Roundtable Europe 2022: Now More Than Ever, You Need a Mastermind Group

Upcoming Total Immersion Gathering: Tentative Dates: 20 April Dinner + 21 - 22 April, 2020 Retreat (Location TBA)

Dear Planet Perry Citizen,

Members have been asking for an International Roundtable group for ten years. I finally launched one in 2018.

Before I delve into details, I’d like you to hear from a world-class expert whom I brought in to speak at Roundtable:

Rob Sieracki (international AdWords Genius, founder of OxOptimal) parachuted into my United States Roundtable for two days as a special guest speaker. Rob sent me this unsolicited rave two days later:

“I've fought my way to a seat at the table at elite mastermind groups with execs at massive companies, brands with names my aunt knows, etc. National brands, people who wrote Harvard Business Review articles, Marketing Sherpa case studies, etc. Had great discussions there about angles to save cash on private jet insurance, and exotic skiing locales.

"But I don't ski. And there's no Cirrus G3 or G2 in my world. One day at Perry's roundtable and the actionable content was way, way, way, way, way more valuable (that's FIVE way's, or, "PENTA-WAY" more valuable).

"You cannot beat Perry's roundtables for a combination of the immediate / pragmatic & the truly deep long-term thinking. If you run a business, budget for this first, and everything else after. Seriously. It'd make no sense not to.

Why Perry’s Roundtable Europe?

"Crunch the numbers. Try it. Ask Perry what kinds of things people have as takeaways. Perry's roundtable masterminds are a supreme value. Odds approach five nines (that's 99.999%) you learn enough in a half day to pay for it for five years.

"You know the Midwestern work ethic? Perry's got a Midwestern thinking ethic. Sensible, realistic. Thinking you can rely on to better yourself and your business. Useful at the macro level AND useful where the rubber meets the road. I can't think of a business problem I wouldn't bring his mastermind group and not expect a solid answer. Priceless.

"Your level of thinking is approximately the average of the level of thinking of the company you keep. That's my fervent belief. Perry's mastermind puts you in a group of people primed to think at a very high level, right when they're doing their best, most challenging thinking.

"I've seen it firsthand. Truly game-changing revelations occur multiple times every single day. There is no better value than that, is there?

"If you know about Perry's mastermind roundtables and are thinking of NOT doing it, ask Perry for my cell phone number. Seriously. I can't think of a single valid reason why you wouldn't sign up if you plan on running or selling a business on this planet, and I'm prepared to be articulate and convincing on the subject. Test me.”

To get Rob’s phone number & speak with him directly, or to apply for European Roundtable membership in 2022, email Tiffany Moeller .

Almost continuously since 2006, members of Roundtable have flown from Europe to the United States 3X per year. Some for continuous stretches of 2-4 years. Many others said they’d join a European group if one were available.

The members who have made the trip across the pond three times a year have experienced notable growth and success. People tell me: “There is an energy and optimism you get from American entrepreneurs that we you don’t get anywhere else.”

What You Get w/ Roundtable Europe
1-year membership

  • Two secluded 48-hour immersion retreats each year.
  • Everyone stays together under one roof, enjoys meals together, masterminds together and enjoys friendship you can’t get anywhere else
  • We bring together some of the brightest and most capable people from the European continent and beyond
  • Dedicated Kickoff Business Diagnostic with Perry (we’ll probably solve enough problems to pay for your first year)
  • Private, 1-1 sessions with a Roundtable Coach throughout the year
  • 911 coupon for access to Perry: If you have an emergency business situation, Lorena Ybarra will track him down anywhere in the world within 24 hours
  • Traffic and Funnel review (the results will typically pay for your membership in the first 1-3 months)
  • Special discounts on products, events & consulting

Achtung! Two Common Roundtable Europe Myths

  1. That Roundtable Europe is only right for you if you do a lot of PPC
  2. That Roundtable Europe is only right for you if most of your advertising is in English

I understand these misconceptions.

First, I started my consulting career as the “AdWords Guy” and I wrote the book on Facebook advertising too.

But in Roundtable meetings we very rarely discuss pay per click advertising. We spend far more time on things like leverage network effects, crafting rock-solid DSP (definitive sales propositions), identifying proposition simplifiers, and building Star businesses.

