Five Days to Success with Google AdWords
– with Perry Marshall Day 2

How Do I Know Where My Ad Will Show Up?

The price you bid is almost never the price you actually pay. You almost always pay less.

First, it’s a little bit like eBay. You pay 1 cent above the position below you, not the maximum that you bid.

But how do you know where your ad will show up?

The short answer is, you don’t. But the better job you do in 4 key areas, the higher your ad will appear and the lower the bid price you’ll pay.

These BIG FOUR are the criteria Google uses to compile your all-important Ad Rank.

If you knock it out of the park on all 4 of these metrics, your Ad Rank will soar and you’ll leave your competitors in the dust.

  1. Expected clickthrough rate. Google uses millions and millions of historic clicks to “guess” your expected click through rate.
  2. Landing page experience. Does your landing page have relevant and original content? Is it easily navigable? Is it transparent about the nature of your business and how you intend to use the user’s personal information?
  3. Ad Relevance. I talked about this in the first message. Google analyzes the language in your ad and determines how well they think it relates to the search query. This keeps bidders from just buying their way onto the search results.
  4. Ad Formats. These are enhancements to your search ads. They include phone numbers, site links, or your website’s domain in the ad headline. Google loves these and they have a heavy impact on your Ad Rank.

If you do better on all four metrics, you’ll appear higher in the search results and pay less to get there, while your competition wonders why you’re eating their lunch!

Tomorrow’s tip is called:

A Google AdWords Lesson from the Wall Street Journal

Talk to you then.


Perry Marshall