Dilbert Cube Occupant
Struggling to Buy Diapers
and Keep the Lights On…


80/20 Marketing Master
& Free Man

Dear Online Marketing Professional,

I was terrified.

My wife, Laura, had quit her job to be a full-time mom. My beautiful baby girl, Tannah, was 15 months old. I had been working my first sales job for a year and a half. Before that, laid off from my engineering job.

The new sales job was baloney sandwiches and ramen soup. I had quoted a $1 million project (on which I could make $50,000 commission, which was a HUGE amount of money to me at the time) and my deal was falling apart.

All my other deals were falling apart and I was desperate. Seeing mirages in the desert. Drowning, being dragged under the water by rip tides. Grabbing for any piece of flotsam, jetsam or driftwood I could find.

But no matter how hard I fretted or how many phone calls I made, or whatever else, I couldn’t seem to fix anything.

I was battling low-grade mono as a result of the stress. Waking up in the middle of the night, sheets soaked in sweat.

I had no idea how I was going to go get a new sales job when I hadn’t accomplished anything in the old one – after a year and a half.

I came home from a seminar one day carrying a ray of hope in a burlap bag: A set of manuals on how to develop hard-core, results-accountable direct marketing. I had taken a chance and put $300 on one credit card that still wasn’t maxed out.

Before then, I never spent such a large amount of money on such a relatively small course.

Plus, it didn’t even look like much. Its packaging was shabby, the contents were inconsistent and my boss had chuckled when I told him about it.

I even entertained the thought of returning the kit and asking for a refund. But I saw just enough evidence to indicate that this stuff might actually work. If it did, I could build results-accountable marketing and advertising systems.

I could write copy and generate leads. I could read the newsletters I received each month. I could apply the examples and adapt the ideas I was given and dig myself out of this hole I was in.

Frankly, I didn’t have much choice. I was going down the tubes fast and something was going to HAVE to work!

Every night, I would come home and study marketing courses and newsletters.

It was only a few weeks later that I was demoted. My boss was about to outright fire me. But then another guy in another department vacated his position. They offered it to me.

The new position was an even worse match than the old one. And now I was really driving on fumes.

I eventually got fired from that job too.

But a couple of days before I got fired, I interviewed at a very small company that needed a sales guy.

In the interview, the guy asked me, “What would you do if you couldn’t fly out to meet with customers?”

I said, “I’d talk to them on the phone and figure out how to sell them without going to see anybody.”

They asked me that question because they had no budget for travel. That was the answer that landed me the job. They were almost as desperate for a sales guy as I was for a sales job. So they hired me.

They had a very basic website. The new company owner was flexible and curious. They had a small but interesting product line that was selling $200,000 of shipments per year. And I went to work.

For the next four years, we worked day and night to grow our dream.

We grew sales to $600K. Then to $1.2 million. Then $1.7 million and $2.2 million.

I was never given more than $2,000 to $3,000 to invest in marketing at any one time. And what little money I was given, had to come back with friends attached in 90 days or less.

We bunked together at conferences to save money. We piggybacked off other companies and associations as much as possible. We created hands-on workshops to generate extra cash and expert street cred. We leaned on our sales partners.

I was always a little paranoid. We had so little margin for error.

Never before had anyone squeezed so much juice out of one marketing newsletter subscription, as I squeezed out of mine!

Between that tattered marketing manual, the monthly newsletters, call-in days, a private discussion forum (which I accessed voraciously, alternately posting and lurking) and occasional live seminars, I built my marketing road to freedom.

Even if I felt I couldn’t afford to buy a product, come to a seminar or hire a coach, I always held on to that newsletter subscription. It was my lifeline.

Every time I had a critical decision to make, a marketing piece that needed critique, a strategy that needed to be examined, I went to that private discussion group and posted my question.

I learned how great business minds think. I discovered new ways to approach almost any situation. I developed an alter-ego, a model of success inside my head. Because I knew my mentors were succeeding more easily “by accident” than I could “on purpose.”

Anytime I saw something in marketing that I didn’t understand, I asked the other members how it worked.

I vowed to become the best student of marketing I could possibly be. I wanted to get to a point where nothing could stump me. Where I was prepared for anything.

I became a Marketing Maniac. My friends started forwarding great pieces of marketing to me, saving their junk mail and bringing it when they came over.