High level, strategic stuff.

So, if you’re thinking “I don’t do much PPC so I’m not right for Roundtable,” stop thinking that and apply today.

Second, it’s true, I speak only English. But we have members in Roundtable from Sweden and Germany and the Far East. Your advertising does not need to be in English.

High-level business concepts like Star Principle and Simplify transcend language barriers.

So, if you’ve been thinking “My business content is not in English, so I’m not right for Roundtable,” stop thinking that and apply today.

Richard Koch has often wondered aloud why Great Britain doesn’t have a Google or Uber or Microsoft. I don’t know, but I know there is a certain Yankee magic that rubs off when Brits and Europeans mix it up with Americans.

And I know I love Europe and the people who live there.

We’ll meet twice in 2022, with monthly consultations and/or online group meetings each month. We usually meeting in London or Prague for in person meetings.

Here's an image from the venue for our April 2018 London meeting:

Our London April 2018 meeting was held at the luxurious Crazy Bear Beaconsfield. Each Roundtable meeting is a total immersion experience where members mastermind, dine and sleep under the same roof, enjoying six meals together and forming a tight-knit community.

This new Roundtable Europe allows our members to take full advantage of my science engagements, which are on the rise in Europe and the UK.

Another reason you need to join is:

I can’t promise that personal mentoring and coaching will continue to be available after 2022.

Numerous famous gurus (you know who they are) have been threatening to “Exit Stage Left” for 10-20 years. “This may be the last time I will ever do a seminar” or “This may be the last time I ever speak about X…” and it almost never turns out to be true.

I’m not pulling one of those on you today; I acknowledge that the future is uncertain. But in a conversation with Ed Rush the other day, Ed pointed out: “Perry, your life is running in very different directions than it did before.

Your Evolution 2.0 project is heating up big-time and you’re offering $5 million to solve the biggest question in all biology. You’re spending a third of your time with scientists across the globe.

You’re working with many leaders who shape our very culture; you’re meeting with and mentoring billionaires, and you’re taking equity in companies.

“The ‘info marketing business’ you have, even if you can still call it that, isn’t gonna be around much longer. Not in its present form anyway. You need to let people know: times are a-changin’.

All true. I realized that in some sense I had not acknowledged that. My business model is already markedly different than it was just 18 months ago. I devote less and less time to “marketing stuff.” Because the real freedom and money is in re-inventing businesses… developing symbiotic relationships… the positioning that happens before you do advertising and publicity… in networks that build moats around your virtual castle.

I can assure you that if you get accepted into Roundtable in 2022, you’ll be coached and mentored personally by me, and you’ll get the level of TLC that members of Roundtable have always received.

I can’t guarantee that you’ll receive that after 2022 unless 1) you’re willing to give me equity stake in your company, and 2) your firm is a company that qualifies for Private Equity Group in the first place.

I’ve already turned down several offers of equity positions. I learned this selectivity from Richard Koch, who has only said “yes” to 19 deals in the last 25 years. Those 19 deals grew his wealth from $4 million to over $500 million.

One of my engagements was with a company that grew 600% in a year, in a market that was growing 25% per year.

It pays to be very discriminating. Not 80/20… not 95/5… but 99/1. Needles in haystacks.

What People Are Saying About Roundtable









Roundtable Member Lester Cseh from Canada asked me last week: “Perry, are you running at all-time-high mojo lately?”

Yes. The answer is YES. And I’ve been taking risks with my audience and transporting them to new places.

He’s not doing too bad himself. Les, who runs a check printing business, took his first real holiday in 15 years.

Megan Macedo of London came to a City Tour meeting in 2013 and then joined Roundtable. She explained that she wanted to be the Brené Brown of marketing. (Brené gave one of the five most popular TED talks in history.)

I explained to Megan how she could transition from webmaster/copywriter to someone who uses the tool of business advice and consultation to probe into the depths of her clients’ soul. I explained which kinds of clients would “go there” and which ones would not, and a “rack the shotgun” so she could sort them right away. I gave her a blueprint for pressing forward.

Megan shot out of that meeting like a cannon. Today she is the Brené Brown of marketing. Her video “Be Yourself” is the finest blend of art and marketing that I’ve ever seen.

