Do You Have 8-, 9- or even 10-Figure Ambitions?

Do you want the fastest, most focused, efficient guidance help I can provide? 

Do you want access to conscientious experts and Navy Seal-level implementers? 

Do you prefer NOT to be the smartest mind in a room full of less-mature entrepreneurs?

Do you seek mentorship and guidance by someone sympathetic to your philosophical or spiritual outlook on life? 

Apply for Private Client Group and raise your business to the pedigree you desire… by getting exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.

YES! I Want to Apply for Private Client Group!

Dear Elite Entrepreneur:

You’ve almost certainly heard about my high-level peer advisory programs Roundtable and Advanced Mastery Network. Perhaps you’ve even been a member. I’m proud of those programs. I’d stack them against any peer advisory group for 6- and 7-figure businesses.

One of my most deeply-held convictions is that it is essential to put yourself in rooms with other entrepreneurs like yourself.

It is not good for man to be alone.

The ideas you get from others in a live, in-person “mastermind” setting are always more plentiful, insightful and powerful than the ideas you get when you’re alone.

But some entrepreneurs operate at a higher level.

The wisest entrepreneurs never want to be the “smartest mind in the room.” They do not seek the company of those with lesser achievements. They prefer not to “share their time.”

Maybe that’s you?

Some have 9- and even 10-figure ambitions and know they can’t waste a single minute if they want to achieve them.

Some clients want the fastest and most focused assistance I can offer. They have thorny problems that can’t necessarily be solved in three hotseats and a few Zoom calls.

Maybe that’s you?

Some desire a tighter level of confidentiality than they can get from a group.

Maybe that’s you?

I know these exist because I’ve worked with them in my Private Client Group.

The “Half-Day Walk Away” Guy with a $376 million market cap

David & wife Amelia at our Evolution 2.0 investor meeting in Hawaii

Several years ago, David Jellins traveled from Australia for a full-day private consultation with me. We dug in right away and started analyzing and strategizing. At about 11:00 AM, I pinpointed a method that David could use to incorporate “Network Effect for Mere Mortals” into his adventure business quickly and easily. He exclaimed, “That one puzzle piece just paid for my trip right there.”

After that, David sort of checked out mentally.

We went to lunch and when we got back, David said, “That one idea more than paid for my trip. I’m going to take the afternoon off.”

Private Client Group members seek personal attention with zero time wasted. Once they get the “million dollar idea” they don’t feel the need to keep working just because they “paid for the time.”

David’s company Adrenaline granted him a platform to pursue larger opportunities. He started Cryptostar, which as of November 17, 2022 (yes, even AFTER the FTX/Alameda debacle) has a market capitalization of $376 million.

This is a level of ambition private clients exhibit that I don't typically see others exhibit. Private Clients build and harness cash cow businesses to grant them the flexibility to build and pursue Stars. They think billions-big.

Mattress Mack Always Bets Big…and Consistently Wins

Jim McIngvale

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale is my most famous client, founder of Gallery Furniture in Houston. He runs special promotions around key sporting events. In 2022, if you spent $3,000 or more on furniture, your purchase would become retroactively free – IF the Houston Astros won the World Series a few weeks later. Customers flooded the store and bought furniture.

The Astros did win the World Series.

And because Jim bet over $500,000 on the Astros to win, his winnings more than covered the cost of paying back his customers!

From Wikipedia…

In August 2017, Jim opened his stores to people affected by Harvey, a hurricane that flooded the city. When Tropical Storm Imelda flooded Houston in 2019, McIngvale once again opened the doors of Gallery Furniture to provide free meals and shelter. During the 2021 Texas power crisis and winter storms, McIngvale allowed people to shelter from the cold and spend the night at Gallery Furniture. 

Jim’s Hurricane Imelda publicity stunt alone garnered international publicity.

Jim was already an 80/20 enthusiast before he read 80/20 Sales and Marketing. When he read my book, he told his staff, “Get that guy on the phone!”

He immediately signed up for Private Client Group and flew in his private jet to our first meeting.

