“It was like getting struck by lightning.”
-- Jordan Gerding
Corvallis, Oregon

“Rosetta Stone will someday be regarded as one of those 'I was there' moments, like dancing to Pink Floyd when they were playing in a railway shed and the tickets cost 50 cents. Perry Marshall laid the foundation stone for the future.”
-- Derek Dearden, London, UK

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“One of my companies (in which I’m an investor) just went from 3.5 to almost 10 million in revenue. I credit Rosetta Stone and your 80/20 book with helping to make that happen. I took most of the staff of the company to attend Rosetta Stone. The whole crew loved the program!”
-- Dave M. Frees, III, Unruh Turner Burke & Frees, Phoenixville, PA

I have guided thousands of entrepreneurs to six figures; hundreds to seven figures and beyond. Today, a handful are worth a billion.

Whether you desire to earn $400,000 a year strictly on your own terms, or if you prefer to join the ranks of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world, I’m delivering the world’s first Zero-to-Billion equity business strategy.

“Perry, based on seeing only a rough draft of your sales page, I'm buying airline tickets for Rosetta Stone from Australia. I bill out at $2750/hour. So taking a week out of my business, flying 14 hours each way to spend a week for this in the US, will equate to $2,750 x 40hrs = $110,000. That's the value I put on my decision to come to this event.” -- Ari Galper, creator of Unlock The Game®

Dear Marketing Professional:

Spring 2003. A programmer in Phoenix quit his day job. He and three other pals were hungry: “Will write software for food.” All had mortgages, kids in diapers, and car payments.

He typed “marketing” into Google. Spied my ad for “Nine Great Lies of Sales & Marketing” and clicked. Got hooked on my autoresponder. He purchased my “Marketing System in a Box” for $695 and signed up for his fast start consultation.

He was desperate to make the cash register ring. I explained that businesses have severe problems all the time, problems a crackerjack programmer like himself can solve.

I told him what he’s really selling is “money at a discount” – “I’ll solve your $50,000 problem and it will only cost you ten grand.”

I told him, “When one company has a problem, there’s usually a thousand more firms with the exact same problem. We can probably find a way for you to create one solution that has been funded by your initial client, then scale it into a profitable product.”

I’d just come from a tech company that had done exactly that, parlaying custom development into a product line and then to a chip. We sold that company for $18 million. It was only natural to steer him down the exact same path.

A few months later, a mortgage guy named Reed Hoisington needed a custom CRM system. He hired the guy and his team to build it.

That guy’s name was Clate Mask. One click on a Perry Marshall Google Ad led to a company called InfusionSoft.

In December 2017, venture analyst Nathan Latka detailed the case for a $967 million acquisition of InfusionSoft.

Clate, who is the world’s reigning king of autoresponders and automated marketing, discovered autoresponders from me – “Nine Great Lies of Sales & Marketing.” This planted the seeds of a billion-dollar firm. He accomplished all this in only 15 years.

You say:

“That’s nice Perry… but I’m not even remotely interested in building a billion-dollar company… so what does this have to do with ME???”

It has everything to do with you, because THE GOLDEN AGE OF MARKETING IS OFFICIALLY OVER.

Because all the world’s most sophisticated marketing has become a commodity.

And most small companies sorely lack one crucial ingredient that the big players prize more than anything else.

This is why I am taking equity in companies. The business I’m in is not the business you think I’m in. This is only the exterior. I’m going to show you the whole thing.

At the beginning, I addressed you as: “Dear Marketing Professional.”

Today I summon you to something far greater. More noble, more expansive, more ambitious than merely being a “Marketing Professional.”

I’m inviting you to join an elite group of individuals who stand head and shoulders above the masses of ordinary marketers.

NOT everybody will follow me. I’m not posturing when I say that. Most people who made the first transition won’t make the 2nd.

Sony didn’t invent the iPod, but they could and should have.

The taxi industry could have invented Uber, but they fought it instead.

General Motors didn’t invent Tesla, even though they should have. (They had a great electric car 20 years ago, the EV1… they scrapped it.)

All of these companies had perfectly good excuses for why they couldn’t swing the changes. In each case it meant taking a hatchet to what was “already working” and making a bold move.

(I know one of the guys who headed up the electric car program at GM in the 1990s. He shakes his head in disbelief at what GM discarded when they crushed those dearly-loved cars and hauled them to the junkyard. He was so disillusioned he left the auto industry and is now doing something completely different.)

Similarly, most marketers won’t make it around this bend. They too will invent an excuse to forever remain “marketers” and doom themselves to obsolescence.

For 25 years, “Marketing Professional” was the highest paid position in any company. That was during the golden age of marketing – from 1992 to 2017.

All successful CEOs had to possess great marketing acumen. This is illustrated by a story Dan Kennedy told about his conversation with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company: “Dan, why am I writing you a $160,000 check for a week of copywriting? I don’t make anywhere near $160,000 a week?”

Answer: “Because I know how to get customers. You don’t.”

We are exiting that golden age of marketing, and because I’ve had a front row seat to most of its history, there’s history you need to know.

1992 was the year Jeff Paul and Dan Kennedy created the “JPDK Model” (their initials) and began advertising in Success Magazine and paying volunteers from Rodney Tolleson’s church to mail out sales letters.

You may not have heard the term “JPDK,” but everyone knows what it is. JPDK was a way for any person who understood marketing to fix their own business, write their own success story, then become a marketing guru. A mini-celebrity earning a high income and enjoying the perks of modest fame, yet known only to people who go to certain seminars and work in certain professions.

People built guru businesses in chiropractic, dentistry, real estate, carpet cleaning and every other niche you can possibly imagine. If you’ve ever heard of Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Joe Polish or Jeff Walker, then you can thank the JPDK model.

I myself built a JPDK-style business based on Google AdWords. I later branched out into Facebook and 80/20.

Dan and Jeff drilled a fundamental mind shift into their students’ heads: The plastic surgeon must transform from “plastic surgeon,” to “marketer of a brand-new self-image.” The restaurant owner had to migrate from purveyor of food, to marketer of the superior restaurant experience. The software developer or IT specialist must morph from techie to marketer of high-tech services.

This was an absolutely crucial identity shift. An alteration of self-image, of career definition. Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs yielded to this shift and made small fortunes.

Average Bears couldn't see why they should make the transition. They protested: “But my business is different.” “It feels like selling out to the dark side.”

Those people eventually got jobs working for someone else.

And now the world has moved on... again. Even a “marketer identity shift” is insufficient for 2018. Those who fail to round the next bend will also wake up one day soon, punching the clock for the man.

If you define yourself as Marketer, you consign yourself forever as #2. In 2018, being the Marketer makes you the second highest paid person. Those who understand only marketing will be working for someone else.

Those who do not fully grasp how marketing fits into the larger picture will also be working for The Man.

Being “the marketer” in your own company (founder, CEO) makes you the #2 in your market. (At best.) You’re forever vulnerable to the whims and dictates of #1.

If you’re not the lead dog, the view’s the same.

Even the greatest marketer in the world now submits to the Equity Strategist.

YES, the Equity Strategist must thoroughly grasp marketing. But the Equity Strategist commands so much more.

Maybe you’re content just being the second highest paid person in the firm.

But don't forget:

  • #1 Enjoys the freedom; #2 is a slave
  • #1 Takes home 2-10X more money than #2
  • #1 Keeps 75-95% of the wealth; #2 fights over the scraps

The world is not 80/20 anymore, it’s 95/5. 5% of the people attain 95% of the wealth. Once upon a time, #2 could still walk away with 20%. Now #2 is lucky to take home 5%. Probably 2% or zero.

Five Steps to Ruling Your Kingdom:

  1. Marketing
  2. Equity
  3. Scale
  4. Moat
  5. Castle

Marketing is essential. You’ll never rule anything without a thorough knowledge of marketing. But it’s not enough anymore. And until you have a clear, simple, elegant road map to the big levers, you will be mired in a sprawling swamp-bog of complexity. Most marketing education stops here. It’s not enough.