Today Megan lives with her 1-year-old baby Maeve and husband John. She’s fostered an utterly unique conversation in the marketing space, one that’s badly needed especially in today’s echo chamber world of false faces and false selves.

Most importantly Megan gets to have the kinds of conversations SHE always dreamed of having with other people. She is teaching people what she wants to teach, she is impacting the world, and getting paid well for it.

Watch this girl, because she is going places. As Solomon said 3000 years ago: “Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will stand before kings. He will not stand before obscure men.”

David Merkel from Tel Aviv has grown his science instrumentation company, expanding from Israel into Europe, and narrowed his personal activities to much more strategic focus and selling.

Joshua Harris, who trains and equips marketing consultants, grew so fast (triple digits) I had to caution him to slow down and build key infrastructure.

Augustin Bravo, who is the Anthony Robbins of Mexico, expanded his empire, doubled his closing rate at seminars, and launched the public persona of his wife Diana. She is Mexico’s Queen of Passive Income.

Monica Snyder has almost completely automated a software business and brought stability as well as growth to a business that was quite chaotic just one year ago.

She and her partner Ben are now solidly, sanely and confidently moving forward on a small number of focused, critical projects, while the ones which pay the bills hum along handsomely.

Last month I counseled her on a wealth protection and tax minimization strategy that will protect her software assets.

John Sonmez has exploded his YouTube subscriber count to beyond 100,000.

He also launched his book The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide which instantly became #1 in its category and further nailed his dominance as THE leading professional development authority in the software industry.

Kim Mayberry has grown his office-automation-for-attorneys firm 30%, and is red hot on his mission to not just improve the businesses, but also the personal lives of his attorneys.

Chris Buffalo is starting to employ discovery contracts… yes, for selling wood! (For selling it, that is, to large companies like Whole Foods and Starbucks – because when a construction project goes sideways, things get nasty really fast.)

Charles Henderson’s company Queen City Woodworking has grown double digits this year. He is emerging from the tunnel of chaos with an absolutely sterling reputation among builders in Charlotte, North Carolina. His conscientious crew turns out extreme quality work.

All mastermind groups say they’re unique.

Many are glorified working vacations at the airport Holiday Inn with free bagels until 10AM.

And people with wanna-be and pretend and pseudo-businesses holding each other accountable and pumping each other up.

Or just a horde of marketing junkies huddled around the dying flame in the empty crack pipe of direct marketing… sniffing and jonesing for one more hit.

Or a musky locker room where you strap on your gladiator suit and never take it off. An iron-pumping club for bragging and preening…they might as well have mirrors for posing.

Don’t you dare show any weakness or admit you have serious challenges to overcome!

Get Real.

Planet Perry Roundtable is an immersive, full-retreat experience. Our Chicago location is far from the madding crowd of airport hotels and strip mall Chipotles and PF Changs. It sits atop of a luxurious 54-hole golf course. Your accommodations are a villa…not a hotel room.

Our European meetings will be in private retreats with all accommodations provided. 48 hour immersion where everyone gathers together as a business family. A place where you can belong.

But best of all, Roundtable is where you come to get real. Real business insights that can legitimately 10x your revenue (keep reading for proof). And real, human insights…

Roundtable Member Gets Real about Addiction and Victory

A roundtable member pulled me aside and cleared his throat… “I got something I need to talk to the group about…if you all think it’s appropriate…” He turned to his partner and asked, “Can you handle it?”

She said, “I can handle it …but can everyone else?” I assured her “Yep, they can handle it.”

When his turn came, a silence fell over the meeting. Eventually everyone nodded slowly. Gave them the thumbs up to tell their story.

The Roundtable immersion experience includes luxurious locations that lift you OUT of your normal, familiar frame of mind and into creative space. In all the great stories, the hero has to GO somewhere. Conquest is never achieved by staying at home.

He went on to tell us how he quit drinking just a few months before Roundtable started. Told us the rock bottom. The years the locusts ate. The trail of tears.

And how, since he kicked the bottle, his business has exploded. Record revenues, record profits. Just bought a beautiful vehicle that makes his friends jealous. He and his compadre are not just finding creative ways to market…they’re redefining their industry. They’re crunching long-established industry norms and creating something entirely new.