During the next year, I helped Gallery Furniture shift from traditional advertising to direct response advertising, newly oriented around the subject of better sleep. They already had a sleep center with sleep experts who would counsel customers about how to overcome their sleep issues…and, of course, sell the client a mattress.

We began turning out full-page advertorials with lots of information about getting a better night's sleep with a call to action at the end. This made the newspaper ads inherently trackable, whereas the old style ads were not.

Gallery went from spending tens of thousands of dollars a month on newspaper advertising that wasn't accountable, to trackable ROI-accountable campaigns. We dialed in their social media marketing and made non-marketing improvements to their business that allowed Jim to expand from two BIG stores to four BIG stores.

Jim is the poster child for Private Client Group. Audacious. Ambitious. Decisive. Committed. Principled. Compassionate.

“The Man Who Owns the Internet”

In Kevin Ham’s early days of internet marketing, he built a directory of domain names and web hosting companies. He thought, “I get a lot of traffic on this site. I wanna sell advertising.”

To the first person he approached, Kevin quoted $30 per month. They said yes. To the second, he quoted $300 per month. They said yes. The third person was quoted $3,000 a month. They said yes. The fourth person, he quoted $30,000 a month.

That fourth person said, “I don't want to pay $30k per month, but I'll pay $20k.”

Kevin agreed.

Kevin and I both caught the same fish at the same time with two hooks, off the coast of Reykjavik Iceland.

Thus by the time Kevin had completed his medical residency, he was making $50,000 a month with an online business.

Which is why he never went into medical practice. Most people would never quote 10 times more for any product or service. Let alone do it THREE times in a row!

I have worked with several of Kevin’s companies. Today Kevin is Axis-Shifting small package delivery in Canada and across the US border with his company ChitChats with over 100 employees. 80/20 Sales & Marketing is required reading at his firm, where Renaissance Time and Detox Declutter Dominate are central drivers for the organization’s strategy and mindset.

Upending an Industry for a Big PayPal Payday

You may not know the name Ed Harycki, but everyone has seen the result of his 9-figure-ish sale to PayPal. They call it LoanBuilder.

Ed Harycki

Ed and I had numerous conversations about how to dial-in Loan Builder to be an industry-upending Proposition Simplifier. Our in-depth strategizing about speed of feedback loops, speed of processing, and removing friction led to Loan Builder becoming the fastest, easiest, lowest-cost ways for a small business to get working capital.

We shared the vision long before it became reality. I remember telling Ed, “If we can do this, we can turn this industry on its head.” And he did.

Today after his successes thus far Ed has even larger plans for the future.

Building the Secret Weapon to Dominate a Star Market

Damien Deighan

Pre-pandemic, Damien Deighan, an Advanced Mastery Network member, booked a call with me to discuss his data scientist recruiting firm. 55 minutes into the call I saw a way Damien could alter the way he organizes, packages and pitches talent to his client firms.

“Damien, if you dial this in right, you can stop selling to department heads and start selling to the Chairman of the Board…even the Chairman of a Fortune 1000 company.”

My realization was this: As a data science recruiter, if Damien owns a verifiably superior process for matching talent to companies, which kaizen improves with each cycle… and if he alone has ownership and access to the data… he will inevitably OWN the data science recruiting industry in 3-6 years.

Damien extended our work with a Private Client engagement and together we developed a data science evaluation profile. We began with the model from my Marketing DNA test and added feedback loops and network effects. I meticulously walked him through building a tool for filtering and categorizing and matching data scientists to data scientists jobs.

I helped him adapt the architecture of Marketing DNA to a completely different profession. I spent hours with Damien and his developer, talking through how to build and deploy once it was up and running. 

The first time he showed a beta version of the tool to a client, the hiring manager said, “We want to use YOU to recruit our team.’ And Damien was only halfway through his presentation.

You Can Hire a “Marketing Consultant” on Any Street Corner

If you want one of the following….