Equity is mandatory. There are three kinds of equity: I) Cash Equity: You set aside enough money to invest in assets that throw off cash. II) 80/20 Lifestyle Equity: When you don’t have equity (i.e. baseball player or oil painter) but you do have other forms of leverage. III) Business Systems Equity: You build a business you can sell. Rosetta Stone is about getting Business Systems Equity – even if you’re in a type #I or #II business right now.

Scale is the hardest step. It’s also the step that looks the easiest! In nearly any industry it’s easy to scoop up 1% market share. Even if you’re a bit player, there’s low hanging fruit you can shake off somewhere. But… getting 10%, 20%, 30% of the market – everyone makes it sound easy but it’s very hard.

Moat is the most rare. Nothing determines the value of your equity more than your moat.

95-99% of businesses don’t have a moat. The world’s greatest moat is Network Effect. Network Effect is when Ebay has buyers, which attracts more sellers, who attract more buyers. Ebay might seem stodgy in 2018, but it’s more immune to attack than the presidential palace in North Korea. You could spend $100 billion and you’d still never get Ebay’s buyers and sellers to switch to a new auction site. And that’s the kind of moat you need. The problem is, nobody has worked out a formula for regular businesses to attain Network Effect. Before now.

3000 years ago, Solomon said build your barn before you build your house. And I say: build your moat before you build your castle!

Rosetta Stone is Network Effect for Everyman.

Castle is your personal financial protection. It’s your autonomy and freedom. It’s immunity from confiscatory tax laws. It’s your capacity to rule as a Wise King. It’s the fortress that enables you do to the things you care about. Superstars of Planet Perry like Clate Mask and Ed Harycki, Mark Ingles and Bill Seagraves; programmer Monica Snyder, dog trainer Susan Garrett and tennis champion Florian Meier, are not only accomplishing what they want financially, but their lifestyles support their personal priorities and deep convictions.

Rosetta Stone is the first training to integrate all five, delivering not only an A-Z road map to the most powerful marketing strategies in the world but giving you OWNERSHIP, SCALE and PROTECTION – so ten years from now you’re no longer huffing and puffing trying to make that hamster wheel spin.

Entrepreneurship used to be about sales and marketing. Now it’s about EQUITY.

It is for this reason I conducted a private seminar. 80-90% was me, with only a very few select other guests or presenters. I’ve never done this before.

This is vital and essential because I’ve reached a new synthesis of both existing and new tools and strategies. New synthesis mandates new identity.

Whether you're InfusionSoft hiring young Perry Marshall, or whether you're young Perry Marshall trying to climb on board with InfusionSoft, this is how you create a consulting agreement that gives you equity. (I did get equity in InfusionSoft.) And the seminar recordings are actually for both parties.

My FIRST Equity Adventure

Twenty years ago, I went to work as an employee at a small hardware and software design firm, Synergetic Micro Systems. Synergetic was struggling to migrate from hand-to-mouth product development “job shop” to full-fledged product manufacturer.

One year into the deal, I got “phantom shares.” Stock options.

I grew my tiny corner of that business from $200,000 to $4 million, and with the advent of our chip (which re-defined the company, as it was a Proposition Simplifier) we became ripe targets for acquisition.

Four years after I started that job, Synergetic got sold to Lantronix Inc. for $18 million.

I walked out that door with $268,000 USD in stock options. That was a landmark event in my life. It swung a wide-open door to all I’ve done since.

Had I not gotten that deal, I would not be here today talking to you.

Don’t forget: I was as important to them as they were to me. I gave that job my full heart, soul, and passion, because they gave me every reason to. The company was gunning for a big Exit Event and everyone was on board. The owners re-engineered the whole company with the Exit Event in mind.

It’s not like I didn’t have reasons to despair. There were all kinds of problems and I almost quit several times. I almost got fired too. But the incentive to persevere was huge.

I built sales funnels, a distribution and rep channel, wrote magazine articles, got publicity in trade journals, applied myself with conscientiousness and dedication. Went to seminars, educated myself in every way conceivable, subscribed to newsletters, hung out on discussion boards, was a bona fide marketing maniac 24/7. Bought recordings and read books voraciously. Cashed in my info product consulting coupons to solve problems in my sales job.

Without a “go to guy” like me, that company would have floundered and never achieved its zenith.

If you’re a founder or CEO, you need to find people like that. People who become assets that help you transform your business into the kind of star that either (1) gets sold for a large sum of money (so you have an exit); or (2) you design your company so family members can take over; or (3) structure your company so it channels enough dough into the bank that you earn your freedom.

If you’re a consultant, you need to use your passion, wisdom and expertise to purchase the same kind of lottery ticket I bought at Synergetic. You need to become the Master Strategist.

Rosetta Stone is the singular event that brings both groups together under one roof. Yes, so founders and consultants can meet each other. But most importantly because whether you’re a founder / CEO or a hired gun, you need to possess the Master Strategy. You want the capacity to handle ANYTHING that comes your way.

Oh, and by the way, Synergetic eventually achieved Network Effect too. It wasn’t Uber-style Network Effect. It was an ‘everyman’ version. But it was enough to fend off competitors and become a valuable asset and even in the cutthroat technology scene, the chip we developed is still sold today, 16 years later.

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Three Days of Intense Perry Delivery

The Rosetta Stone Seminar delivered three days of concentrated discovery and interaction, integrating and simplifying my sixteen years of consulting, authoring, teaching and strategy.

All other seminars I’ve hosted have either been small workshops with hot seats, or team efforts featuring multiple presenters and experts. I’ve not held any other large-format seminar where I delivered more than six hours of material myself.

At Star Seminar in 2014, Richard Koch did most of the presenting. In Marina Del Ray California the following year, I had many guests covering a wide range of topics. The fabled AdWords seminars in Maui Hawaii featured many speakers. The Rainmaker seminar for consultants had many speakers.

Roundtable meetings are more member content than Perry content. Only in the Influential Writing workshop in 2013 (twelve in attendance) did I give the majority of presentations across two days. There, the topic was extremely narrow.

This is nothing less than the definitive strategic marketing synthesis. An Operating System. The next level for people who already know the ABCs of marketing and who also know that what got you here won’t get you there.

It’s the zero-to-billion action plan.

Whether you simply desire to earn $400,000 a year strictly on your own terms, or if you prefer to join the ranks of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world, the Rosetta Stone seminar delivered the world’s first Zero-to-Billion business strategy.

The Rosetta Stone seminar was utterly unique. I named this after the Egyptian Rosetta Stone, discovered in 1799. This discovery was a MAJOR leap forward, bridging Egyptian, Greek and Coptic cultures and understanding three major languages. It converted HUGE fragments of ancient history, harmonizing discordant time lines, shedding brilliant light on ancient languages, unraveling cultural mysteries and bringing the story of mankind into alignment.

The idea of a “Rosetta Stone” is to be able to set three different languages side by side and be able to decipher what all of them mean.

The Rosetta Stone seminar integrates Traffic, Conversion and Economics (marketing) with the Master 80/20 Toolkit (including strategies for market domination, simplification and fast growth) and the Self-Sustaining Network Maneuver, which is the most adroit moat you can put around any business.

Rosetta Stone is THE definitive marketing education. Master Strategy. It leaps beyond mere marketing to encompass all of the major strategies that are creating million- and billion-dollar businesses in the 21st century.

What’s NEW in Rosetta Stone?

  1. The ability to walk into any business and instantly see how to add a zero. Maybe two or three zeros.
  2. Immediate ability to rule out businesses where adding zeros is impossible.
  3. A method for revealing the exact bottleneck standing in the way of more zeros.
  4. A road map to the exact tools, processes and strategies that add the zeros. (Half have never been seen by most Planet Perry members, and at no time have I ever explained how to put them all together.)
  5. If you’re a CEO, a model for locating key consultants and employees and giving them “golden handcuffs”.
  6. If you’re a consultant, a model for qualifying clients and taking equity in companies.
  7. A structure for ending consultant or client relationships that aren’t working.
  8. A model for sharing equity that’s fair to all and ensures you get paid.
  9. The master formula for Self-Sustaining Network, which is the strongest moat you can build around any castle.

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Or...Join New Renaissance 12 Yearly & save $500!

