If You Are A Successful Entrepreneur
And Your Business has Crossed The $1.5 Million Mark, You MUST Know This One Thing

Dear Entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer:

When your business crosses the $1.5 million mark, you’re in a new game – even if things don’t seem particularly different than they seemed before. In a minute I’ll explain why. For now, remember this:

  • Your business has consumed more of your soul than your college education and many of your most important relationships. You have invested a sizable fraction of your life – years you cannot get back – in creating, building and nurturing that business.
  • Your business is more valuable than your house, your cars, your physical assets and likely your financial assets as well. It’s more precious than anything else but your family. (And, depending on your relatives, maybe it’s more valuable than some of them too. But I digress.)
  • You’ve made significant sacrifices and compromises to make it happen. And now, that business has taken on a life of its own. It’s an entity in the world that is larger than you.

Right now you are trusting somebody to help you grow your most precious resource – the business that you have bled, cried, and fought for – whether you realize it or not.

The Question Is Not Whether, It’s Who.

The question is not if you are trusting someone to guide you; the question is how intentional you are about it.

Maybe you’re in 5 mastermind groups all at the same time. Maybe you also give money to every seminar promoter in pants.

Maybe you don’t have anyone you’re explicitly seeking advice from, which means you’re getting advice anyway – unintentionally. Your ideas come from whatever drifts over the transom and seeps into your subconscious.

Either way, if you wish to reach beyond your present limitations and enjoy greater realms of success, you must become much more deliberate about what you are doing and who you’re getting your advice from.

You need to be extremely intentional about this question:

“Who Is Helping Me Pilot This Ship?
And How Much Do They Actually Care?”

It’s one thing to build a half-million or one million dollar biz. A smart guy or gal can achieve that with boilerplate advice.

But I’ve seldom seen that pan out for larger companies. Somewhere above the $1.5 million mark, the demand for intentionality and focus required rises exponentially. There’s a chasm between $1.5 million and $5 million that few ever cross. Almost everyone who enters that chasm gets lost.

At that size of company, it’s a Catch-22: You don’t have systems and you don’t have time to build them; if you had systems you’d have time to build them.

Other Problems Are Common As Well:

  • You yourself are the single point of failure in the business. You do a lot of $1000/hour work and it’s great…. but you’re the only one who can do it. You’ve built yourself a Golden Squirrel Cage. It’s comfortable and well appointed, with velvet couches and caviar, but it’s still a trap.
  • Your business has reached a plateau, and you find yourself filling your time with busy work, unsure about how to multiply what you have into something much greater. You’re restless.
  • Excessive dependence on one advertising medium, in many cases extremely vulnerable to a Google slap etc.
  • Excessive dependence on one sales mechanism, employee or key player.
  • Most “million dollar income years” are once-in-a-lifetime achievements, never to be enjoyed a second time. All too often they come from special windfall events, difficult to repeat.
  • You feel entangled by niggling details, problem clients, problem staff members, repetitive tasks, limited thinking.
  • There’s less business to be had in the first place. Margins are slipping south not north. Fewer customers now than 5 years ago. Clients have fewer dollars in their fists and those fists are clutched tighter.
  • There are very, very few people who understand YOU and the problems you face. You can’t exactly go to a church potluck and complain about the taxes on your $580,000 income.
  • Your neighbor runs a $10 million company but he inherited it from his Father-in-law and frankly you think he’s kind of a putz.
  • You’re not getting any younger. Yes, you’ve accomplished far more than 99% of people have at your age and you’re proud of that, but sometimes you wonder if you might be missing something really big. What if the ladder is propped against the wrong wall? “Legacy issues” occupy more and more of your thoughts.
  • The last 5 years of Wall Street and the Real Estate crash only served to confirm your suspicions: The only thing worth investing heavily in is yourself, your capabilities, and businesses you have direct knowledge of and access to. “Traditional” investments are for suckers who get conned into swallowing somebody else’s risk.

If many or most of these describe YOU, then today I am challenging you to resolve to be hyper-deliberate. Decide to get the exact guidance you need, only from people qualified to give it. Only from people who care about you and the results you achieve.

This immediately disqualifies all programs that dispense boilerplate programs, universal templates and “platform delivery.” Much of the ‘coaching’ industry, even the high end, is very nicely dressed up generic formulas.

You are welcome and even encouraged to participate in such venues, but it would be a mistake to believe that you can apply what you get there without significant modification.

As I’ve matured as a business coach, I’ve found myself focusing less and less on the external features of my clients’ business, the bells and whistles…. and more and more on who they are as unique individuals.

Businesses Are Turn-Key. People Are Not.

I’ve seen compound interest from this newly directed attention to the individuals in my 4-Man Intensives, Roundtable meetings and private consults. I find entrepreneurs are extremely cooperative and giving. But they also tend to have a lot of colleagues and not very many friends.

At this point in your life you probably don’t need more colleagues. If anything you need to sharpen your focus; attain more quality time with fewer people. Shut out ‘good’ advice to make room for the great; shelve $1 million ideas in favor of $10 million.

