Online Marketing is an Onslaught of Distractions. Everything is Explicitly Designed to Make You Follow, Not Lead; Be Driven Instead of Driving; React Instead of Acting; To Finish 2023 Further Behind Than Where You Are Now.

If You Want 2023 to be Your Year of Breakthrough, You Need a Decisive NEW Plan for Combating the Onslaught.

For the first time ever I’m teaching the system I use to manage time, distractions, opportunities, team members and client access.

I designed it for smart marketers and creative people who find themselves in an analysis spiral. It’s the first 80/20 style course to provide exactly what you need to 2x, 3x, or 4x your productivity.

80/20 Productivity Express One Hundred K – $299.00
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Dear Marketing Professional: Ever had a day where you were incredibly busy all day – answering emails, updating web pages, answering questions, putting out fires, playing patty-cake with vendors – and you ended the day exhausted, feeling like you’ve accomplished zilch?

(Are days like that common?) Do you ever start a project, then need something… you go looking for it, then find something else, which takes you down another rabbit trail… and suddenly you’ve started ten new projects and finished none?

Do you have so many ideas, projects and voices pushing you every which way, that you just feel overwhelmed by the size and complexity of everything? Does it feel like you’re trapped by a ceiling of complexity that holds you down?

If you’re going to dramatically increase your income in 2023, yet still do more of the things you love to do…

…You’re not going to get there by pedaling harder. You’re pedaling too hard now!

If you find yourself telling your spouse “I’ll be there in just a few minutes” and you’re still staring at your computer screen 90 minutes later…

…Your relationships aren’t gonna get better by adding more distractions to your already frenzied life.

If your marketing know-how already exceeds your ability to implement by a factor of four…

…Then adding more marketing techniques is not gonna bring the Big Payday you seek.

For most entrepreneurs, there are three kinds of tasks:

  • $10 per hour work
  • $100 per hour work
  • $1000 per hour work

The fastest way to increase your income is to do more $1000 per hour work… dumping the $10 per hour jobs and $100 per hour jobs.

Sounds easy enough. But it comes with all manner of challenges.

And here’s the biggest problem: $10 per hour opportunities outnumber $1000 per hour opportunities 100:1.

Little stuff kills the big stuff. It is completely unnatural to earn $1000 per hour. But it’s possible. I know it’s possible because I just raised my own rate to $2500. Both my Roundtable groups are full with waiting list status, and I’m doing more 4-Man Intensives than ever before. I’ve never been more prolific; we’ve never offered a wider array of programs; at the same time, in the last couple years I traveled to Ireland, Korea, China, Thailand, Peru, India, Spain, Portugal, and England; I adopted a 19-month-old girl from China, spending three weeks there and hosting a seminar in Hong Kong; I adopted a 9-year old boy from China and did a 4-Man Intensive in Bangkok.

Such a high level of productivity is only possible by building systems, barriers and shortcuts into your world. So that you naturally and easily do what to most people is unnatural, every single day.

If you were somehow able to manage to get rid of all your “$10 per hour” tasks and only do $100 per hour tasks all year, 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, you’d earn $200,000 in 2023. And if you shifted just 5% of that time to $1000 per hour work, you’d make $290,000. A 5% change boosts you by almost 50%. Because tiny hinges swing big doors.

I consulted a guy from Colorado. His website sold specialized musical instruments. He was making a part-time income from a small market. He was taking each order individually, sourcing and shipping the instruments himself. He was probably earning $30 per hour for a few hours a day on a typical day. I showed him how there were still a lot of opportunities he wasn’t yet exploiting. His business had the potential to achieve at least 2-5 times its current volume. I easily proved to him that even with the small size of his biz, there were still periods in any given day when he was earning $100 per hour, $200 per hour, even $500 per hour. Even if just for a few minutes at a time. The rest of the time, he was only earning $10 per hour. Much of the time he was earning $0 or even negative dinero per hour.

I once knew a marketer named Steve who’d successfully automated his business to the point where orders were coming in every single day, like clockwork. His website had replaced the manual labor he did back in the ‘90s, which was selling through live speaking engagements all over North America. Every day he’d collect his orders, get in his car and drive to the post office and ship his packages. It was obvious to everyone – even him – that he can and should outsource or automate this step too. But he didn’t. Why?

I have a theory: At some point he reached a mental ceiling where giving up that job would have forced him to move up the food chain, grabbing a higher rung on the ladder. That next rung is uncomfortable. So he stays in a routine he’s familiar with, doing a $10 per hour job because it’s easier than creating a new, challenging, rewarding, $1000 per hour adventure.

As crazy as that sounds, almost everyone does this.

Every single day.

But to most it’s invisible. I’m certain Steve knows driving to the UPS Store is a low-pay job. I’m sure he’s making that choice consciously. But every day, most people subconsciously spend most of their day doing the exact same thing.

