Memos from the Head Office

Perry’s book, Memos from the Head Office, will be available on in May 2021.

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Maybe You Don’t Have to Figure It All Out Yourself

A currency trader receives a million-dollar algorithm as a “mental download.” A financial advisor has ominous dreams three nights in a row, then warns her clients to cash out. Three days later markets plummet as COVID hits. Two years into a bogus lawsuit, a CEO chooses to forgive. His attorney calls four minutes later—case settled. These ideas did not come from within these people, but from a power outside themselves—the Muse.
You don’t need to hustle harder, raise your IQ or earn an MBA to solve your most pressing problems. The lines of communication are open…if you’ll only listen. Whether you’re Catholic, Buddhist, Jewish or agnostic, Memos from the Head Office shows you how to:
  • Resolve impossible conflicts
  • Access new breakthroughs
  • Navigate jagged situations
  • Reveal hidden insights
This book delivers detailed verifiable stories of real entrepreneurs who found that listening to the Head Office goes beyond a sharp mind or brilliant strategy. In these pages, you’ll discover a superior resource for critical decisions.

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