Not everyone wants to coach with others present, such as I do in Roundtable and the Intensives. Many have asked for high-level coaching in a 100% confidential setting. It is in response to these requests that I created Private Client Group. It is brand new, and the highest level of mentoring I have chosen to offer.

Private Client Group (PCG) begins with an application process and interview with a staff member who assesses your current landscape. Soon after that you’ll come to my office in Chicago for a private, 1-day consulting session. Then each month we’ll spend 30 minutes examining your strategy, your plans, your execution.

During Your 12 Month Journey In PCG
We Sharpen And Polish:

1) Who you are as an individual – your gifts, preferences and prejudices about doing business. Everyone I consult with is a little bit eccentric and we harness every ounce of that eccentricity for maximum effect.

2) Your big-picture business goals. I firmly believe that innovations and breakthroughs trump mere optimization. It is probably not even be possible to “optimize your way to the next level” at all. In all likelihood you must birth something fresh and new.

3) Your street-level tactics, your blocks and moves. Day-to-day, this might be your Google campaigns, your sales copy, your selection of mailing lists, your offers. “Marketing Stuff.” “Optimization.” My toolbox runs very deep and it can easily cover the price of admission. But I consider this the least important part of the equation. Capitalizing on your uniqueness and achieving quantum leaps is priority #1.

In our time together, uncomfortable truths will inevitably come to light…

It’s hard to imagine twelve months going by without us finding some cockroaches that need extermination; without needing to make major course corrections. My commitment to you is that I will call a spade a spade.

There’s an old Jewish proverb that says, “Correct a fool and he’ll despise you; rebuke a wise man and he’ll love you.” Ten years ago I put myself under the watchful tutelage of John Carlton, asking him to sharpen my copywriting chops. That, he most certainly did.

He did it by taking the gloves off. His first critique stung; that project was a total rewrite. My lips and cheeks were bloody and bruised.

He figured I’d disappear for good, but unlike most, I kept coming back for punishment. A year later at a seminar he introduced me to another now-famous pro copywriter and said, “You guys need to shake each other’s hands, because you’re my top students this year.” The other guy made $600,000 that year. I doubled my own income.

I am looking for clients who take a similar attitude towards discovery and rapid implementation. Sometimes when you visit Mr. Miyagi, you spend a few weeks painting the fence. It’s part of mastery. Mastery serves the ultimate purpose you came for: Superior levels of achievement, recognition and satisfaction.

If You Are Accepted Into Private Client Group, You Get:

1. One full day with me at my home office. You’ve probably heard of the 4-Man Intensives I conduct. If you’re reading this, you may have already attended one. But, this is only for you and your team members, no one else. For a full day. Doing nothing but identifying and selecting the most advantageous leverage points to grow your business fast.

2. One 30-minute strategy session with me on the phone every month. You and I will agree on 2-5 action items for you to achieve each month. On this call we will track your progress and plan for the month ahead. The plan will be simple and focused only on high-output, solid-results action items.

3. Exclusive access to my executive assistant’s “Private Client Group” hotline. Just call Lorena Ybarra when you need to schedule a call with me and she will arrange for it to take place within 48 hours if necessary.

4. A special surprise gift to commemorate your Charter Membership in The Perry Marshall Private Client Group. (This is not a leather jacket or gift certificate. It’s quite valuable and includes a very thoughtful twist.)

5. Red carpet access to my live events and training programs: Any course we offer this year is $100 for you and your staff.

I will take only 7 more members (possibly fewer) for The Private Client Group.

We’ve already taken 5 into the program. The annual membership dues are $39,000 ($44,000 if paid quarterly).

PCG contains a sixth bonus, which is access to all my prior training programs also for $100. You and/or your staff will find these extremely valuable because they cover so many dimensions of business success. Here’s a partial list:

  • AdWords Boot Camp and Bobsled Run
  • Facebook Firestorm
  • The 80/20 Seminar for Direct Marketing (the most exhaustive treatment of 80/20 ever offered in the marketing world)
  • Autoresponder Boot Camp
  • Niche Celebrity
  • Ready-Fire-Aim course for marketing consultants
  • Hyper Evolution course for achieving Quantum Leaps rather than incremental improvements
  • 80/20 Productivity Express, my newly acclaimed course on team-building and time management
  • The White Papers Course and the B2B Lead Generation System
  • Next Step Marketing Guide

I do not by any means expect you to take advantage of all of these. I understand that for you, less is probably more. Best to focus on just one or two items. But they are here for you. Whatever specific direction you choose comes with my personal, hands-on assistance and explanation to speed you to completion. In total these courses are equivalent to multiple MBA’s.

Consider the breadth and depth of this list. It represents 10 years of innovation and prolific output. Not a single one of these courses is “regurgitated” in any sense of the word. All are original, incisive, effective.

