Maze 2.0: Multichannel Marketing

How to be EVERYWHERE for Your Best Customers

Mobile, Social & Video are Strangling Your “1.0” Sales Funnel. You’re 2 Years Behind. 2 Weeks from Now You Can be 2 Years AHEAD – with Minimal Work

Dear Marketing Professional:

You’re doomed.

Seriously, you could be like the old-school stereo equipment guys.

Editorial in this month’s Stereophile magazine: ‘In the 1920s, the record companies were RAKING IT IN cuz the phonograph came out. In the 1980s, they were raking it in AGAIN with CDs. And now, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, YouTube… curse those evil bastards…’

Half the stereo mag editorials are nostalgia. The rest rant about Gen Y’s Beats and earbuds. The younger generation just doesn’t appreciate a truly great CD the way they used to.

There’s one person left in the record company office, a desperate attorney filing lawsuits.

That’s about to be you. And your internet sales machine. If you don’t change.


This is what happens when Mobile and Social and Video tunnel right under you, directly to your customers.

It all transpires invisibly, until suddenly it’s too late.

Five Symptoms You’re Losing Ground Fast:

  1. The “free line” keeps moving… lately it’s like having to offer people negative interest rates. “Hey, I’ll pay you to borrow this money!”
  2. Webinars don’t make the cash register ring like they used to. You’re lucky to get 40% of sign-ups to show up
  3. Collecting email addresses is like pulling fangs from a deranged wolf with rabies
  4. You got banned from FB for doing “perfectly reasonable” things … like promising real results and providing actual guarantees
  5. You used to feel like you possessed a secret alchemy lab, but now you’re standing outside in the snow without a coat

Bottom Line: The beloved Pay Per Click Ad / Squeeze Page / Autoresponder Sequence / Sales Page is nearly obsolete.


The smartphone.

The smartphone has swallowed your watch, CD player, turntable, alarm clock, camera, taxi, map, guitar tuner, metronome, scanner, tape recorder, video camera, calculator, notepad, flashlight, kitchen timer, thermometer, barometer and Bible.

That phone is going to swallow your sales machine too if you’re not wary. Markets are slippery and you could lose traction fast.

Email is STILL critical. You still have to do the blocking and tackling like you used to…but if you don’t build trust before you get the email address, you’re in danger of never getting that address at all!?

But sleep with one eye open, cuz email is nowhere near enough.

The concept of THE MAZE, the same one I’ve been teaching more than ten years, must now extend its tentacles far beyond your email list… so the same “auto-responsive” systems that reliably hone in on interested prospects and leave others alone, also slash the amount of work you must do in Social Media.

True or False? Social Media is “74 things you’re not doing nearly enough of.” You’re pretty sure getting seduced into doing them will smear your carcass across 1,000 miles of dirt road. So you feel trapped.

Social Media can either drive you totally crazy, stringing you out and dissipating your energy, leaving you with nothing… or you can neatly fold it into a cohesive, efficient strategy.

Email is still the inner sanctum – especially for all forms of BUSINESS activity – but it’s only part of the picture. The MAZE concept now extends to everything.

Maze 2.0 is a way to conk out a bunch of social media tasks too, with modest effort.

The Maze 2.0 can extend into your customers’ smartphones and simplify your life… or social media can drag you through a cheese grater, subdividing you into 1,000 pieces, dragging you into a million useless conversations and diluting you into nothingness.

Ye Olde Internet Marketing Mousetrap is Rusty & Crumbling

The Four Horsemen of the Direct Marketing Apocalypse are Thundering Toward Your Sales Funnel

All of us cocky direct marketers (who are soooo much smarter than those silly brand advertisers) are going to have to eat some humble pie…or suffer the sword of the Horsemen.

Always yearning to “see around the corner,” long-time Planet Perry member Ben Gorelick posted this in the New Renaissance Forum:

Hey everyone,

– At my school, a year ago, about 45% of our traffic was from mobile. It’s more than 80% now.