  • A better sales funnel
  • Great copywriting
  • Better Google / Facebook / YouTube / Instagram campaigns
  • Hooks and Persuasion Techniques
  • Sales psychology
  • “Systems” for making your business run more smoothly

…there are all manner of specialists we can source for you. And we’re happy to do so, because you don’t need me to do those things well. But all of these skills, as listed above, are commodities. And none of these things is likely to be “the” key to success.

(And because these skills are commodities, it is very hard to tell the champions from the also-rans, and the failure rate is high. One failure in this area and you miss your chance. We only recommend the most competent and trustworthy.)

John Paul Mendocha has a brilliant saying and book title: “Most businesses fail in the first five minutes, it just takes them 3-5 years to find out.”

Many companies, if not outright doomed from the start, are categorically unable to rise beyond “average” for fundamental reasons.

That said, many companies also have access to invisible goldmines. And you’ll find them through Star, Simplify and Network Effect.

You can write a definition for each of these things on a 3x5 card.

But only a Jedi Master can seamlessly architect the plan, integrate the parts and oversee the execution.

Because it’s one thing to strum a chord on a guitar, or write a few verses, or arrange a song. You can write those instructions on a 3x5 card, too. It’s another thing entirely to hit #1 on the pop charts… again and again.

This rises far above any flavor of “marketing consulting.” There are thousands of smart people who not only understand the fundamentals of direct response marketing, they are also experts in one or several aspects of execution – whether digital advertising platforms, sales videos, webinars or what have you.

That’s what’s possible with intensive one-on-one interaction via Private Client Group.

The Question Is Not Whether, It’s Who.

The question is not if you are trusting someone to guide you; the question is how intentional you are about it.

Maybe you’re in five mastermind groups right now. Maybe you’ve also given money to every seminar promoter in pants.

Or maybe you don’t have anyone you’re consistently trusting for guidance, which means you’re getting advice anyway – unintentionally. Your ideas come from whatever drifts over the transom and seeps into your subconscious.

Either way, if you wish to reach beyond your present limitations and enjoy greater realms of success, you must become much more deliberate about what you are doing and who you’re getting your advice from.

You need to be extremely intentional about this question:

“Who Is Helping Me Pilot This Ship and How Much Do They Actually Care?”

If You Are Accepted Into Private Client Group, You Get:

1. One full day with me. (In-person if at all possible). Together we identify and select the most advantageous leverage points to grow your business right now.

2. Strategy sessions with me on the phone or Zoom. On each call, you and I will agree on 2-5 action items for you to achieve before the next call. On this call we will track your progress and plan for the month ahead. The plan will be simple and focused only on high-output, solid-results action items.

3. Access to my network of strategists, consultants, vendors, and experts. Maybe the most valuable aspect of Private Client Group: Priority access to people who get the job done.

4. Exclusive access to my executive assistant’s “Private Client Group” hotline. Just call Lorena Ybarra when you need to schedule a call with me and she will arrange for it to take place within 48 hours if necessary.

5. Red carpet access to my live events and training programs: Any course we offer this year is $100 for you and your staff.

6. Access to all my available training programs also for $100. You and/or your staff will find these extremely valuable because they cover so many dimensions of business success. Here’s a partial list:

  • Definitive Traffic Intensive
  • Rosetta Stone Seminar
  • Truth Seminar
  • Google Ads Mastery
  • Maze 2.0
  • Definitive Selling Proposition
  • Autoresponder Boot Camp

7. A special surprise gift to commemorate your Charter Membership in The Perry Marshall Private Client Group. (This is not a leather jacket or gift certificate. It’s quite valuable and includes a very thoughtful twist.)

I do not expect you to take advantage of all of the courses or resources listed above. For you, less is probably more. Best to focus on just one or two items. 

But they are here for you. 

Whatever specific direction we decide upon, you’ll have my personal, hands-on assistance, with access to all the resources at my disposal to speed you to completion. 

Private Clients aspire to play in the hundreds of millions to billion-dollar sandbox, and while they possess the raw materials to get there, know that precision guidance makes a dramatic difference.

To help us determine whether you are a match for Private Client Group, apply here.

Perry Marshall