I became a student of my own industry. I paid close attention to the experts and authorities. I monitored the technology trends. Our company designed a brand-new chip, and I was intimately familiar with the landscape and what kind of features our customers wanted on that chip.

And when I encountered situations I’d never seen before, I asked myself this question:

What marketing PRINCIPLE, that I have already discovered, applies to this situation?

There was always an answer. If I couldn’t figure it out, there was someone somewhere who would. All those people were at my fingertips.

At the time, the web was brand new. It was mostly this big giant mystery box. But I realized “there’s nothing new under the sun” and that a great deal of things from the catalog business and direct mail applied to websites.

My commitment to mastery paid off.

My first commission check was the biggest I’d ever gotten in my life.

Every day, instead of coming to the office and making phone calls, emails, voice mails and inquiries came IN. Sales leads that I could follow up with, questions I could answer, customers seeking help.

I wasn’t chasing them. They were chasing ME!

(Being pursued by customers after years of dialing for dollars was better than any therapy.)

I grew interested in creating publicity. I pursued information and training on how to create that kind of magic. We got tens of thousands of dollars of free publicity in industry magazines and blogs, for virtually zero cost. We grew in stature, influence and respect.

Eventually a public company caught wind of our new chip and made an offer to buy us out. The deal came together and the transaction was made: $18 million in cash and stock.

The company I had helped build was sold. And I was offered two choices: Parachute out of the Dilbert Cube with a nice buyout…or stick around and work for the new owners.

I hemmed and hawed and pondered and analyzed.

My wife, Laura, did not hesitate:

“Take the money and run, Perry! You’ve always wanted to do your own thing, now’s your shot!”

I wasn’t sure.

I asked the members of the private forum, whom I’d met at a conference, what they thought I should do. I got absolutely unanimous advice from eight different people. One of them said:

I’ve built and sold three companies and I can tell you that the new company never “gets it”… In 40 years of doing business, I’ve never seen a post-acquisition arrangement that was good for the person who made it all possible… Just take the money and run, run, run!

So I ran. I grabbed my stock options and hung out my shingle as Perry S. Marshall & Associates.

I’ll never forget my last day of work: Your job in the rear-view mirror for the last time.

Wow. Just Wow!!!

A feeling of elation, of weight being lifted from my shoulders.

What I “didn’t miss” the most was all the fighting and politics.

I’ll never forget my first few weeks working at home.

I’ll never, never forget — a couple of days after the exodus, I cleared out a corner in the basement and set up a desk with my computer playing WFMT on the radio.

I come down in the morning and sit down.

The phone ain’t ringing. My email box isn’t full of stuff I’ve gotta do and questions to answer (also mildly shocking, but that would soon change, of course), nobody yelling at me, nobody arguing about anything or reducing my commission; not having to run run run all the time.

That classical music was almost shocking in its serenity. The sunlight coming through the window, instead of a fluorescent light over my head in a windowless compound.
I’ll never forget that.

Three weeks later, the first paying client kicks in:

“This thing’s going to work. I’m not going back.

To turn on Mozart (or Marillion) and work on marketing projects uninterrupted for hours at a time, to see the sunlight streaming through the window instead of buzzing fluorescent lights. Unafraid that my phone extension was going to ring and I was going to get summoned to someone’s office to get interrogated about something or some rumor that was floating around.

Avoiding Armageddon

While we waited for the first checks to come in, we borrowed money from my brother Bryan and my friends Bob and Angel to keep the bills paid. The time window kicked in for parceling off my stock options.

That was scary, too – I had no idea what the stock was going to do from one day to the next, and if it ever went below $2.38, the “strike price” as they say on Wall Street, I would make zero. So for a couple of months I rationed them off as wisely as I could, at about five bucks a share – a nice gain.

It was agonizing, watching the price fluctuate from one hour to the next. My stomach churned. Excitement mixed with terror.

One day I had a sell order for my last few thousand shares at $5.15 and then the stock shot up, liquidating the last of my stock. Later that day stock went up to almost $7 per share (!) and I was kicking myself for not holding out for a higher price!

I felt awful that day, knowing I could have made tens of thousands more dollars, had I just been a little more patient.

All shares were sold, the liquidation was complete. I was out.

It was only about three weeks later, in the aftermath of Enron, the market was jittery and word leaked out about some accounting discrepancies at Lantronix.

Lantronix’ stock took a gigantic beating. Their stock went from $6 per share to $2 a share in just three days and never recovered.

