How to Build an Epic Business And Live an Epic Life

New Mini Email Course 12 Imperatives of Planet Perry

Dear Planet Perry Citizen:

The distance between what other business experts seem to think is important to an entrepreneur’s success and what I know is important…keeps widening.

I know you can build an epic business.

Write an epic story.

Live an epic life.

Other consultants and experts might look at those statements and say, “That’s pretty freakin’ audacious, Perry! Why don’t you just stick to marketing like a good little guru?”

I can’t. I won’t.

I have big dreams. Epic dreams.

World-changing dream.

New Renaissance dreams.

For me.

And for you.

And I’ve put together a short email series to tell you all about it.

I could have called it “How to live an epic life.”

Instead it’s called “The 12 Imperatives of Planet Perry.”

Get Free Instant Access Above.

Dare to be epic.

Perry Marshall

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