Speak Your Customer’s Language

You will earn the trust of your customers when you talk to them the same way they talk to each other and themselves.

Americans think in English. Chinese people think in Mandarin. Mexican people think in Spanish. Auto mechanics think in terms of car parts and History teachers think in terms of history. Skateboarders think about skateboards and they use skateboarding words when they talk, even when they’re not talking about skating.

There are thousands of tiny subcultures related to various professions, industries, hobbies, passions, cultures and geographies. Each one has its own language, customs and rules. You can be extremely effective selling to a group of people if you understand how they talk to each other. Then you can be one of them instead of being an outsider who’s trying to peddle something.

If you deliver products that people truly want, and services that solve problems that they’re genuinely bothered about – AND talk to them about those things in the same language they use when they talk to each other – then sales resistance melts and disappears.

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