In fact it continued to slide down to about a buck or so, where it stayed for 3 years.

I had gotten out, but all of the regular shareholders were still in. I’d been forced to liquidate my shares; the regular investors, however, couldn’t sell them for a year – restricted stock as they say on Wall Street.

The chief investor lost five million dollars in those horrible three days and never got them back. $5 million, vanished, just like that. (And into someone else’s pocket.)

The Exact Day I Got My Shares of Stock Out – the private mastermind group gets serious credit for kicking me in the butt!

Now that I was on my own, I was reading every newsletter three or four times. I was posting more than ever on that forum. Because now it was REALLY do or die time! I was a freelance consultant. I now had three children.

My investment in myself and in marketing mastery skyrocketed. I started traveling to as many conferences as I could, availing myself of the best knowledge I could afford.

Eventually, I would join high-level mastermind groups, working side by side with high-level, high-income entrepreneurs from every industry you can imagine.

My path from struggling sales guy to owner of a multi-million dollar business and world-class marketing expert started with a marketing course and a newsletter subscription.

Exactly like you can do as a member of New Renaissance Club. Receiving the Perry Marshall Marketing Letter, accessing the member’s forum, joining the webinars, taking advantage of free call-in days and availing yourself of every resource that you need.

Maybe you’re like me when I was post-Dilbert-Cube… new, green, young, scared, devouring EVERYTHING you possibly can.

Or maybe you’re a little more like I am now: experienced, with LOTS of responsibilities… and you’re only willing to pay attention to the very most important of matters.

Well, if you’re new, young, green and hungry, then there is lots for you to devour. Many tools for your tool belt.

If you’re highly selective and you’re running a thriving operation, one or two course adjustments from just a few tips this year could pay for your entire year’s subscription 5X or 50X… instantly.

Yes, I want to join New Renaissance! I would like...

You do not by any means have to consume everything to make New Renaissance Club worth your while!

But here are some of the things we provide:

1. You get my New Renaissance Club snail mail print newsletter.

Every time I do a live seminar and sell New Renaissance Club from the stage, I invite people who are already subscribers to stand up.

There’s always a few in the audience.

Then I say, “Keep standing ONLY if you rip that thing open the minute it arrives, stop what you’re doing, and read it.” Two thirds always stay standing.

The New Renaissance Club newsletter is my highest level thinking on all manner of business topics.

Marketing itself is commoditized, you can pick up marketing tips anywhere. Everyone knows that.

But my job is to create a CONTEXT and a COHESIVE SYSTEM for the very specific things we teach.

You can’t just Lego marketing techniques together and expect a successful business. You must have a philosophy and strategy.

My other job is to expose all the stuff everyone else in marketing is NOT talking about. My job is to call out the elephant in the room. To point out when the emperor has no clothes.

And this newsletter is paper and ink because it’s not blinking and buzzing with distractions when you read it.

Yes, we post a PDF in the member’s area, but we mail it to you. It’s in a white envelope. That man in a uniform who comes to your house every day puts it in your mailbox. You can sit in bed or curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee or sip iced tea on your porch and read a newsletter that you hold in your hand. I often send out fascinating audio interviews as well.

2. Every few months, we do a LIVE treatment on some hot timely topic – normally revolving around Traffic, or Conversion, or Economics, or 80/20.

3. We host live hangouts with Q&A from members. People get on the hot seat and I solve problems in real time. You get to watch the ping-pong ball go back and forth.

You get to add your own comments and post questions. Many times, they’re traffic problems but it can be literally anything. Our New Renaissance Club private forum is populated by sharp, mature, experienced marketers and nearly ANY question you can ask gets a prompt reply from someone who knows what they’re doing.

4. If you’re starting out you can get a complete marketing education just from the conversations in the forum. And the volume of messages is not blisteringly high or burdened with a bunch of stupid questions. This is a paid forum, it’s restricted access and it’s high quality.

From time to time, I come into the forum, mix it up, and not only answer questions but ask questions back.

5. Every few months I also host a live call-in day.

My phone lights up, and if you can get through, you get my undivided confidential attention to discuss whatever is on your mind.

New Renaissance Club is a smorgasbord. You can dip into everything or just pick and choose the things you want.

