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Dear Online Marketing Professional:

When I meet new people at seminars and conferences, one of the most common remarks is:

“Hi Perry, I’ve subscribed to LOTS of marketing gurus, and one by one I unsubscribed from every single one… except you.”

The noobs and rookies are attracted to one kind of marketer. They’re like the girl who thinks the hard-partying biker dude gang-banger is really sexy.

But then after the tsunami comes and smashes houses, neighborhoods and coastlines… after the Google dances and Google slaps, after government crackdowns and economic earthquakes…

…the landscape is cleared.

99% of those starry-eyed dreamers are gone.

There’s a different kind of entrepreneur, a different breed of marketer who’s still left standing.

And that guy or gal has most often been tuned in to Planet Perry the whole time.


Cuz SMART people hate building gigantic apartment complexes and condos, then finding out it’s all built on quicksand. Then watching it capsize into a big giant sink-hole.

(And hoping a helicopter will be sent to rescue them.)

Some people can recognize the difference between hack advice and real strategy.

That’s why I’m inviting you to subscribe to my latest missive, 30 Day Street MBA. In this month-long email series, I shoot straight and pull no punches about how you stay alive. How you survive tsunamis, earthquakes, Google slaps and dances, floods, insect swarms and outbreaks of cholera.

I share the closest I’ve ever come to being face to face with death and the thing that it taught me about not only myself but most entrepreneurs – it was truly terrifying (people constantly mention this to me when they meet me in person).

The first installment is 100 proof and it just gets edgier from there.

You may like it so much, you go back and re-subscribe just to read it again.

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30 Day Street MBA

And Carpe Centuria – Seize the Century!

Perry Marshall

What People Are Saying…

“I love Perry’s total willingness to talk to prospects in the same way they talk to themselves in their dark, pissed-off moments.”

Kit Schulte
Seattle, WA

“Perry Marshall is the best ‘explainer’ on the net.”

Emerson Spartz
CEO,; founded MuggleNet, the world’s largest Harry Potter fan site at age 12

“What I like about Perry Marshall’s emails is that they are all tiny. You get the main idea within a few sentences, often there is a link to follow if you are interested in the topic and that’s it. It takes about 30 seconds to digest his emails. Another online marketer that I unsubscribed from had a habit of writing massive emails that I just didn’t have the energy to read through. If you can’t get the gist of an email with a quick scan then in my opinion that email is not doing it’s job.”

Yao Starak

More Praise for Perry…

“Though my mother language is Spanish, I literally devour your emails.”

Hector Murillo

“I have to second the guy that says you’re the only one whose emails he always reads. In my case, when I first started receiving your emails after I read your AdWords book, I was like ‘there we go again’ and didn’t ever bother much to read any of them. Then 3 weeks later, I just happened to receive an email from you and decided to check it out. I was blown away by how relevant and informative it actually was. So I searched my email box with a fine tooth comb to find all the emails from you or your associates. I read every one of them. Now I always look forward to your emails. How do you do this? I have never seen anything like this and I have been on countless email lists, believe me.”

Beverly Azanbou
West Valley City, UT

“It took my 5 YEARS to discover that you, Perry, are that ONE mentor with a cohesive approach to direct and online marketing that I needed to choose over all others. Oh well…better late than never!

Adam Dudley
Orlando, FL

“I ‘try’ to maintain a lean inbox- eliminating emails subscriptions from guru’s that I no longer want.

Once upon a time I received emails from you and then in my heavy purge eliminated all the guru’s (sadly you as well). I now subscribe and unsubscribe to the gurus routinely. So long as I see real value in what I receive.

I must say that I regret not having stayed on top of your emails. As I reread my email, it sounds a bit like an endorsement and may be it is. Truth is, of the hundreds of online gurus out there, I am continually impressed by the quality of info you send out that’s why I spend 10 minutes reading your post and another 10 replying- i got value and hope others do.

1 other thing I’ve noticed and i’m sure this is no accident. I don’t see the blatant product launch emails I receive from all the guru’s everyday. I’m sure the temptation is there but man, it diminishes a guys credibility if they are promoting a new product every week.

I’m going to keep reading your emails and wanted to say thank you.”

Shane Melanson
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Perry Marshall has something original and extremely useful to say, because he has thought profoundly about the 80/20 Principle. He has come up with some original insights that are literally priceless. You really can change your business and your life.”

Richard Koch
Fractional Billionaire & Author, The 80/20 Principle

“Your emails are always read with enthusiasm as straight talk from a good MidWesterner.”

Nat Griggs
Westbrook, CT

“I subscribe to your emails because your stuff is informative and brilliant, because you are largely responsible for the fact that I’ve been working online fulltime for seven years, AND because you occasionally throw in a gem of a post like this one.”

