The “Foolproof” YouTube Strategy:

Can you Get High-Quality Leads for Less?
Here’s the Best Way to Find Out for Just Dollars Per Day

Tuesday, May 17, 11AM Eastern
Perry Marshall & Tom Breeze

YouTube Expert Tom Breeze show you how to get “160 quality eyeballs on your offer every day for less than a gallon of gas.”

(Warning: If you are in eCommerce or B2B you can stop reading. This is not for you.) 

Dear Frustrated Advertiser:

Let’s address the Pachyderm in the pool: Yes, I know. I’ve been harping about the evils of G***** for years now. And I just did a 3-day Summit on how to survive in the age of Big Five tyranny.

So why am I suggesting you consider YouTube?

Great question.

And the answer starts with an F.

As you know, Facebook’s war with Apple gut-punched small business Facebook accounts. Shredded them to royal blue ribbons.

Facebook’s infuriating and opaque rules around account bans and shutdowns have led many entrepreneurs and agency owners to throw up their hands in frustration.

Facebook sucks right now. Maybe someday it won’t suck, who knows?

But YouTube could be a great lead source for you NOW for 3 reasons…

  1. Unlike Facebook, YouTube will let you know BEFORE you post your ad if it violates their guidelines and WHY. Facebook just shuts you down after you run the ad and leaves you wondering and mumbling curses under your breath. Account bans are far less common on YouTube.
  2. Ads on YouTube do not fatigue nearly as fast as Facebook ads. You don’t need to constantly churn out good content week after week after week. One good ad on YouTube can serve you well for MONTHS. Tom has a client who has been raking in leads on the same ad for 3 years.
  3. The tracking and targeting on YouTube is FAR superior to what you get on Facebook now that Apple has neutered the Big F. This means higher quality leads and more efficient testing so you can dial in your offer…and then scale confidently.

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This last one is uber important. What good is a torrent of Facebook traffic, if it’s all sucky, low-quality traffic?

Yes, you may pay way more for a lead on YouTube, but if you follow the strategies Tom will show you on this presentation, the leads you get will be REAL leads that actually convert into paying customers, not crap.

If you’ve had any success on Facebook in the past…or meet the criteria below… you should consider investing some (or more) of your ad budget on YouTube.

How much of your budget?

Another great question.

Planet Perry’s go-to YouTube expert, Tom Breeze will show you an eye-poppingly INEXPENSIVE way to get started (or revise your current campaigns) with YouTube.

  • He’ll show you how to find what works - fast and affordably - and then scale up confidently.
  • Tom will show you how it’s done and give you plenty of examples of how to do it yourself.
  • Tom will tell you how to get good, solid data from your campaigns (and how to avoid the AI pitfalls associated with anything G***** related)

He calls this YouTube strategy “foolproof.” And at only dollars a day, it is practically risk free.

But it’s not for everyone.

Like I said above, if you’re in eCommerce or B2B, this won’t work.

But if you are in…

  • B2C
  • Information marketing
  • Skills instruction
  • Hobbies of any kind
  • Education/teaching
  • Health and fitness
  • Lead generation
  • If there is a “natural” audience on YouTube for what you do
  • If being the acknowledged expert and authority in your field…
  • Or being “YouTube famous” would be good for you and your business and your brand

…If your customer is on YouTube and can make a buying decision today, you should check out this presentation.

Bottom line: if you have a good offer and can create good content, success on YouTube becomes simply an ad-buying game. Something folks in Planet Perry can appreciate and understand.

Without the Facebook BS.

Some of Tom’s staggering results…

  • $2 per subscriber
  • $1.27 per playlist addition 
  • 32 cents per earned view 
  • 700 subscribers per week

All at about $5 per day to start.

He’ll share more on the presentation.

I don’t know if YOU can get these kinds of results, but isn’t it worth an hour of your time to find out?

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Carpe Diem,

Perry Marshall

The “Foolproof” YouTube Strategy
With Perry Marshall & Tom Breeze
Tuesday, May 17 at 11am US Eastern
(10am US Central | 8am US Pacific | 4pm London BST | Wed 18 May @ 1am Sydney AEST)

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