Register for $1999

In 1964(!), Jacques Ellul, a French theologian, said:

“Societies used to contain technologies.
Now technologies contain entire societies.”

This is a deep and profound insight. And it’s very practical because here’s what it means:

If you don’t own the Network, the Network owns you.

Many people think they own a business. In actuality Facebook owns it. Google owns it. Amazon owns it. Apple owns it.

Many other people think they own a business. Sure, legally they do.

But practically they don’t own anything at all. Because they don’t control it. Worse, they can’t keep other people from showing up and stealing their business.

There is no neutrality. Whatever business you’re in, you need to own a network. And when I say “own” I mean real equity.

  • Mark McShurley, member of my US Roundtable, has discovered a surprisingly effortless form of Network Effect that already has given him a substantial edge over local competitors. He has gone from desperately struggling to admirably successful and double-digit growth in two years.
  • Yesterday, British Roundtable Member John Brudenell-Leach and I discussed a way that he can merge two of his web properties together in a way that will provide an exponentially strong protection against competitors.
  • This week, Swedish Roundtable Member Sylvia Oppenheim discovered she already has the basis of a fortress, fully functioning as a “basement” in her business. In the next 12-18 months she will emerge as the leader, a Network-protected force in a market that’s still sorting itself out. By the time others realize what she’s done, it will be too late for them to react.

Network Effect is not just for Silicon Valley. For the first time now, it’s also for mere mortals. This will be the Definitive guide to Network Effect. I’ve never seen such a thing anywhere else.

WHY does Rosetta Stone work? It works because whether you’re at $40,000 trying to see your way to $100,000, or $40 million trying to see your way to $100 million, the questions become exactly the same!

This was the first time I have ever brought all these elements together in such a tight fashion. You can use this to solve any problem.

  • If you’re the right person in the wrong business, Rosetta Stone will tell you.
  • If you’re the wrong person in the right business, Rosetta Stone will tell you.
  • If you just need to pour on the traffic, then watch the ATM machine spit $1000 bills on your living room floor, Rosetta Stone will tell you.
  • If you need to re-invent your product and industry first, Rosetta Stone will tell you.
  • If you wish to build a moat around your castle that none other can penetrate, Rosetta Stone will show you how.

No one else has ever achieved this. This is the world’s first infinitely scalable business and marketing model.

If you can make a thousand, you can make a million. If you can make a million, you can make a billion. The only requirement being that the market itself is big enough. (Vietnamese Pot Belly Pigs are not a billion-dollar market.)

Rosetta Stone is the one single set of strategies which applies to everything from lemonade stands to billion-dollar businesses; from the single keyword on Google to the million-dollar-a-week ad spends.

There are eight steps to total market domination, to attaining the respect of your peers and total career satisfaction:

  1. Use Renaissance Time to gain discernment and clarity.
  2. Make 3x more profit with an “Espresso Machine”.
  3. Earn $1,000 per hour at least 1 hour a day with 80/20 Time.
  4. Make your product irresistible by Simplifying.
  5. Carve out a niche where you're the undisputed #1 via Star Principle.
  6. Build a network that becomes competition-proof as it grows.
  7. Get equity & enjoy passive income.
  8. Enjoy freedom to create and invent every single day.

This is Perry’s “eightfold way” sort of like the eightfold path Buddhists follow. How do YOU score on these items?

Wanna know how most people score on these items?

  • 5% actually do Renaissance Time every day.
  • Many DO apply the Espresso Machine principle. (Most who do, grant themselves an overnight raise of 10-25%.)
  • Most people at least understand the concept of 80/20 time and making $1,000/hour. Most have difficulty carrying it through to completion. Few actually make $1000/hour.
  • Less than 2% create a Simplifying product. (Harder than it sounds. During the last year I’ve made great strides making it easier.)
  • Only 5% build Star businesses (also a lot harder than it looks).
  • Almost NOBODY knows how to build a competition-free moat around their business. Most people who think they own their business, don’t – because ownership is about control and immunity from disaster and most owners have neither.
  • Less than 5% get real equity. They’re sharecroppers and hourly contractors.
  • Very few achieve the freedom to create and re-invent.

These dismal results speak for themselves. Despite the fact that most people reading these words understand marketing very well, most possess little or nothing that generates equity or sets them free.

How about you?

News flash: In 2023 and beyond, merely knowing sales and marketing will NOT set you free. Anybody who tells you it will is either lying or deluded.

You need the five steps, which are:

  1. Marketing
  2. Equity
  3. Scale
  4. Moat
  5. Castle

Success eludes even people who know how to do all kinds of “sophisticated” things.

Marketing is and may well remain one of the highest paid professions. But all by itself it does not put you in the pole position anymore. It has ceased to be the key.

Marketers are headed for the same doom as doctors. In the ’60s and ’70s, doctors had the world by the tail. Took time off. Called the shots. They enjoyed insane income levels.

But now with insurance and hospitals and consolidation, the independent MD who has any control of his life is a relic of the past. With HMOs and PPOs and insurance companies and institutional bureaucracy… they spend most of their time punching information into facility-owned laptops, serving algorithms and feeding machines, complying with HIPAA laws…

…They don’t have time to listen to patients; they’re caught up in the insufferable, carnivorous bureaucracy that, as Howard Jacobson says, “makes the mafia look like nursery school.”

The “health care” beast feeds them nothing but stress and a stomach bloated with problems. They have no choice but to stay chained to their stethoscopes and clipboards because somehow or another they have to pay off that $340,000 med school bill.

Marketers are careening towards the same fate. Highly skilled, occasionally respected, necessary and essential, but replaceable…


Spinning that wheel as fast as humanly possible.

If you define yourself as a marketing professional and not a Master Strategist, you are bound to end up frustrated, confused and disappointed. Running on an impossible treadmill like the average MD. (But receiving less respect, less admiration. You get less deference at cocktail parties.)

You’re working way too hard. Too many hours, too many interruptions, too much trivia. You’re far too focused on income.

But worst of all, you’re not getting enough equity.

Almost EVERYONE misdiagnoses their own marketing problems because they’re applying the wrong strategy. They don’t know what to do. They’re solving the wrong problems. Nobody else knows how to diagnose them correctly, either.

Haggard people get dragged from one promotion to another, one product launch to another, one diagnosis to another, one seminar to another, never really getting traction. Putting on a façade of ‘having it all together’ but unable to solve even their own basic problems.

Most marketers are seething with frustration. You may never have aspired to build a billion-dollar company, but you still know you could and should have gotten so much further.

You already know you shouldn’t be spinning your wheels nearly so much.

Please understand:

  1. Most people have never witnessed my Integrated Marketing Strategy. They only know the parts. The bare externals.

    Those who have attended Intensives, City Tours, Roundtable meetings and private consultations where they saw a thorny problem get resolved in 30-60 minutes have witnessed the Integrated Marketing Strategy in action.

    They’ve seen it live but they’ve never seen the formula behind it.

    People spend weeks, months, years, hacking away at the wrong problem, never getting to the bottom of the swamp, never getting to the root.

    My methods have evolved across multiple bands and platforms, integrating PPC ads, copywriting strategies, systematic creativity, Pareto, Simplify and Star Principle, Marketing DNA, Swiss Army Knife, Network Effects, “building the Maze” and Maze 2.0. And evolutionary strategies exported from biology and transplanted into business.

    I have done deep work in over 300 industries, witnessing many entrepreneurs grow from literally nothing to millions, tens of millions, and more recently, hundreds of millions of dollars. A few are knocking on the billion-dollar door.

    During the next five years, some of my clients will cross the ten-billion-dollar threshold.

    I’ve devised a dozen different specific tools that pinpoint opportunities, reduce risk and twist levers. Until now, all this has been delivered piecemeal and a la carte. It’s never been incorporated into a seamless whole.

    Literally only one Planet Perry member in 1000 possesses a broad apprehension of how all of it fits together. Only a sprinkling of my Roundtable and Private Client members, of which there is at most a couple dozen. No one has a total comprehensive view.

    None have seen the new strategies.