Kayla Fay

“To anyone getting hundreds of promotional emails from all of the gurus, do yourself a favor and just delete that email account. Just get Perry’s, sign up for Renaissance, and move forward.”

Eric Louis
Scotch Plains NJ

“Perry Marshall is a certifiable genius in his intellect, and his understanding of far more than mere marketing.”

Jay Abraham

“I have gone through all the stages – newbie enthusiasm, sophomore jaded-ness, having the light bulb finally turn ‘on’ and now implementing what works on a larger scale. I can honestly say that at this point I can barely think of even a handful of other guys aside from you whose information I still trust and devour with utter devotion. I really appreciate the content you put out and the incredibly practical information you share. I joined your Renaissance club last month after being a 6 month ‘list-squatter’ and the information is just fantastic.”

Yudi Kerbel
Baltimore MD

“I applaud you for being immune to gross consumerism, in an industry that used to flash bragging photos of big houses, fancy cars and boats, etc. in front of our faces at every opportunity to show how successful the marketer was (supposedly). I always considered it a testosterone-charged thing and was personally repulsed by it. Thank you for being a voice of sanity and reason in an increasingly insane marketplace.”

Deb Gallardo
Tucson AZ

“Your emails are about the only ones of dozens that I get that I always read immediately. The rest get filed to be read later.”

Maree Harris
Victoria Australia

“I’ve been reading your emails and newsletter for the past 6 months and I’ve gained an enormous amount of knowledge during that time.”

Damon Porter
Queen Creek, Arizona

“You remind me of Jay Abraham … only more condensed and riveting in your prose. Reading your emails is like sitting down with you … at the local bar and shooting the shit. You have a voice and you’re writing is hypnotic because you’re a storyteller … with substance.”

Tim King
Waltham, MA

“After reading your emails I have unsubscribed to tons of mailing lists and I have to say… Life is a lot calmer these days. Great advice. Thank you.”

Faisal Khan
London, UK

“I can’t stop reading your emails. I just want to watch you write an email.”

Brittany Lynch
Toronto Ontario

“You truly are an artist of communication, human behavior and logical thinking.

Most people I know who think logically are not an artist of anything but organizing things into tidy places or putting mouse traps together that the world never discovers or someone else patents.

Is it ironic that someone can successfully use the same methods they are selling to me, ON me? Early on, I thought so. Now I realize there are no coincidences. The fact that you are so upfront about this without discussing it directly is strangely acceptable.

The cool part is, I’ve never felt manipulated, even though I know for a fact that is exactly what is happening. It is such a treat to witness a master magician at work when they are willing to show you how they did the trick.

For that reason, your free email opt-in is one of those rare jewels that is actually worth something!

I highly encourage anyone reading this to opt-in to any of your mouse traps and treat the auto-responder series like a winning scratch off ticket. Read the emails several times over the period of a week.

Consider how any one of your countless concepts be incorporated into whatever they are doing, whether it be marketing, negotiating with their children or searching for a mate online.

I encourage EVERYONE reading this post to go check out Subscribe to the freebie newsletter and study his techniques. The guy’s got crazy skills, but it ain’t magic either. Start lean and sign up for the Renaissance club membership. It’s worth it’s weight in gold and the best place to start.”

Brad Brusenhan
Plano TX

“Perry Marshall’s emails always get me clicking.”

Amit Zala

“Perry always tells it like it is. He’s not like most of the “gurus” out there always trying to sell you their next product or coaching program. Perry gives us rock solid advice on how to grow our business or how to sell more products. He repeats his solid advice over and over with no sales hype. That’s why we love and trust Perry. That’s why I’ve been a longtime customer and I buy everything he offers.”

Ted Prodromou
San Francisco, California

“Perry, I have been following your material since a while ago. I have applied just 2-5% of all your teachings (there’s a lot more in Perry’s world) and just with that I’m WAY more productive than I have ever been, making more money working less and less, and this is just beginning.

My business is not consulting, but manufacturing for a tiny niche, worldwide! (I built specialty products, sell online, ship worldwide, all with a $120/year website). Most of your teachings, then, are perfect for my business model. THANKS!”

Mauricio Ortiz Buitrago
Bogota, Colombia

“I was looking for some techniques that would take my copywriting to the next level. I got that. Those questions Perry asked to mine emotional gems were worth every penny for this.”

Lewis Bassett
Buckie, UK

“I’ve managed and worked with creatives for 40+ years, i.e. musicians, singers, graphic designers, painters and craftsmen in leather, wood, clay and metal, etc. … Perry has demonstrated he is a craftsman with words …”

Will Springer
Fletcher, NC

“I really like Perry Marshall. The real “no-nonsense” Internet guru. Other Internet gurus are just keep blasting their email list to sell something….. Perry Marshall, on the other hand, is blasting his email list to educate and motivate people to become “extraordinary” in online business.
If you’re doing Internet Marketing, Perry Marshall is the guy you want to listen to.”