6. We also offer a very, very unusual “Memos from the Head Office” webinar each month. If you don’t know the phrase “Memos from the Head Office,” take a look at the epilogue of my book “80/20 Sales & Marketing.” If my “Vivian story” piques your interest, join the live call when you get the email invitation. Be a fly on the wall and listen to the magic unfold.

So yes, there are a lot of things you get access to in New Renaissance Club.

7. You also get access to Keith Krance’s Facebook Prime Membership. Keith is my co-author of Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising. Facebook Prime will satisfy the needs of about 97% of Facebook advertisers – so you can get serious traction and fast traffic to your website.

Facebook Prime all by itself sells for $59 per month, so for only $40 more you get that and everything else. If you need it we’ve got it. If you don’t need it, don’t worry.

You only need to use ONE tip, tool or alert every few months to easily pay for a year’s membership.

8. And if you ever require more advanced training, New Renaissance Club members get discounts. You get 50% off many of our most popular courses.

Now having said all that, I want to emphasize that the LAST thing you need is an information dump.

You only need ONE or TWO things right at this moment. I get that. And chances are, what you need is right here. NOBODY expects you to use everything in New Renaissance Club and you should not feel guilty for taking a pass on 70% or 80% of it.

80/20 says you SHOULD only use 20%! Take only what you need, guilt-free.

Yes, I want to join New Renaissance! I would like...
Not sure? Reach out to Cuyler [+1 (708) 552-3074] and he can help see if it's a good fit for you or not.

Every month I get far too excited about this little newsletter I get. I pay quite a bit for it, but it always makes many times the cost back.

Easily 5x.Often 10x – 20x.

Do you have a “secret source of info” that seems expensive, but always pays you back double, or much more?

What is it? Thanks Perry Marshall for the Renaissance Newsletter.

-Sid Graef, Missoula Montana

(Above) New Renaissance member Ricardo Cardenas reading his snail mail newsletter on the beach in the Cayman Islands.

What People Are Saying…

“Of all the coaches/mentors I’ve had over the last decade+, you’re one of just two who delivered actual results-changing information & workshops. I went from 6-figure to multiple 7-figure results as a result.”

Jim Rivas
Inertia Income Systems, LLC
Metairie, LA

“Luke Sywalker had Yoda

The Karate Kid had Mr. Miyagi


Frotto had Gandalf


I’ve got Perry Marshall… he’s (one) of my Gandalf’s…

I’ve been fostering a relationship with Perry for about 10 years now and he’s one of the top 2 or 3 people I listen to consistently in the industry over the past 10 years…”

Troy Broussard, Infusionsoft Expert & Consultant, Windermere, FL

“I’ve only been in NR [New Renaissance] just over a month, but my thinking and paradigms have already shifted quite profoundly after reading your newsletters.”

Rahul Joshi
Herts, UK

“If you sell anything on the Internet and you’re not a Perry Marshall New Renaissance member you’re leaving single, double, even triple digit profits on the table. Most of all you’re missing the insights of Internet marketers from all over the Globe. Subscribe now and I can assure you that your profits will go up from day one.”

Brad Richdale
Austin Texas

“Of the many attributes of Planet Perry, the New Renaissance community is one of the few that is irreplaceable. Another teacher can do AdWords. Another guru can talk about email marketing. Another guru can do whatever, and the info may be about the same. But style, voice, and most importantly “community” are amazing assets that have lasting, permanent value.”

Adam Libman
Arcadia, California
Libman Tax Strategy Inc.

“I’m so dang excited!”

I’m not even 3 pages deep into your latest New Renaissance Club newsletter and you’ve given us a clear how-to for “crawling inside [our] customers’ souls and yanking chains and levers that they FEEL down to the core.” Not only that, you know how to share it in such a simple, straightforward way that lifts my copywriting game immediately.

In fact… I think smart marketers will do what I did, skip New Renaissance Club, and go straight for the higher-level Mastermind Membership. When you get this newsletter, all the other benefits of the New Renaissance Club, plus so much more – why the heck not opt for the higher level?!

Roy Furr
Fresh Look Inc
Lincoln, Nebraska

“Practical, Easy-to-Implement Strategies That Work”

I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in marketing books, home-study courses, teleseminar series and seminars. Perry’s Google AdWords guide is easily in the top 5 in terms of products that deliver practical, easy-to-implement strategies that WORK. I wouldn’t even think of trying to set up an AdWords campaign without it.