– Facebook (especially) and apps/aggregators, Apple News are changing the way people find and view content.

– Huge shift to video-based consumption.

Right now, I suspect a lot of us make our business go with a funnel that looks something like:

1) Create good/useful content to drive traffic, build rapport, trust, and expertise and get opt-ins to email. (underpants)

2) Churn users through an email AR sequence or three to continue to develop rapport/trust/expertise, and to keep hitting those nerves

3) Make sale and follow up. (Profit!)

I’m starting to feel like that isn’t enough anymore. Maybe that’s not correct. I’m starting to feel like my funnel will need to be different 2 years from now.

– As email use declines, especially among younger users, how will direct response marketing change?

– As people become more brand-agnostic for their content, how will we capture people’s attention with the good stuff that we churn out? How do you keep that attention for more than one article or blog post, especially if the publishing is now incorporated into FB or similar, instead of on your website?

It’s gotta be more than adding FB ads to an AdWords/PPC strategy, isn’t it?

Yessir, it is. And here’s why:

About a year ago, the guy who wrote the bestselling book on Facebook advertising got banned from Facebook. (That would me.)

The reason I got banned was for making promises.

You know… like we do in direct marketing.

I posted an ad that promised to “double your sales without adding new customers.”

Too direct market-y, I guess.

(Even though Facebook has been doing exactly that for a number of years now – doubling their sales without adding new customers.)

Got slapped…thrown over the railing into the chilling cold waters of the North Atlantic …even though Facebook had become one of my best sources of hot fresh new leads.

Perhaps you know that when leads dry up, the sales people who make money selling to those leads get itchy. Boy, did I hear from my sales team. It was like that scene out of Glengarry Glen Ross, “The leads are weak, Perry, we want the Facebook leads!”

Tense times.

And I’m not talking a week or two. We were off for most of 2015.

Eventually, we got back in.

It was a rough ride… but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Because it forced me to get a graduate level education in marketing on the web in the Post-Internet Marketer era.

The good old days of tossing up an eyeball-grabbing direct response ad, sending them to an easy-squeezy landing page, and then working my benevolent autoresponder Chinese water torture until they bought and bought and bought again…well, those days are deader than a mouse getting a hug from a python. He ain’t dead yet, but he’s gonna be soon.

Nope, the times they are a-changin’.

And I had the scars to prove it.

Listen up, Marketing Maven:

Two years from now, that “old school” direct marketing paradigm will be utterly replaced by a whole new mousetrap.

And you better start learning how to build that sucker NOW.

This is the new age of online marketing. A couple years from now this will be standard stuff… but it’s not now. If you wanna stay ahead of the curve…rather than get pitched into raging cold waters of the sea where you die of hypothermia in 12 minutes…this is the place to be.

Introducing: Maze 2.0
or “Your Plan for Surviving the Death of the Web”

Maze 2.0 Bonus Webinars

  • Maze 2.0 Orientation Module
    On this call I’ll give you my latest insights into Maze 2.0 and PPC 2.0.

    I’ll fill you in on all I’ve learned since we launched Maze 2.0. I’ll provide additional context, tell you some enlightening “back stories,” and give you some examples so you can get the most bang for your Maze 2.0 buck!

    Don’t miss this session. It will help you tie everything together. It will help make all the insights “click” so you get the “a-ha” moments your business needs to survive and thrive in the “post-web” world!

  • Maze 2.0 Question & Answer Module
    Maze 2.0 is a graduate level class in online marketing. This is not ABC 123 stuff.

    So, after you’ve been through all the “onslaughts” you’re bound to have questions.

    Bring ‘em on. We’ll open up the lines and I’ll answer as many as I can.

    I want to make sure you get the most out of Maze 2.0, so speak up! And get the answers you need to make your marketing funnel work in the brave new world of Maze 2.0.

