People are Cynical!

…and they will only believe what you can prove.

You and I must fundamentally understand the culture and times that we live in. Things change. Techniques that worked 10 years ago may not work now.

Do you remember when Richard Nixon left office during the Watergate scandal? The entire nation was in shock that its very own President would tell a bald faced lie on television. Once the truth was known, he had no choice but to resign, because such behavior was totally unacceptable.

Richard Nixon Loses & Slick Willie Wins

Fast Forward 24 years to the Clinton / Lewinsky scandal. Clinton was lying, and everyone knew he was lying, but Americans have so little trust for their leaders, and were so desensitized, that he managed to stay in office anyway. George Bush Sr. said "Read My Lips: No New Taxes" and somehow it didn’t seem all that surprising when he raised taxes anyway.

Cynicism is at an all-time high. Trust is at an all-time low. And that is very bad for you. Some people might think it’s OK since perhaps they can get away with things they couldn’t before, but this is incorrect. It’s still bad, because true business relationships are always built on trust.

What this means is: While you tirelessly go and tell your story every day, you must expect never to be believed the first time. And you must not expect anybody to believe anything you say unless you can prove it.

Can what you say be proven? Can you offer a guarantee? Is there a way that you can lay it on the line and visibly demonstrate to your customer that you can deliver the goods?

People may be cynical but they still crave trust. They still desperately want to have partners in business who will tell them the truth and keep their promises. If you can do this, you’ll keep your customers for a long time, and you’ll pick up a lot of customers from companies who do not keep their promises.

This deserves some serious thought. In my full-marketing system, I show numerous examples of companies who have the cojones to prove that what they say is really true, lay it on the line and guarantee performance.

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