Make it Specific and Concrete

Your marketing should deliver a concrete explanation and promises of tangible appealing value and specific calls to action; not catchy slogans, clever phrases, puns or abstractions.

Marketing and selling are much more alike than different. So when you’re writing ads, press releases, brochures or anything else that you do, you should always think in terms of what you would tell the person if you were sitting across the table from him.

If you began a meeting with a huge potential prospect, would you open your conversation with a pun? Would tell him bizarre jokes and show him abstract pictures?

NO. You would start by listening to her – making sure you understand the problems she’s facing and repeat them back to her to verify that you in fact understand what she wants and needs to change. You’d begin your presentation with an attention-getting statement backed up by features and their tangible bottom-line benefits, with as much proof as you could possibly produce. And when you got done, you would ask her to take some sort of action.

Yes, Once Again: Marketing is “Selling In Print”

Why should your advertising and sales literature be any different? Most people will not relate to your attempts to be clever or funny. At the moment there are billboards all over Chicago with one of the stupidest ads I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s a picture of a guy sticking a fork in a toaster.

It says "Bad idea. Kind of like changing your phone company."

Where’s the tangible appealing value? Where’s the specific call to action? There IS none. More than anything, it’s a temptation to switch to a company that doesn’t put up dumb billboards. If there’s any two people who deserve to be unemployed in the present economic turmoil, it’s the guy that came up with that billboard, and the guy who signed off on the whole thing.

Don’t succumb to such ridiculous messages and schemes. Give people strong, solid, concrete reasons to do business with you and they will.

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