Low-paid work is built into your routine, so much so you don’t perceive it. “Hard work” is like praying for rain and standing on the garden hose. The Internet was supposed to liberate us and automate our lives. But for most people it’s become a digital slave master that they can’t unchain themselves from for even a single day. Millions of “knowledge workers” bolted to their computers and cell phones.

And nobody has it worse than entrepreneurs. Because “wage slaves” go home at 5pm but for entrepreneurs it’s 24/7. Welcome to our Brave New World.

Everybody has access to you and even though each person wants a minute or two… after a 14 hour day you’ve helped everybody but yourself. Maybe that’s why it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning and face another 14 hour day.

25 years ago only a fortunate few could afford to have a cell phone. Today, only a fortunate few can afford to turn their cell phone off for a day. (Let alone a week.) Nine or ten years ago I suddenly recognized this for what it truly was. I vowed to put a stop to it. That year, my income jumped from low six figures to high six figures. How gratifying that was.

All businesses – even tiny ones – have high-profit leverage points. Before you can take advantage of them, you have to be able to see where they are. In 2014 I began spending a large part of my time on $1000 per hour work. That enabled me to raise my rate to $4,000 per hour. That’s the only reason it’s possible for me to pack so much productive activity into a single year.

How do you stay focused when your entire world consists of hundreds of tiny tasks and 300 million voices dying for your attention?

You could try harder. (How’s that workin’ for ya?)

The only solution is a wholesale shift in how you value yourself, how you see your time, how you evaluate opportunities…. Even how you use your computer.

I used to suffer from lack of focus, severe self-sabotage, squandering opportunities. I did everything myself. I answered customer service emails at 11:30pm. I spent lots of time and money and worked hard to shake the rust loose. I sometimes write about my considerable expenditure on education ($30,000 to $40,000 per year), my mastermind groups; my efforts to stay on the cutting edge of marketing and sales. What I haven’t talked about is that the majority of this investment lately hasn’t been in marketing knowledge; it’s been in being a better Chief Executive Officer, a superior business strategist. It’s about managing my time 10X better than others; it’s about judging opportunities through a different set of filters. I’ve peered into some of today’s most successful businesses, compared notes with millionaires, acquired new habits, hired and fired staff.

I’m teaching all this in a fast-paced, three week course called 80/20 Productivity Express. I’ve assembled a team of laser sharp marketers that get an amazing amount of ‘stuff’ done. And they’re all completely different in personalities.

Our mission is to squeeze the 80/20 nuggets out of each team member and then let you 80/20 the best of the best to fire into 2023 like a bullet train… fast, focused, guided by rails.

Here’s what you’ll discover: Matt-Gillogly

Matt Gillogly: “The Hidden ‘Pixie Dust’ of Getting Crap Done”

  • Why Dan Kennedy and the internet world are wrong about productivity.
  • Why 99% of productivity tools and theories don’t work for the 21st century entrepreneur
  • To triple your productivity, you must understand how you are made.
  • Tools to determine your work style, pace and practice
  • Application to your everyday environment and work.


Jack Born: “How to Get to the Money Faster”

  • Why mass production methods can sabotage your project and a different approach you probably haven’t considered
  • The B-M-L loop for starting new projects and why it tells you exactly what to do next… and what to avoid
  • What works better than surveys for finding out what the market really wants
  • Feel like you can’t focus on one project? You’re being held back by “invisible inventory” and the first step is to learn how to see it and how it hurts your business
  • A concept in the “4 Hour Workweek” that you should ignore for your top project – a lesson from Rich Schefren
  • A key lesson I learned from Jonathan Mizel for leveraging other people’s work

bryan05 e1302801813538 80/20 Productivity Express   Perry Marshall and His Crackerjack Team

From Bryan Todd, my coauthor for the Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords: “Powerful action starts with clear thinking”

  • Good motivation, bad motivation, and why “What pushes you forward, holds you back”
  • Values, mission, vision & goals … and the only way you’ll ever successfully do $10,000/hour work
  • Rocks, marbles, sand & water: 2 powerful life lessons from an empty jar
  • How to “win” the inner battle with yourself … and why “What you resist, persists”
  • The 4 questions you must ask about every task you set out to accomplish
  • How to create the perfect to-do list … and why it’s never actually a “to-do” list at all


Donovan Kovar: Outsourcing In The 21st Century (for Five Hundred K buyers only)

  • Powersourcing
  • Getting Things Done With Outsourcing
  • Ninja Outsourcing Techniques For Small Businesses
  • How to Find Skilled and Affordable Outsourcers Online
  • The Secret to Interviewing and Hiring the Best Candidates for the Job
  • Gaining Leverage Through Effectively Assigning Tasks
  • Tips and Tricks for Ensuring Proper Delivery and Quality Assurance
  • How to Pay Staff Quickly and Easily Without Unnecessary Fees

From John Paul Mendocha (for Five Hundred K buyers only)


  • How to clearly see 10/100/1000 & get the $100 per hour noose off your neck
  • Positive Focus
  • Giftedness and Finding Your Groove
  • Unique Capability Survey combined with a special, incredibly powerful assignment
  • The Magic of Natural USP + Unique Capability + Bleeding Neck Market
  • The Power of the Reverse Sales Funnel

Only a very small minority of business owners are consistently focused and get out of their own way.