Maze 2.0 Onslaught #1

  • How to leverage the “Hidden Autoresponder” systems of social media.
  • How to implement Virtual Auto-Responders before they land on your site, then Virtual Auto-Responders when they land on your site.
  • The Swiss Army Knife approach to social media Pre-Autoresponders.
  • How to build your case, before the opt-in, like a lawyer presenting your case from different angles and approaches. They show up pre-sold, pre-convinced, pre-persuaded.
  • Marketing tactics for the age when Branding and Direct Response merge…if you don’t respect this shift in the cosmos you will lose lots of $$$.
  • How to convert traffic at a higher rate by honing in on your ideal targets before they get to your AR sequence.
  • Why your autoresponders still need to be written FIRST before you deploy your social media “pre-autoresponders”
“The ‘I see you everywhere’ strategy that I learned in Maze 2.0 has been performing quite well for my business. My cost to acquire a new customer has decreased 31% in just two months! This is definitely a game changer. ¡Muchas gracias!”José de Jesús González, Jalisco, Mexico

Maze 2.0 Onslaught #2


Here’s the problem:

There are so few channels you’ve gotta worry about:


So what’s the problem?

Well, the problem is, your customers and prospects are scattered across ALL of these channels. Covering them all is all but impossible except for billion dollar corporations and as you know, even those guys do it badly.

So what do you do?

That’s why I’ve created “Resurrection of the Web” – Social Media and Maze 2.0

I’m going to give you a comprehensive Maze 2.0 strategy, the 2023-and-beyond sales funnel, that covers 80-85%. Beautifully, elegantly, and with as little work as humanly possible. Buying you much needed time so you can catch up with the new web.

Maze 2.0 Onslaught #3

“Foundational Autoresponder Principles”

Back near the turn of the 20th century, when inventors were racing to see who could be the first to design an airplane that would actually fly, there were two schools of thought.

First, the well-known men of science (like Alexander Graham Bell and Stanley Langley) focused all their attention on building powerful engines.

Second, Orville & Wilbur Wright focused their attention on designing an aerodynamic “system.”

In other words, instead of just pumping big, dumb power through the system, the Wright brothers made sure the plane had what it took to get off the ground…and stay off the ground!

The other guys strapped more and more powerful engines on to heavy, clumsy, earth-bound contraptions. It seemed they were merely trying to figure out how to crash in more and more spectacular ways.

And we know who won the race.

Your autoresponder sequences are what make your sales funnel fly. If you can design an “aerodynamic” autoresponder sequence, you don’t need big dumb traffic. You don’t have to pump streams of expensive traffic through your heavy, land-bound sales funnel.

No, suddenly the traffic you pump through your jet engine converts at a higher rate. And that means you can buy better, more expensive traffic. You can buy your competitors traffic. You can dominate your industry.

Get your autoresponders humming and the sky is the limit…

  1. Jonathan Mizel once told me, “Every message I add to the end of my autoresponder sequence gives me a $10,000 raise.” A powerful principle is at work there.
  2. Dr. Glenn Livingston is known for his extraordinary market research. Succeeding in 14 markets out of 14, a 100% success rate – unheard of even in Harvard Business School. Yet the silent, uncelebrated secret to Dr. Livingston’s success is: autoresponders. He crafts dozens of laser-targeted messages that tirelessly work for him. Glenn builds and extraordinary level of trust, quietly, stealthily, reliably, building his fortune… automatically.
    At a mastermind meeting, Dr. Livingston told us, “If a guy’s been getting great content from me for 2 years, he feels as though he knows me: then suddenly him paying me $1000 an hour for a phone consultation is no problem.”
  3. Today, no sales letter stands on its own. Fully 2/3rds of your effectiveness is in the follow-up you build around it.
  4. Autoresponders add a comforting element of stability to your whole business. If you have a 1-year autoresponder sequence and suddenly you lose all your traffic for a week (let’s say your rankings suddenly drop or your ads get disapproved), your sales won’t drop to zero. They may hardly drop at all, at least in the short term.
    To the extent that such an interruption does impact your sales, you may in fact be able to compensate by hitting your list the very next day with a special offer, and you experience no loss at all. This will only be effective, however, if you’ve built the level of trust and rapport that a well-designed Autoresponder strategy can give you.