Leon Lioe

“Perry Marshall’s emails are different. Yes, many of them contain a sales pitch of some kind for one of his products or affiliate products he’s promoting. The difference is that almost every email I get from Perry has a story or lesson for internet marketing or copywriting or using AdWords that’s really valuable. Some are great just for the entertainment value because of the stories they tell. Others hold some deep insight that really makes me think.”

Ray Dotson

“Perry started out with one excellent product, his “Definitive Guide to Google AdWords.” He quickly became recognized as the the top expert in that field.

In fact, most of the other top AdWords guys were themselves trained by Perry. Not only is he the best, but he has also trained most of the other guys who are considered the best.

He didn’t stop there. He quickly moved on to other strategies as well. And he’s given out plenty of free content along the way.

He opts to give away his content in lengthy autoresponder series that engage fence-sitters until they buy.

I encourage you to sign up for his free newsletters — as many of them as you can. You’ll get lots of information and lots of inspiration as you study his way of setting up his series. Sign up for his free AdWords course. Also consider joining his Renaissance Club.

Renaissance Club is a paid newsletter that Perry sends via snail mail. He sends a ridiculous amount free content just for trying it, though. And I doubt that once you get the first issue you’ll want to give it up.”

Jeff Baas
Minneapolis MN

“I’ve been through it all. PPC, ad networks, email marketing, PPV, web design, blogs and joined a huge list of IM guru’s longer than a wal-mart register line.
I’ve come to the conclusion that you don’t need 90% of what they try to sell or give away for free. However there is one who keeps staying in my “brain” and doesn’t seem to go away…His name? Perry Marshall.”

Paul Guzman
Las Cruces NM

“Thank you for being one of the most sincere individuals on the net.”

Sharon Knecht
Phoenix AZ

“Your email arrived just on time when i was feeling discouraged.You should be next Zig Ziglar,you have a way of inspiring us with your real life

Aghper Jan
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“Perry, I left your Autoresponder Seminar in September 2008 with more good ideas than I ever imagined. More importantly, the game plan you laid out for email marketing success was pure genius. I especially loved the part about building “The Maze”. I think anyone involved with email marketing in any way shape or form should get this information. Devour it. And put it to good use. It’s worth a bundle.


John “Angel” Anghelache
Direct Response Copywriter
Lowell, IN

“I jumped into a webinar of yours last year regarding email marketing, I took on board what you said and i can honestly say my sales tripled from what i learnt in that 1 hour webinar.”

Dan Crossley
Watford UK

“I’ve been on your email list for a couple of years, and out of all the Internet Gurus, you, Ari Galper and Mark Joyner are the only ones I always read when I receive them.

I admire your approach, your messages always provide value over and above whatever you are promoting commercially. Your integrity, authenticity and desire to be of service comes through load and clear. I think this is a reflection of your sincerity and commitment to your faith.”

Bernard Hall
Auckland NZ

“The best advice you gave me was to stop following so many people. Find one or two and stick with them. So Perry I have chosen to follow you and the strategies you are teaching.”

David McGarry

“I to have a collection of book, eBooks, video courses from our most popular gurus. I personally wish I would have never purchased a lot of it. I find Perry Marshall’s information better and more “to the point” then anybody else out there. No rehashed stuff here.”

David Nielsen
Hanover Indiana

“Still far from the goals, but I hit $250k last year (and on track to hit about $400k this year). It sure is a long long way from being a student intern dreaming of owning an empire. And it’s all thanks to Planet Perry – it’s the only email list, I’m still subscribed to after all these years.”

Rachit Dayal
CEO, FutureMarketer

“I went full time with the business 1 year ago and am now very happy with the results. I’d say 80% of my success is down to the stuff I’ve learnt from you. (I initially signed up to a million and one email newsletters, the vast majority of which turned out to be complete garbage compared to your material.

So I unsubscribed from all of them apart from yours a few others.)

You’ve helped me become my own boss and for that I extremely grateful.

It’s weird that you are the nearest thing I have to a mentor and I’ve not so much as emailed you before, let alone have we spoken or met!

Having said that I will meet you when I attend Maui next year, when I hope to take things to the next level.”

Stewart Pearson Turton
Surrey, UK

You are the Bruce Springsteen of the marketing world. Not only do you rock, you do it with great humility and humanity.

Michael Arnold
Acupuncture London
London, UK

“If you don’t know who Perry Marshall is—unforgivable. Perry’s an honest man in a field rife with charlatans.”

Dan Kennedy
Author, The Ultimate Marketing Plan