Jenny Hamby
Plainfield, IL

“Master of the Content Mix”

You are a master of the content mix, giving away enough to help people make some money to afford to spend some 1-1 time with you. Congrats on what you’ve accomplished.

John Hollner
Powerder Springs, GA

“You Deliver The Goods.”

I really appreciate all of the free stuff you’ve always given away AND for all the stuff I purchase from you. I’ve spent thousands on you and couldn’t be happier about it. Really! And I’m not just trying to be an ass-kisser here. You deliver the goods.

Susan Ohtake
Santa Monica, CA

“Truly It Was Eye Opening”

The great part about your seminars and live groups are not only do you realize that you aren’t alone but not everyone is doing your business. My brother and I were amazed at how many didderby kinds of business models thrived on the internet with your help. Truly it was eye opening.

Joseph Bridges
Long Beach, CA

“You Over-Deliver On The Products”

I’m continually amazed at the quality and quantity of information you freely give away as well as with how you over-deliver on the products that I’ve purchased from you. And very grateful that you’ve chosen to deliver much of it “in bulk” rather than as one-to-one because if it were only available on an individual basis, I never would have been exposed to it.

Joyce Zborower
Tempe, AZ

“Value I’ve Never Questioned”

I will attest to the high value of all the free stuff you provide, as well as all the benefit I receive for the small price I pay you each month. I’ve spent a lot of money with gurus, and you’re one of the few whose value I’ve never questioned.

Dave Vranicar
Smyrna, GA

“You Are Worth Every Cent”

If you’re ever in Amsterdam I’ll pay you $725 for one hour, buy your lunch and won’t even ask you for advice. It will simply be a thank you for cutting my advertising costs in half and providing me with endless streams of extremely precise, relevant and entertaining information. You are worth every cent.

Melody Rocca

“I Have Been Using It”

Perry is a great example of the old quote: “Find a way to serve many. Because service to many leads to greatness.” For years you have been sending me good information. I have been using it and I make well over 6 figures a year.

Jay F Grissom
San Diego, CA

“One Of The Nicest, Most Generous People I’ve Ever Met”

I am one of the few that have known Perry from the bad old days when he was a very poor, struggling Sales Rep. I can honestly say that he hasn’t changed a bit in those 15 years. He’s still one of the nicest, most generous people I’ve ever met. He is someone we’d all do well to pattern ourselves after.

John Rinaldi
Wauwatosa, WI

“I Am Sincerely Grateful”

I’ve been on your list for nearly 3 and 1/2 years, and that’s the longest period of time I’ve been on any list.
You consistently give free, valuable information, and I am sincerely grateful.

Randy Hogan
Tipton, IN

“Nothing Short Of An Inspiration”

Thanks Perry for all the insightful tips you provide. You are nothing short of an inspiration, as you emails are both compelling and well spoken.

As I mentioned before, when I can afford it, you are my “Go To Guy”.

Jill McGoldrick
Woodstock, GA

“You Rock!”

As someone who has been one of your subscribers for over two years, and having purchased one of your $1,000 consulting packages, YOU ROCK!

Ramon E. Dees

“Continually Astounds Me”

Frankly, the value you provide in your emails and newsletters continually astounds me.

David Gruttadaurio
Princeton, IN

“Better Than Some Of The $5000 Coaching Programs”

All I ever bought from you was your original Adwords ebook. I found it to be better than some of the $5000 dollar coaching programs floating around.

Elisha Goodman
Windsor, ON Canada

“Results From Adwords Increased Four Fold”

Hi Perry,

Thanks for sharing your insights with small business guys like me. When I first implemented your suggestions, my results from Adwords increased four fold and my monthly bill from Google dropped by 50%. I think I owe you a free lunch.

Jim Dalton

“My Kids Read it Too – Good Education.”

Certainly anything from Planet Perry is located, bought read, absorbed and tested by me . . my kids read it too – good education. I did your “blue” course and got a lot of good stuff straight from you (and your merry men) while trying not to hog the phone line!

Mark Baker
Buckinghamshire, UK

“It Was Worth More Than We Paid”

I have had the pleasure to meet you once and attend your Autoresponder seminar. The fee for the seminar was more than my brother and I had ever paid for a seminar and you know it was worth more than what we paid. In fact as a result of the level of your training and coaching I judge others by the standard you have set and most fall extremely short.