    When you switch from Marketer to Equity Strategist, many tasks fall away as unnecessary. Others become far easier to outsource or combine with others. Still others suddenly explode in effectiveness.

  2. Taken complete, my global strategy is more thorough, more whole, more scientific and more applicable to a wider range of businesses, than any other system available from anyone, anywhere.

If you want to become an information marketer, Dan Kennedy is the #1 authority on Earth. If you want preeminence, seek out Jay Abraham. If you want philosophy, go to Seth Godin. If you want a product launch, Jeff Walker is the primo alpha dog. Video Sales Letters, Jon Benson. Selling from the stage, Joel Bauer. Webinars, Dave Dee. Discovery Contracts, John Paul Mendocha.

All are vitally important specialties, and many have made millions using these strategies. In some cases, you can wear the Marketer hat and absolutely master just that one thing, and take home a mid to high six-figure income.

One Rosetta Stone Participant's Story:

I was living in Ireland when my third child was born, and in Ireland you don’t see a doctor when you are pregnant unless you have some sort of complication.

Doctors don’t deliver babies there, midwives do. And midwives don’t induce you. They don’t rush nature. Apparently, for me, nature decided I should be pregnant for almost 44 weeks before I went into labor.

By this point, I was tired. I hadn’t been able to get a decent night sleep for some time with the bi-hourly requirement of emptying my bladder. It was wearing me down.

Just when I felt like I was at my breaking point, things began to shift and move and labor was beginning.

As I progressed from early labor to active labor, I recall grabbing a traction bar hanging above me every time a contraction hit. I knew it would increase in intensity for thirty seconds and then peak and slowly decrease. So when it started, I would grab the bar, hold my breath and hang on tight.

One of the midwives saw me doing this and she told me to let go of the bar and breathe. So I did. Well, that just made things move even faster. Meaning contractions were getting longer, stronger, and closer together.

I was now hurtling towards the end of active labor, or transition (the most intense part from when the baby moves into the birth canal to when he or she actually appears).

It is one of the most intense, overwhelming and all encompassing experiences you could ever imagine and it demands complete surrender.

It pushes you to your absolute limits.

As I advanced to the point where the baby was crowning, I looked up at the midwife standing on my right hand side. She was a sturdy woman of about 5 feet with short blonde hair who had given birth to 5 children of her own. She was not to be trifled with.

I cried out to her in desperation and said, “I cannot do this. ”

And without hesitating she slapped me.

Of course I was stunned, but she certainly got my attention. She looked me right in the eye and she said, “You have come this far and worked this hard and this is the worst part. You can do this. Now take a deep breath and just PUSH THROUGH.”

And with that my son was born.

And all of the pain was instantly overwritten by absolute joy. Every ounce of pain, discomfort, exhaustion, and hopelessness had flipped to their mirror opposites. And I realized something.

Even though it was my baby, my body, and my labor, even though there was no one else who could do it for me, having those midwives made all of the difference.

And that memory pulsed out of my memory while I was at Rosetta Stone this week.

At the “Memos” gathering at the seminar, Vivian Hearn mentioned how she felt Perry as a doctor, but I began to wonder if he wasn’t actually more of a midwife.

Socrates often referred to himself as a midwife.

Socrates describes his brand of midwifery in Plato’s dialogue the Theaetetus as follows:

“My art of midwifery is in general like theirs [real midwives]; the only difference is that my patients are men, not women, and my concern is not with the body but with the soul that is in travail of birth. And the highest point of my art is the power to prove by every test whether the offspring of a young man's thought is a false phantom or instinct with life and truth.”

Socrates was describing how he assists those who are pregnant with either true ideas or false beliefs (as Perry called it head trash) in their delivery.

I did not know who Perry Marshall was a few weeks ago. A series of unfathomable synchronicities led me to receive a copy of a letter about a seminar he was organizing in May.

I read half of that letter and enough was triggered in me that I felt a strong resonance and call to be there, even though I am not a “marketing person”.

I thought many times about canceling and getting my money back, but something greater than myself kept telling me not to do that. It held me in position. Even the night before I was to make the drive to Chicago I still was not sure if I would go or not.

And suddenly, the circumstances around me swirled and changed in ways that miraculously put every project I have been working on into a temporary hibernation for these three days. Everyone I have been working with became unavailable until Friday. So I got into my car and drove off not knowing at all what to expect.

I did not have a single distraction while I was there. No phone calls. No urgent emails. Nothing preventing me from being fully present.

When we kicked off on Day One, it was like a lightening bolt. There was so much power and energy in this room, it was palpable.

I did not take a single note. I did not want to stop listening for even one second. I was transfixed. It was like with every word spoken and every topic touched, that C.S. Lewis quote would roll through my head “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”

And it had nothing to do with marketing and everything to do with fundamental universal root principles.

There was tangible resonance and tuning. I still feel reverberations and I believe I will far into the future.

On the morning of the third day, I decided to stand for the session. I am glad that I did because I don’t think I would have been able to stay in my seat.

The discourse of that morning was so profoundly moving that when the call for questions came the only one I had was “Is that actually happening right now??!!??”

I felt the Word. I felt the Logos. I felt it in my bones. And I know others did too. So overwhelmed by it that we could not hold back tears.

So please accept this as my thank you letter of sorts – to the universe, God, Spirit, Life itself, to all of you who were there, and to Perry.

It was monumental and I am grateful.

-- Jennifer McManus-Kirk
Founder & CEO, Map Key Partners
Dayton, Ohio

But if your goal is to BUILD EQUITY, so your business itself is the asset, then the majority of marketing advice will HURT YOU NOT HELP YOU.

Most marketing advice is very short-term and tosses YOU solidly back into the center of the hamster wheel because it makes you the implementer of everything. And quality control chief. And recruiter. And babysitter. And diagnostic physician.

The ideal customer for most marketing gurus is the obsessive-compulsive entrepreneur who works 12-15 hours per day; the guy or gal who has built a business whose only barrier to entry is its own complexity and the insanity of its owner.

Their ideal customer is a person for whom all you have is a jack hammer (marketing) and everything looks like a nail (just use more and better marketing).


  • If your goal is to build a company to millions, tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars;
  • If your goal is to consult with a company and get equity, so that even as an independent consultant you are building solid gold nest egg;
  • If you want to be able to solve any business problem and transform any qualifying firm into a growth machine;
  • If you wish to build a Star business, one that garners a disproportionate share of the growth and profits;

Then you need Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone is the zero-to-billion-dollar formula. It’s the five steps of marketing, equity, scale, moat and castle.

Rosetta Stone recognizes that total marketing strategic expertise is mandatory, but it is far from the only thing and if you think it’s the only thing, you work yourself into a giant trap.

A trap you never escape from.

What Is It Like to Possess Life-Changing Money?

Casey Graham came to a 4-Man Intensive in 2014. At the time he had a flourishing guru / subject matter expert / info marketing business, as well as a small, wobbly, Software As Service business that needed a lot of work.

He asked me what he should focus on.

I said, “Casey, I can counsel guru info businesses in my sleep. But the guru biz should not be your main gig. You should only use the guru income to bootstrap your true business. Your true business is your software company. You need to hunker down, focus on that, build it and sell it.”

Two years later he sold The Rocket Company to a Private Equity firm. He got enough money that he’ll never have to work again a day in his life.

Since then he’s started another company called Gravy. Gravy recovers failed recurring payments for online memberships. Casey is back in the game, enjoying the thrill of the hunt.

I knew not only how Casey should market his business, I also saw how he could position himself for a very large payday. And it took me less than 60 seconds to figure that out and begin outlining the strategy.

Casey’s $7500 4-Man Intensive returned 1000X ROI to his retirement account.

Had Casey been in a different kind of business, I would have given him still different advice. Whatever he needed.

I have seen the inner workings of thousands of companies, small and large. There is no guru, college, university, agency, course or system in the world that equals “the engine parts scattered across the floor in Perry’s garage.”

Before now, they were engine parts in Perry’s garage. People who came to various events watched me pick up cylinders, crank shafts, fan blades and engine blocks and put stuff together. But it was never a complete race car that you could climb into and drive. Not before now.

