The Greatest Business Wisdom I Can Impart…
On a Most Solemn and Celebratory Day



Me & Zoe meeting for the first time – December 4, 2011

December 4, 2011

Dear Marketing Professional,

I’m writing this letter from Nanchang China. I’m here with Laura and my children to take custody of our fifth child, Zoe.

This is the realization of over 20 years of dreaming, hoping, worrying, crying…and working, working and working my ever-loving tail off.

Today is a culmination. A celebration. A new beginning. A day for raising sparkling glasses and toasting if there ever was one.

This afternoon, I meet my daughter.

If you have children, I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s nothing like the birth (or, in my case today, the adoption) of a child, to make you take stock of your life.

And there’s nothing like being 10,000 miles from home to give a whole new perspective on your world.

Uncanny Coincidence on the Other Side of the Globe

As is so often the case, events in my business life are mirroring events in my personal life.

Because of the dreaming, hoping, worrying, scheming, and working working working of the last 10 years, my business has reached a culmination as well:

  • My Roundtable group is filled to capacity and has a waiting list.
  • My team has never been better at their game; more has never gotten done without my involvement. (What a great feeling.)
  • I’m on the verge of a massive breakthrough in a field unrelated to marketing.
  • I’m pumping on all cylinders. My input-to-output ratio has ratcheted up exponentially in the last couple of years.
  • I’m re-inventing the core of my business. You’ll see the results of this during the next year.
  • In a time when many of my peers are struggling with the economy, I have clients standing in line waiting to give me cash.

So, like I said, a time of deep reflection, celebration and taking stock.

“Why now? What’s the main reason for all this “culmination”? Both personal and public?”

As I look back, one phrase keeps coming up:

Limited Access.

I have zealously guarded my time. I have focused sharply on things that truly and deeply matter. I have taken the 30,000 foot view to the exclusion of irritating daily details. I have lived 80/20.

Do you guard your time jealously? Do you live 80/20?

I recommend it. Because here’s what it’s done for me…

  • Freed me to provide exceptional results for my clients, to exceed their expectations, to achieve a reputation of “understatement” in a niche characterized by outlandish claims. It’s difficult to express the compound interest that kind of reputation will earn you.
  • Allowed me to progress from working on $10/hour tasks to $100/hour tasks to $1000/hour tasks… to $10,000/hour tasks.

Given me the honor of engaging with the poorest of the poor, the weakest of the weak.

My new daughter, Zoe, is the most shining example of that honor. She was abandoned on the steps of a government agency in May 2010. She’s lived in state-run institution in Jiangxi China for a year and a half. In a matter of hours, she will enjoy all the privileges of being my flesh and blood – one of the Marshall children.

At times I’ve taken heat for guarding my time so jealously. My most-famous blog post exploded into a viral debate when I explained why lunch with Perry costs mucho dinero. What I thought most important about that blog post was when I explained that there’s a place in my life for charity – it’s for people like Zoe who are living in an orphanage eating egg whites and rice porridge for lunch every day. Not for American business wanna-be’s who got three square meals today and don’t respect my time.

Shockingly few people ‘got’ what I was trying to say. But the ones that did thanked me for teaching them the power of limited access. They explained that when they started practicing it – when they stopped giving free advice, when they stopped catering to whiners and devoted their attention to paying clients – they earned more money.

80/20 + Inverse 80/20 = Power

I’ve exercised the top of the 80/20 – 80/20 to the power of four, five or six – and reaped enormous benefits. I’m one of the top 50 business book authors of the last 5 years; Michael Haupt’s Marketing Legends Hall of Fame lists me with the likes of John Caples, Robert Collier, Mary Kay Ash, and David Ogilvy.

But I’ve also flipped 80/20 upside down, helping the poorest of the poor. I’ve visited the slums of Sao Paulo, South India and Johannesburg. I have friends who live on a two bucks a day. To date I’ve traveled to 29 countries and gained a super-wide-angle view of the world.

One foot in the Starbucks world and one foot in the third world. I’m writing this from a hotel in China. In recent days I’ve crossed paths with people from 100 countries. Yesterday at breakfast I conversed with a couple from Egypt. In a couple days I’m meeting with some Roundtable members who are making insane profits with a worldwide import/export business based in Guangzhou, a concern that is growing at a dizzying, triple-digit vertical pace.

This “One foot in Starbucks world, one foot in third world” vantage point offers a perspective that’s unheard of among authors, coaches and consultants. Why? Because I’ve stayed at 5-star hotels in Beverly Hills and I’ve also improvised a medical clinic in a village in Mozambique. I’ve worked with entrepreneurs at every level. I fully understand the importance of entrepreneurs in its totality.

paulmungai-300x291I’ll never forget the conversation I had with a crippled cobbler outside of Nairobi Kenya, a guy who’d started his business with a $100 microloan. I witnessed the stark contrast between the “sleepwalking” blank stare of most of the villagers there, vs. the pride in his eyes and the confidence that rose up within him. Confidence that drew from his ability and willingness to simply fix shoes and charge money for it.

I realized: Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of planet earth.

I’ve witnessed the ascent of China during the last 11 years, from developing country to first-world nation. I’ve explored socialism, studied the works of Mau Tse Tung. I’ve had long, late-night conversations about why the world is the way it is. I’ve watched the entrepreneurial spirit seep into the very corners of the earth.

I have an appreciation for what you do that few others possess.

This is only possible because I prize my time, limit the access that others have to me, and relentlessly sharpen my saw. I pursue opportunities to expand my horizons, to be a renaissance man.

So, on this celebratory and solemn day, I’m taking the next logical step with my business and my clients.

I’m launching The Perry Marshall Private Client Group.

What is the private client group?

