Look Over My Shoulder as I Craft Living Soul Connections via Email, The World’s Most Intimate Marketing Medium

Dear Marketing Professional:
I’m famous for my Google books, 80/20, B2B marketing techniques, my autoresponder “Maze” strategy, and all-around geekiness.

But anyone who’s been around Planet Perry for any length of time well knows… email is the real secret sauce.

Now having a significant number of people who’ve been reading my emails almost daily for ten years, I can assure you… a close, personal, emotional bond with people via email is one of the most powerful assets you can ever own. Period.

I’m offering something very special, highly unusual, at a price that’s so insanely affordable that no mentally coherent person can refuse. I’ll get to that in a minute. But let me tell you where this idea came from.


Perry’s work is referenced in dozens of influential marketing books like these.

Marketing legend Dan Kennedy asked me to be “side saddle” instructor for his $26,000 per year Titanium Mastermind group. “I’ll teach the spring and fall sessions, Perry, and you teach the summer session. Deal?”

Deal. So at the summer session, I said, “OK gang, since I’m your resident web marketing expert, what do you guys wanna know about?”

Brittany Lynch, the 25-year old entrepreneurial wunderkind said, “I LOVE reading your emails. I want to SEE you write an email. Like the whole thing, from beginning to end.”

I looked around. “Would you guys think that was interesting?”

Everyone heartily nodded their heads. “Yes, we’d love to see that.”

“OK Brittany, how about I write one for you?”

“That would be great!”

So I plugged my Mac into the projector, opened Text Edit and started firing questions at her.

She started answering and everyone watched that email grow from conception to birth, one word at a time.

They heard every question and impulse, every crazy idea that tumbled out of my brain in the process, everything that got swept off the table. Watched every word on the screen. Then they watched me edit, clean up, sharpen, polish and hone.

When I was done I popped a copy to Brittany. She sent it out and filled her offer to capacity. And the next person in the room was eager to watch me do it again, for them.

Both of Dan’s groups asked for this and they both got it.

Hour for hour and dollar for dollar, every person in the room paid something like $1,000 to $2,000 to watch the magic.

They told me it was the highlight of the two days they spent with me.

Makes sense too, cuz they saw stuff I’ve never discussed in any coaching program, course, seminar or ebook. In fact the only other people who’ve ever seen this is a handful of folks who’ve come to 4-Man Intensives and used their time to have me write copy. (Which I am always delighted to do.)

So I did it again. But on a webinar, live, in front of hundreds of attendees. I wrote without advanced notice or preparation for three attendees. You can see and hear the questions I ask them, then watch the persuasion magic happen. You get access to all three session, both audio and video. (No transcripts however. You have to SEE this.)

You’ll see all the tools and techniques I use along the way, and witness how an ugly gray hunk of play-doh becomes a finely sculptured work of art. Each session will run about an hour and a half.

How much does it cost?

Well… how much could I charge for this?

Based on everything else I do and offer, I could sensibly charge up to $1500.

$1000 per head, tempting.

Or maybe $500.

But instead I’m charging…


One hundred and Ninety-Seven dollars. CHEAP!

Look Over Perrys Shoulder Email Training Program – $197

What People Are Saying

Perry, I have been following your material since a while ago. I have applied just 2-5% of all your teachings (there’s a lot more in Perry’s world) and just with that I’m WAY more productive than I have ever been, making more money working less and less, and this is just beginning.

My business is not consulting, but manufacturing for a tiny niche, worldwide! (I built specialty products, sell online, ship worldwide, all with a $120/year website). Most of your teachings, then, are perfect for my business model. THANKS!

Mauricio Ortiz Buitrago, Bogota, Colombia

“I was looking for some techniques that would take my copywriting to the next level. I got that. Those questions Perry asked to mine emotional gems were worth every penny for this.”

Lewis Bassett, Buckie, UK

“This was an incredible webinar and it’s going to shift the direction of my non-emotionally connected emails of tips, tips, and copy to this style. AWESOME!!! I love it because I could write one right after this. I love how raw and real it was!!!”

