Is Your Winning Ad Really a Winner?

Use This Free Tool to Be Sure!

If you’ve got two ads that have different click-through rates right now, how sure can you be that those ads will perform differently in the long run?

Enter your clicks and CTR’s for each ad in the spaces below, and SplitTester will tell how how likely they are to have different long-term results.

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*Your CTR must be entered as a simple percentage. For example, enter 3.1% as “3.1”, and not “0.031”. Enter 0.7% as “0.7”.


SplitTester was designed by Brian Teasley.

A more robust and complete tool (originally tailored for Google AdWords) – augmented at the request of users – is available for purchase at: And by Perry Marshall, who specializes in Generating Sales Leads – and Advertising on Google –

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