Currently not only am I author of the best-selling AdWords book in the history of Google advertising, my Facebook Ultimate Guide is also the best-selling book on the subject of Facebook advertising.

Facebook is admittedly smaller, almost nascent, but being at the top of both these PPC games is an unusual achievement. At any given times I have two titles in Amazon’s top 50 advertising books.

The Google book is going into its 3rd edition and, interestingly, so is my Ethernet book which I wrote 10 years ago. You might not give a rat’s butt about Ethernet, but why is it also important?

One word:


I’ve got staying power. I have students and clients who’ve been with me ten full years now. Tom Meloche, the co-author of my Facebook Ultimate Guide, developed his marketing chops almost entirely within Planet Perry, starting in 2002. By the time I discovered him two years ago, he had grown into a very advanced practitioner, having built and sold entire companies that leveraged my advice.

Why does this matter to you?

Because longevity is probably very important to you, too. Ten years ago I recorded the famous CD Guerilla Marketing for Hi-Tech Sales people. On it I said, “Businesses are failing because they’re executing techniques and ignoring principles.” You don’t want to have to create a brand new strategy next year because this year’s strategy is suddenly obsolete.

In the Internet Marketing world, where people do a $2 million product launch this year and go bankrupt next year (it happens more than you know!) longevity is rare. I’m the only guru who “owns” one topic, let alone two.

Consider… I’m not even married to Pay Per Click. A third of my Roundtable members do not buy clicks at all, instead preferring to do business on Amazon, or mail catalogs. A substantial fraction of the advice I give pertains to positioning, publicity, speaking and offline marketing.

I’ve consulted in more than 200 industries – live and in person. This doesn’t include the phone consultations, the blog comments or the critiques people have sent in. The fact that I’m the premiere AdWords/PPC specialist means I’m not married to any one industry. I see a vast cross-section of situations in every business you can imagine.

Chances are you in your industry need an insight I’ve gained from some other field…. whether it’s oil refinery cleanup crews or banks or seed catalogs.

As You Consider Private Client Group,
Bear In Mind The Challenges That Beset You
In The Most Volatile Period In The Last 50 Years:

Book stores are full of lameness and sameness. You’d think that during a recession, there’d be a proliferation of exceptionally good books about how to solve your economic problems. Not so, unless you think endless prattling about “Social Media” qualifies as sound advice.

The wholesale erosion of Intellectual Property. The ultimate aim of the iPad and Kindle is to completely commoditize information. Never mind the fact that Google wants to make it available to everyone free; Google alone can’t do it. It’s Amazon and Apple that’ll drive the prices down to zero. They just want to sell you the hardware. Even if the “hardware” is a color TV.

Have you noticed how often Kindle books are on sale for 99 cents, $1.99 or even free? That trend ain’t reversing, pal. If your business relies on the publication and sale of information, your business is in trouble.

If you’re not extraordinary, you’re in big, big trouble. Seth Godin said this in his blog the other day: BLAH BLAH BLAH. His advice scales up to entire businesses. The economy we all once knew is shattered. Done. Over. You MUST MUST MUST escape the commoditization that inevitably threatens everyone.

At no time in history has a power USP been more important. At no time in history have other people, even in different markets, been hungrily eyeing your customers and your market and licking their lips.

Accountability: I wouldn’t be caught dead without it. I surround myself with the sharpest people who will let me hang around. To not have highly competent colleagues who are checking your progress regularly is a costly mistake.

Traditional investments suck: The Dow Jones average in the year 2000 was around 10,500. The Dow Jones average in the year 2011 was around 11,500. Up 10% in 11 years – an average of 1% per year. Ups and downs in between. If you were gambling in between maybe you made more, maybe you lost more. Pretty pitiful performance overall.

Needless to say, real estate fared no better. You cannot possibly rely on sustainable growth from external forces like that. The only reliable investment is in your own business; your USP; your best clients, your own personal growth and development.

My Final Thoughts…

If you’re completely satisfied with your business, your marketing and your current direction, and you feel you are on track to reach all the goals you’ve set for yourself….

…well if you felt that way, I doubt you’d have read this far.

Undoubtedly you understand the value of Private Client Group. And you know that as you harvest the rewards of this group, your life will improve in so many ways.

I hope, having gone this far, that you won’t stop short, for whatever reason – skepticism, procrastination, cost – whatever the reason may be.

You’ve gotten this far, and it’s now time to take action. Apply for Private Client Group today and shortly after that, I’ll let you know whether or not your application has been approved. I’d hate to have to inform you that your application was not received in time. I look forward to receiving your application. But more than that, I look forward to working with you and coaching you.

Perry Marshall

Perry Marshall


P.S.: There are things far more important to you than business. You have BIG dreams. Save-the-world kind of dreams. Achieve pervasive influence dreams. Massive impact dreams. If you’re the kind of person who has those dreams; if you’re a person who knows that achieving them is only possible by jealously guarding your time, then you are embracing the mindset needed to be a charter member in this group. Let’s experience this together.