Joseph Miranda, New York, NY

“What I enjoyed most about this was listening to the questions Perry was asking to drill down to get to the core of the story that’s gonna resonate with the audience. It’s the following the roadmap that I’ve enjoyed even more than the treasure chest at the end.”

Adam Kreitman, St. Louis, MO

“This rocks. Nice to see the e-mail creation process from soup to nuts. Seeing the psychology and how an industry leading email marketer work has been awesome. Writing emails will never be the same…Period.”

Nathan Ketsdever, Nashville, TN

“Watching these components come together was brilliant. Gave me an overview I couldn’t see before.”

Richard Lees, Port Moody, Canada

“I’ve managed and worked with creatives for 40+ years, ie musicians, singers, graphic designers, painters and craftsmen in leather, wood, clay and metal, etc. … Perry has demonstrated he is a craftsmen with words …”

Will Springer, Fletcher, NC

“This was really good. I love this because it helps me see how we want to get into the emotions of the prospect. I have heard it before, but I see how to apply it now.”

Thomas Alvord, Provo, UT

I have to second the guy that says you’re the only one whose emails he always reads. In my case, when I first started receiving your emails after I read your AdWords book, I was like “there we go again” and didn’t ever bother much to read any of them. Then about 3 weeks later, I just happened to receive an email from you and decided to check it out. I was blown away by how relevant and informative it actually was. So I went and searched my email box with a fine tooth comb to find all the emails from you or your associates and I read every one of them. Now, I always look forward to your emails.

How do you do this?

I have never seen anything like this and I have been on countless email lists, believe me.

Thank you!”

Beverly Azanbou – West Valley City, UT

There’s only one catch.

The catch is: Everyone who signs up, also signs up for New Renaissance. New Renaissance is my $199/month membership that gets you my newsletter, with a bunch of bonuses shipped to you via snail mail, and my legendary New Renaissance Private Forum.

You get New Renaissance free the first month, and then it’s $199/month, auto-billed to your card on file. We do so each month until such time as you decide to leave.

What I am asking, in exchange for this unbelievable wealth of knowledge and live education experience that you get for only $197, is that you give New Renaissance a good college try. INCLUDING – using our private discussion board.


Because if you use New Renaissance and tap into the incredible wealth of knowledge that my other members represent, you will never want to go without it. You will feel that the $199/month is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP insurance against stupidity spasms, missed opportunities and whatever other perils that steal success from well-meaning, worthy entrepreneurs.

I am remiss for not promoting New Renaissance near enough. It is absolutely one of the best-kept secrets of Planet Perry. We do a live training each month, covering all manner of hot relevant topics – not just AdWords but conversion, pricing, brand new developments, and Live Q&A. Many members have built million dollar businesses and priceless educations, primarily through what they’ve gleaned from New Renaissance.

That’s the deal.

That’s why I’m not charging a thousand bucks for this. I just want you to try New Renaissance free for 30 days and I’m giving you this incredible email copywriting education for one hundred and ninty-seven bucks.

Click the big yellow Order Now button to sign up and get access to all three sessions.

Look Over Perrys Shoulder Email Training Program – $197

“I love Perry’s total willingness to talk to prospects in the same way they talk to themselves in their dark, pissed-off moments.”

Kit Schulte, Seattle, WA

“I think I understand problem/agitate/solve better. It’s kind of like the story becomes the ‘agitation’.”

Jean Essiam, Hatfield, UK

“I love how it flows with the short paragraphs as well as sentences, yet has so much detail.”

Michael Munguia, Provo, UT

“The process for drilling down into the mind of your prospect so you can talk to them in a way they really get has been great.”

Otto Collins, Columbus, OH

“I love this! Perry has such a conversational, personable writing style.”

Mark Finzel, Colorado Springs, CO

You’ll absorb more secrets of persuasive email copywriting in these fast-paced sessions than you’ve picked up from stacks of books and multi-thousand dollar courses.

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day.

Perry Marshall

P.S.: If you’re already in New Renaissance, you can just sign up for $197 and everything else will stay the same. If you’re in Renaissance Club, you’ll get an instant upgrade.