He’d moved from binge behavior, narcissistic tendencies, and addictive streaks to full-tilt edge-adventure living.

Nobody in our tight-knit group was freaked out.

“Head trash” gets about as much airtime in Roundtable as Facebook ads or Google ads or employee challenges or Star businesses. If you’ve reached a certain level in your business, you’ve probably realized that you can’t market your way out of every problem.

You need more than direct marketing chops. You need to clear your head trash. You need bigger, higher-level strategic tools.

Everyone was very appreciative of his transparency. We gave him a lot of ideas about how to tell his story to a wider audience that needs to hear it.

“Your story gives entrepreneurs permission to face down their shame. There should be no embarrassment about getting straightened out. You’ve unmasked the guilt for the evil it is.”

I’ve been in many mastermind groups. This rarely happens. It’s just not how they work.

But it’s how Planet Perry works. If you WANT to talk about things like this, you can. You’re not forced to, of course. But in Roundtable everyone is liberated to be real.

The world has morphed from 80/20 to 95/5. You’re either in The 95 or The 5. Protest all you want, but you need to do anything legal that you can to get into The 5. You must own your technology, not just create something within someone else’s ecosystem.

In fact, we’ve started a tradition that I stole from Tim Francis. Whenever a member gets an insight, idea, or strategy that pays for their membership, we yell out…


My goal: Every member gets a free time insight at every single meeting.

A $20,000+ take-awy at every single meeting.

One member yelled “Free Time!” after a 15-minute coffee break conversation!

What is Hidden from You is as Glaring as the Summer Sun to your other Roundtable Members.

At one point in a last meeting, one of our members was telling a story about an employee. Suddenly, everyone in the room’s eyes popped open and several shouted, "WHOA!!!! Warning! Warning! Danger! Danger!”

There’s nothing like having your own personal board of advisors to help you see the road ahead, avoid the potholes and keep you on the road to your goals.

You ask: “Perry, there are lots of mastermind groups. Free ones, big ones, little ones, quasi-seminar ones, lead-sharing ones.

“Why should I pay five figures to be in yours?”

First, a paid group with a designated leader is far better than a free one without a designated leader. I runs tighter and delivers far more expertise.

Someone must shoulder responsibility for you getting your money worth. That’s me. I put my money and reputation on the line. Period.

Second, we take our gladiator suits off. It never degenerates into therapy; Roundtable is not the time or place for that. But I’ll take human talk over locker room any day.

And once you’ve been in a group that does not practice pretentious preening, you’ll never go back to the thin-veneer version of the world again.

Third, if you’re still stuck in “market my way out of every problem” prison, Roundtable is not for you. But if you’ve evolved to the point where you know you need more than just marketing to solve your problems…if you want to build a STAR business… a defensible business…if you want to build equity (to be cashed in or sold)…then Roundtable is more focused than any other mastermind I've seen.

And finally, in a paid mastermind you’re far less likely to be the smartest guy in the room – which is the last thing you want in a mastermind.

I held the Star Seminar three years ago with Richard Koch. We’re still talking about those principles…simplification, defensibility…in today’s Roundtable. And we’ll continue to mine that gold for the next couple of decades.

Here's why...

20 years ago, direct marketing chops were superpowers. Extremely rare.

20 years later they are no longer a superpower. They are an essential skill, but not a superpower. If you can execute good marketing, you'll get paid. You’ll get paid like a dentist. Or a doctor. Or a lawyer. Or at least an engineer.

But it’s not a DEFINITIVE skill anymore. A DEFEINITIVE skill is being able to Simplify like Richard Koch teaches in his new book.

I’m going on record: SIMPLIFY is the hot skill for the next 20 years. You can write that one in blood. Check back in 10 years and see if I’m right. This is the ONLY school I know of that teaches these skills. Sure, you could pay us for high-level one-on-one consulting. Even have Richard take a look at your business and perhaps take equity in it.

But as far as an ACADEMY for learning these essential principles…Planet Perry Roundtable is the ONLY one.

I’ve had enough STAR business move through my world to know what they look like… FanDuel, Adrenalin, InfusionSoft, Swift Capital…and know what they need to do to get to the next level. The $100 million level. The $1 billion level.