At Rosetta Stone I installed all those disparate parts into a screaming 12-cylinder race car engine. There is almost no business that I don’t know how to improve. There is almost no business in existence where I cannot reach the root of the problem.

One Rosetta Stone participant told us this:

I brought the CEO/owner of the company with me to Rosetta Stone. Yesterday, he did this…

I’ve been consulting/teaching with a friend about his sales processes for several months. In that time he’s seen/heard Perry’s concepts, but other than the pre-seminar videos, the conference was his first direct exposure to Perry.

He loved it. The light came on.

At the event he did the Marketing DNA test. It nailed him. He’s a fantastic in-person salesman — a true closer...

...A LIVE closer who doesn’t need to be tied up in management details…

…and management details consumed him.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the company’s growth stagnated a couple of years ago his limit was reached. No one could make a decision until he blessed it. Even for $10/hour work.

Perry asked us to identify our “ultimate bottleneck.” I wrote down “get bigger than” my friend/the CEO. Meaning: Get him out of the minutia and into his sweet spot.

On the way home I downloaded Audible on his phone and he listened to 80/20 Sales & Marketing for the first time. More lights came on.

Here’s the punch line to all of this:

Yesterday in a team meeting, he delegated responsibility for almost everything under the roof, except closing new deals and customer relationships.

It’s one thing to have an epiphany, it’s another to pull the trigger. And quite another to see the epiphany turn into results months and years later.

It’s like having a child: the epiphany is conception (no wonder we were all smiling), sometimes it needs to incubate (gestation), putting it into action is childbirth (hard labor), and you don’t get to see the child walk on his or her own two feet for 18 months.

BUT, my friend/company CEO had a breakthrough that he is putting into action, and I can’t say THANK YOU enough to Perry and everyone else.

The limitation was that I had never shown my students how to assemble a complete vehicle from those engine parts.

This isn’t exactly a confession. It wouldn’t be appropriate to apologize for the piecemeal nature of what I have done so far. My Evolution 2.0 Mastermind Group, for example (which I do not advertise) has a collective net worth of nearly a billion dollars. One member is taking one of his many companies public as we speak. So the engine parts all by themselves are incredibly valuable.

But integrated together into one cohesive system, they become exponentially more potent.

Planet Perry members who have closely followed my strategies are prospering quite well, thank you very much. Mark Ingles, who has been a diligent estudiante for over 10 years, who used to moderate our Renaissance Club forum, just sold his third company and is doing very pleasurable consulting gigs on his own terms.

One of Mark’s current consulting gigs has the potential to topple an entire industry. Mark is playing an equity game again.

Before now it was not possible to tightly integrate all of this. I myself didn’t know how to pull it all together. It was always a work in progress. Something only very diligent students like Mark were able to grasp.

This progression is the result of 16 years of perfecting my game, my systems, and my model.

Now in recent months it has finally emerged as a complete integrated philosophy, toolbox, and system.

My own ability to explain it in full and proper context is exponentially superior to what it was even 12 months ago.

I have integrated these excellent tools so that instead of being fabulous pieces-parts, they speak to a whole in an artistic and strategic way.

For example, I had to create the Marketing DNA Test because there was no assessment that accurately showed you how people sell and persuade. The Kolbe test told you how people work. The Myers-Briggs helped you slot your friends as thinkers vs. feelers, introverts vs. extroverts.

Yet there was no tool that said “If you need a copywriter, hire this gal… if you need a guy who sells on live webinars, hire this guy…” There was no tool that said, “If you’re attempting to become a copywriter, don’t bother… or if YOU want to be a copywriter, you will richly succeed!”

It took a full year to build the Marketing DNA test. This had been based on conversations with thousands of entrepreneurs. Then we tested it on hundreds of people and solicited very detailed feedback. I recognized that different people sell VERY differently from each other, and today this test has helped tens of thousands of people find their sales & marketing groove.

Josh Earl was working for the man as a programmer. He took the Marketing DNA Test. It said he should become a copywriter. Six months later he’d earned his first $20K as a freelancer and two years later he was a full-time copywriter, enjoying his new life far more than the old one.

Most of my tools and tests are like this, and I’ve got over a dozen (which most of my members don’t even know anything about).

For example, I’ve spent the last three years developing a process for vetting companies that I take equity in. This has been a laborious, painstaking process that I have gone through again and again. I continue to develop new insights on Simplify and Star Principle. People continue to discuss the legendary Star seminar, even though it took place more than three years ago.

What You Get With Rosetta Stone

As I said you get a detailed strategy based on real-time, real-world, right-now case studies of small players who are turning stale industries into small fortunes.

But you also get tools. Incredibly powerful tools. Tools that will pay for themselves within days or weeks of your purchase by delivering precision insights.

“We used the scalability tool and, to my surprise, it came out that we need to 100X our business, and we can 100X our business. Perry has actually pointed this out a few times before. It’s nice to see how that all works, and it’s all logically worked out. It’s not just a sort of “out of the air” figure.

“One of the really valuable things about being here is that there’s a whole load of tools that Perry’s developed that are really, really useful and help you to analyze your business. What you can do is use them and then tweak something and see if it has any impact so you can actually work out what the most useful thing to do is, and sort of prioritize what’s going to help you the most quickly. There’s a whole range of tools that he’s got that all tie together and, with the whole model, it’s really useful.”

-- Nancy Slessenger
Birmingham, UK

“As a marketing consultant, an unexpected use of the Simplify Scorecard & Scalability Scorecard, is as a rack the shotgun tool for potential client engagement. Those two tools cut through the fuzzy stuff real quick.”

-- Bradley Schmidt, New Zealand

"Purchased your Rosetta Stone at Jack Born’s recommendation back in 2018. Didn’t watch it.

"Now I’m at the cusp of a new film-related business idea, and in Providential timing, got an email from you that mentioned Rosetta. “Oh yeah, need to check that out.”

"In no time, my business stuff was halted this last week in order to finish your event. OH MAN. It’s freaking amazing. I mean…. DANG. Thank you, thank you."

-- Kyler Boudreau
Theater Eleven Pictures
Bowling Green, KY

Reactions to the Rosetta Stone Seminar


Overview of tools included in Rosetta Stone:

Most seminars deliver hacks and techniques. Rosetta Stone delivers simple, elegant, powerful diagnostic and problem solving tools:

Scalability Scorecard - What is the ceiling of your business? How big can it grow? Is there some fundamental limitation that will prevent your business from going beyond a certain point? One of the most futile things you can do is attempt to scale a business that refuses to scale. The Scalability Scorecard will, in minutes, tell you whether it’s possible to add one zero… two zeros… three zeros… or none at all.

If you’re a consultant or agency, this ONE resource will give you the ability to force a client to sit up straight and give you his or her full attention.

If you’re a founder, company owner, president or CEO, this will tell you what your far-reaching bottlenecks are. It may save you years of tears. It will tell you if you’re on the right track and it will tell you if you need to alter course.

Network Effect Scorecard - How hospitable is your business for Network Effect? Some companies don’t support Network Effect at all. Others are fertile ground. Still others are ripe but only IF you engage specific, non-obvious channels that most people leave dormant.

Most people are not accustomed to thinking about Network Effect AT ALL. Rosetta Stone will permanently change that and this tool will give you the magnifying glass you need to assess any business.

Promotion Success Scorecard - Have you ever done a product introduction or product launch and it needed to make $100,000 and it only made $15,000? Pretty disappointing, eh? (Crushing maybe.) This tool will SLASH the chances of this happening to you.

Perry Marshall Media Map - This is one of the most fascinating and revealing tools ever. It equips you to do 80/20 on the ONSLAUGHT of media choices that you have. (Nobody can do Google and Facebook and YouTube and Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat and EBay and Amazon and Radio and TV and newspaper and Periscope and blogs and XM Radio and banner ads and affiliates and text messages…

The ‘Martini Glass’ Unlimited Traffic Calculator - How much will it cost you to scale your traffic UP? How much will a boost in conversions increase your market share? This tool tells you.

Star Principle Scorecard - You can systematically ratchet your business up the scale of dominance by incrementing key levers one at a time - until you are capable of transcending your competitors on a variety of fronts. Not by brute force but by finesse and elegance.