Simply put, it’s intimate, exclusive access to me in order to access direct and immediate impact to your revenues, your personal income and the effectiveness of your time.

  • You don’t need to sit in a room with 12 other business owners and open your kimono…as incredibly beneficial as that can be…to get access to me.
  • You don’t need to go through my elaborate system of “gatekeepers” to get access to me…you’ll have the golden key.
  • You don’t need to decide which of the many coaching programs I offer, in order to get access to me.

What You’ll Receive as a Charter Member of
The Perry Marshall Private Client Group

  1. One full day with me at my home office. You’ve probably heard of the 4-Man Intensives I conduct. Since you’re reading this, you may have already attended one. But, this is only for you and your team members. For a full day. Doing nothing but identifying and selecting the most advantageous leverage points to grow your business fast.
  2. One 30-minute strategy session with me on the phone every month. You and I will agree on 2-5 action items for you to achieve each month. On this call we will track your progress and plan for the month ahead. The plan will be simple and focused only on high-output, solid-results action items.
  3. Exclusive access to my executive assistant’s “Private Client Group” hotline. Just call Lorena when you need to schedule a call with me and she will arrange for it to take place within 48 hours.
  4. A special surprise gift to commemorate your Charter Membership in The Perry Marshall Private Client Group.
  5. Red carpet access to my live events and training programs: Any course we offer is $100 for you and your staff.

I will take only 12 members for The Private Client Group. Probably fewer. The annual membership dues are $39,000 ($44,000 if paid quarterly).

Do You Qualify for the Perry Marshall Private Client Group?

  1. Have you been a member of Planet Perry for at least 1 year?
  2. Does your business earn annual revenues well in excess of $1 Million?
  3. Do you prefer direct access to me over attending a mastermind group, where you share your business details with other entrepreneurs?
  4. Do you want massive results for your business in the shortest time possible?

If you answer yes to all of those questions, you may qualify.


On this particular day, “Living the adventure” was a stroller ride outside the American Consulate on Shamian island in Guangzhou, China.

So many entrepreneurs struggle to take charge of their life, to assert their authority, to reach for that next level of 80/20. You need to assert your own limited access, to set aside the trivialities that entangle you, and drive your business to its potential.

I cannot express to you how this will enrich your life and expand your horizons.

I know that my own choice to come to China and complete this adoption was only possible because I designed a business to support the lifestyle that I dreamed of. It paid for the travel and the fees (and the $7000 cash “gift” to the province of Jiangxi). It will pay for my daughter’s education and upbringing.

Your business can be the foundation for something truly great and amazing. An expression of yourself and an open door to worlds undreamt of.

Click the button below to complete the application form after processing your $100 non-refundable application fee.


To a more fruitful, more profitable world, a world that functions according to your rules.

UPDATE July 27, 2012: Zoe has gone from introverted, timid girl, who was not even walking or crawling at 19 months old, to a walking, running, jabbering social butterfly at 27 months. Incredible transformation. All it took was….

…well, huge doses of Tender Loving Care and patience. Every day.


Not all that different from what it takes to grow your business, really. Just ongoing attention and concern.

But success also involves dodging bullets. We dodged a major one with Zoe – deciding what to do with her right leg, which is shorter and has a not-very-well-formed foot.

The surgeons gave us two options: Leg lengthening surgery or amputation with prosthetic. We almost took the latter option, but Laura decided to book one extra appointment with the prosthetic guy, just to see if we might be missing something.

It wasn’t even anything he suggested – it was her probing and questioning. She came up with this idea of a rather unusual prosthetic which would look sort of like a “double decker bus” – just extending her short leg and giving her an ‘extra’ foot three inches below.

He said, “That’s a great idea” and proceeded to make a different kind of prosthetic extension.

It worked great. Had we gone forward with a major surgery, it might have medically been the right thing to do but I think it would have been a serious setback for her emotionally.

As it is, she’s going to decide later – when she’s old enough to make such decisions – what she wants to do with her foot.

Maybe she’ll be like Aimee Mullens, the power athlete you might have seen on a TED video, who has a whole collection of prosthetic extensions. She likes to show ’em off.

Or maybe she’ll have a different idea.

Either way, taking the time to develop a strategy that makes total sense for our situation was the wise thing to do.

In business, so few people do that. They take off-the-shelf solutions and apply them with the finest of intentions, but something gets left out.

People incur traumas that take months or years to heal, that cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. That’s so unnecessary. Not dodging a single bullet can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars – far less than the cost of even the most expensive mentoring in the world. If you qualify for this program, you make multiple decisions of that magnitude every year.

One of my first Private Client Group members, Eddie Symonds, got an immediate sales spike of 30% from our very first phone call – before he even came to my office. It was just because of AdWords. Then our real work began, of re-engineering his business for 2013. He’s well on his way now. Google is certainly not what I usually spend the majority of my time on, but it often generates instantaneous improvement.

For another PCG member, I showed how they can easily double or triple their prices with only a modest loss in volume – and be able to serve each customer even more diligently.

The recession has widened the divide between the achievers and the also-rans. Wise entrepreneurs more than ever are adhering to the finest advice and mentoring they can afford, carrying it through and seeing success. I just talked to a client in the financial services business who is kicking ass. His goal is to grow his company to $100 million in 10 years. I think he’ll do it too.

What about you? What burning ambition do you yearn to see fulfilled?

Perry Marshall
Perry Marshall
President, Perry S. Marshall & Associates


PS: There are things far more important to you than business. You have BIG dreams. Save-the-world kind of dreams. Achieve pervasive influence dreams. Massive impact dreams. If you’re the kind of person who has those dreams; if you’re a person who knows that achieving them is only possible by jealously guarding your time, then you are embracing the mindset needed to be a charter member in this group. Let’s experience this together.