Joseph Bridges
Long Beach, CA

“Enormous Value”

I consistently received good FREE information which I valued enormously. I therefore came to realise how much more I could be getting by taking my involvement with you a step further and I joined your Renaissance Club. I am amazed at the enormous value you offer for such a small price per month. I am actually struggling to read, listen, absorb and put into action all of what you have offered.

Maree Harris
Victoria, Australia

“Saved Me $1,000”

“Wonderful and absolutely fascinating! You have already saved me $1,000 in advertising for my domain registration service in just two days!”

Guy Edrington
PayLess Domain Names

“Within 20 Minutes, I Got A 1,000%+ ROI”

“The teleseminar was superb! Within just the first 20 minutes, I got a 1,000%+ ROI of my registration fee because after hearing Perry and Don’s advice on the most profitable bidding strategies, I immediately went into my AdWords account and adjusted my bids accordingly. That’s just one of the many ideas I got from the call. Bravo!”

Bill Harrison

“You Just Saved Me 57%”

“All I can say is WOW – you guys just saved me packet on AdWords costs!

“By sharing your analysis with us on the best position to be in, you just saved me 57% of my monthly PPC advertising budget. That’s 5 times more than my investment for the webinar just for this week – that’s what I call excellent value for money.

“You guys seriously over-delivered. Many, many thanks.”

Mike Spencer

“Real Deal”

Perry, thank you for your insights, lessons and information, that given freely as lead generation as well as by purchase. You don’t need me to tell you that you are a “Real Deal,” but it is recognized by others.

Kevin Halloran
Phoenix, AZ

“Clickthrough Rate Went From 0.9% to 2.1%”

“My clickthrough rate went from 0.9% to 2.1% from using a simple strategy I learned in the AdWords seminar. You saved me from throwing in the towel. I can’t thank you enough!”

Steve Cogger

“I paid $1000.00 for your high tech guerrilla marketing course about 10 years ago. Since then based on the information learned from that course and also from being a member of your renaissance club and purchasing your Adwords course, those few investments have already made me at LEAST $500,000 (conservative) in the last 10 years.

I have not made a cold call in 15 years thanks to your information and I can honestly say that a single investment netted me a 5000% return.

Andy Frickel
Red Rover Marketing
Bonney Lake, Washington

New Renaissance Membership Benefits

Your New Renaissance membership includes:

  • Topical New Renaissance Webinars
  • My monthly New Renaissance Newsletter
  • Private members-only forum
  • Facebook Prime access (our partnership with Keith Krance, giving members access to his Facebook training membership – worth about $60 a month – for free)
  • The New Renaissance archives (featuring past webinars and newsletters)
  • The 80/20 Productivity Express Course 100k
  • One Marketing DNA test credit (a customized communication profile for sales & marketing professionals – $37 value)
  • 2x a Year Call In Days with Perry (a chance to have a 10 minute mini consultation with Perry)
  • Discounts on various coaching programs and events
Yes, I want to join New Renaissance! I would like...
Not sure? Reach out to Cuyler [[email protected] or +1 (708) 552-3074] and he can help see if it's a good fit for you or not.

New Renaissance Club is The Place Where We Turn Struggling Marketers into 80/20 Business Black Belts

What is the 80/20 marketer’s dream? The 80/20 life is something like this:

  • You make your numbers every month.
  • You set aside a substantial amount of money and put it savings.
  • You’re in the top 5% in your market.
  • You have enough leads. Enough deal flow. You have a customer waiting list.
  • Your life is sane. You do not feel pulled in 1000 directions.
  • Your business is profitable.
  • You’re in charge of your destiny.
  • You’re the unquestioned champion of at least one corner of your niche.
  • Your market is not shrinking. Important slices of it are growing. You don’t suffer from the feeling of shrinking real estate, shrinking opportunities.
  • Clients and customers have limited access to you. They don’t get to “pull your chain” with impunity.
  • You delete problem clients without remorse.
  • You make a strong six figure income, minimum.
  • You accomplish two solid hours of $1000/hour work before noon each day, and you really do get paid $1000+ per hour for doing it.
  • You do almost NO $10/hour work… and then, only when you choose to. (Sometimes it feels good to just do something mindless. But if you go to Office Depot to buy notebooks and pens, it’s because you decided that’s what you felt like doing.)
  • You regularly and joyfully experience gusts of $10,000 work – where you’re in the flow and the right people, ideas, plans and experiences are coming together.
  • You’re not hamstrung by administrivia.
  • You take one day off every week and you spend quality time with family and friends.
  • You’re not suspending all quality of life in hopes of “someday.” You cross items off your bucket list.
  • You persuade and communicate in your gifted zone. Customers love hearing from you because you harness your Marketing DNA.
  • You don’t just have a Unique Selling Proposition. You have a Definitive Selling Proposition.
  • You don’t waste time talking to customers who don’t qualify.
  • YOU ARE A LEVER. You step into situations and split them in half. You’ve become the force of nature you were designed to be.