Click below to sign up.

Look Over Perrys Shoulder Email Training Program – $197

“I love the focus on bringing the PROBLEM to life, then showing the possible SOLUTION!!!”

John Sharpe, Spokane, WA

“I’ve always heard that telling stories is important, but you just put it in a structure that helps me see the bigger picture.”

Francisco Rodriguez, Inverness, IL

“Pulling the background information and infusing that into the email was surprisingly easy to do!”

Peter Brissette, Westminster, CO

“Extremely useful content–watching methodology of eliciting exactly the information you need to tell a story, showing what questions to ask. Questions Perry asked are the questions we can now ask ourselves–template for action.”
– Jeanne Hurlbert, Baton Rouge, LA

“I finally understand that there is a repeatable structure behind an email that is also completely genuine and true. And I can do that.”
– Nancy Sayre, Emmaus, PA

“I’ve always enjoyed Perry’s emails, I’ve bought from Perry’s emails, and to see the thought process behind it, in real time, totally priceless!”
– Connor Kelly, Toronto, Canada

“I’ve used the readability tool in Word before but I never guessed the real reason it works. Appeal to the lizard brain with simple, emotional thoughts. Genius. I’ll never forget THAT.”
– William Seal, Vernon, FL

“This has been a fantastic experience. You drew out personal information and created an email with a great call to action without having to go into any detail about the product. I love it.”
– Steve Crews, Calgary, Canada

“Absolutely blown away at how simple I can make my email marketing by using my own horror stories…”
Traci Reuter, Elgin, IA

“Been taking so many notes. This is such powerful stuff, Jack and Perry: I need a villain. I need to enter into the darkness of my reader’s soul. My e-mail should be like reading a page from my reader’s diary. I’ve got to talk to their adolescent mind. Appeal to EMOTION. Beautiful…”
David Kwiecinski, Winthrop Harbor, IL

– Sam Ovens, Auckland, New Zealand

“Love how fun the story was – great story – great example of how to make it engaging. Great learning lesson – loved it!”
– Judy Doherty, Louisville, CO

“This is really illuminating. Felt like I’m learned something bigger in this last hour and a half from you, than just using this type of template/ type of internal digging for message-insights ……. I think what you’ve delivered in this last hour and a half is more significant than that. Riveting.”
– Kelly Cusick, Champlin, MN

“What’s easy? Asking dumb questions! That’s easy. Making stories, that’s easy. Did it every evening for my kids. This is easy, believe me! I LOVE It!! What am I loving about this? Just to know that I am getting something right!! I have told stories all my life.”
– Gemma Laming, Maarn, Netherland

“Hands-on teaching!!!!! This is awesome!”
– Tom Ward, Vernon Hills, IL

This is the thinking behind the writing – I’ve taken notes and created my own system of layers which will be invaluable. Even a comment like it’s not uncommon for Perry to spend an hour on a 500 word email. It’s $1000 an hour work if it is going into a long-term email. “I take my time. Do it right.” That makes a huge difference to my way of thinking.
– Sabrina Hinds, Ontario, Canada

This stuff is gold… very good stuff.
– Andrew Thompson, Grand Rapids, MI

You guys are good. I learned I lot because I was unconscious competent in writing and now I am conscious competent because now I know the why and that makes a huge difference.
– May Yue, St. Louis Park, MN

These are six- and seven- figure ideas for sure. This is going to be a rockin’ year. (not the best exciting verb, but better than ‘good…’) EXCELLENT stuff! Thanks Perry and Jack!

Boys, this is TOTALLY delivering the goods. This is such a BARGAIN for the — what? — $67 we invested?
– David Kwiecinski, Winthrop Harbor, IL

Hey, this series was fantastic and an incredible bargain.
– Patrick Christener, Rickenback Sulz, Switzerland

Very very very helpful!
– Jonathan Mitchell, Altadena, CA

It’s good! That stuff about the “lizard brain” pass and resonating could add thousands of dollars to my bottom line this year.
– Aaron Tyrrell, Victoria, Australia

Look Over Perrys Shoulder Email Training Program – $197