Here’s What You’ll Get in Onslaught 3:
The Autoresponder Maze Strategy…

How to design your sales funnel to accommodate those who want the drip-drip-drip of Chinese Water Torture, yet also engages the ones who want to drink water from a fire hose, FAST.

This is CRUCIAL. On my own email list I have people who get an email every month or two. I have people who get 1-2 emails almost every day. And EVERY level of involvement in-between.

For the most part no two interested people who subscribed to my email list six months ago got the same emails from me. What they got was customized to their tastes, preferences and actions – and they didn’t even know it. This is the secret to a hot, profitable email list that is largely immune to economic or market conditions.

I’ll show you how I construct my Maze sequences to “rack the shotgun” and segment my hyper-responsive customers so that I’m speaking directly and frequently to the ones who are most ready to buy.

Everybody thinks of me as the Google Adwords guy, and yes, AdWords is the #1 way I collected my opt-ins.

But my Autoresponder Mazes are the real secret to my success.

How to Segment and Qualify Before They Get Your Emails:

Scorecard Sales Funnels…

My Autoresponder maze strategy was state-of-the-art internet marketing 6 years ago. Racking the shotgun in email messages, then segmenting your lists according to who is most responsive, then adjusting the frequency and content so that every reader gets exactly what and how much they need…

You had to do all that “manually” back then.

But now you can do all of that BEFORE they get a single message from you…for less than a few hundred dollars!

We’ll show you how to craft your own Scorecard Sales Funnel like my quiz to sort your prospects into low/medium/high quality BEFORE you start marketing to them.

This is the 80/20 of racking the shotgun in email marketing. It’s racking the shotgun before you rack the shotgun. It can cut your lead-to-sales time in half.


My Copy Expert, John Fancher, Will Hand-Craft Your Emails For You

If you’ve been in Planet Perry for any length of time you know John. He used to be my secret weapon. Now he’s my not-so-secret weapon.

  • The first copy John ever wrote for me was autoresponder email messages.
  • John was one of the copywriters at the $4,000 Autoresponder Seminar
  • John’s 99 Questions to Jumpstart Your Email Marketing Brain has been downloaded by over 7,000 Planet Perry readers.
  • John is my personal copywriter. 99% of the promo emails you get from me are crafted by John
  • Even some of my long-term estudiantes cannot tell the difference between me and John on the page…heck, my son can’t even tell the difference!
  • John has written for Richard Koch, Glazer-Kennedy, Infusionsoft and many others.
  • John only writes for a small handful of high-paying clients these days…nearly impossible to get on his calendar
  • John’s easily in the top 3-5% of working copywriters….top 1% if you include all the wannabes who just attended their first AWAI conference.

6 years ago when we introduced Autoresponder Bootcamp, John wrote the copy for the Gold members. Everyone went home fat and happy. So, imagine the quality of copy you’ll get with 6 more years of experience and skill under his belt.

For GOLD level students, John will sit down with you and write 7 autoresponders for you.

He’ll quiz you about your business and your customers, explain every persuasive element, and endow your copy with magic words.

Before the course is over, your messages will be uploaded and working for you.