Who You Are and Where You’ll Be
Five Years From Now
Will Be Determined by the Tribe You Belong To.

People say, “Geez Perry, $99 a month, I’ve been in those things before. I don’t want another membership. I don’t want another continuity program.”

I understand that. In fact, I bet somewhere on Facebook today you already got pitched some $5,000 to $12,000 coaching program run by people who have no business coaching anybody. Because their only success stories are more people running other coaching programs.

Renaissance Club is not like that.

And it’s not $5,000 to $12,000.

I have many hundreds of success stories, people who 5 years ago were just “ordinary” Renaissance Club members, and who now own micro-empires, people whose lives are prosperous, sane, flexible and profitable.

People like Mark Ingles who just sold his third printing company; When I met him, he was making his way out of a computer programmer career, learning how to buy clicks on Google.

Ari Galper, who has become one of the world’s top sales authority experts; when I met him he was struggling to get his business off the ground. Glenn Livingston, who is world-renowned for his market research acumen; when I met him, he was hoping to recover from a huge financial disaster.

Joey Atlas, who is opening fitness centers in the southeast United States; when I met him he was a fledgling guy learning the ropes of Pay Per Click.

And then there’s Nigel Eccles, founder of FanDuel, whose net worth now approaches a billion dollars. When I met Nigel and his wife Leslie, we were in London near Euston station in a food court together. If memory serves they split whatever they bought for lunch that day and I sort of got the impression they’d spent every penny to be at my seminar.

Lots of success stories in Planet Perry. Lots.

And I’m qualified to teach this material because I wrote the world’s bestselling book on internet advertising, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords. I turned 80/20 into a verb… it’s not a fact about your business, it’s an action you take on your business.

I’m one of the world’s most expensive and sought-after marketing consultants. The experts who’ve endorsed me are the who’s who of marketing and small business success – Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Michael Gerber, John Carlton, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Jeff Walker, fractional billionaire Richard Koch and many more.

Where can YOU be in 5 years?

You should join New Renaissance Club if you want more time, freedom, and clarity.

You’ve come to the right place because this is the world’s largest community of 80/20 entrepreneurs. We are all about working less and making more.

I’m uniquely qualified to lead this community because my fractional billionaire partner Richard Koch and I are the undisputed leaders of 80/20 thinking in the 21st century.

You really can do this, even if you are busy, overwhelmed and have absolutely NO TIME to fit anything else in. Because together we can always find 1) a lower value activity to eliminate, and 2) an immediate refinement that gives you a cash boost.

We are here to help you. Every day for the last 15 years, we’ve worked with online marketers and entrepreneurs who are engaged in the same battle as you. (Through the online member’s forum, you’ll have the opportunity to meet many of them.)

Yes, I call it a battle. You are battling Google, Facebook, customers, employees, bureaucracy and sometimes your own family members.

You’re Not Alone Anymore

I’m on your side. My team is on your side. All of Planet Perry is on your side. My goal is to help you build a business that generates a great income for your family, gives you time and space, creates a cash flow asset and leaves competitors at your mercy.

We are here to help you win the brutal game of Pay Per Click, where 5% of the advertisers get 95% of the traffic.

One thing I must tell you: Your current business is the result of your decisions and actions over the last few years. 80/20 is going to guide you in many ways that may sound strange or even like they’re NOT a shortcut.

Believe me when I tell you that 80/20 is indeed the shortcut to success. The shortcut is always the least traveled road. Expect a bit of rough terrain. But we will be riding shotgun every mile of the trip to help you navigate.

Question: If this is so revolutionary, why is it only $99 per month?

Answer: A few years ago, I held a seminar for consultants. A guy named Adam Kreitman came up to me. He had been a customer of mine for 5-6 years. He said, “When I bought your Google AdWords book I was running a software startup. Thanks to your books, coaching and emails, I’ve now got a consulting business I run at home.”

