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Dear Entrepreneur Who Needs More Leads and Deal Flow:

Perry Marshall

I’ve been “on tour” since last year. Been to Houston, Austin, New Jersey, Nashville, Denver. Dublin last February. And most of these little “concerts” have been free jazz improv. I show up. I do a hotseat or two. Deliver the latest business insights that’ve been buzzing in my head. And then I play the room.

My philosophy has been, “Give the people what they need most.” And I usually don’t know what they need most until I show up among the living, breathing bodies and switch on the engine.

But this time, things will be different.

Because I know what you want. You want leads. You want deal flow. You want more customers to walk up and say, “take my money, please.”

How do I know? I asked. We did a survey of Planet Perry last month. Asked “what problem are you trying to solve in 2018.” Survey says….”I need more leads!”

It’s the biggest bleeding neck in Planet Perry. Heck, as the online world evolves from 80/20 to 95/5 it’s the biggest bleeding neck everywhere.

If you’re in the “5” you’ve got a waiting list. You can say no to most prospects. You can cherry pick the juiciest, most profitable plumbs. And you get to toss the rest onto the dung heap. Fat and sassy.

If you’re in the “95” you’re fighting over the dung heap scraps with the rest of the starving jackals. Drooling. Rib cage showing through your fur. Not pretty.

So, I’m going to show you how be the lion king and not the jackal in the 95/5 world…

  • How to use my “Million-Dollar Cheat Sheet” to find pockets of high-quality leads that have been eluding you.
  • How I slashed the cost of our Facebook leads by 50%…in some cases 75%!
  • How I found a way to double our lead flow at will. At the same low cost.
  • How to use a “boring” old marketing formula in brand new ways to ratchet up your lead flow
  • How to perfectly match the delivery of your message to your prospect’s ability to consume! This is huge. This might be worth the trip all by itself.

I’ve been holed up in my “lead flow laboratory” for the last month or so.
It’s been experiment Numero Uno for Professor Perry.

And I’m finally comfortable enough with what I’ve discovered to deliver it publicly. If you need leads, we’ll dig up some gems for you in the Sunshine State.

And I can almost guarantee you something mysterious…
but 100% profit practical…will also happen.

“That was exactly what I needed. I drove 16 hours out of my way to get there.”
-Nashville City Tour attendee

He came to get ideas for one of his other businesses. But he mentioned he ran a bed and breakfast. By the end of day, he had ideas for powering the lead flow for BOTH businesses. And he wasn’t even there for a hot seat!

Mark Ingles has been to four city tour events this year. Each time he gets more than his money’s worth. Why does this happen?

Well, one reason is that there’s just something about being in a room with live human beings. I don’t know exactly how to explain it. But you pick up something even from the nonverbal communication. Just from being in a room of engaged, savvy, wolverine entrepreneurs can pump you full of confidence. There’s an electricity. There’s a spark. If you show up “switched on” it can’t help but combust something in your belly and brain.

If I didn’t do it several times a year, I’d run out of gas. Run out of inspiration. My battery would die. You must immersion yourself in a room of wolverines as often as you can. I can’t explain it. I just know it works.

Second, Planet Perry events attract a crazy-diverse cross section of businesses. You’re bound to get new insights that you’d never get if you stay in the warm cocoon of your own niche or industry. Or home office. At this year’s events, we’ve had…

  • Military recruiter
  • Machine shop owner
  • Custom printing and patterning entrepreneur
  • Cleaning service proprietor
  • Guy who appraises equipment at businesses before their bought or sold
  • And many, many more.

But they all have one thing in common: Sharp as an ax!

You see, if you stay holed up in your cave, it’s easy to get obsessed with doing things the “right way.” But what you really need is a different way. Something that everybody else is NOT doing. And you’ll never get that until you force yourself out of your zone-de-comfort.

At the Austin event, about ¾ of the way through I looked over at a guy in the corner. I said, “You haven’t said anything all day.” He said, “Yeah, but I’m processing, dude! I took 30-day reboot and I do Renaissance Time every day. So, I’ve been listening hard all day. I’m getting all kinds of downloads!”

What will your download be? I don’t know. But I do know you’ll come away with a satchel full of golden methods for generating more leads and deal flow.

Upcoming Events to Be Announced…

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Perry Marshall

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Stan Horst:

“Please tell Perry THANK YOU! This was exactly what I needed. Honestly, just being in the same room as all those guys and the one girl, soaking in the collective wisdom, was worth the extra 16hours of driving time that it added to my trip. Plus it brought a new level of clarity to my current situation and gave me direction on what to do next.
Stan “