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Maze 2.0 Bronze: Multichannel Marketing $1497

  • Access to All 3 Maze 2.0 Webinars. 180 minutes of the most cutting-edge “Post web” marketing insights (see above).
  • You’ll get 10 email persuasion templates. Ten of my best emails ready for you to fill-in-the-blanks and send to your list. Copyright free.
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  • 99 Questions to JumpStart Your Email Marketing Brain…can’t think of anything to write about? Never be at a loss for ideas again. Over 7,000 Planet Perry members have used this guide to generate ideas for email messages.
  • Autoresponder Guide…step by step guide for writing your Autoresponder sequence. Don’t know where to start? This guide will make it simple to craft your sequence.
  • Email checklist…handy list of questions for reviewing your emails BEFORE you send them out…eliminate 99% of the mistakes most marketers make.
  • Invisible Streams e-book by Perry Marshall, Rod Brant and Drew Bischoff…written over 7 years ago, but the principles hold true to this day…how to rack the shotgun, identify your hyperesponsives and make the absolute MOST out of your list.

Maze 2.0 Silver: Multichannel Marketing $1997

  • Everything in Maze 2.0 Bronze.
  • 30-Minute Consultation with John Fancher prior to writing your Autoresponders. Get off on the “write” foot! John will help you outline your sequence and answer any questions you have about the course material.
  • John critiques your 7-part autoresponder sequence. After you’ve written your sequence, John will show you how to tighten it up so it sings and dances and brings in the dollars.
  • Fab 4 Email Promotion outline. An inside look at how we execute our email promotions. How to lead your customers through the psychological buying states to attend your webinars or live events or buy your products. Easily adaptable into a profitable AR sequence as well.
  • Scorecard Sales Funnel (DIY version). Most email marketers suck at two crucial skills: disqualification and segmentation. Scorecard Sales Funnels shows you how to sort your prospects into low/medium/high quality BEFORE you start marketing to them. This is the 80/20 of racking the shotgun in email marketing. It’s racking the shotgun before you rack the shotgun. It can cut your lead-to-sales time in half.
  • DVDs and MP3s of my $4,000 Autoresponder Seminar.

Maze 2.0 Gold: Multichannel Marketing $4997

  • You get everything in Maze 2.0 Silver.
  • John Fancher will write 7 Autoresponder messages for you.

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Guarantee #1 – If your annual online sales exceed $75,000 per year, we guarantee that if you implement what we teach and do not realize a minimum 10X ROI on your tuition 12 months from now, you can get your money back.

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That’s a minimum of $10,000 in combined revenue generated from an automated sales process we create for you during the Email Copywriting Boot Camp. (Note: You must accurately track and report your numbers to exercise the guarantee.)

Because we’re taking all the risk with the $10,000 guarantee, for Silver and Gold we can only accept entrepreneurs that meet these two criteria:

  1. Have a business currently generating $75,000 or more in annual revenue.
  2. Have a high likelihood of increasing their revenue by thousands of dollars in the next 30 days

Guarantee for Bronze:

If you use the 10 templates to create 10 autoresponders and your existing sales funnel doesn’t convert at least 30% higher within 90 days of implementing the new messages, then send us your results and we’ll issue a refund for the entire cost of the Bronze package.

This Really Should Be Double the Price…Here’s Why…

Six years ago we introduced Autoresponder Bootcamp to rave reviews. In fact, it’s still one of our best selling coaching programs. And last year, sales really jumped up without any promotion.


My guess is that marketers are scratching their heads and saying, “Why are my numbers down? Why is my traffic not converting like it used to? Why is my sales funnel not humming like it used to? Maybe Perry’s right about this Autoresponder stuff!”
I’m not sure.

But I do know that it’s selling well.

And I do know that we’ve barely raised the price since we first offered it 6 years ago…
And now we’ve PACKED it full of great new stuff … for maybe $100 more than the old price!

  • Everything in Onslaught #1 is brand new to this program!
  • Everything in Onslaught #2 is brand new to this program!
  • Scorecard Sales Funnels in Onslaught #3 is brand new to this program!

But best of all, you’ll be two years ahead of most marketers.

If you’re not feeling the chill wind blowing under the dark cloud of the Death of the Web, you will soon.

If you keep using the old internet marketing mousetrap, all the mice are gonna scurry away from you.

Let’s get down to building you a better mouse trap.

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day.

Perry Marshall