Family From Chicago Visits Sao Paulo, Brazil;
Gets Reality Check

Laura, Tannah, Perry & Cuyler Smiling For The Family Christmas Picture

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At the end of January, 1999, we took a long-awaited trip to Brazil, where Laura’s brother Alan and his family had lived for 8 years. We’d planned on doing so for quite some time but the circumstances never seemed to acommodate it. But finally we got our chance and spent a week in Sao Paulo, plus made it to a couple of other destinations.

It was a fun trip, and very eye-opening! Yes, we did the usual tourist stuff — went to the beach, sampled wonderful food at various restaurants, went shopping, etc. But we also got a taste of the other side of life in Sao Paulo — poverty, drugs, violence and homelessness.

I was able to meet with some business clients as well, so during our short stay I think we got a pretty fair sampling of life in Brazil is like for many different people. Our visit was a truly dramatic and memorable excursion into a different world; a world in which some things are remarkably similar to our own life in the US but in other ways completely different.

A special note to those visiting our website…

“So why would somebody want to put out all the details about their trip to Brazil up on the web for the world to see?” And for that matter, why should anyone care?)

In college, one of my professors explained that the reason we read books is so that we can live more lives and see through more eyes than just our own. I know that this trip expanded my world. I think it will expand yours, too. And I hope it will inspire you to make your own travel plans, wherever your heart happens take you. And if you read on I think you’ll find some interesting and unusual things you can do to make the world a better place.

Thanks for visiting! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the tour.


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