Most have merely bought themselves jobs, having perhaps gained freedom from Corporate America, but living with a ball and chain every day. Few contribute significant innovations. Most are expendable, soon forgotten. Few and far between are entrepreneurs who are missed when they’re gone. Steve Jobs is missed. My late friend Tom Hoobyar is missed. Each of these men was a force of nature. Each expressed their uniqueness, and each, in their final days, inspired an outpouring of appreciation and emotion. Each left a mark so distinctive that everyone around them knew what they represented.

How about you? What mark are you leaving on the world?

What will you be remembered for?

Are you living your adventure, your life purpose?

What do you WANT to be remembered for? Inventing something? Bringing new ideas to market? Contributing to burgeoning needs in the world? Impacting people around you in the spiritual plane? Delivering inspiring speeches, perhaps? Writing a great book?

I know this: Like it or not, you won’t be remembered for merely paying the bills. You won’t be remembered for “maintaining.” I doubt you’ll be remembered for much of what you did in your email box this morning.

Unless you arrange your life such that you can devote 10-50% of it to living your adventure and pursuing your calling, most of what you did will be…. Unfortunate and forgettable.

I hope this is making you squirm. And hey, it’s not like you don’t know this. If you’re living the life you want to live, you know it. And if you’re not – well, you’re probably medicating it.

Once I heard a talk by Bill Hybels, founder of Willow Creek, one of the largest churches in America. An extraordinary world-famous leader and inspirer of leaders. 20,000 people go to hear him speak each weekend.

He asked a question I could never forget: “What makes you angry? What’s going on in the world that you can’t stand? What thing do you dearly, desperately want to change? What do you sincerely desire to be known for?

“I know you know what it is. What is it?”

Everybody thought of something. And then he said:

“It bugs you, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it gnaw at you? The worst thing you can do is MEDICATE it. The worst thing you can do is watch a movie until the feeling goes away.

“This is your Holy Discontent, it’s the thing in the world that’s not right that you want to make right.

“What you need to do is PURSUE it, to give yourself to it.”

My wife Laura has a whole list of things – like bustin’ kids out of orphanages and putting them in loving homes. You better believe it, Mama Laura most assuredly has a Holy Discontent list. And yes sir, I’ve got a whole pile o’ things on my discontent list too. Some the same as hers, some different.

How about an inspiration list? I’ve got things on my inspiration list. Steve Jobs had his inspiration list. The top thing on his list was, technology that’s so elegant, so pleasurable to use, so well executed, it’s art.

If you spend the rest of your life answering emails, then watching a movie before you go to bed, you don’t solve any of the big problems and you don’t enjoy any of the big inspirations. You just exist.

If that’s you, this is your wake up call.

The vast majority of business owners are driving around with one foot on the gas and one on the break… it’s wasted time and mismanagement of resources. Every now and then a product launch or something comes along, they spend money on whatever product because they think it’s going to make the pain go away. Then they stick it on the shelf and go back to living their medicated life.

We’ve all had moments where we’re ‘in the zone’… everything feels easy, projects seem to complete themselves, sales copy flows from our keyboard without effort, seems like nature has aligned with our goals…. or is it the other way around? Do you feel like you’re already mashing the gas pedal to the floor? You have been.

Step one is to realize that you’re red-lining and you aren’t going to get anywhere trying to put more fuel in the engine. Release the brakes, stop swerving wildly from lane to lane, and jettison the payload of ‘junk’ projects you hate. Dump head trash that’s weighing you down… You’ll gain more ‘speed’ AND ease off your engine… which means: You can get more balance to your life… enjoy the ride, take a look around, smell the roses, be the parent to your children you promised yourself you’d be.

This is your wake up call.

And when you do that, you’ll realize your engine has ‘another gear’ that you never knew you had… because you’re rested, relaxed, and even though you’re working hard you’re moving in a focused direction. In fact, you’ll notice those “in the zone” moments more often… just like a Google ad can hit the fabled “jet stream” where things take off… when you’re doing what you were born to do and not trying to mold yourself into something you’re not. You hit your stride. The wind hits your sail just right.

