Affiliate Manager Update: The Test

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Six outstanding applicants for my position of Affiliate Manager received the following message from me this morning:

Five of the 11 applicants for Affiliate Manager have been eliminated. The ones that remain are all strong contenders.

Congratulations: You have passed the first round of applications for the position of Affiliate Manager!

Now it’s time to run you through the maze. I am giving you a project to do.

Your assignment is: Go hunt me a deal (or several, if you wish). Take an off the shelf product that we sell and find an affiliate or affiliates to promote it. Who can generate the most sales by working with affiliates?

Restrictions: The targets on your list cannot include any of the following “superaffiliate gurus” (because I already have relationships with them):

Dan Kennedy / Bill Glazer / Bill Harrison / Yanik Silver / Jim Edwards / Rich Schefren / Amit Mehta / Mark Widawer / Ken McCarthy / Bond & Kevin Halbert / John Carlton / Brad Fallon / Derek Gehl / Ari Galper / David Bullock / Nitro Marketing / Mike’s Marketing Tools / John Reese / Mark Hendricks / Alex Mandossian / Michel Fortin / Marlon Sanders / Jonathan Mizel / Glenn Livingston / Howie Jacobson / InfusionSoft.

"So many options for growing my business, but what should I do NOW?" Tell me your most pressing business problems and I'll show you your BEST next step.

Everyone else is game. There may even be people you find who are my affiliates already, but are inactive. That’s OK.

Jeremy my customer service / affiliate manager will work with you to give you whatever you need to make this work. Email: a[email protected]

If you’re not already an affiliate, you should sign up:

I want to see what you can do. Your sales in this effort will partly determine my choice of the winner, but other factors, including your application and the interview process, will also be part of my decision.

I will pay you 10% of any sales you generate, to a maximum of $5000.

Deadline is: 11:59pm CST January 7, 2009.

May the best man or woman win!

Perry Marshall

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