There are a set of questions that entrepreneurs at that level must be willing to ask themselves. We ask those questions.

Most marketing masterminds won't ever get to those questions. Most marketing masterminds will keep you stuck.

Marketing is no longer the highest-paying skill.

Finally, it’s diverse. Some members have dozens and dozens of employees and do 8-figure sales. Others have just a few part-time employees and have revenues of a few hundred grand.

What some members lack in size and heft, they make up for in moxie and mojo. We don’t select on size alone. Members are hand-picked. Not everyone is accepted.
We’re looking for flaming ambition, willingness to ask and answer scary questions. We’re hunting for hot pursuit of personal and business growth. We’re looking for members who will be valuable to everyone ELSE in the group.

If that’s you….

Email to apply for Roundtable Europe 2022.

Million Dollar Question for you Right Now:

Q: If everything in your world blew up tomorrow, who could you turn to?

Imagine: the tax man pays you a visit. Then the revenue authorities freeze all your assets tomorrow morning (for some real, imaginary, stupid, illegal, legitimate or fraudulent reason – it doesn’t matter).

Who could you call?

What would you do next?

And next and next?

How many people know you well enough, have enough intimate contact with you and firsthand knowledge of your business, your experience, your character, your unique capability, that they know where and how they can be useful to you or you can be useful to them?

How many people really KNOW YOU, like you and TRUST YOU?

How many wolverines (street fighters, savvy entrepreneurs, NOT poodles) do you know, like and trust? And know like and trust you?

The most reliable thing you’ll have left is your NETWORK.

If you have no network… you’re screwed.

What does your network look like? Right this minute?

I cannot overstate the optionality of 2022. People everywhere are going to find that doors that used to always be open are suddenly and inexplicably closed.

Others will find that doors that used to be locked, padlocked, surveillance camera’d, guarded with dogs and security teams, are suddenly abandoned, sitting ajar and you can walk in and take anything you want without resistance.

This is the New Renaissance part.

Which doors are open and which are closed?

No one knows until you turn the handle.

So shall things be for this next segment of the 21st century.

This is exciting because the 5% who are wide awake are stepping into a thrilling, adventure-laden psychodrama.

But the 95% who are sleepwalking through life superglued to their smart phones and believing whatever story they hear on Buzzfeed are gonna wake up one day living in their car wondering what just happened.

“Can we have Obama back please? Could we switch the clock back to 2016?”

I wouldn’t be caught dead not in a mastermind group. Especially in two thousand eighteen.

Roundtable magic happens when wolverine sparks fly. It’s like watching steel cut through steel in a darkened room. You reach that special tipping point, neurons re-arrange, new connections are made and life begins anew. Resurrection. What was complicated before is suddenly simple. You’ve traveled through the fire, you’ve arrived at the other side.

You 2.0.

You had better upgrade to 2.0, because 1.0 is history.

It’s impossible to have a meal in this room and have an ordinary conversation - because you’re in an extraordinary location.

What Will You Do When the Next Economic Fan Belt Snaps?

Quite a number of Planet Perry members prospered greatly when the 2008 crash hit – but not without a fight. Jeff Peoples ran a software company that optimizes postage for large mailers. A few months after September 2008, the tsunami slammed into the postal industry.

Jeff’s business was suddenly in a death spiral. He had to sell his house to survive. For some time, it was so bad his family was living in his office.

Jeff had a series of private consultations coming from me and he took full advantage. He calls me in a panic. “Perry, the entire industry is drenched in blood, budgets are getting burned to the ground, the post office is fining companies who don’t comply, and we’re in free-fall!

“Oh yeah, and my #1 competitor has slashed their prices from $45,000 to $3,000.”


Life for Jeff had utterly changed in the space of three months. From business as usual to total mayhem, panic and fear.

The time to buy is when blood is running in the streets. –Baron Rothschild

I had a stern conversation with Jeff. I walked him through until he was really really clear about what he was actually selling – which was ‘dollars at a discount.’ If his client was spending $100 million on postage and they had just slashed their budget, that meant they needed to invest MORE in Jeff’s software – not less. Even if it meant making a beeline to the CEO for special budget approval.

Jeff could not for a single nanosecond cave into the emotions of the market. He had to sell with brutal, irrefutable logic.

