken action on his insights with good results. And his ability to provide some on-the-spot copywriting help for his ideas further sets him apart.

In fact, we had some of our best months ever during COVID thanks in part to John's recommendations about our guarantee. 

Combining Perry's tools with John's advice... well, it felt a lot like we were working directly with Perry... only a little less expensive :-)

Krishna Stott, Bellyfeel Media:
John Fancher channels Perry Marshall's business and marketing techniques extremely well. John's insights, along with the access to Perry's tools, gave me great practical and actionable ideas for improving my business. I'm very pleased with progress, it's been well worth the money..."​ 

Damien Deighan:
"We have a relatively low traffic website selling professional services that gets a steady but low volume of leads from Google PPC and Bing.

We were following the usual conventional sales funnel wisdom about creating lead magnets and building an email list and results were poor.  In February 2020 our leads dropped to zero, so I booked a sales funnel review with John Fancher which happened at the end of March.

John pointed out that the money we were spending on CRO and optimising our sales funnel would not likely bear much fruit.  He suggested our overall sales funnel strategy was wrong and advised us to change the overall sales funnel structure completely.  This was not really what I wanted to hear at the time after we had spent a year building out the website.

With COVID decimating our future pipeline we decided to act on John's advice.  We completely realigned with our web/CRO company and halted advertising until we sorted our website out properly.  We rebuilt half of our website completely, changed all of the landing pages and created some new ones to follow John's new strategy.

We started advertising again in Mid August with a budget set at 30% of the previous monthly ad spend because we were not expecting anything much to happen in the current climate.

Surprisingly within two weeks we were getting approx 50% more leads and the leads were of a much higher quality than before.

The sales funnel review with John was some of the best money we have spent on marketing since we started.  It helped us clarify what the best overall strategy should be which is much more powerful than tweaking, optimising and split testing.  I wish I had talked to John 2 years ago as it would have saved us a lot of time and effort."

Dan O’Beirne:
For me relatability and life experience "beyond the internet marketing cave" is essential.  John's savvy insights, creativity, and access to Perry's tools, gave me valuable ideas for improving my business.  Well worth the investment..."

Hasta pronto!