The Espresso Machine Tool - X-Ray vision for optimizing your pricing to maximize profitability and market share.

Simplify Scorecard - Gauges not only your product line but your company culture for navigating what most people find to be an impossible maze of subtleties. You can’t afford to get this wrong because most people only get ONE shot their entire life. You better make it right.

I built these tools (and more) FOR the Rosetta Stone seminar and community. Rosetta Stone has now permanently changed Planet Perry because I have laid the foundations for the next 20 years of marketing.

"DEAL with the HARSH realities or they will deal with you". That, after comparing an 80/20 world to the 95/5 frictionless world, hammered it home for me. We simply cannot afford to be sleepwalking, avoiding conflict or dragging head trash from our past along, period.

-- Bradley Schmidt, New Zealand

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Should You Invest in Rosetta Stone?

Howard Jacobson, author of AdWords for Dummies, says, “I’ve never met anyone who regretted giving Perry Marshall money.”

I challenge you to name ANY course I’ve ever sold that was a waste of money. Even if you bought it ten years ago. Compare that to the rest of the world.

Compare that to the other courses you spent your money on.

"Internet Marketing” 99% of the time means: Flash in the pan… idea of the week… flavor of the month… technique du jour… one product launch after another… one promotion after another… “one thing that you absolutely positively MUST MUST get RIGHT NOW…” and then it’s something else, and something else, and something else.

Aren’t you tired of setting your hair on fire and getting all panicked for something that’s gonna be obsolete six months from now?

I have never done that.

I challenge you to name ANYTHING I have taught in the last 16 years that ever became truly obsolete.

People who bought my original PDF “Definitive Guide to Google AdWords” in 2003 or my original paperback “Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords” in 2007 will find that at least 50% of those books are STILL valid. (Even though they were instruction manuals for an ad platform that “changes all the time;” even though Google has infernally futzed with their features and algorithms etc. etc.)

Because not only do these methods work on Google, with minor tweaks they also work in Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, and any other advertising medium you can think of.

The courses live on. The original investments my students made continue to pay off.


Because more than any other marketing and business author, I teach PRINCIPLES. I ground you in eternal truths that stand the test of time.

And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. -Matthew 7:25

My original AdWords book was not primarily designed to be an AdWords book. It was really designed to serve as a fundamental direct marketing education, using Google AdWords as the working toolbox.

So even if you got violently Google-slapped and then permanently vomited out of the Google AdWords gullet, your Perry Marshall education continued to sustain you wherever you went and whatever you did next.

Last week I did an interview on the Trevor Chapman podcast. Trevor is now reading 80/20 Sales & Marketing for the 5th time (physical book, plus Kindle, plus Audible) because it’s that rare kind of book which, while delivering immediately actionable profitable strategies from just skimming a few pages, offers tremendous depth.

Every time you read, you’ll pick up something you missed the last time through.

Perry Marshall is not the “online marketing guy” or the “Google AdWords guy” or “Facebook ads guy” or “the 80/20 guy.” Perry Marshall is the only authority that will show you how to integrate ALL of this into one cohesive, zero-to-billion strategy. And walk you through, step by step.

  • You can build and stop at $1 million if you like.
  • Or you can stop at $10 million.
  • You can stop at $100 million.
  • You can stop anywhere you choose.

It’s not like I’m going to hide the problems you encounter as you climb that ladder. Casey Graham was unprepared for how his life would change when he had “FU money” and on a recent interview with me, he got naked about what that was really like.

Casey’s newfound freedom was shocking. It had downsides he did not anticipate. He quickly found out: sitting in Starbucks all day long looking at your giant investment portfolio balance is not in any sense a satisfying way to while away your day. He eventually re-tooled and now he’s back on the hunt. New company, new adventure.

But the point is – with THIS plan, you get to choose. Elsewhere, you do not get that choice.

Register for $2499

Or...Join New Renaissance 12 Yearly & save $500!

Register for $1999

Is Life-Changing Money a Choice You Have NOW?

Imagine an emergency. Let’s say you’re like long-time member Scott Marlow, whose four-year-old daughter Savannah was diagnosed with cancer, and you have to put everything on the back burner and attend to a crying need… would you be able to do it?

What you get here, that you get nowhere else, is the ability to understand, in advance, whether your $100K business can even become a $1M business. Whether your $1M business can grow to $10 million.

You will get the road map. You will get the tools and the processes. And it will all solidly snap together so that you never again wonder where the real bottleneck is.

You may not care about extreme wealth or building great empires. Do you just want to solve some problems and earn some dinero?

Daniel Park needed medical care for his autistic son. Daniel is an independent consultant and he sent us this:

“The $25K project I mentioned to you (and to Perry during our interview) is going well, and I’m in negotiations for a project with another client that’s even bigger.

And these blessings could not have come at a better time.

It has enabled us to do some targeted healing on our son. Rubén is almost ten and has autism. We’ve been doing biomedical intervention on him since his diagnosis at age 2, but lacked the funds for a really big push.

Thanks to what I’ve learned from you and Perry, we’ve been able to do just that. Our first stop this summer was Boston, where he was able to get scoped by one of the world’s leading pediatric gastroenterologists, and now we’re down in Florida doing IV treatments at a cost of more than $1K per week.

Even if we had health insurance in this country (which we don’t), they deny coverage for these sorts of treatments as a matter of course. All told, the cost of this trip is likely to exceed $20K.

It would have been an impossible dream without my newly increased ability to “make the rain.”

What I’ve learned has been a lifesaver."

A few weeks later…

"We're seeing a thousand little improvements which, while each are very subtle taken on their own, add up to a lot. A few examples:

  • A lot more singing and general chatter.
  • He seeks more interaction with us, as opposed to simply doing his own thing.
  • Better eye contact.
  • Trying things he's never he's never been willing to try before.

If that's not worth developing better chops, I don't know what is.”

Recently I was on a 14-hour flight from Qatar to Chicago. I was stretching my legs and walking around in the back of the plane when I overheard a conversation about someone’s sales funnel, conversion tracking and autoresponders.

The guy was corporate, not an entrepreneur, but I thought to myself, “All those techniques we invented fifteen years ago are now completely mainstream.”

This means two things for you:

  1. Yes, there’s a lot of marketing money sloshing around out there, and if you’re competent you can always land a gig. But…
  2. If you want to pick up the serious headway, you HAVE TO know something all the other blokes don’t.

There are a LOT of folks who have basic marketing chops, who are within spitting distance of $100K a year. They’re getting by. And they’re wondering – how can I leap past the crowd and make SIGNIFICANT money and attain SIGNIFICANT success, and not be just another guy who knows how to write headlines and buy Facebook ads?

If you’re that guy or gal making $100K a year and working very hard for it, what would you experience in your life if you had the five keys to the entrepreneurial kingdom?

  1. Marketing
  2. Equity
  3. Scale
  4. Moat
  5. Castle

There’s yet another kind of marketer. This is a letter I received in November:

Hi Perry,

My name is Dennis. I run a company in NYC.

I have been a fan and buyer of all the current and past greats –Dan Kennedy, Joe Polish, Tony Robbins, Dean Jackson, Jim Rohn, Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy, Tim Ferris, Napoleon Hill, John Wooden, Darren Hardy, the great Peter Drucker, and not to forget the incredible Gary Halbert. … I could go on.

Not a great focus person. Too many ideas and not enough settling on a few let alone ONE. I am also not great at executing. I start and then don’t drill down, off to the next thing.

I’m on Reboot with you right now. The reason I am writing to you is to say first that I believe your services and products come from a most admirable, honest center, to help people.


You say so what? Well, my ex-wife filed a motion against me because $150-175K a year isn’t enough. In her defense, she is lonely and depressed. I get it. I have told her I would never abandon her. And I wouldn’t. Her late dad is one of my heroes if not my number one. Her mother is the consiglieri at the gates, St Alice as she is referred to.

When we divorced 5 years ago, I was making $950K a year. The company has slid down and I am down to a measly $350K a year, no mere pittance by any standard.

