Top Copywriting Mistakes – and 3 Living Examples of How to Do it Right, from John Carlton, One of the Highest Paid Copywriters in the Country!



Free Audio & Swipe Files: Perry Marshall and John Carlton discuss rookie blunders & explore three of John’s most successful sales letters in detail…

  • “Ernest Hemingway” disease – how rookie writers confuse High School English with True Salesmanship
  • How Proven World-Class Copywriters Really Use Hooks, Killer Salesmanship, And ‘Operation Moneysuck’
  • The amazing “Lazy Businessman’s 3-Step Shortcut” to creating your first world-class ad. How to quickly turn your hidden salesmanship skills into white-hot sales copy… even if you flunked English.
  • How to take any venture — in any market — from zero to breathtaking success in days

This email course is free. Fill out the form and you’ll get an email link to a special download page where you can get the full 71-minute interview in MP3 and streaming audio. You’ll get the full unedited transcript of the interview. You also get complete copies of three of John’s most successful sales letters, and a very insightful discussion on exactly what made them work.

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What People Are Saying About This Powerful Seminar:

“WOW!… Perry, that is the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of. Thank you SO MUCH for the teleseminar! I made 8 pages of typed notes during it! Cant wait to start apply it.. I don’t think im going to be able to sleep tonight!”

- Ben Bussey (I was in Namibia when I called. I’ll be back in a few was TOTALLY worth the $1 a minute!)

“John Carlton is amazing! Where’s he been hiding? His 3-Step shortcut makes everything crystal clear. It’s well after midnight but I’m so excited I can’t sleep.

“My writer’s block is gone. I could go on and on but I’ve got a sales letter to write.”

- Bill Hibbler

“Perry, in the UK your teleseminar started at 5 am. I stayed up all night working on a clients website so that I was still awake to make the call. It was worth it, the hour went too quickly and what I learned was invaluable. I look forward to downloading the MP3 so I can review the information over and over.”

- Dave Knight, Great Britain

“I have to say that was one of the best calls I have heard. I’m totally impressed with both you and John Carlton.”

- Robert Crotts

“Tonight was a busy night for tele-seminars. I had three scheduled! But this last one, Perry Marshall’s Pajama Jam w/ John Carlton was by far some of the most well spent phone time I have ever experienced, period. I came out of this call absolutely pumped. I can’t wait to implement what I learned. This hour and fifteen minute call felt like 15 minutes. Thanks for a great call!”

- Tom Malcolm, Colorado Springs, CO

“Thanks for a great teleseminar. You were right – it was worth staying up late to hear John Carlton. His tips were immediately actionable in my own business. Those were GREAT examples of grab-’em-by-the-throat writing. The “Most Important Letter” example had a P.S. technique I have never seen before. That was time well-spent that I know will pay off in more sales.”

- Raynay Valles

“The teleseminar with John Carlton was like participating in the Fourth of July fireworks of direct marketing! I was taking notes, but John’s information was flying out so quickly I found myself misspelling words, and leaving sentences incomplete, because John had moved to another point that was MORE interesting than the one before. And you were great at emphasizing and clarifying ideas, because John talks so damned fast! (No offense intended, at all.) Perry, your teleseminars are always good. But this one was stellar! I always wondered about how you got the point of writing such great copy. Now the cat’s out of the bag.”

- Lyn Adelstein, Altadena, CA

“Awesome Teleconference! The opportunity to have a truly great copywriter go through copy step by step has was the ultimate leaning experience. Thank you for such an amazing opportunity. I’ll be reaping the benefits from this call for a long time. Really looking forward to listening to the MP3.”

- Sarah van Buren
Company Director
Accelerate Resumes Pty Ltd, Australia

“I got on the call at 11:59pm for the start of the call and I was disconnected after about 7 minutes. I was able to reconnect about 11:45pm. A couple of things John said during those final minutes I believe were really for me. He helped me to understand that my advertising is not about me or my product bust about the customer and getting them to part with their money now! I especially like when he said “people don’t buy what they really want, they buy what they desperately want”. That is so true!! I came across an ad a few weeks ago on the internet, and I was barely finished reading the copy when I found myself filling out my credit card details in the order form. I missed the urls you guys referred to earlier in he call and I would love to have the opportunity to check them out.”

- Michael McCoy, Nassau, Bahamas