So here’s the deal. I’ve got two versions of 80/20 Productivity Express:

1) 80/20 Productivity Express/One Hundred K ($299.00) is for those who are trying to crack into the Six Figure income bracket. If your income is less than $100,000 this is absolutely essential. These are the rudiments of transforming yourself from wage-slave to executive. Equally applicable whether you’re self employed or employed by others. Comes with 3 live webinars and a 2-hour a self-evaluation process that you’ll download immediately after ordering. All sessions will be recorded and transcribed.

2) 80/20 Productivity Express/Five Hundred K ($499.00) is for those who are trying to crack the $500,000 per year income ceiling. You get everything in the One Hundred package but the Five Hundred K package goes much further into team member selection and management. Includes 3 additional webinars: Hiring and firing; an entire set devoted managing virtual and international workers (hosted by Donovan Kovar); A special piece by me devoted to $10,000 per hour work, (which is an entirely different animal than $1,000 per hour work); John Paul Mendocha will apply 80/20 to business turnarounds. Finally I will add a session on hyper-delegation. This is so radical, Paul Lemberg had to do an intervention with me to get me to do it. Best time management decision I’ve made in 5 years. Slashed 2 hours from my daily schedule, almost overnight. Delivered in the form of three additional webinars.

Streaming videos, MP3s and transcripts are all posted in the members area.

Both levels come with a 30-day trial of New Renaissance (trial offer not valid for existing Members). My New Renaissance forum is THE most astute private online forum in the world of Pay Per Click advertisers and direct marketers ANYWHERE. We have over 400 members, many of whom are world class. You also get access to two webinars each month, where we cover the latest developments in online marketing (and take Q&A). Plus you’ll receive my monthly newsletter shipped right to your doorstep. All this, complimentary for 30 days. After that, it’s $199/month, auto-billed to your card on file. Cancel at any time.

Guarantee: If you watch the first session and you’re not impressed and delighted then simply ask us for a refund (within 7 days of purchase) and you’ll get it. Frankly I can’t imagine facing a new year without the power of this strategy.

To Your Success.

Perry S. Marshall

80/20 Productivity Express One Hundred K – $299.00
Order Now
80/20 Productivity Express Five Hundred K – $499.00
Order Now
Not sure? Reach out to Cuyler [[email protected] or +1 (708) 552-3074] and he can help see if it’s a good fit for you or not.

What People Are Saying

Between Kolbe and the Marketing DNA sessions, I’ve had some major insights that are changing the way I work:

1.) I’ve realized just how much I gravitate to numbers to build my case or make a plan. This week I was trying to sell a company on sponsoring our website as an advertiser. Realized I wasn’t 100% sold that what we were asking was worth it, so I spent half the day researching ad rates to build an attractive package. Then *I* was convinced, and I could make a strong pitch.

Boom, closed a $6K deal.

2.) When I first took the Kolbe test, I saw they’d labeled me a “maintainer,” and thought that seemed wrong. I am not a plow horse type who just wants to do the same thing every day.

What I *do* like, though, is coming into a situation where someone has already gotten the ball rolling, then fix all the messes and put out the fires and turn it into a well-oiled machine by building STABLE, lasting systems.

Looking back, the most frustrating experiences I’ve had have all been trying to get from 0-60 mph.

But I love love love fixing something that’s running but half broken.

From now on, I’ll be looking for opportunities like this where I’m not starting from scratch.

Thanks for putting this program together—I’ve gotten a huge amount of value out of it.

SOOOO much good insight there…

Josh Earl, Email Copywriter

“I have totally revolutionized how I run my business…”

I’m a productivity junkie, and I’ve done just about every book. training, or system, from Stephen Covey to David Allen. Perry’s course has been some of the best teaching on this subject I’ve ever experienced. In the first session, I reclaimed an extra hour per day… by the third session I have totally revolutionized how I run my business – thanks!

Ray Edwards, Spokane WA

This has been really worthwhile. And it was great value for the price.

David Vranicar, Smyrna GA

Excellent…this has been an excellent course…thank you for the effort it took to put it together…I am grateful

Travis Phipps, Tulsa OK

This has been AWESOME, guys. Thanks a million!!

Lisa Trost, Forest VA

This class is TOTALLY worth it. The most important part for me so far is the time management and not letting my day run me but managing my time. I think it will take a lot of practice. It is a work in progress but it has been VERY helpful. Thanks again,

Teresa Sedmak, Rancho Cordova, CA

I got some excellant new information, reinforced some existing information, and introduced me to quite a few other resources and services. Thank you!

Fred Dirkse, Peoria IL

This was fantastic stuff, guys. One of those pesky life-changing experiences. Now I’m heading off to go do it.

Randall Ingermanson, Battle Ground, WA

Just a few simple tweaks that are breakin’ me freeeeeee! Really appreciate you guys. I got a lot out of it!

Ronnie Nijmeh, Toronto ON Canada