But logic was not enough. I instructed Jeff to apply Force Multiplication.

Whereas his competition was trimming costs and selling via Skype, Jeff started sticking three, four, five staff members on a plane and putting them in front of prospective customers:

These are the hombres who are going to whittle down your postage costs – these guys right here. Look at the whites of their eyes. They’re going to write your custom code, man the controls, and squeeze blood out of the orange in real time.

His competitor dropped his prices from $45,000 to $3,000. Jeff raised his prices from $50,000 to $150,000.

It took balls of vanadium steel. But it worked.

Six months later, dozens of firms were boarding doors and windows. Jeff was the only player in the whole biz that was hiring.

Massive transfer of wealth in Jeff’s favor.

Jeff says, “Within a year we were hitting record numbers. We started to hire a bunch more people and create new services, because so many people were laying off so many people in our industry it was ridiculous.

“It was really great advice to go counter-trend. We had all these companies that had been outsourced and downsized, so our own people literally run their mailing operations for them, or else our people are their part-time employees.

“We literally became their postal concierge service. In other words, we became their postal affairs people. We literally hopped onto their computers and ran their mailings.

“We already had people who had done this for years, so we just picked them up and sold that service. It became another distinguishing thing compared to our competition. So where we couldn’t make money on the base licensing fee, we started to make a lot more money on the custom programming and services.

“I now have people who are very interested in me buying their companies, so there’s some interesting opportunities. That’s a whole other realm, Perry, because whoa, here we are hiring all these people, where everybody’s dropping staff and we’re hiring left and right.

“While everybody’s saying, ‘When am I going to lose my job?’ in our industry, they keep saying, ‘Jeff’s hiring! And let me tell you something that is really powerful. Would you want to go and choose Company A’s software or Company B’s software, when Company B is hiring all these people and Company A is not?

“Oh yeah, and Company B’s top guy just retired.”

Jeff breathed a sigh of satisfaction: “So that has really helped, using press to reposition us as the survivor.”

There is money in consolidation. There are profits to be made when things are shrinking. But you must walk, talk, live and BE contrarian. You gotta stare down the locomotive until it flinches. There is no room for namby-pamby or patty-cake.

Did I mention we strongly encourage you to bring your spouse to Roundtable?

Roundtable is the most economical way to get consistent access to me throughout the year. The advice you receive is good because the list of people now worth tens or hundreds of millions… the list of Planet Perry members who have superb, enviable lifestyle businesses, continues to swell.

But most importantly: I tell you the truth.

Are you ready to take the Red Pill?

If your answer is yes, apply to Roundtable Europe now.

And Seize the Day.

Perry Marshall

* This program includes an in-person, live event(s) component. PSMA is taking necessary precautions to keep our staff and customers safe in light of COVID. Event disclaimer can be found here.

Questions: Call Tiffany: +1 (312) 437-8433 (or email )

Roundtable Europe 2022 Dates*:

  • To be announced...
  • Mon 19* - Wed 21 April, 2021
  • Mon 11* - Wed 13 October, 2021
* PSMA is taking necessary precautions to keep our staff and customers safe in light of COVID. Event disclaimer can be found here. The locations for these events (whether virtual only or in-person with virtual option), are still being determined.
*First day is evening reception only. Meetings conclude at 4pm the second full day.

Roundtable is a one year commitment. Generous discount for paying up front but installments are available. Call Tiffany for details.

What You Get via Roundtable Europe:

  • Two secluded 48-hour immersion retreats each year.
  • Everyone stays together under one roof, enjoys meals together, masterminds together and enjoys friendship you can’t get anywhere else
  • We bring together some of the brightest and most capable people from the European continent and beyond
  • For brand new members: Dedicated Kickoff Business Diagnostic with Perry (we’ll probably solve enough problems to pay for your first year)
  • Private 1-on-1 sessions with a Roundtable Coach (either Perry or a trusted advisor) throughout the year
  • 911 coupon for access to me: If you have an emergency business situation, Lorena will track me down anywhere in the world within 24 hours
  • Sales funnel and ad account(s) review (the results will typically pay for your membership in the first 1-3 months)
  • Special discounts on products, events & consulting
  • Access to the other Roundtable members, who are among the most capable peer-advisors in the world