But her lawyer wants me bad. She wants the $230K a year in alimony and the $500K in equitable distribution on my business.

So be it. Court is on Nov 17 and I have filed my counter motion and response / certification.

Carol, my ex, caved and filed. She and her lawyer both want me!! As an entrepreneur, I know the $200K+ that I owe in notes are nothing if I have just a decent year. We used to gross 3.2 million, now 2.1 million.

Gross net has dropped from as much as 22-29% down to 14% because of the type of work that is now in our business model.

I have made my mistakes. I haven’t sold my house and now am having trouble selling it. Once I get out of it and live by Dave Ramsey standards things should ease up.

So anyway, I am, in honor of my own 65th birthday, going to Reboot. I love your newsletter. I loved your wife’s interview. I was actually thinking of sending it to Carol, my ex-wife. I too have many books that I wish I could read cover to cover and retain everything. Isn’t that what we try to do, but settle for nuggets?


What is Dennis’s REAL problem???

Here’s what it’s not:

It’s not that his video or artistic skills are lacking in any way.

It’s not because he’s 65.

And it’s not because there’s anything “wrong” with his prior marketing education (it's actually crucial; it’s just not enough anymore!)

If you dive to the bottom of his swamp, it’s that 10 years ago, when he was pulling down $950K, the hottest skillset and the crying need in the marketplace was basic marketing chops.

But today, basic marketing chops are only a minimum basic requirement. The hockey puck moved.

Today, skills to execute any one aspect of marketing are only sufficient to put groceries on the table. But if you want to pull down a high six-figure income, if you want to attain equity and wealth, if you want to own assets, then you have to be the master conductor. And you have to convert marketing components into HARD assets.

  • If you know copywriting, you can always get a job as a copywriter. If you’re really good, you might be worth ten grand for each job.
  • If you know how to buy PPC ads or social media, then you can start an agency and then you’re worth 15% of ad spend.
  • If you’re good at webinars or speaking or social media, same deal. You can always get a job.

But if Dennis is tired of making 14% and wants to make 30% or 40%... or if he wants 3-4% of a MUCH bigger pie… He’s got to move the needle big-time.

Today the world has cargo ships full of basic marketing talent. You can hire competent marketers on Fiverr for five bucks a shot. On Upwork you may eventually find someone with the skills you need (after five or seven false starts anyway).

But strategists who know what they’re doing… know how to put the pieces together… are in very short supply. THIS IS THE POINT – because Master Strategists rule the world.

Remember, Master Strategy is:

  1. Marketing
  2. Equity
  3. Scale
  4. Moat
  5. Castle

Joshua Long is author of Bottleneck Breakthrough. Josh and I work together on clients I take equity positions in.

Josh said, “When I talk to a client about their business, the thing they THINK is the problem with their business is almost never the problem.”

He cited one client who thought they needed autoresponders.

Yes, they do need autoresponders – 4-6 months from now. But what they really needed NOW was a very specific hole plugged in their customer follow-up.

(Picture fresh hot qualified prospects like glazed donuts, emerging fresh out of the oven on a conveyor belt, arriving at the end of the belt, then falling into a dark grey Rubbermaid trash can and getting wheeled out to the landfill.)

Yes, they need autoresponders, but that is only one part of a larger strategy with many moving parts.

Joshua said to me:

“Nobody knows how to diagnose their own problem. And most marketers and agencies don’t know how to diagnose problems either, so the client ends up paying them to create more problems!”

A problem clearly defined is 95% solved.

A problem NOT clearly defined is 95% sink-hole.

Marketing has grown so vast, so sophisticated, so many tentacles and options, that if you don’t possess a simple, elegant, cohesive road map that eliminates 90% of your options, you will get lost in a desert that you may never escape from.

Six years later, some wandering stranger will find your bones under a cactus. (Whatever bones remained after your parched and shriveled corpse was consumed by hungry jackals.)

The ability to visualize, strategize and integrate those moving parts is a $1,000/hour, $10,000/hour, even $100,000/hour skill.

It also saves you TONS of wasted time and money.

You wanna move to the top of the food chain?

Acquire the ability to correctly diagnose and strategize problems and you’ll be creating million-dollar, possibly even billion-dollar businesses.

This is why I invite you watch the Rosetta Stone seminar recordings.

Before Rosetta Stone, I had never done anything like this before. If you’ve been in Planet Perry for a year or five or ten, if you’ve put useful tools in your tool belt, this will bring everything you think you know into 10X sharper focus, more clarity than you ever imagined.

But that’s only the start because…

Here’s an analogy that explains what’s truly NEW:

In 2001, there was no defined formula for online marketing. Online marketing was just an assorted collection of techniques like SEO and keyword stuffing and landing pages and submitting pages to Lycos and Excite and AltaVista. And yes, copywriting and storytelling.

If you were really sophisticated, it might also include flash audio or video and a few smart people were offering white papers and generating leads. But mostly it was “sign up for our free electronic newsletter” and a lot of hoping and praying and spamming.

But between 2002 and 2005, the modern sales funnel was born. It was born at the System Seminar in 2002. It was created by people like Ken McCarthy and Yanik Silver and Alex Mandossian and Jon Keel, and later, myself. We invented devices like squeeze pages and autoresponder sequences.

By 2005, “in the know” marketers were beginning to realize you start with Google ads, then you collect an email address, then you insert autoresponders and a sales funnel. You get your conversion stats right, and only then do you start working on details like SEO.

We understood that the goal is to build a high-conversion sales funnel with high visitor value. They understood you split test and refine your offers.

We understood if you had the highest visitor value in your market, you could dominate your market. And then you could do affiliate promotions, buy banner ads, obtain publicity, maybe even advertise in magazines, newspapers, radio and TV. Jeff Walker’s Product Launch formula emerged as part of that.

Five years later we added Social Media to that mix. That’s a modern digital sales funnel, and any marketer worth his or her salt understands it. We all understand that conversion is king.

So in other words, everyone now knows the basic TACTICS of marketing. Most marketing funnels are built roughly the same way, just like most cars are built roughly the same way.

Mere marketers get paid by the hour. Same as auto mechanics.

But when it comes to STRATEGY, Everyone is still groping around in the dark:

  • Are you in the right business? Or the wrong business?
  • Is it even possible to achieve what you want in the business you’re in right now?
  • Are you the right person to be doing this?
  • Do you have the right people?
  • Are you in the right market?
  • Can you dominate that market?
  • How much will it cost you to dominate this market?
  • Can you disrupt the market?
  • Can you pull it off before somebody else does?
  • How much will it cost to disrupt it?
  • What question do you have to answer in order to disrupt it?
  • What happens when your market shifts from 80/20 to 95/5? (This is happening in industry after industry. Old citadels are falling like dominoes. Yours is next.)
  • Can you make yourself completely competition proof?
  • What will it take to build an utterly competition-proof moat around your castle?
  • What are all the “minor” ingredients that build Network Effect, even for companies that are NOT venture funded like Uber and AirBnB?
  • What epiphany in your Unique Selling Proposition will massively move the needle?
  • How do you get equity? (There are three types of equity, depending on what kind of business you are in. Each requires a radically different strategy than the others.)
  • How do you get equity as an outside consultant?
  • How do you decide in advance whether you even want to try getting equity? (95% of prospective clients will not be worth the trouble, so don’t waste your time)
  • Is the culture of your client even compatible with the long-term goal of building a market-dominating business with an impenetrable moat around their castle?

Until now there has been no solid, tested, established formula for solving THESE problems. All of the above is in the same squishy, nebulous state of confusion as “online sales funnels” were in 2001.

Once the sales funnel formula was established, it was so “obvious” in hindsight. And so powerful.

Those who possessed it gained an exponential unfair advantage over all others. This advantage put them five years ahead of the curve, the marketplace. People made millions of dollars from this knowledge.

The centerpiece of the new material is

*How to radically insulate yourself from all competition.*

Not by posturing and puffing up your fur like a tom cat (which is how most marketers kick the can down the road), but through fundamental bedrock strategy.

I devote a full half day to this. Making your business more impervious to competitors and knock-offs the bigger it gets. The ultimate virtuous circle.