He was getting a touch emotional when he said, “My daughter is nine years old and I work from home and it wouldn’t be possible except for what I’ve learned from you. THANK YOU.”

I noticed that he and quite a few others in the room had very similar stories. They were not overnight successes. They were also not people who started out at a high level. They had steadily grown over time and were now mature, savvy business people.

I have numerous clients who are multi-million clients who pay six figure retainer fees. I could charge more but I’m interested in creating a movement, a sea change in the entrepreneurial community. I could restrict this to an elite group but I’m making it very affordable. These are the practices I employ in my life.

Everyone here at Planet Perry is 100% focused on helping you build the dream 80/20 business. Our incentive is to help you grow. We cannot succeed unless you succeed.

I can’t wait to add your success story to my newsletter and website, to tell your story to thousands of people.

Surely, you still possess the desire to evolve, expand, and exhilarate. Why do I call my membership “The New Renaissance” after all? Because the first Renaissance was all about discovery, expansion, celebration, commerce, journeys of the imagination and the transformation of dreams into reality.

It was about the transformation of society from something dull and monotonous into a world of color, full of promise. It’s time for a New Renaissance. I don’t think most entrepreneurs or most proprietor business owners are getting very much of that. It’s time for it to change.

Change will happen.

Will it do you good?

You alone decide.

Click the drop-down menu below and let’s get started today. And welcome to Planet Perry!

To Your Success,

Yes, I want to join New Renaissance! I would like...
Not sure? Reach out to Cuyler [[email protected] or +1 (708) 552-3074] and he can help see if it's a good fit for you or not.

P.S. – It’s Tuesday morning in March. Perry Marshall “City Tour” in Houston Texas. 8:45am.

Guy walks into the room. “Hi, my name is George. I met you seven years ago at your AdWords seminar in Maui. When I arrived at that seminar, my business was $1 million a year. I went home and spiked my business to $5 million a year.”

“Wow that’s awesome!” I say.

“But lately I’ve had some tremors in my AdWords account and I just KNEW I needed to be here in Houston today,” he says.

“Tell me more.”

He explains: “Honestly, I haven’t been paying much attention to my business for the last few years. Mostly I’ve been playing jazz guitar. I’ve been touring Europe, I opened for [insert name of somewhat famous band] on their tour. Made an album.”

His business partner tells me, “Yeah, George gets up in the morning, tweaks his Google account then heads to the studio. Spends the rest of the day doing whatever he pleases.”

I ask for business details. They’re the #1 player in a high-volume, high-value niche where the cost of clicks can range anywhere from $2 to $150. ($150 clicks are certain death. But they sell sales leads for $300 to guys who can’t get enough of them.)

They’ve been making a ton of dinero AND George works maybe 2 hours a day.

Has been running his business for 10 years, and like he said, has mostly been playing guitar for the last three years.

And now he’s circled back to me because he needs a shot in the arm. He came to the Houston City Tour, just bought our Display Expert Series course for Google Display Network, and he’s buckling down on his business for a stretch.

We’re gonna patch him up and send him down the road so he can play guitar in more clubs in Germany and Sweden.

Cuz that’s what he LIKES to do.


The sweet life is when you’re on the INSIDE of frictionless online network effects.

When you’re in the top 5% life really is delicious. You really can work a few hours a day and spend the rest of your time playing guitar.

Or whatever it is you want to do.

But you have to get on the RIGHT side of that upper echelon. And getting there is gonna be a fight.

If you’re in the elite, you know it.

If you’re on the outside looking in, you know it.

Whether you’re like George who needs a re-fresh, or you’re trying to BUST IN – if you’re like he was 7-8 years ago, the business is going but it’s not really getting traction like it should, then New Renaissance Club – the place you’re in NOW – is the place where you belong.

P.P.S. – There’s probably something you’re stuck on right now. Indecision about something. Maybe it’s something really huge, like when I was trying to decide whether to accept the new job or “take the money and run, run run.” Or maybe it’s something seemingly trivial like how you should make that landing page or run that offer. Whatever it is, you’re stuck.

Join New Renaissance Club, post your question in the forum and you’ll get an answer in a matter of hours. Maybe minutes. And then you’re unstuck and back on your road to freedom.

Yes, I want to join New Renaissance! I would like...
Not sure? Reach out to Cuyler [[email protected] or +1 (708) 552-3074] and he can help see if it's a good fit for you or not.