This is the first large-format seminar I have ever done where 80-90% of the presenting was by ME. All the other seminars involved numerous other speakers. Not this time.

It is intense. For people who are hungry for knowledge and information and CRAVE deep learning.

Register for $2499

Or...Join New Renaissance 12 Yearly & save $500!

Register for $1999


If you want your client to exit in 2-5 years by selling their firm for $40 million and you want 10% of the pie (so when they sell you get $4 million worth of stock options) your chances of making this happen are infinitely better if you bring them to Rosetta Stone.

I also outlined a tax strategy that ensures that you pay an absolute minimum of taxes on those stock options. Your stock options can be owned by your retirement account while still allowing you to invest that money in other businesses and ventures, tax deferred.

Otherwise the tax man will cross your moat, knock on your door, and take half your castle.

And you don’t have to be a tax exile like Richard Koch (who renounced his British citizenship and now divides his time between four different countries) to do that.

You will only pay taxes on whatever portion that you immediately pay yourself as personal income. All the rest is sheltered.

Again, I have devoted a portion of this seminar to that strategy. Many viewers will earn a 100X return on their seminar tuition from that one portion alone, because it saves you 30-40% on taxes.

Participants will receive a complete book and Master Strategy Toolkit, with access to vital online tools.

If you’re caught between the wheels, faced with innumerable possibilities and you’re not sure which way to turn… you need a Master Strategy. Does your brain feel like just so much spaghetti of marketing and business advice, piling more new business books on top of the existing pile?

After Rosetta Stone, EVERY business book you have ever read, any business book or course you take in the future, will easily and transparently fit into the larger master framework. It will take less space in your brain. You’ll be able to twist the Rubik’s Cube so effortlessly.

Pieces will seamlessly fit together and your ability to grasp and solve problems will instantly spike and continue to rise as you apply the concepts to situations every day.

Imagine being thrown HARD business problems (like fast pitch-baseball) and being able to solve them with ease.

Imagine no longer wondering if the business you’re in – or the new product you’re thinking about developing – is going to be a big giant sink-hole, but being able to move confidently forward with your plans.

The fee for access to the Rosetta Stone Recordings is...

$999 for current New Renaissance 12 or higher members (Jet Propulsion, Immersion 451, Roundtable, Private Client Group)

Not a member?

$2499 for Non-Members. You will be signed up for a free one-month trial of New Renaissance as part of your subscription ($99 for each additional month. You may cancel at any time, but only continuing members will retain access to the online tools and tests. You will, however, always have access to the recordings regardless of your membership status.)

Want to save $500?

$1,999 for Non-Members who join New Renaissance 12 (you will be billed $999 automatically for your membership when it renews next year. Cancel any time.)

(NOTE: In order to maintain access to the Tools included with Rosetta Stone you must be a member of New Renaissance.)

Rock-Solid 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident in the power of the principles that will be presented on these Rosetta Stone Recordings that I’m giving you a full 30-day guarantee.

If you don’t believe it’s worth 10 to 15 times what you paid, simply notify [email protected] within 30 days of purchase, return the physical materials (in good condition) and I’ll refund every penny.

Register for $2499

Or...Join New Renaissance 12 Yearly & save $500!

Register for $1999

Seize the Day,

Perry Marshall

Not sure? Reach out to Cuyler [+1 (708) 552-3074] and he can help see if it's a good fit for you or not.


Q: Is the content aimed primarily at marketers rather than business owners? It seems that way since you mentioned lab training after the event.

A: If you're the business owner (especially if you're hiring other people and you need the right people doing the right stuff) you can't be guessing as to which marketing function is going to actually solve your immediate problem. This is for anybody who wants to select the correct strategy each time.

Q: Were you selling anything at the seminar?

A: For those who wish to go much deeper I am providing a 1-year course called Advanced Mastery Network. (I’m announcing this up front. There will not be a dog and pony show about Advanced Mastery Network every 45 minutes.)

Everybody knows what a pitchfest is. Rosetta Stone was NOT a pitchfest. Most seminars only tease you with chocolate and lace and hold out the real information for products they sell at the back of the room.

I held nothing back in this seminar. I delivered as much steak as I could possibly deliver in 3 days. I’ve never liked situations where I had to hold back in order to sell, and this is the opposite: delivering as much as possible in order to sell more. Advanced Mastery Network will be the LABORATORY implementation of concepts taught in the seminar. It’s hands-on practical implementation.

Advanced Mastery Network is $39K if paid up front. A payment schedule is also available.

  • You can apply the full cost of Rosetta Stone as an immediate discount.
  • Participants will be able to problem-solve for New Renaissance members; lab sessions will teach real-time problem solving on actual businesses.
  • Participants will be able to bring on Planet Perry members as their direct clients, and will have a steady flow of prospects from a trusted source.
  • We will test, vet and certify Advanced Mastery Network students. This is the Perry Marshall Graduate School of Marketing and Business Strategy.
  • Think of this as being more like a college class or military unit than a typical entrepreneur coaching or training program. You will be rigorously tested; no dropouts or refunds will be allowed; and we will put you on a daily regimen.

Part of the reason I’m telling you this now is that none of this will be a surprise and it gives you a wider context for what I am doing.

I am taking 16 years of material and organizing it into a simple, elegant, wizard-like process that consultants, CEOs, marketing managers and investors can use to assess and diagnose virtually any business or marketing strategy problem.

You can apply for Advanced Mastery now, and if approved, you will begin receiving preparatory material. The first part of the training we’ll send is the $7500 Star Principle DVD set from my legendary Star seminar with Richard Koch. We will post those DVDs to you as soon as you sign up.

Those DVDs have already produced over $100 million of wealth for people who participated in that seminar.

Advanced Strategy Lab will conclude with a certification. This is not a puff review. It is roughly similar to the vetting process that Master’s Degree students experience in graduate school, where they have to survive vetting by the faculty.

I’m alerting this to you now because you may choose to join Advanced Strategy Lab now, and you can apply the price of Rosetta Stone to your tuition.

Q: What do I actually get with the Rosetta Stone Recordings?

A: The recordings will come with a printed guide. This is a precision problem solving tool and road map; this comes with an extensive set of tools in the Perry Marshall members area which are exclusively available to Rosetta Stone participants. This is the most compressed market domination strategy available anywhere.

After digesting the Rosetta Stone content, you'll be equipped with:

  1. The ability to walk into any business and instantly see how to add a zero. Maybe two or three zeros.
  2. Immediate ability to rule out businesses where adding zeros is impossible.
  3. A method for revealing the exact bottleneck standing in the way of more zeros.
  4. A road map to the exact tools, processes and strategies that add the zeros. (Half have never been seen by most Planet Perry members, and at no time have I ever explained how to put them all together.)
  5. If you’re a CEO, a model for locating key consultants and employees and giving them “golden handcuffs”.
  6. If you’re a consultant, a model for qualifying clients and taking equity in companies.
  7. A structure for ending consultant or client relationships that aren’t working.
  8. A model for sharing equity that’s fair to all and ensures you get paid.
  9. The master formula for Self-Sustaining Network, which is the strongest moat you can build around any castle. Network Effect is not just for Silicon Valley. It’s for mere mortals.

Any Planet Perry member who has been "around" for one year will be able take the Rosetta Stone manual, tools and software wizards, and accurately diagnose the problems in any business in one day or less.

Q: Perry, what are you doing with this and where is it going?

A: Rosetta Stone delivers my Master Strategy in digital form. The Advanced Mastery Network course will codify Rosetta Stone into a tightly integrated comprehensive road map with participants having total hands-on understanding of all tools.

By 2023 this will reach the form of a software wizard. Perry’s brain in a box (along with the professional experience of dozens of my very best students). Think of it as “AI for business strategy.” This can only be perfected with cooperation from many participants. Those who help build this will possess the tribal knowledge that can only come from working closely with many real-world situations.

Register for $2499

Or...Join New Renaissance 12 Yearly & save $500!

Register for $1999 Not sure? Reach out to Cuyler [+1 (708) 552-3074] and he can help see if it's a good fit for you or not.